Author: The end! The end! The end! I know it sucks, but how did you expect me to end it? The other one was happy, so this had to be like this! I just wanted to thank everyone for their reviews! Hope to see u again!

"So how did you kill him Tom?" Harry stood, head bowed.

"Who?" Voldemort twirled his wand in a bored, uncaring manner.

"Severus." Harry's eyes flashed as he glanced up.

"I found him and the boy foolishly trying to escape through a hidden passage." He shook his head in disappointment. "I of course knew he would attempt that specific passage. But now I have James safely tucked away, never fear."

"I didn't ask for details." Harry murmured lowly. "What spell."

"I used my specialty." He smirked arrogantly. "Avada Kedavra!"

Harry dodged as the green light rushed toward him, his arm going numb as the curse brushed past.

Damn, already injured, it doesn't help that I'm already weak..

He smiled. "Nice try Tom, but I think it's – Avada Kedavra!" Harry screamed, stabbing his wand at the shocked wizard.

Voldemort was thrown forcibly into the wall behind him, eyes wide as his skull cracked against the stone. A bloodied trail followed his downward motion as his body slid to the floor.

Harry picked himself up from his crouch and twirled his wand. "More like that." He finished speaking.

He kept a wary eye on the unmoving form, it seemed too easy. Surely the crazed wizard who had almost killed Harry and had tried taking over the wizarding world, wouldn't fall so quickly.

He halted and nudged the prone figure with the tip of his foot.

Maybe he's really dead. Harry sighed.

Instead of dwelling on his good fortune or the lack of difficulty, he pointed his wand toward his enemy for the last time.

"Incendio." He waved toward the body.

An inhuman scream pierced the air and Harry jerked in surprise, his hands snapping to his ears in order to stop the annoying sound.

He watched with wide eyes as Voldemort's apparent soul drifted from his body and then succumbed to the flames licking away at his evilness.

"Avenge me!" The shrill wail cried.

The magical fire swallowed in on itself and all that remained of Lord Voldemort was a blackened scorch mark on the lush carpet.

Avenge him?

A throat cleared behind him and Harry swerved around. His brows knit as he frowned at the lone figure standing before him.

"James." He whispered.

This is what it comes down to, if he doesn't see reason and side with me…

"Will you kill me too?" James stood defiantly before Harry.

No, I don't think I could.

Harry smiled sadly in realization and dropped his wand as he stepped forward. James snapped his arm up, wand pointed toward Harry defensively.

"I won't hesitate to do it you know." The boy growled. "Father taught me not to trust anyone, even if they don't have a wand."

"I know." Harry nodded slightly. "But I don't care." He murmured.

Slowly he moved forward once more, tired eyes watching the trembling wand and then locking onto the confused hazel orbs staring at him in indecision.

:I trust you James.: Harry hissed softly, allowing his voice to sooth the tormented child, he knew that James would be able to understand him. The boy had probably inherited the gift from both parents.

James shook his head desperately. "No, you left me, you didn't love me anymore! He told me so!"

"He lied." Harry said flatly. "He cared nothing for your feelings James, he was using you for power."

"You killed him." He accused in a hurt voice. "Why would you kill Father, you were supposed to love him."

"I had to."

"No! Stop talking!" James screamed, one hand clutching at his ear, the other training his wand on Harry. "You're just trying to stop me from cursing you!"

"No." The emerald eyed wizard murmured. "I love you James, you're my baby no matter what."

"You abandoned me." James spat. "You told me I was dead to you!"

The tousled head bowed in grief. "You're right, my son is dead to me in a sense." Harry shook his head. "You have matured into a powerful young wizard. I didn't want to let go of the little baby I had grown to love, but now I must in order for you to grow."

James stared at his father with tears in his eyes. Finally his arm lowered and a soft thump was heard as his wand fell.


Harry sobbed in relief and held out his arms. "Come here James."

The boy hurriedly threw himself into his father's arms, into an embrace that he had been deprived of for too long.

"I was so scared that you wouldn't come back for me Daddy." He whispered harshly as his own sobs overtook him. "I didn't think you would love me after all the bad things I did."

"Hush, don't think about those things, they're in the past." Harry murmured soothingly. "What's important is that I have you with me now."

"Yes." James stilled in the warm embrace, eyes staring beyond Harry's shoulder. "We are finally together."

His hand slowly reached into his robe and whether Harry felt it or not, the deed was done.

Harry jerked forward as the poisoned blade slipped between his ribs, blood immediately blossomed forth and he sagged in his son's arms.

"J-james." He whispered weakly as his eyes fluttered shut.


The young wizard remained still as the warmth of Harry's blood spilled across his fingers. His eyes were cold as he looked toward the ceiling, feeling the last quaking breaths of his father before all was still.

"Why did you kill Father?" He murmured to the limp body. "You were supposed to love each other."

Silence echoed around him and James curiously glanced down, as though expecting an answer.

"Now you and Father will be together forever Daddy." He murmured to the empty room. "I've made everything better."

He looked down lovingly at the pain pinched face of his father and smiled as he lowered the bloodied body to the pale carpet below. He placed a chaste kiss on Harry's brow.

"I know you will love each other now, you can be happy."

Slowly James stood and stretched as he began to walk away from the body of his last remaining parent.

He wasn't sad that he had killed Harry, his Daddy, he felt that he was doing the right thing. His parents were meant to be together, and if they couldn't find the way as Harry proved, then he would help them.

He smiled as he walked outside, breathing in the gentle air of spring and the chaos beyond. There was a light skip to his step as he made his way down the stone steps and onto the lush grass.

He continued to smile as he looked up toward the sun, knowing his parents were looking down on him.

He never saw the flash of green heading toward him.

James fell to the ground lifelessly, remaining unmoving as a bright butterfly landed on his soft cheek with a whispered kissed.

And the world moved on.

Author: So anticlimactic, I know, I hate myself too. But I wanted everyone to die. :sighs: And the bit with James killing Harry and acting all psycho? Well, he's still a little kid ('round 7/8), and he figured his parents automatically loved each other and should stay together. :grins: Ah, the twisted mentality of children. Poor James just wanted a family! Well, I hope u guys didn't totally hate it, and no, there's no more:winks: I know when to stop, never fear! Thanks for everyone's support! I luv u all.