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Author's Note: This is one of Jay Ficlover's requests. Voldemort sends Lucius to the wizarding streets of Tokyo to find one Voldemort's old 'mates' to repair the damaged fifty-year-old diary. The diary falls into Sailor Moon's hands. You can find the challenge on her profile page. This first chapter may have a bit of humor and there probably will be some in later chapters but it's supposed to be angst.

Mere Memory

Lost and Found

It had been some time since Sailor Moon defeated Chaos. Since then, she began to grow into the future lady she would some day be. She was beginning to act like a real royal and had less crying fits. Her golden hair started to look silver. Luna explained these changes to her as a result of purifying the cauldron that resulted in defeating Chaos.

It was the last day of school and Serena was thrilled to spend more quality time with her family and friends. On the way to her bedroom she found her brother in his room talking to himself. Curious, she stepped in.

"Hey, Sammy," she said, "excited for the summer?"

"Yeah," he replied, looking rather pleased with himself. "You bet I am."

"I'd think so," said Serena, "what's that you got there?" she nodded to the brown rectangular object in his hand.

"I found a wallet," Sammy answered.

"You're going to return it, aren't you?" Serena asked sternly.

"Of course not!" Sammy retorted. "This wallet was Frankie Huso's dads."

"Frankie Huso, the boy that's been bullying you all year?" Serena asked.

Sammy was a bright kid and Frankie Huso was a big bully that beat kids up for their lunch money. Sammy always tried to ignore Frankie but it was hard to ignore him when Frankie was punching him and other kids. Sammy always told Serena that one day he was going to get back at him.

"I found it on the ground," Sammy grinned, "I bet Frankie stole it from his dad to buy stuff after school. I'm thinking about throwing it away."

"You can't do that!" Serena exclaimed, stepping to her brother. "That's not right Sammy, you know that!"

"What do you mean I can't?" Sammy laughed. "Just toss it in the trash."

He went to do it and she grabbed his arm. "Sammy, I know it was wrong for Frankie to bully you but his dad's done nothing to you! You return that wallet right now!"

"Why should I?" Sammy demanded. "Frankie is nothing but a bully and he deserves to get in trouble with his dad. I hope he's grounded—whoa—Serena!"

"What?" Serena muttered.

Her younger brother pointed at her forehead and backed up. "What the heck is that gold thing on your forehead?"

Serena eye's bulged and she slapped her hands over her forehead. Why was her crescent mark flashing at a time like this? It had never flashed before.

Hearing the commotion, Luna came in and saw Sammy pointing at Serena.

"What is that?" Sammy asked again. "It looks like the mark on your cat's forehead."

"Sammy, it's, um," Serena tried to say. How could she explain it?"

Luna didn't waste another moment. She looked Sammy and performed a mind meld on him. Sammy looked dazed for a moment and blinked. He'd forgotten all about the argument with Serena and seeing the gold crescent mark on her forehead.

"What the?" Sammy mumbled. "What'd just happen? Serena, what were we talking about?"
"Sammy, you have to return that wallet," Serena told him, nodding at the wallet to his hand.

"Do I have to?" Sammy whined. "Frankie's a big jerk—he deserves all he gets."

"Maybe, but his dad doesn't deserve having to replace his wallet," Serena put her hands on her hips. "You take that wallet right back to him. Understand?"

"Yeah, I get it," Sammy sighed and walked out of the house. Serena turned to her cat.

"Luna—what just happened there?"

The girls were having a bite to eat at the Flavor Factory and talking about their plans for the summer.

"I was thinking that we should go on a camping trip again," Serena stated.

"Yeah, I bet you must've been busy baby sitting Chibi Chibi all day!" Raye teased.

"I wasn't the only one that had to watch her, you know!" Serena scowled.

"I'm afraid I won't be able to make it," Mina stated.

"How come?" Lita asked.

"I'm going to England for the summer," Mina answered.

"The whole summer?" Serena gasped.

