Descendants of Darkness

Yami no Matsuei

'Sigh'. Tsuzuki stared out his apartment window. 'Now what am I going to do today? Dead life yet seems so boring….' Tsuzuki sighed once more, until he jumped up out of the chair, because the door bell rang. stupid him.

Tsuzuki got back up, rubbed his head from the aching pain that just occurred, and opened the door. "Oh, hey Hisoka…." Tsuzuki looked down on the floor and walked back in to his room. Hisoka, however, had news for him. "Why did you come here? I mean, yeah, do we have an assignment?" Tsuzuki looked up to his partner. "Something similar, but I do have some news that is related to it." Hisoka grinned at Asato. "And, what news could that be?" Tsuzuki sighed once more. "Since you're so depressed about not getting anymore assignments, I thought you might wanna check this out." Hisoka smiled. 'Yeah, he did save me from committing suicide…..I mean, death suicidal, like…I don't know how to explain it!' Tsuzuki was getting frustrated once again. "Well, Chief Konoe and Tatsumi asked us to come out to the Summons Department."

"What do we have to do there? We're already done with the business on earth here, so why go back?" Tsuzuki looked at his old friend. "Just come and you'll see." Hisoka grabbed Tsuzuki by the arm and led him back to the department.


"Heh. So have they gone back, Mr. Sakaki?" Muraki asked. "Hai. They'll be going back, soon." Sakaki said promptly. "You did send the letter, right?" Muraki asked suspiciously. "Yeah. They will be reading it very soon. But why threaten them now?" Sakaki asked. "Don't worry. I have a plan that would put Mr. Tsuzuki in a very awkward position." Muraki laughed. "Oh. Do you want me to take you there, doctor?" "No. Just wait until he gets shocked. It will only take a few moments to make him worst than the way he is." Sakaki looked at him, as if he really did believe that his plan would succeed this time.


"Hisoka! Choto!" Tsuzuki was panting for his life. "Wait? We can't wait! We gotta hurry, ASAP!" Tsuzuki sighed and let Hisoka drag him to the office. When they got there, Tsuzuki half passed out. Hisoka panted, while Tatsumi came with the red envelope. "Check this thing out. It has your name on it, Tsuzuki, so I told Kurosaki to bring you here to read it." Tatsumi handed Tsuzuki the envelope. He had a puzzled look, wondering who the hell would want to give him a letter, and opened it. In it read:

My dear Mr. Tsuzuki,

I haven't heard from you for a year now. How have you been? Have you been receiving the red queen roses I sent? Remember, red roses signify passion, and I hope you have some. Anyway, going on. Remember what I have done to that boy of yours? The mark? The curse that lays upon him? If you do, recite these words over in your mind to help you remember:

Hisoka Kurosaki will die

The curse that I have put,

Will seal him up for

Eternity. Until I have you,

I can kill him anytime,

Anyway I want to. Remember,

Just remember these words of

Mine. If you don't come and meet

Me, it spells the end of

Hisoka Kurosaki.

Tsuzuki was shocked. (Ok, so it was crappy. Going on.) "What the hell!" Tsuzuki dropped the letter and fell on his ass. "Tsuzuki? What's wrong?" Hisoka knelt down to him. "The letter……It is a threat…..I can't……I can't go…." Tsuzuki trembled as he tried to speak. "What did it say?" Hisoka asked. Tatsumi left to get Tsuzuki a glass of water. "Re-read it. I-it will explain." Hisoka picked up the letter and read it.

"So? What about it? I die, I die. Like you said, I'm too young for revenge. Maybe I'll just give up hope that I'll ever kill him." Hisoka put his hand on Tsuzuki's shoulder. "Don't go….I don't wanna see you get hurt…." Hisoka hid his eyes behind his hair. Tsuzuki brightened up. "You've made my day, Hisoka. You're worried about me, thank you." Hisoka was confused. "What do you mean? Do you mean that my worries for you are special?" Tsuzuki nodded. "To tell you the truth, you're the most important person to me." Hisoka smiled and nodded in agreement.


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