Everyone's In Shock

"Lana, where is Dana?"

"She is in your office with the girls Lu. I think she wants to leave."

"Yeah well, she isn't"

Lu burst into her office and saw Anne and Louise sleeping on her coach. Dana was sitting in a chair beside them watching them sleep.

"Isn't it amazing? How beautiful they are, and how much love you can have for a child?"

"Dana, I found someone. Well, not actually me, but there is a match."

Just then Dana seemed to snap out of her daze.


"Yes, and he has agreed to help."

"Oh my God, Lu! This is wonderful."

"But, there is just one thing."

"Lu…, there is always something with you. What? What is it that you think could possible make me not want to do this?"

"We know him."

"Well, that is not bad; it is always good to know a donor well."

"Yeah, I don't know about this well though." Lu handed Dana the folder. When Dana opened it her mouth dropped open. She too was in shock when she first saw the name. She also clicked with the irony like Lu had. She looked down again and read the name over and over. She knew him, defiantly "well".

"Lu…" Dana read it again….

Under patient's name, written in familiar handwriting.

Dr. Nicholas Biancavilla