The Necklace

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Chapter Three: Bathroom Spills and Thrills

Right in front of us stood the meanest teacher in the entire school, Ms. Cortez. (Author's Note: You could probably imagine why she was referred to as a 'Ms,' LOL) She had gray hair in which she tied onto a 'perfect' bun, icy blue eyes that scared anyone who was caught in her glares, (Not like Koji's eyes though, his are WAY better) and was pretty old as well. She looked at us in a disgusted way and grabbed me by the arm and threw me to the other side of her. Her long nails dug onto my skin and when she let go, it revealed little moon shapes which then turned to a light pink when I began to massage it. I looked up from watching my color-changing arm and found her icy eyes staring right at me. I gasped and backed away very slowly and bumped into Takuya, who was just as frightened as me. (Ha ha, he's a wimp . . . ) We fell back and landed next to the lockers, Takuya hitting his head on the lockers, and I landed on top of him. 'Ha ha, good thing I landed on him or that would have hurt!' I thought. I got up and reached for Takuya's hand to help him up. He gave me a little smile and accepted my hand. (Not like Koji that doesn't like grabbing Zoe's hand, he thinks he's too MACHO! ha ha) As soon as Takuya was up, I felt her hand grabbing my arm again. I felt her stupid claws she had as fingernails dig into my skin. 'Does she have to do this, I'm running out of arms, and I'm gonna have to use these later . . .' She let go of me and glared at the both of us before she began to speak to us in an upset monotone.

"So . . . do you think that you can make a fool out of our school with your sick teenager hormones! Well, you are wrong, both of you!"

"But Ms. Cortez, we weren't doing anything–" She cut Takuya off before he could finish his sentence.

"I don't want to hear about it! Now you two, detention after school for an entire week."

"WHAT!" Takuya and I screamed at the same time.

"You heard me, now Takuya march to lunch, Zoe, you go and change out of those wet clothes." We looked at her in an odd way but she screamed once more at us before we could think up of any thoughts.

"What are you standing around for? Get!" We ran to our destinations without saying a word to each other.

I ran to my locker once more and opened it right away (not like last time that I had to bang it open because it wasn't cooperating . . .) I grabbed the pair of clothes that I had in there just in case of an emergency and ran to the girls' locker room. I entered one of the stalls and began to undress myself and change from the wet clothes that I had on. As I was changing my sneakers to a new, fresh pair, I heard the bathroom door open. Four girls came in, Candy and her mutated posse. 'Oh no, when things just couldn't get any better . . .' I acted quick and got on top of the toilet so they wouldn't see that they had company and I decided to listen to their little conversation just for amusement.

"Did you guys hear that Zoe Orimoto got detention with Takuya Kanbara?" said one of the snobby girls. Candy was on the other side of the bathroom putting on some lip gloss while staring into the mirror at her 'precious' face (as so she thought . . .)

"I don't care what Orimoto does, but she knows that she can't have my 'Taki'." I got a bit upset at the fact that she was calling Takuya a nickname. 'Ohhh, the nerve of that little snob thinking that Takuya is his when he's mine! Wait . . . did I just say that? No, it's just the stress, that's all.' I then suddenly felt myself slipping off the door handle that I was holding onto for support. The door opened up and out I came landing on the floor, arm first. 'Awwww, that's gonna hurt tomorrow . . .' I then remembered that Candy and her crew were still in the bathroom and probably right in front of me. I looked up to see if my thoughts were true and I found them right in front of me, laughing.

"Well, look who dropped into our conversation, it's Orisnoto!" As soon as I heard my 'new' nickname, I got up from my position and faced the four girls.

"It's not Orisnoto, it's Zoe! Get it straight, you little fungus-containing losers!" They made fun of me some more and I began to turn red with embarrassment. The laughing soon began to stop and Candy walked closer to me, very serious at the moment.

"Whatever . . . All I care is that you stay away from my little Taki."

"He's not yours, he's nobodys!" She began to smirk and then decided to leave the conversation where it was.

Giggling "Sure, whatever you say Zoe. Anyways, where did you get that cute necklace from? Your boyfriend perhaps?" I then looked at my necklace, which was beginning to glow. I gasped and ran out of the door without answering Candy's stupid question. I kept looking at my necklace, which was glowing very brightly now, and I knew the reason why. We were running out of time and the portal to the digital World was gonna come out pretty soon. That meant that we had to do everything two times faster. As I was looking at my necklace, I bumped right into another person. I fell right on top of him and he was underneath me. I opened my eyes to see who that person was, and it was Takuya. I got up really quickly and reached for Takuya's hand once again. He grabbed it and got himself right up. When he was up, he began to stare at the glowing object that was wrapped around my neck.