"Yeah," Mina

"Why are you going there?" Ami asked.

"'Cause my grandfather loves me!" Mina exclaimed, grinning widely.

"My grandpa loves me too," Raye said, "but it's hard even spending a day with him sometimes."

"Well, Granddad Dedalus is really cool compared to your grandfather," Mina said offhandedly and Raye gasped.

"What do you mean by that?" Raye demanded.

Mina shrugged. She really couldn't get into it with them though they were the best friends she had. She knew her grandfather was a wizard but it was against the wizard rules to tell muggles, even if they weren't real muggles.

Mina stirred her drink as she tried to find an explanation.

"Let's just say my granddad can do what other granddads can't," Mina said slyly.

"Huh?" Serena mumbled. What did she mean by that?

Mina laughed. "Maybe you'll get to meet him someday. He's so cool."

"Well, send us a postcard, won't you?" said Raye.

"Sure, I'll owl when I can."

"Owl?" Serena raised an eyebrow. Mina gasped when she realized what she said.

"Write!" she recovered quickly. "Haha! I mean, write! Of course! Just a bit of British humor for you..."

"Okay," said Raye.

Mina slugged down her drink and got up. "I'm sorry, but I had better get home to start packing."

"When are you leaving?" Ami asked.

"Tomorrow," Mina replied, "well, have a great summer guys!"

"You too, Mina," Serena said with a smile.

"I'm sure I will," Mina smiled back. "It's going to be magical. I'll see you when I get back!"

Mina ran out of Flavor Factory and Raye looked at the others. "How can her grandfather be cooler than mine?"

"Maybe he's a wizard or something," Lita joked.

By the time Mina returned to England, something sinister was taking place there. Voldemort believed that by fixing his old diary to draw out Tom Riddle and fusing with him he may become stronger and younger. Voldemort was trying every spell he knew but nothing he did would fix the diary. His Death Eaters did not understand why he was relying on an old useless diary to give him more power. Could Tom Riddle still even be alive?

There were things their Master knew that they didn't. Memories don't really die. When they're written in a diary like Tom Riddle's, they stay there.

"The basilisk venom had spread too far," Voldemort muttered.

"Is there anything else we could do, Master?" Lucius inquired.

"There is," Voldemort said with a small smile. "Lucius, I want you to take this to Tokyo, Japan."


"Yes, you see, Lucius," Voldemort went on, "I have an old friend that may be of help. He is specialized in these kinds of things."

"Who is he?"

"Jimmu," Voldemort answered, "I will give you a map of Wizarding Tokyo. Jimmu owns a shop of some of the ost amazing dark items I've ever seen. If anyone can fix this diary, he certainly can. Take this diary to him right away."

"Yes, My lord."

Lucius Malfoy opened the door of Jimmu Oni's dark item shop and came in. There was a pretty young woman in the shop placing monkey hands on the shelves. The woman smiled and bowed to him.

"Konichiwa," she said.

"I do not speak Japanese," Lucius muttered.

The woman nodded and began speaking English. "How may I help you, stranger?"

"I'm looking for Jimmu Oni," Lucius whispered. "Is he here?"

"Of course," the woman answered and she went off to the back. An old bearded man was giving bowls filled with blood to shrieking scaled monkeys in cages.

"Grandfather, I'd hate to interrupt you while you're feeding the kappas," she said as she came closer, "but there is someone here to see you."

"Who?" Jimmu asked.

"I'm not sure," the woman replied, "some Englishman."

Jimmu grinned. It had been some time since he had a visitor from England. He already sensed who it might be.

"Very well," Jimmu stated. He turned to his granddaughter and clicked his tongue. "You were in the front looking like that?"

"What's wrong, Grandfather?" she asked. "I like this form."

"I'd rather not you have that sort of appearance when anyone can come into the shop," he told her. "Now, change to the form people are familiar with."

The woman sighed. "Grandfather—what is the point of being a metamorphamagus if you won't let me change?"

