Dreaming they tell me will not bring anything true but I feel dreaming does bring me that ounce of hope, ounce of luck. Everyone thinks the same but says nothing.

We all wish and dream for better things, better lives, better jobs, and better goals in life but at times it just doesn't happen because we wish and dream over simple things.

I'm shocked to see the world passing before me. Tears and laughs are mixed together in a blender of life and I'm unable to tell whether the memory is sad but happy or happy but sad. I just don't know.

Tears fall on my face and I push back my auburn hair and wonder what life would have been like if some friends had never met. Never ever met.

I stare at my comrades all showered in tears but some contain smiles with an ounce of happiness. I wonder if they are truly happy, are they? We all smile, a weak smile knowing what we all wish for, we wish to have him back. Back in our arms, back in our lives.

I look into the eyes of those who are slowly falling from this planet and I wonder what they think. Wonder what they wish or dream? I am left with nothing to say just to want him back.

Someone grabs me from behind and I smile into the face of my dear friend, Mr. Wheeler whose eyes are so bloodshot and his lips so chapped. His hair is not combed but he does not care. He looks so dismantled wearing a suit, black suit with messed up hair. No duel disk is in site, just a weak smile and trusting eyes.

It seems our time has come his eyes tell me to leave and try to move on, he would have liked it. You know as well as I do. I smile into those weak eyes wondering how at times he remains so strong when something like this happens. Something so terrible happens but yet he can produce a smile and grand old hug.

We walk slowly back up the path, away from a fallen comrade whom will be missed. I can't imagine the pureness of life will go on without him.

Trudging up the path, he fumbles with something in his pocket. I question this and turns out a puzzle, his puzzle.

I'm keeping it safe, I want to make sure it stays with us He says mumbling words in his mouth and now I realize my strong friend is breaking down into sobs and turning into a crying boy who is lost in this world.

I help him reach his senses and tell him we must go. I say we are not forgetting but like you said my friend he wouldn't want us to wallow in pity but to share in glory days of our youth but mover onto our next adventure and with that we enter a car leaving our spiky hair friend behind to go onto his next adventure but like always he is not alone.