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AUTHORS NOTE: This story was based and inspired by another called "World of Darkness" by Charcoal feather, and I'd like to thank him/her for the inspiration. Read that story if you'd like something of a prolog.

"No Damn it!" said the first young man. He was dressed in a black trench coat which covered most of him but two blades could be seen on either side of his belt, a third tied to his back. His face was what some might have called aristocratic with high cheekbones and a small nose. Black locks rained down his face to his shoulder and his eyes, usually a dark but brilliant shade of green, glowed like the dying embers of hell. He was a bit on the short side at 5'7 but not too much so. He looked to be 17 or 18. With him is a group of others dressed in odd robes except one other who was wearing a trench coat as well. The first young man was just shouting to mainly a couple. The man was handsome tall and had short black hair. Besides him was a redhead. She was beautiful and has eyes of a brilliant green shade. It glistened with both joy and sadness. The couple was dressed in odd but elegant clothes.

"It's true Shade," came a tired voice. The owner of that voice was an old man, the one that was also dressed in a black trench coat. He is as of now drinking from a bottle of scotch.

"I don't understand? Why?" Shade said.

"Please Harry! Try and understand, we had no other choice-" The redhead pleaded "Shade". As she approached, "Shade" stepped away and cut her off.

"Like Hell you didn't have any other choice you lying whore!" The woman was close to bursting into tears now.

"Now listen here, don't ever talk to your mother like that-" the tall, black-haired man said angrily.

"James, he's just angry" the redhead tearfully said to the man.

"How could you-"Shade shouted angrily.

"Shade, take a few deep breaths." came from the man that was now finishing his scotch.

"And you, you knew!" Shade said

"Yes, I did." was his reply.

"I had thought I could trust you." came the cold reply.

"Shade, I did what I thought to be best. I mean what would it have accomplished if I told you? Nothing, that's what, you would have suffered even more."

"Jack, friends don't keep things like these from each other!" Shade relied heatedly. "I…I need sometime to think on this." Shade said as he walked out. Then he muttered, "and some liquor too."

"Harry your coming home, and-", James started but his wife stopped him.

"No, James, let him have his time." His wife said

"But are you sure Lily?" James asked his wife.

"No but, I think it'd be for the best if he had sometime to think on it.", Lily finally decided.

At this time a third man spoke up. He looked in a way a younger version of Jack. "So, How do you think it went Jack?" he asked.

Jack let out a long sigh as he thought about the meeting.


Jack was currently waiting with his nephew Sirius Black, his wife, and their best friends James, Lily, Remus, and his wife. They had found out that he knew James and Lily's child and came begging him to betray the trust and loyalty that took four years to build, all because he couldn't stand seeing their usually cheerful faces in misery. 'Damn, he was getting soft' he thought to himself.

"I think it'd be best if I did the talking for now, since it might not go over well for a random group of strangers to walkup and say,"hey! We're your parents who abandoned you to your abusive relative so we could run and hide. By the way, now, we've come back to claim you. Yep, as random as he tends to be 'Harry' would probably snap some necks if that happened." Jack stated. The others agree, albeit reluctantly, to sit near at a table a little ways away but near by enough to watch their son/godson/honorary nephew.

About five minutes later watching the door, they finally saw the man that Jack had described walking in to the tavern. He glanced around discretely before finding who he was looking for.

"Hey Jack, what's the problem? You sounded pretty anxious when you called. What's the matter? You finally knocked up some of those whores you're always sleeping with?" Shade teased. Jack smirked a little though a bit reluctantly.

"No Shade, it's a bit more serious and it's about you not me. Look you might want to sit down and even have a few drinks for this one."

Now Shade was curious and a little worried. It wasn't usual when his old but crazy and light-hearted friend got this serious. The few times he did was during the time of the… He abruptly stopped the train of thought as a bottle of whiskey and another one of scotch was brought to their table as well as two glasses. It looked like it would be a long night already so he really didn't need to make it worse, reminiscing about the past.

"So what's wrong?" Shade said as he poured himself and Jack the drinks. He thought he heard a noise of protest from a nearby table as he began sipping it but shrugged it off.

"Shade, I'm not going to beat around the bush so here goes. You remember how your aunt and uncle always told you your parents were dead?" Jack began cautiously as this had always been a touchy subject for the young man in front of him.

"Yeah" Shade replied as he downed his first shot, "So?" He asked, knowing his friend wouldn't get to the point until he wanted to.