"Ramua," he said softly, "you will get your chance. I get confused when you keep changing form."

"Very well," said Ramua and she closed her eyes tightly. Her beautiful black hair she had up fell limp around her shoulders. Her pretty face bulged and she gained some ten pounds. She was no longer the pretty young woman she was a second ago but back to the form she despised, the form she was born with.

"That's better," said Jimmu as he handed the blood filled bowl to Ramua. "Could you finish feeding the kappas?"

"Yes, Grandfather," Ramua answered. She approached the cage and gave the bowl to the kappas as her grandfather went to the front.

"How may I help you?" Jimmu asked Lucius.

"I'm here representing my master," said Lucius.

"Your master?" Jimmu smirked. "Whom might that be?"

"You might recognize this," Lucius said lazily as he pulled up his left sleeve to show Jimmu the Dark Mark on his arm. Jimmu's dark eyes looked at it closely and he looked up at Lucius.

"I see my old friend has returned," Jimmu said with a grin, stroking his beard.

"Yes, but he wants your help," Lucius stated, dropping the damaged fifty-year old diary on Jimmu's counter. "He put his sixteen-year-old memory into this book and now it is damaged."

"What happened to it?" Jimmu asked.

"The boy that took away his power stopped him again," Lucius answered with distaste. "Plunged a basilisk fang in it."

"Ah, the monster of the Chamber of Secrets?" Jimmu stated, picking the diary up and squinting a monocle in his eye. "The venom had spread thoroughout the book."

"You can fix it, can't you?" Lucius asked lazily.

"I might," Jimmu answered, "but if the Dark Lord has returned, why would he need this anymore?"

"My master believes that if it is repaired," Lucius explained, "he can draw Tom Riddle from the pages to absorb him. So he could become stronger."

"I see," Jimmu stated, "well, I will see what I can do. This diary is muggle-made and over fifty year old, isn't it? It may be difficult for me to repair it completely. There are many options, but it may take some time…and money."

"Very well," Lucius dropped a bag of money, Galleons and Sickles spilling out of it. "I trust this will be enough then?"

Jimmu smiled. "Of course, of course. Why don't you make yourself comfortable, my friend? You can rest in the Housenka Inn."

"I can wait," Lucius said softly. "But I don't know if I can say the same for my master."

"Owl him if you feel a need to," Jimmu stated, "I'll send you word when the process is finished, Mr…?.

"I'm Lucius Malfoy," Malfoy stated.

"I'll be in touch, Mr. Malfoy," Jimmu smiled.

"Very well," Lucius said and he turned from the desk. Ramua peeked through the stockroom door to watch he handsome Englishman leave. When he was gone, she approached her grandfather at the counter.

"What did he want?" she asked.

"To fix this old book," he replied, showing the diary to her. She recognized the name.

"Tom Marvollo Riddle—isn't that your old pen friend from England, Grandfather?"

"Yes, it is," Jimmu said, "but he is known as Lord Voldemort now. I helped him become what he is now, you know. Fifteen years ago he lost his power and just recently he was able to return. This book here," Jimmu shook the diary, "holds his sixteen-year-old memory."

"It's ruined," Ramua frowned and tilted her head to one side. "It wouldn't be much use to him now, would it?"

"Perhaps," said Jimmu, "but Lord Voldemort wishes to absorb his sixteen-year-old self. He believes it will make it stronger. Young Tom Riddle will become older, wiser and stronger himself instead of remaining a memory in a useless book."

"Is that why the man brought it here?" Ramua nodded to the door. "He wants you to draw Tom Riddle out of the diary somehow?"

"Yes, Voldemort still remembers his allies," Jimmu grinned. "I'm quite touched. Now Ramua, I want you to gather some things for me. I can't keep the Dark Lord waiting. He has waited quite long enough, I'd say."

