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I barely see any of my old friends. Rikku, Lulu, Auron, Wakka. Not that I'd want to see Wakka these days. But Lulu and Rikku, I miss them. We go to the same school. I even have some classes with Rikku. But they're all with him, too. And he doesn't like it when I'm not with him.

He always knows when I've been with them. Always. I don't know how; he just does.

Lulu leant me her dry school shirt the other day; I'd walked to school in the rain. He knew it was hers, so I had to change back into my wet shirt. He didn't offer me his jumper. Why would I expect that? After knowing him so long. He only smirks at me now. It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Yuna sat by herself in the library, hiding in the large reference section. Tidus was busy in closed practice for the next blitz ball game, and Yuna didn't feel comfortable going against his wishes to see Lulu and Rikku.

Someone was walking in the next aisle; Yuna hunched over even further, tucking her purple pleated skirt up under her legs.

"I know you're there, Yuna," someone said softly. That low voice, always full of care for her; Lulu. Hearing that voice now almost drove Yuna to tears each time.

"Please, go away," Yuna said very quietly.

"Why?" Lulu asked, sounding almost hurt. "He won't know if you talk to me. And if he does, what does it matter? I am your guardian, Yuna, and right now I'm doing a miserable job of it!" Lulu whispered.

"You are following my orders, and my orders are to just go," Yuna said, crying now. "He will know, he always does. And I'll be the one to suffer; please, for my sake, just leave it all alone, Lulu!" Yuna asked, struggling to keep her voice low.

"Why?" Lulu whispered harshly. Yuna knew her protector was close to crying, and this fact wrenched her heart.

"Because I love him," Yuna replied, her eyes staring at nothing. Lulu chocked on her tears and left without saying a further word. Yuna sat stock still. "I love him," she repeated to herself. "Don't I?"


Yes, it's very short. I was just experimenting with the story idea, especially because there's not ONE SINGLE Yuna/Lulu story here. let me know what you think, please no flames. constructive crit, however, is always welcome.