"Well… they're not as dead as you've been led to believe they were, as it turns out", Jack replied nervously.

"Hm!" Shade narrowed his eyes but didn't say anything. He had no idea where this was going but he had a feeling he didn't want to find out.

'He hasn't killed me yet…good I got this far now for the rest' Jack thought to himself.

"I've gained some intelligence about this not too long ago…and it turns out they weren't really dead, they decided to leave you with your relatives because they had to take your sister and go into hiding. They believe her to be the key to saving their world. So, they were convinced to leave you with your relative even though they knew their…disapproval of their kind. To their credit, you parents did leave a well worded warning to them, and they had meant to take you back as soon as it was deemed safe but by then you had already run away." Jack spoke quickly. He was sure as hell ready to run for it right now. Shades temper was something quite renown in his circles

"This better be one of your sick jokes Jack", Shade growled as the glass cup in his gloved hand was broken by the pressure he put on it.

"No, I'm afraid not.", Jack said nervously. Judging from his reaction, maybe he should have let Shade know about this for a few days before having him meet his parents.

"You better have a good explanation for this and you better give it to me now if you don't want the cops to find your dead and rotting corpse all over the city", Shade hissed this threat quite murderously.

"You remember how we use to joke about you possibly being THE Harry Potter? Well, I found out that your really were, and-" here Shade interrupted, "WHAT? How?" "-your parents are good friends of my nephew so he somehow found out and now…"

Shade sat back and took a gulp out of the bottle of whiskey. He looked shocked. "Please tell me you're just pulling my leg", He half pleaded. Jack could only imagine how crushed he was. He didn't know the true extent of how bad Shade's early childhood was, but what he did know chilled his bones.

"Its true Harry", came a voice from behind him. Lily had been watching impatiently for a while and she and James could wait no longer. Jack mentally groaned. This was not going to end well.

"Who the hell are you? And don't you have any decency not to eavesdrop on people?", was Shades venomous reply as he glared at the group that approached the table.

"Shade, these are err…your parents your godfather, and their best friends", Jack finally let out. Shade's glare whipped from the new group to Jack.


"You heard me right. But I think it's better if I let them explain why they did what they did"

"Harry", Lily started out slowly, "You have to understand. When your sister and you were born, that was one of the best days of our lives. It was like a light in the dark because everyone was so frightened of that, that monster that was trying to take over. But then something came up one day and a close friend of ours suggested that we take your sister and hide in a special hideaway. The only problem was that we could only take one of you and that had to be your sister. So, we were reluctantly convinced to leave you in the care of my sister since no one from our world knew her. Then when we HE was finally gone, and we were going to come get you something else came up so by the time we went to get you, you had already ran away. Your father and I were devastated and thought that you might have died on the streets." Lily was crying now. James pulled her close and turned to face Shade.

"Son, your mother and I are here for you now, you can come home.", he said with what best a reassuring smile as he could in this situation. He and the family were still a little shocked that 'Harry' had indeed been alive. To meet him at last after fifteen years, it was just unreal to both him and Lily.

Shade sat there for a while staring into space as he thought, occasionally taking a few swigs of the whiskey absentmindedly. After a while Jack finally said timidly,"Shade? Are you alright?" This seemed to snap the young man out of his thoughts as a fire began to shine in his eyes.

"So you left me to rot at your whore of a sister's care just so you could go and save your own skin!", Shaded started as a whisper, "and now you want to come back and claim me after I've had more or less survive on my own for fifteen years!" Shade shouted, and then sneered,"Some mother you are."

Yep that was pretty much when the meeting went only further down hill.

"Sirius, I think it's pretty obvious that the meeting fell to pieces as soon as it started." Jack answered, rather irritated that his nephew had to ask the obvious, as he drew out the memory.

"So you think he'll come back?" Sirius asked worriedly. Harry, or as Jack called him, Shade, was his godson and he was finally going to be there for him.

"I don't know, I really don't know. There's always been a few things that kept him from going over the edge but this might just push him over" Jack said wearily. Lily burst into fresh tears as she heard what was said. She sent a silent prayer to anyone that might hear her to save her baby. 'I've let my son down this bad already, so is he right? Am I a bad mother?' she asked herself. "Please come back to me my baby," she whispered, "mommy's really sorry that she hadn't been there for you." ,then she added as she started to choke on her words, "I don't think I'd be able to forgive myself if you didn't come back." At this thought she finally broke down completely. Will her son come back? Only time will tell…