Jimmu was a wise old wizard talented in the Dark Arts among anything else. He used a number of spells to repair Tom's old muggle diary but not much happened. It did not matter. There were still many options to free Tom Riddle from the diary. Jimmu stood up from his desk and walked around his office, searching for a Dark object that might help. He came to a shelf with a bunch of different sized books in different colors. He ran his old finger over the spines and then rested on a green one. He pulled the green book from the shelf and returned to his working desk.

"This may work," said Jimmu sofly as he settled himself in the chair and opened Tom's diary to the front page. Then Jimmu turned his own green book to its first page. Like Tom's diary, it was blank.

Muttering some magical words, Jimmu rested his wand tip on the top of the front page for a while. Slowly, still muttering the magical words, he started moving his wand side to side as if he were using the tip of is wand to help him keep his place to read the book. Tom's handwriting came into view—very blurry at first—but by the time Jimmu reached the bottom of the page, Tom's first diary entry was clear enough to read:

August 2 1938,

I never was one to keep a journal. What was there ever to write about? I'm an orphan living with other orphans. I'm different than the others. No is ever' going to adopt me. People say I'm too strange. I never knew what it meant until two days ago when I got that letter accepting me into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft of Wizardry. A school that teaches magic? That might explain some things. So I might not be a freak at all—just a wizard. I wonder if this is real at all or just someone playing a joke on me again. There's a list of things that came with it. Black robes for day wear? Cauldrons? I can even bring an owl or a toad if I wanted to. Books about Transfiguration and Charms and magical plants. Now where will I find these things? If this is a joke, I don't think it's funny. I'll get whoever is behind it back for making me look like a fool. But maybe this is real and if it is I don't want to forget a thing. That's why I bought this stupid diary. I want to learn everything there is about this Hogwarts School, that is if it's real.

After reading the first entry, Jimmu tapped the bottom of the page. He brought his wand tip over to his own green book, tapped the top and muttering magical words he started running his wand tip side to side. The words in Tom's diary began to fade out then they appeared anew in the other one, darker than they had ever been in Tom's. There was a little hiss as Jimmu transferred the first entry of Tom's diary into the new book. Jimmu tapped the bottom of his own book and sighed.

"It worked," he said, feeling pleased with himself. "I knew it would. One entry down…" He flipped the pages of Tom's diary, "hundreds to go…"

It was a long and tedious job transferring all of Tom's entries into another book. Jimmu grew tired of reading them word for word. He tried to speed up the process and just scanned over the words and placed them into their new home. He hardly left his work desk. His granddaughter brought him his meals and she managed the front. When someone wanted to speak to Jimmu she said he was busy with a project and did not know when he would be done.

After three days, Jimmu finished transferring Tom's entries, or otherwise Tom into his new home. Now all Jimmu had to find out was what state Tom was in. Was the boy even still alive? Jimmu would be highly upset if he did all that work for nothing.

Jimmu picked up his quill and wrote a message to Tom.

Hello, Tom. It is your old friend Jimmu.

Jimmu waited for Tom's response. It took some time and when Tom finally replied, his handwriting was very sloppy and illegible as if he was writing with a broken hand. Tom was alive but he way too weak to even talk properly.

Jimmu? How did you find me?

You're in Japan, Tom.

How'd I get here?

Why don't I come in to explain it to you?

Tom waited to reply again.

Come in? How?

You are in a Recluse Journal. Do you remember me telling you about them? It is how you got your idea for leaving your memory in your diary.

Recluse Journal?

Yes, I'll come inside and explain everything.

Jimmu was pulled right into the pages of the Recluse Journal. He found Tom's prone figure on the white ground. Everything around them was white—like the pages of the book.


Tom was trying to push himself up but he had no strength. Jimmu hurried to him and pulled him into a sitting position.

"Jimmu?" Tom said, sounding confused. He looked absolutely horrible. There was a hole in his school robes and a cut on his face from where the basilisk fang had pierced his diary. He must've been in a state of comatose ever since his incident with Harry.

