Smoking and Yuki. Yuki and smoking. They seem to fit, don't they? But I hate cigarettes. And you know what? So does Shuichi. Why? Because I have temporarily hijacked Maki Murakami's characters and will do whatever I feel like with them until I am satisfied or...well, no, just until I'm satisfied.

They were both still in bed after sex. Shuichi had curled up against his lover's chest and Yuki was leaned up against the headboard. Then he lit a cigarette.

Shuichi made a big deal of coughing and turning his head away when the silvery smoke began to gather around them, as he'd been doing for a while now. Yuki glared and blew a smoke ring in his general direction.

"Do you always have to smoke after sex?" He whined, refusing to move away but rather stay and pester him.

"Yes. It helps me recover from a traumatizing experience."

Shuichi didn't even bother tearing up. His goal tonight wasn't sympathy and more sex (if anyone was traumatized, it was him- Yuki's sexual appetite was enormous). He wanted his lover to put out the cigarette. He really wanted him to stop smoking permanently. Besides the smoke making his eyes burn, a cigarette was always an excuse for Yuki to ignore him. 'Go away, I'm smoking,' had become an all too common phrase in their house.

But he had an idea. Seeing as neither of them had dressed, Shuichi slowly crawled up and straddled Yuki's waist. Immediately, he knew he had his attention, though Yuki continued to smoke with a neutral expression.

"Yuki..." Leaning in to whisper in the novelist's ear, he tried not to inhale any of the smoke that encircled his head. Instead, he placed his lips over Yuki's earlobe and breathed out. The novelist slightly arched his neck to give Shuichi better access, almost involuntarily, and the musician continued to work his way down. But he was going for lips and his lover's cigarette was only half gone. He'd have to do better.

Seizing the opportunity when the novelist flicked off ashes into the small tray on the bedside table, Shuichi quickly captured him in a kiss, at the same time grinding down onto his lover so that he gasped and deepened the kiss. Shuichi smiled to himself, proud to have at least won the battle.

Or so he thought.

When the kiss was broken, the cigarette was ready to replace his lips. Shuichi gave up and climbed out of bed, taking a sheet with him. Yuki raised an eyebrow.

"What's wrong with you?"

"You! You'd rather smoke a cigarette than, well, you know..." He ended lamely.

"Have sex? We just did it four times."

"That's not the point. I-I want you to stop smoking."

The novelist shook his head, smiling slightly. "Unbelievable."

"Stop smoking. Or-or I'll leave. For good."

"Good. Then I won't have to deal with your whining."

Shuichi turned and left the room. He wasn't to the point of tears yet, but he was definitely sleeping on the couch tonight. Whether or not Yuki would have let him back into bed was questionable anyway, but he wanted to prove a point. Sure they both knew he wouldn't leave home, but this way Yuki got the message that he really didn't like his smoking. Maybe someday he'd come around...

Please don't insult me by coming back because you think he'll be kidnapped.That's a bit toocliche, even for me. But Yuki will wake up to an empty house. Why? Come back next chapter- see you there!