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The entire village became silent at the howl, listening intently as it bounced off the clearing and finally disappeared into the darkening sky.

The pup whimpered and let out a feeble cry.

Katsuro whirled around to try and reason with his brother for the last time. "Katashi, please, listen to my words brother. This is a grave mistake—"

Katashi merely scoffed. "Are you with me or against me, brother? I grow weary of this."

Katsuro sighed. "I am afraid, I have to be against you brother. Do not bother to ask for aid in this matter any longer, Katashi. Your idiocy is your own, and you will drag no other into this."

Katashi smirked. "Idiocy. Interesting how different our views are. But this time—"

Screams from the villagers interrupted him. Katashi scooped up his sword in his one good hand and stepped outside. "It begins."

From the woods burst a small white form, running with incredible speed towards them. Immediately, everyone realized it to be the Spirit.

Howls in the distance rose up, with the wolves alerting each other of the situation and gathering their forces. The Blue Spirit did not pause in its pace, its eyes fixed on the cage.

The pup whined in pain, but its tail began to wag as it crawled almost pathetically as far as the bars allowed towards the approaching figure. The villagers gave no heed towards the pup as they readied their weapons and glanced at their leader.

Katashi smirked and nodded.

With a roar, the villagers attacked, their hearts set on murder.

Katsuro sighed as he turned from his brother. "Come, there is nothing we can do here now. Let Katashi learn from his own folly."

Yoshi and Splinter exchanged glances. "Are you sure, my lord? Should we not help the Spirit?"

They glanced towards the Spirit, who was agilely leaping and avoiding all blows from the villagers, and delivering some striking blows at the same time.

Katsuro frowned. "I do not think—"

"My lord, I and my brother owe him for bringing back our son." Splinter reminded gently. Katsuro heaved a sigh and nodded.

"All right. Help him then. I shall gather my men and wait for you by the edge of the road—Where are the children?"

Yoshi and Splinter whirled around to find that the three were gone.

"Um…guys…I think we're lost." Don pointed out hesitantly as he dodged a running villager.

Raph blinked. "Is it possible to get lost just by standing still in one place?"

Don simply shrugged in response as he dragged Mikey away from being trampled by another villager. "This is insane! Let's get out of here!"

Raph nodded. "There! I see Master Splint—op. No I don't." He glanced around and then yelped as a huge wolf suddenly burst from the woods and leapt onto a roof of a house. "Uh oh…"

Don grabbed Raph and dragged both his brothers as far as he could away from the fight. "We need to get outta here!"

"But what about the little wolf?" Mikey piped up, eyeing the cage in the distance.

Don bit his lip as he glanced back, pondering what to do when a white blur landed beside the cage and started to pick the lock. Within seconds, the cage door popped open, and the Spirit grabbed the wolf pup, quickly slipping the chains off the pup and then handing the pup to the nearest wolf. The wolf gently took the pup and leapt away from the fight, disappearing into the forest.

Raph grinned. "Nah, the Spirit's got it.—"

But just as Raph finished that sentence, a gunshot rang out. The three kids whirled around to see Katashi, his sword abandoned long ago, and now clutching a smoking gun.

The Spirit collapsed.

"Shit!" Raph yelled as he ran to the Spirit's side. Don blinked for a second trying to understand where Raph had learned that curse word, before rushing to the fallen Spirit as well. By the time he got there, Mikey was already standing by the Spirit, watching as Raph tried to stop the bleeding.

"Hm." Katashi laughed softly as he neared the children. "The Spirit bleeds. Well, it shan't bleed any longer." He aimed the gun at the Spirit. "Move aside."

Mikey stood up. "No. Leave him alone!"

Katashi smirked as he cocked the gun. "I won't ask again."

Don jumped in between his brother and the gun. "Stop it! This is stupid! You have your revenge, now stop it!"

Katashi scoffed. "My revenge shall not be over until the Spirit is dead. Now step aside."


Katashi fired the gun and then cocked it again.

Mikey let out a yell, before quieting as he realized that Katashi had merely fired to the side, intent on scaring them rather than hurting them just yet.