"Yes," Jimmu nodded.


Jimmu laughed. "Well, Tom, it has been over fifty years and you're still sixteen. I may have been seen years older than you but the world does go one when you're in a book for so long."

"Harry destroyed my diary. How come I'm not dead?"

"This is my theory, Tom," Jimmu said, stroking his beard. "Perhaps since you placed your sixteen year old memory, you couldn't really die. You see, you put a part of yourself into your diary by writing in it nearly every day."

"Wait," Tom said suddenly, "you read my diary?"

"Not all of it," Jimmu said, "I just skimmed over some of your entries as I transferred you into this—a Recluse Journal. You remember me telling you about those?"

"Yes," said Tom, "that is how I learned how to put myself in the diary because I had already written in it. I just had to use the instructions you gave me to do the rest."

"Exactly, Tom," Jimmu said with a grin. "You were able to survive because the words you put in the diary still remained, some of them anyway. You had someone open the Chamber of Secrets for you—so you grew stronger through them."

"Ginny," said Tom.


"Ginny," Tom repeated, "she was the girl I was working through."

"She must still remember you and because you were using her to become stronger," Jimmu continued, "and this may be a reason you survived."

"I'm just glad I did," Tom mumbled, "my head hurts…my whole body hurts." He dropped backward onto the floor. "I'm sure Voldemort felt like this when he lost his powers."

"Oh, it had to have been ten times worse," Jimmu stated. "But it doesn't matter because Lord Voldemort has returned."

"Really?" Tom smiled tiredly. "How?"

"I do not know," Jimmu answered. "One of your future followers brought it to me. Lucius Malfoy."

"Yes, he was the one who had my diary," Tom said, furrowing his brow in thought. "He gave my diary to Ginny."

"She just took it?"

"No, she found it in one of her books," Tom said irritably. He sort of wished he was still sleeping. His whole body was throbbing. "Malfoy's job was to give me to one of the students so I can work with them. I was hoping to use his son. He hates Mudbloods just as much as I do. I'm sure he'd be up to the job."

"You didn't want to work through this girl?" Jimmu questioned.

"Of course I didn't," Tom muttered, propping himself up and going wobbly again. Jimmu supported his weight. "I didn't want to listen to an eleven girl's woes. I just spent fifty years in my diary and then the first person after Malfoy to speak to me is Ginny Weasley. Do you have any idea how boring it was? If I was working through Draco I'd have a better chance. We would've gotten started earlier. I know his entries to me wouldn't be like Ginny's. He'd know where he was and what he was doing. I'd tell him and we'd have laughs about it. He could tell me who all the muggleborns were but instead I was getting, Oh Tom, when will Harry Potter ever notice me? he groaned and put his head into his hand.

"Well, here's something that might help," Jimmu stated, "you're no longer in your diary. You are in a Recluse Journal. Their purpose is for holding people's memories, or even their whole bodies. It's perfect for fugitives when they need a place to hide. They just have to write something in it, say a few magical words and they're in their own little world. You can make it look like just a normal book and no one would know."

"I don't want to be in a book anymore, Jimmu," Tom groaned. "I want out!"

"Well, you can't until you're stronger," Jimmu insisted, "but there are advantages in Recluse Journals unlike your diary. You see, you can make this into anything you want." Jimmu gestured to the vast white nothingness. "You can make this into mountains, or valleys or Hogwarts or a fine home. You can change your clothes. You can have people in here…just imagine they're here and they will be."

"Is it real though?" Tom asked.

"It is for you," Jimmu answered with a grin. "Why don't you give it a try now?"

"I can't," Tom said tiredly. "I can't think."

"Something small," Jimmu said. "You have to practice. Try changing your clothes. Put on a kimono."

"A what?" Tom raised an eyebrow.

Jimmu pulled on his dark gray kimono. "Kimono, let me see you try wearing one. Just think it and it happens."

