Hello, this is a short story, but I find it rather funny, and I hope you do too!


"Unscheduled off-world activation!" a voice shouted through the intercoms inside the SGC. A minute later, General Hammond hurried into the control room.

"Who is it Sergeant?" he asked as he looked down at the gate.

"It's SG-1." The Sergeant replied, moving his hand to open the iris.

"Open the iris." General Hammond ordered, he quickly headed down to the gate room.

Teal'c was the first to immerge from the Stargate, three young children, who looked around curiously and scared, followed him.

General Hammond's mouth dropped open, he was about to ask who the children were when he noticed them wearing SG-1's uniforms. He knew that Colonel O'Neill and his team wouldn't give their uniforms to a bunch of kids. "What happened Teal'c?" Hammond finally asked after a moment of silence.

Teal'c blinked, he looked down at the children next to him. "I do not remember General Hammond." He looked up.

General Hammond nodded. "Take them to the infirmary." He ordered a couple of the guards.

"Yes sir." One of them replied, he walked up the ramp towards the three scared kids.

"No!" one of the little boys said, he looked a lot like a younger version of Colonel O'Neill, he couldn't have been older then four. He quickly dashed behind the Stargate. "Stay away from me!"

Another small boy stood frozen to the spot, his way to big glasses fell and broke, he began to cry. "I want my mommy!" he wailed.

The guard swept up the little blond haired girl into his arms, and was heading down when she began to kick, and bit him, he let her down and examined his bite wound. The little girl ran quickly out of the room with the other guards right behind her.

The little boy with the glasses continued to cry, and the other boy was still hinding behind the Stargate.

"My daddy's gonna be mad! He don like people taking me!" the boy behind the stargate shouted.

"Calm down." General Hammond ordered, the one boy behind the Stargate stuck his tongue out.

By this time, the guards brought Sam back into the room, screaming, kicking and punching.

"Take them all to the infirmary." General Hammond ordered. Teal'c walked over to Jack and picked him up.

"Let me go! You big mean bully!" the one boy screamed, Teal'c ignored him and walked towards the infirmary. Another guard picked up the other boy who was still crying for his parents.


Janet walked into the briefing room and sat down, she folded her hands and sighed silently. "It's them," she said. "The children are Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter and Daniel Jackson sir."

"What? Are you sure doctor?" General Hammond asked.

"Yes sir, I ran the tests twice sir, which wasn't easy with their tantrums." She said as she gave him a wryly smile.

General Hammond nodded. "We need to find out what did this to our people!" he said. "Teal'c doesn't remember anything that happened on that planet?"

"No sir." Janet said as she shook her head. "Not yet anyways."

"Where are the children now doctor?"

"In the VIP room."


I hope you liked it! More coming soon!