Much thanks to my betas Musique et Amour, and Olethros as well as the wonderful folks at PPN.


It had been the scandal that everyone had talked about for months:

Young opera ingenue disappears from stage as Opera goes
up in flames and rushes to the altar with a young nobleman.

The tragedy of the fallen chandelier and the shock of Christine Daae's sudden elopement were on the lips of Paris gossip mongers in every parlor, at every cafe, and during every dinner party. Rumors and speculation on the sordid details flew through the fashionable parts of town and even through the less savory sectors of the city. It was all anyone could think about. The Opera Populaire had closed its doors for nearly a year. The Vicomte de Chagny and his young bride promptly sailed for England. And the whispers of a hideous, obsessed musician that had fallen in love with a beautiful face and voice were no longer debated amongst the vacationing Opera staff. 'That night' would remain fresh in their minds...for as long as it was a worthy tid-bit of prime gossip.

In time, as great scandals do, it faded and was forgotten. The Opera Populaire reopened its doors. A new Season began. The ballet rats traipsed down the halls with less trepidation than they once did. Everyone forgot the Phantom of the Opera and his tragic love story.

But some stories are not meant to be forgotten..

Nor should they...