Tom closed his eyes and tried thinking of himself wearing a silver and green kimono. He opened his eyes and he was still wearing his Hogwarts robes. "Nothing is happening."

"Sometimes you may have to say what you want," Jimmu stated.

"Should I snap my fingers?" Tom questioned.

"It may help."

Tom sighed. "I want to wear a silver and green kimono." He snapped his fingers and in place of his school robes, he was wearing just what he asked for, though he didn't really like how it looked on him.

"Good, Tom," said Jimmu with a nod. "Just keep practicing. I will let Malfoy know that I succeeded in.."

"No, wait," Tom said urgently and his imaginary dress disappeared. "Don't tell Malfoy. I'm very upset with him now, choosing Ginny Weasley of all the people in Hogwarts for me to control. I wanted a Slytherin; even if it risked getting them in trouble. That's probably why Malfoy didn't want me to use his son. Didn't think his son was up to the challenge. Didn't' want to have to explain to the school why he did it if he messed up. But I don't care. It's because of Malfoy I almost died and I want him to pay for that."

"I see," said Jimmu, "but don't you want to return to England? Your other form wishes to fuse with you."

"Fuse with me?" Tom blinked and ran his hand through his head. "What do you mean?"

"Yes, it will make the both of you stronger," Jimmu explained.

"That sounds good," Tom groaned, "but I don't want Malfoy in this anymore. I want him punished. Tell Lucius you couldn't fix my diary after all and then my other form would have to kill him. Say you could fix it and make him lose it or something. I don't care what you do."

"Not a problem, old friend," Jimmu said, "I think I can come up with something."

"Thank you," said Tom, "now I'm going to try to change my school robes into a Zoot suit. I've always wanted to wear one."

Jimmu gave Tom a couple days to get stronger. He talked to him through the Recluse Journal. Tom really started to like it more than his old diary. He was training him self to make things appear, change the scenery and his clothes. Though he loved Hogwarts, he was really getting sick of wearing the same clothes for half a century.

As Tom got stronger, Jimmu came up with a plan for Tom to get even with Lucius. Lucius may think he was going to be rewarded for his trouble but Jimmu was going to see that Lucius wouldn't be able to return to England.

The door gave a yell as if someone was being tortured when Lucius entered Jimmu's store. "Have you been able to fix the diary?"

"Not exactly," Jimmu answered, "it is far too damaged. However, I've succeeded in transferring Tom Riddle into this."

He rested his hand on the green on the Recluse Journal. "I'm sure you have heard of these? Recluse Journals?"

"I have indeed," Lucius said. "How is The Dark Lord's former self?"

"Weak," Jimmu replied, "so your master may need to wait some time longer before drawing Tom out. It wouldn't do him much good if he fuses with a weak Tom Riddle."

"I understand," said Lucius lazily. "The Dark Lord thanks you for your trouble."

"Will you be leaving right away?" Jimmu questioned. "I insist that you stay a while. Perhaps visit our hot springs?"

"No," Lucius said, "I must be off. I'll check out from The Inn and get the rest of my things before I return to England."

Lucius took the Recluse Journal containing Tom Riddle and left the store. Jimmu turned from his counter. "Perhaps you may need a little push, Lucius. Well, I believe I have just the thing."

Jimmu went to the backroom to see his granddaughter. She was gathering more merchandise to put out.

"Ramua," he said, "Lucius is going to need some persuasion. I trust that you won't fail?"

Ramua turned and her plain face and limp locks changed beautifully and dramatically, more so than before. She grinned as evilly as her grandfather.

"Of course I won't, Grandfather."

"You wouldn't be leaving without having a drink with me, stranger?" a gorgeous Japanese woman with short black hair asked Lucius Malfoy as he began walking out of the Inn.

Lucius paused. "You speak English."

"I noticed your accent," she said, "come and have a drink with me, sir. I already have an extra glass and no one to use it."

"Well, all right then," Lucius sighed. "I must say I've acquired a taste for Sake. I suppose I should get some now before I return to England." He joined her table.