Don had paled but still stood before them.

"Move." Katashi hissed.

Don shook his head, watching as Raph quietly snuck behind Katashi. Don was effectively shielding the view of where Raph had been kneeling, allowing his brother to slip away and circle around them, his sais drawn.

Katashi's eyes narrowed as he focused on Don. "Then die."

At the same time, Raph sprang, one of his sais immediately sinking into Katashi's hand, the other knocking the gun from his hand.

Katashi let out a scream and struck Raph across the face, causing Raph to fall, but Don sprang at Katashi then, effectively knocking him over.

Mikey jumped into the fight too, using his nunchucks to hit whatever he could reach.

"OW!!" Raph cursed, rubbing his head. "Mikey! Watch it!"


It didn't take long for the three to knock Katashi unconscious, and with that done, they rushed back to where the Spirit lay. Don glanced around, realizing that all the wolves were either too far away to see what had had just happened or where too busy fighting off villagers to have heard.

With still no sign of Master Splinter and Master Yoshi, and afraid that the wolves would rather tear them apart than see that they were trying to help, Don made his decision. "C'mon. Raph, help me lift him."

"What are we doing?" Mikey questioned as he nervously looked around. "Don?"

"We're taking him home."


"I can't believe we're doing this!" Raph hissed as he glanced around. "Don,--"

"He'll die here with all this war going on! Do you think that the wolves have a nice health care system around here?!"

"Well they healed you didn't they?!"

"No! They just kept my wound from getting infected! Now help me load him up!"

"Don…are you sure—"

"YES, Raph, I'm sure! It was Arata who healed me really!"


"Raph," Don tried to reason, "Do you think that the Wolves will put aside their pride to come and ask help from a human? Oh come on!"

Mikey said nothing as he glanced around. They were far from the battle now, and were currently sneaking into one of the carriages that they had arrived in. Everything was loaded on, and now all that was needed were the men. The few soldiers that had been left to guard the carriages had been easy to sneak passed, and now the three kids were trying to find the best way to stow their 'passenger' away.

Raph growled. "I still don't like it." He muttered, before covering the Spirit with a blanket. "Though I get what you say…that he reminds you of Leo."

Don said nothing, but simply tied a cloth around the bullet wound. He had treated it the best he could a few minutes before, and luckily, the wound had stopped bleeding. The wound was near the Spirit's side, but bled enough to knock the Spirit unconscious.

"There. Done. Now all we have to do is make sure no one notices him and we're set."

"Michaelangelo! Donatello! Raphael!"

The three kids grinned happily as they stood outside the carriage, waiting. They had washed up in a nearby creek, and changed clothes. The night had passed, and the sun was rising in the distance. The battle was still going on, but the village was slowly loosing. Many of the villagers were slowly choosing to flee.

Splinter hugged the three tightly, as Yoshi came running. "We have been lookingeverywhere for you three! Where were you?!"

"We came here after the battle started." Mikey explained sheepishly, sneaking a glance towards the carriage where they had hid the Spirit.

"Thank heavens." Yoshi muttered as he checked them over for any wounds. "None of you are hurt?"

All three shook their heads.

Katsuro smiled at them as he came up. "Good. Let's go home then."

The trip had gone without much trouble, and it was only a matter of a few hours before they reached the border of Katashi's kingdom. There, they had had to wait for a few minutes before the gate was opened to transport them to Katsuro's kingdom. Katsuro had glanced sadly back towards where Katashi's kindom lay, but had said nothing and soon the gate was opened.

Don had worried that somewhere the Spirit would wake up and reveal itself to them, but luckily the Spirit slept through the entire journey. The wound seemed to be healing itself quite nicely too.

When they finally arrived, the carriages were slowly unloaded. Luckily the carriage where they had hid the Spirit was one of the last to be unloaded, so while no one was looking, the three managed to sneak the Spirit away.

From there, it was simple matter of hiding the Spirit in one of their rooms, (they had picked Raph's because Raph was very peculiar about his privacy and refused to let anyone enter his room, and for the most part, Splinter and Yoshi respected this). Don came in as often as he could to check on the Spirit and everything seemed to be going fine.