"Okay, should I get freaked out that your neck is glowing!" I looked down to my neck and noticed that the necklace was glowing even more. I gasped and grabbed Takuya's hand and we were gonna run to the cafeteria but a voice soon caught my attention. I turned around and I saw Candy turning red with anger. She began to walk straight past me but stopped just a few centimeters away, pushing me away.

"I told you not to hang around with Taki and you still do. You know he's mine and not yours. Just look at yourself . . . no guy wants you." I then suddenly froze and had nothing to say. 'It's true, I'm not good enough for any guy.' But then I heard from behind that someone was starting to talk, I completely forgot that Takuya was right behind me.

"That's not true! For one, I'm not your boyfriend, and I wouldn't be caught dead being it anyways. And two, it's not that Zoe isn't good enough for any guy, just that every single guy just doesn't want to ask the prettiest girl in the school." As soon as I heard the word 'prettiest' I looked up and saw that Candy was beginning to have watery eyes. I then began to smile and decided to say something of my own, but my hand was grabbed by someone and was being dragged away.

"Hey . . . I was about to say something!" Takuya then began to laugh.

"Don't worry I said it all."

"Ummm, do you think I'm really pretty? He then began to turn a bit red and didn't seem to want to answer. 'Okay, but I still got a reaction from him so that's good news I guess.' I soon remembered the reason why I was walking in the first place. My necklace began to glow and I needed to tell the others.

"Come on Takuya, we gotta go." He gave me a puzzled look.


"To the others. We're running out of time . . . But first, one quick stop." I ran to my locker and stuffed my wet clothes and shut it tight. I grabbed his arm and we went straight to where the others would be. As soon as we got to the cafeteria and I slammed the door to the cafeteria wide open, and began to look for the three other digi-destined. I finally found them sitting in a table and eating. (Ha ha, well duh, they're in a cafeteria!) I ran towards the table, Takuya still holding on to my hand, and stopped as soon as I saw them staring at me and Takuya holding hands. We looked at each other, then down at our hands, and let go very quickly. I began to blush a light pink color, while I heard Takuya sigh to himself very quietly. I sat down next to Kouichi, Koji sitting right beside him, while J.P. sat across from me and Takuya sat right next J.P. They all were smirking at us, including J.P. Ever since we came back from the Digital World, he decided to stop flirting with me and moved on with life. 'Thank God too . . . J.P. is kind of annoying when it comes to those kind of details.' I thought to myself. I ignored the sudden gossip that was revolving around the three boys and began my little story.

"You guys, we're in big trouble right now!" They all stopped eating and had all their eyes facing me, wondering where this conversation would get to.

"We have to go back to the Digital World, they need us again . . ." Koji and Kouichi both looked at each other and J.P. had his eyes wide open with amazement. Koji then decided to break the sudden awkward silence that had bestowed upon them.

"Ummm Zoe? Why is that necklace glowing?" I untied the necklace off my neck and placed it on the table.

"This necklace . . . it's the entire reason why we have to go back to the Digital World." Kouichi decided to ask me a question as well.

"Okay . . . sure. But why do you have it? I mean how did you get it?" I sighed and told the team my entire story from when I woke up to when I reached school. It took me about five non-stop minutes before I finally explained them my interesting morning. J.P. cleared his throat and began to ask me a few questions.

"Umm sooo how do you think that necklace works?" I grabbed it with my two hands and stared at it for a couple of moments before answering him.

"I have no idea J.P. But what I do know is that we gotta get to the portal to get to the Digital World."

"But what about Tommy? He's at another school. What are we gonna do about him?" I faced Takuya as he asked me that question. I looked once more at my necklace and tied it back on my neck.

"Would you guys believe that I have a plan." I waved my hand telling them to get closer so people wouldn't be able to hear their confidential conversation.

"We're gonna have to escape. During this period, at exactly 12 o'clock, we're gonna ask our teacher if we can go to the bathroom. We'll meet up there and get out of here. We'll get to Tommy's school and grab him while nobody's looking. Then we'll get to the portal. Is there any questions?" I looked up and everyone nodded. The bell soon rang and we all headed towards our next class. I soon was walking to our class when a hand touched my shoulder. I turned to face Takuya right behind me who seemed a bit concerned.

"Z, do you think this plan will work? I mean what if we get caught?" I looked up at him and then thought for a second.

"Don't worry Takuya. It'll work." I smiled and kept on walking before I was officially late to class. I stopped right before I entered the class and began to think.'Yeah, I hope this works. I hope I don't let the Digital World down . . .' I quickly brushed away my thoughts and walked to my desk . . . waiting for 12 o'clock to strike.

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