"Ah, that's exactly what I'm drinking," the woman picked up the bottle in the middle and poured it in Lucius' glass. "What brings you to Japan?"

"Business," he replied, picking up his

"What is it you do?"

"I do things for a very powerful wizard," he said and he took a swig of his Sake. It tasted strange but he drank it anyway.

"Powerful?" she grinned. "Ah, sounds interesting. I believe I may have heard of him. People are too frightened to say his name?"

"Yes, I'm sure many have heard of The Dark Lord," Lucius mumbled and took another drink of Sake wine.

"Are you powerful yourself?" the woman asked, leaning forward and laying her hand on his left arm. She began pushing his sleeve back.


"I'm not going to tell anyone what you are…Mr…?"

"Mal-Malfoy," Lucius stuttered. His brain started to hurt. He couldn't think.

"Are you powerful?" the woman asked again, stroking his arm.

"Well…yes…I think so," Lucius whispered and took another drink of his Sake. What was going on with him? The wine didn't have this sort of effect on him before.

"Let's go somewhere," she said in a low sexy voice.


"Hmm, the hot springs maybe? The weather is perfect for it. We can sit in the water…and just relax…" She continued to stroke her hand up and down his arm.

"I can't…I'm…"

He looked at his hand where his wedding ring should be but there was nothing there. "I…what the…?"

The sexy woman Ramua clicked her tongue. "Oh, poor you. You must be so tired. You must come with me and relax for a while. Finish your wine…let's go for a walk." She poured him another glass and he drank it. He rubbed his face.

"I…I don't remember why I came in here," Lucius moaned.

Ramua took his hand and let him out of the Inn. Lucius looked at his surroundings. Where was he? Who was he? What was going on here?

She led him to the hot springs and started to pull his robes off. He tried to push her away but wouldn't let him go.

"Wait….who…who the hell are you?" he demanded.

"Shh," she said, tracing his mouth. "I'm your woman."

"No, you're not," he said though he didn't sound convinced himself.

"I'm sorry about this, Mr. Malfoy," Ramua said, wrapping her arms around his neck.


She kissed him. "We could've been great but I'm afraid you'll have to die."


He felt something stab into his side. He screamed and he looked up at her.

"What the?"

She shoved him into the hot spring. He tried to get himself up.

"What are you doing?" he demanded.

"Feed on his blood," she said in Japanese.


From all around him, scaly snarling heads popped out of the water. He knew what these creatures were.


"That's right, Mr. Malfoy," Ramua said pleasantly. "And they're hungry." She licked his blood from the dagger. She was more twisted than he realized.

The kappas pounced on Lucius, tearing at his flesh. He didn't have his wand on him to defend himself. It was in Ramua's hand. Twirling it, she laughed.

"Try all you want, Malfoy," she said, "but our Kappas are well trained."

"You tricked me," Lucius hissed. "Give me my…"

A kappa sank its teeth deep in Lucius' arm as he tried to take his wand. He screamed in agony and the kappas began pulling him into the water, cutting his screams short. Once bright blue, the water was dark red with Malfoy's blood. Ramua couldn't believe how well it worked. Her grandfather would be so proud.

She started to walk away to tell her grandfather when she heard voices.

"Stop right there!"

Ramua turned around and unknowingly dropped the Recluse Journal in shock. No, not the Sailor Scouts!

"Let him go!" Sailor Moon shouted.

"I'm afraid I can't," the woman said, "he's already dead. But my kappas are still hungry."

The kappas jumped up and attacked the scouts. Ramua grinned and disparated back to her store with her Grandfather, leaving the scouts to defend themselves.

"Grandfather, it worked," Ramua declared as she approached his desk. "Malfoy's dead and I got the…"

She raised her hand but it was empty. "NO! I must've dropped it!"

"Dropped it?" her grandfather demanded. "Ramua, what did you do?"

