1820AD: Elliot Smethwyk glared at the broom in front of him. He'd spent the last nine months trying to invent a charm that would make riding a broom more comfortable. He even had a name picked out - the Cushioning Charm. But his other work was beginning to pile up... Could he really risk his livelihood on such a vague dream? He had a family to feed, after all.

But think of the possibilities, that persuasive voice in his mind whispered. You could be rich. You could be famous. You could change the world. With Cushioning Charms, everyone would fly everywhere. No one would ever walk again. Flying would be fun.

Elliot hesitated for a long moment, torn. He'd spent so long on this charm. Finally, with a deep sigh, he put away the broom. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses, he thought, and resolutely turned his mind to more profitable matters.

1996AD: Harry polished the burnished wood in front of him lovingly. A gift from his wanted godfather, it was his most precious possession.

"Come on Harry, you'll be late for practice," Ron's impatient voice interrupted Harry's reverie and made him start. Putting aside the polish, he threw his beloved hockey stick over his shoulder and followed Ron out the door. They'd need all the practice they could get if they were going to beat Slytherin this year.