Notes: A look at the relationships three of the manga's older brothers have with their younger siblings, in drabble form. I have a deep love for sibling relationships in general, and so it really isn't much of a surprise that my favourite characters in the series fall into that role.

The Weight of the World.

He flicks through the channels, following his own set routine. K-News. BBC. CNN. Tokyo-World. The Chinese station with a name Hun cannot pronounce, a European news channel which he cannot understand. K-News. BBC.

Hun knows that his brother is fine, knows that he is stationed somewhere safe and far away from the reaches of the news stations that Hun has come to hate. But all it takes is one moment, one stray bullet or one that hits its mark, and Kang will be called for.

Some nights, he flicks through only once.


Some nights, he falls asleep on the couch.

As Medea flees his office in tears, Charon sags slightly against his desk, eyes drifting closed. She will not talk to him now for days, although betrayed eyes will follow each of his steps and haunt his dreams. If Medea would just follow the rules then Charon wouldn't be in the situation where his roles as big brother and second-in-command clash, but apparently that is never the point.

A hoarsely whispered spell, and the incriminating parchment is ash. If anyone realizes, it is Charon who will take the fall, not Medea.

He is not altogether sure whether she would care.

He knows that Fanta thinks he is the perfect older brother – most people do. It's not simply that Pain knows exactly when not to interfere with Fanta's life and let her find her own way, or that he knows precisely when to interject himself without pause. It's a relationship based on trust and confidence, an unshakable base from which everything else blossoms.

At least, that is how it appears.

And he tries to tell her, he really does. But the words always falter and he cannot risk her smile being lost forever.

He fails her in the worst possible way.