"It wasn't my fault!" Ramua exclaimed. "The Sailor Soldiers came. I probably dropped it when I saw them. I'm sorry, Grandfather! We'll go get it back…before they see it."

"Wait a minute," Jimmu said suddenly. "The Sailor Soldiers, you say? Sailor Moon was with them?"

"Yes," Ramua answered, "I'm sorry, I didn't know…"

"Sailor Moon is powerful," Jimmy said thoughtfully.

"Yes, I know," Ramua said, "I probably could've stopped them but couldn't' take chances. I left the kappas too them."

"Oh, the scouts may kill them," Jimmu said.

"What?" Ramua gasped.

"It does not matter though," Jimmu said quietly. "I can always get more. After the scouts test their strength on our kappas, they'll test their strength to the gift you left behind."

"You mean the Recluse Journal?" Ramua questioned. "Are you sure you want to risk them finding it?"

"Tom needs a lot of power to get stronger," Jimmu stated, "and Sailor Moon is one of the most strongest people in Japan, if not the whole Earth. I'm sure Tom would love to take some of her energy. Now you say that Malfoy is dead?"

"Of course," Ramua answered. "I'm sure of it…the kappas tore him apart."

Sailor Mercury's attacks of water did nothing to the kappas for water was their source of strength. Since her attacks did nothing, Sailor Mercury scanned the creatures.

"The holes with water on top of their heads," she said, "it's what gives them strength! Quick, you have to make them bow-empty the water out of their heads! They'll lose their strength."

Sailor Jupiter knocked a few down her Oak Evolution. They fell backward and the water spilled out of their heads.

"Silver Moon Therapy Kiss!" Sailor Moon shouted, finishing the rest of the kappas off.

"I'll see if he's all right!" Sailor Mercury said, going to the hot spring to check on Lucius Malfoy.

"I doubt he is," said Jupiter.

"I hope Sailor Venus is having as much time as we are," Raye groaned, applying pressure to her injured arm where she had received a bite.

Sailor Mercury screamed.

We're too late!"

"What?" the scouts hurried over to witness for themselves. Sailor Moon gasped and jumped back.

"He's lost too much blood," Sailor Mercury whispered, pulling the wet and bloody Lucius Malfoy out of the water. "I think he's…"

She checked his pulse. "I can't believe it…he's got a pulse still!"

"Is he breathing?" Sailor Mars asked.

Sailor Mercury put her ear to his mouth. Shaking her head, she assumed the position and began to do rescue breathing. Sailor Mars was staring at the peculiar tattoo on his left arm.

"Sailor Moon," she said, nudging her and pointing at the tattoo. "Look at his arm."

"What kind of tattoo is that?" Sailor Moon wondered.

"He must be a biker or something," Sailor Jupiter guessed as Mercury continued to work on him. She flinched when he spat out water and sat up.

Lucius looked at the blurry images of the sailor scouts and started pulling himself away.

"You're going to be all right," said Sailor Mercury. "You need medical attention."

"Who…?" Malfoy said.

"We're the Sailor Scouts," Sailor Moon said calmly.

Lucius didn't know who the hell they were. After what just happened, he couldn't trust anyone. Wandless and helpless, he pulled himself to his feet.

"No, you shouldn't be walking right now," said Sailor Mercury, reaching out to him. "You are badly injured."

"Stay away!" Lucius hissed, slapping her arm. He backed up and disparated.

"He disappeared, just like that woman did!" Sailor Jupiter exclaimed.

"I wonder how he was able to survive that," Sailor Mars wondered, staring at the red water.

"He can't be an ordinary person," Sailor Mercury said.

Sailor Moon got to her feet and walked to the water. On her way there, she stepped on something.


Sailor Moon pulled her foot back and bent down to what she just discovered. "A book? I wonder who it belongs too…""

To Be Continued

I hope you like the start, Jay! I came really close to finishing Lucius back there but I'm keeping him alive for the Lucius fans…for now…