Louise and Louisa

On a Monday morning Lu ran chat room as she usually did. They were all questioning Lu about the brand new rock on her finger. Lucky for Lu, Lana interrupted.

"Lu, someone's here to see you."

"This early?" Lu said looking at her watch. "Who is it? Sorry ladies gotta break this up as much fun as I am having." Lu laughed and as she exited her office she saw a little girl trip and fall. She ran over to help her up.

"Are you okay sweetie? Ouch that looks pretty bad." The little girl wailed as Lu tried to get a look at her chin. She looked over and saw the table where the girl had hit her chin. "Lana where's is this little girls mother? She is going to need stitches."

"In the bathroom." Lana replied

The little girl was wiping the tears from her face, while Lu held a cloth against her chin.

"Sissy! Sissy, are you okay?" An older girl that looked to be about six ran over to see if her sister was okay. Lu picked up the crying baby and laid her down on her exam table.

"Lana, get Peter, and a suture kit and the mother out of the bathroom."

Peter ran in and began to calm the little girl down, while Lu held the cloth against her chin.

"Your suture kit Doctor." Lu took the kit out of the person's hand without turning around.

"Mommy, sissy she's hurt bad."

"I see that baby, Lu will fix her." Lu wondered about the lady behind her. Her voice sounded vaguely familiar. She put in the last stitch and turned around to the mother.

"Lu. I'm here for two seconds and you already screwed up. Still the same old Lu huh?"

"Dana! Oh my gosh!" Lu and Dana hugged each other . "What are you doing here? I mean it is great that you're here, but please tell me you came to take your job back!"

"No, Lu." Dana Stowe said laughing. "My replacement not the same?"

"There is no one like you Dana. So-" Lu cut herself off. Realizing she forgot who she just stitched up. "Don't tell me this is-" This time she was cut off by Dana.

"Your name sake? Yup that is Louise. And this is Anne."

"Wow, Dana they are getting so big!"

When Louise felt better Peter helped her down off the table and offered to take them to the nursery while Dana talked to Lu.

"Come in, come in to my office. Sit down. Wow, sorry I am just so surprised. This is so unlike you I mean, ya know."

"Lu, it's okay, yeah I know I am not one big on surprises, never was. " Just then there Jonas walked into the room.

"Oh, Lu, I'm sorry I didn't know you had a patient."

"No, Jonas wait, there is someone I would like you to meet."

"You must be my replacement." Dana said to Jonas.

"No, I should be so lucky. Dana Stowe this is my fiancé Jonas Ray."

"The Dr. Dana Stowe? I have heard all about you from Lu."

"Well, good things I hope, but coming from Lu, there is no guarantee. Wait The Jonas Ray? Like the multi million dollar Jonas Ray?"

"Well, just Jonas would work."

"Lu, I thought you hated rich people." Dana said.

"She does."

"I don't hate rich people! I just-"

"hate rich people." Jonas finished her sentence. "Well, Lu I will see you at home, just wanted to stop by and bring you these flowers." Lu kissed Jonas good bye and turned back around to Dana.