Author: Okay, I ended the other fic happily(tried), and that could seriously be the end if you wanted it to be. Hm, but me being evil, I needed a more of an angsty plot. You'll prob hate me for it too. Mm, but for all the peoples who stuck with me, enjoy.

No. Dulled eyes stared at the empty crib within the infirmary. This isn't happening, not now.

Death Eater.

That was the only thing Harry's scattered mind could focus on, that Ravenclaw boy had been a Death Eater.

"No." He whispered as he moved forward to the side of the crib, burying his hands in the cooled blankets, not even a hint of warmth, James had been taken early in the night.

How could this have happened?

"Ah, I see you found out about James." A voice full of amusement echoed through the hollow silence of the room.

Harry froze, eyes widened in horror as he turned.

"You did this?" He whispered with hurt. "You knew about this?"

The older man shrugged. "I was not personally involved with the kidnapping." Severus replied. "My mission was to…distract you." He smiled charmingly.

Everything is falling apart. I thought…Merlin I thought he loved me!

He took a shuddering breath and lowered his gaze toward the abandoned blankets. "So everything was a lie." He muttered dully.

Severus sneered. "You couldn't have possibly thought I truly held feeling towards you Potter." He chuckled deeply in amusement. "You are a pathetic Gryffindor, a mudblood and a disgrace to our world."

Harry shook his head wildly, throwing off the man's words. "Shut up!" He cried, bringing up his hands to claw pathetically at his ears.

"You. Are. Nothing Potter." Severus whispered cruelly.

Harry's eyes widened at the familiar words he himself had spoken not so long ago. He stared in shock at the man he had been ready to spend his life with.

No more. It was nothing but a broken dream.

"Where is he?" He whispered lowly. No one would take his child away from him, not after James had fought so hard to come into this world.

Severus smiled. "Where else?" He motioned toward his arm, where Harry knew the Dark Mark rested.

That bastard took my son. He breathed heavily, his chest constricting in fear. Voldemort has my baby.

Harry's shoulders sagged in defeat. "Take me to him." He murmured.

"Giving up so soon Potter?" Severus raised a curious brow. "Surely the great Boy Who Lived would give more of a fight then that. I know how your mind works, your brash nature, your lack of regard for rules or consequences." His eyes searched the lowered face.

Harry raised his head, a tired look in his eyes. "I have my son to worry about now, I can't afford to be so reckless anymore." He replied softly.

Severus' dark orbs narrowed suspiciously, yet he nodded in consent. His hand strayed toward his robes and was lost in the billowing folds. When he pulled out the limb he was holding onto a small chained ring.

The light caught at the gold and Harry sighed in resignation. If he could save his son by entering the lair of the beast then so be it.

"This Portkey will take you to my master." Severus informed coolly as he handed over the chain.

Harry gently clasped the cold metal and nodded mutely. He glanced into Severus' eyes.

"You know, I did love you." He murmured softly.

He took hold of the smooth ring and felt a tug at his naval as he was pulled into the void.

Severus remained poised, the silence of the infirmary surrounding him. "I know Harry." He spoke softly to himself. "That was the point."

Author: More soon to come! I just wanted you to get a feel of this before I continued. I promise the next chap will be up soon though. I hope I didn't scare u guys away already, please tell me what u think! And thanks to thrnbrooke for the Death Eater idea!