Five days later though, the Spirit had not yet awoken, and Don was starting to worry. The wound was beginning to grow puffy and red despite the steady treatment, and the Spirit began to grow a temperature.

Finally, after some heated discussion amongst the three, Don agreed to tell Splinter and Yoshi.

"Master Splinter? Master Yoshi?"

Splinter put down his tea cup and Yoshi slowed in his kata as both looked to where Don was standing. "What is it my son?"

Don shifted his feet, trying to find the right words to say this. "Um…I need to show you something."

Splinter and Yoshi exchanged a glance. "Now?"

Don nodded. "Yeah." He glanced quickly away and rubbed his arm.

Splinter slowly stood. "All right."

Don slowly opened the door to Raph's room and stood back to let his two sensei's enter. Raph was sitting on his bed, and Mikey was kneeling beside what looked like a bunch of rags thrown onto the floor.

Yoshi raised an eyebrow and glanced at Don, who avoided his gaze. There was a short silence before Mikey piped up. "We…uh…kinda found him. Can we keep him?" He looked from one sensei to the other. "Please?"

Splinter and Yoshi looked confused but approached the 'rags' and gasped.

The Spirit was taken to the local healer, who immediately set on trying to lower his temperature and cure the infection.

The entire palace was at an uproar because of this. Splinter and Yoshi had immediately told the Daimyo, who had almost fainted from shock. There had been rumors that the Wolf clan was at an uprising, and that the Blue Spirit had disappeared, but no one had ever expected the Spirit to have been under their noses the whole time.

Worst of all, Katashi, as it seems, had started an entire war. He had managed to survive the battle, and had quickly gathered immense forces and fired upon the wolves. The wolves retaliated by setting their eyes on destroying any and every human in their way, making it dangerous for travelers and bystanders. The entire kingdom of Katashi's had become a war zone, and travel there had been temporarily shut down.

This of course, brought up the question of what to do with the Spirit. It was too dangerous to return him, especially in such a condition, so the Daimyo and his council were at a loss.

Meanwhile, a new problem arose a few days later when the Spirit finally awoke.

Yoshi, Splinter, the Daimyo, and the three kids gathered into the infirmary when they heared that the Spirit was waking.

It was strange to see the Spirit like this, lying on a white bedding on the floor, with his fur, weapons and mask gone, it was apparent that the Spirit was nothing more than a thirteen year old boy. He was a little thin and extremely pale, but with sky blue hair. Although the resemblance to the three kids' brother was minor, the coincidence of the same names was stunning. Yoshi and Splinter had been speechless for a few moments after Don had told them.

The Spirit slowly opened his eyes.

Mikey grinned sheepishly as he approached the bedding. "Hey. How're you feeling?"

The Spirit merely cocked its head, looking confused. "Who are you?"

Mikey blinked in surprise. "Er…I'm Mikey. You know, I stumbled into your forest and got lost and then you found me and dragged me out after you helped me pick up my rocks—"

The Spirit merely stared. "What are you talking about?"

Splinter stepped forward then. "Spirit, surely you remember me. I am one of the guards of the Daimyo…" He trailed off when he saw that the confusion had not ebbed away, only grew in strength.

Yoshi thought a little. "Your name is Leo, is it not?"

The Spirit shrugged as best as it could before hissing in pain. "Dunno. You tell me."

This made the Daimyo frown as he stepped into the room. "Well, what do you remember Spirit?"

The Spirit shrugged again with another hiss of pain. "Nothing. And why do you keep calling me Spirit?"

A few moments later, the diagnosis was apparent. Amnesia.

Mikey glanced at his two sensei's. "So…can we keep him?"

Yoshi and Splinter sighed but nodded. With no way back to Katashi's kingdom, no possible way to contact the Wolves, and with the Spirit having no memory of anything about his life, there was no real choice but to keep him in this dimension until his memory returned.

Thus, Leonardo Hamato was reborn in the figure of Leo, the former Blue Spirit from the kingdom of Katashi.

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