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This story takes place in 1989 – 7 years before the 1st season, so Ruthie, Sam and David aren't born yet.

For this story Annie has a brother, John Jackson. John has a daughter, Abby (You can read about them below).

About Abby

Name: Abigail Jackson

Nicknames: Baby Girl or Sweet Baby – Annie's special nicknames for her. Everyone, who knows her, calls her Abby.

Birthday: She was born in 1979 and shares her birthday with Annie.

Parents are: John and Dawn Jackson

Lives in: Arizona

This is what Abby looks like – Light blonde, naturally curly hair (cut above her shoulders, so it's not all the way short), has baby bangs and to explain her face, she looks almost exactly like Annie and has small ears. She is also short for her age and skinny.

Abby is very emotional, has Asperger Syndrome (AS) and has a lot of developmental delays. She goes to a special school for children who have special needs and most of the time she seems younger than she really is.

Note: One thing all of my stories have in common is that there is at least one character, who has some kind of special needs. I have AS, so I'm good at writing for characters who have special needs.

Sometimes Abby will call Annie her Angel or just Auntie (without saying Annie).:)

Auntie Annie is her Advocate, Hero and her Mentor.

About John:

Name: John Jackson

Birthday: February 10, 1950

Parents are: Charles and Jenny Jackson

Lives in: Arizona

About This Story:

Annie is going to spend some quality time with her niece, Abby, who she loves and misses VERY much. Abby will be staying with her, for the whole summer.

Chapter 1 – The Happy News

It was early on a Saturday morning in the middle of May in 1989 and Annie was cooking breakfast when the phone rang.

Annie answered the phone. "Hello?" she asked.

"Hi Annie! Guess who?" the caller on the other end, asked.

Annie paused for a minute, then smiled as she realized who it was. "John? Is that you? It's been a long time since we've talked on the phone. How is everything?"

"Pretty good, how are you? Abby really misses you and wants to come and stay with you for her summer vacation. Would that be okay?" her brother John asked.

Annie smiled. "Are you kidding? I have been missing my little Angel so much! She is always welcome here with us."

John sounded very happy. "Okay, that will make Abby very happy."

Annie was excited. "I am glad. Eric and the children have been pretty good."

John sounded happy. "Abby will ride over with Mom and Dad when they come to spend the week with you. She only has two and a half days of school left, so she will be out by the time Mom and Dad leave to drive over there."

Annie was even more excited now. "Okay. I am so glad that Mom and Dad are coming out. I'm even more excited that they're bringing my sweet pea with them." She was smiling now.

John could hear her excitement. "I bet you are. Abby is even more excited than you are." He laughed. "Annie, hold on just a second. Abby wants to talk with you."

Annie smiled again. "Okay, bye John. I'll talk with you later. Love you."

John handed Abby the phone.

Abby was ecstatic. "Auntie Annie, I miss you, SO MUCH! I can't wait to spend the whole summer with you!"

Annie smiled. "Hi, Sweetheart! I can't wait to see you. We are going to have so much fun together."

Abby smiled. "Yeah, I'm going to bring my Nintendo and Super Mario game and maybe we could play some games."

Annie laughed. "Okay, Sweetie, but we'll have to talk with Uncle Eric before we can play them, just to make sure they aren't violent."

Abby giggled. "Okay. Super Mario isn't bad, so I hope he won't mind if we play it." She smiled. "I have Pac-Man too."

Annie grinned. "Okay Abby, Honey. I have to go and finish getting breakfast ready. I will talk with you soon. Love you!"

Abby still had one more thing to say to her aunt. "Oh – one more thing. I'm also bringing my pillow, my sleeping bag and my new air mattress that I got for Christmas. It's not too big so it would fit in any room at your house. I really like sleeping on a air mattresses." She smiled. "I'm going to bring some more games for us to play, but they're not bad, so Uncle Eric should like them." She giggled.

Annie smiled again. "Okay, Sweetie. Talk with you soon."

Abby smiled. "Okay. I wuv you, too Auntie Annie. See you soon."

Annie hung up the phone and then smiled at Eric. "Honey, I have some wonderful news!"

Eric looked at Annie suspiciously. "And what would that be?"

Annie smiled an even bigger smile. "Abby is coming to stay with us for the whole summer! I am so excited."

Eric smiled. "That is wonderful news."

Annie smiled again. "I can't wait to see her. I miss her and love her so much. She is my little sweet pea."

Eric nodded. "She is such a sweet girl."

Back at Abby's house, she hung up the phone and started skipping through the house singing, "I'M GOING TO STAY WITH AUNTIE ANNIE FOR THE SUMMER…!"

Back at the Camden's a little later that morning, the family sat at the table eating breakfast.

Annie smiled as she spoke up. "Children, your cousin Abby is going to come and visit us for the summer. She will be riding with Grandpa and Grandma when they come to visit next week."

Lucy looked puzzled. "Is Abby going to miss the last few weeks of school?"

Annie shook her head. "No, Honey, she only has two and a half days of school left. She goes to a special school and their schedule is a little different than yours."

Lucy spoke again. "Why does she go to a special school?"

Annie looked at her daughter. "Abby has some special needs, so she goes to a special school that helps her learn better. Sometime after we get the kitchen cleaned up, I'll try to explain it a little more."

Lucy nodded. "Oh. Okay."

After they all finished breakfast, the children went back upstairs to play while Eric and Annie cleaned up the kitchen.

Note – I went to a regular school with Special Ed classes, so I don't know if special schools have any special schedules where they get out earlier at the end of each day or school year. I just made that up.:)