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Sharingan Heirs

One: Reminisce

The sky was a deep shade of gray. And as the rain poured heavily outside, he listened to the its sound as it fell down on the ground. The streets were dimly lit and not one person was out there. And as he continued to stare out the window, Sasuke felt alone.

The tugging pain and misery inside him was destroying him. Sighing in deep thought, he closed his eyes and tried to let go of everything. He wanted to move on.


She's gone. He should try to live by that. But just hearing her name…

It felt like she was alive again.

He could feel her warm breath touch the skin on his neck. And the feeling of her soft lips on his cheek. Her long slender arms encircling around him and the warmth of her body pressing behind him.


It's been seven years. He couldn't help but point the blame all to himself. He shouldn't have accepted that long mission.

But then again, he just started as an Anbu then. How could he have known about it?

He opened his eye once again only to be greeted by the darkness of the room and the sudden lighting that illuminated his reflection on the window.

Her visage haunted him. May it be day or night, she appeared on his mind and in his dreams wearing her white kimono.

She smiled for him.

And then her beautiful vision will soon be engulfed in flames.

During tiring missions, he could hear her whisper sweet thoughts in his ear. And then he remembers her…

In her white kimono wedding dress. Her happy smile. The way she made him feel when she touches him. The way she walks inside their house and hearing her cheery laugh echo throughout their home.

It was then he told her.

"I'm going on my first Anbu mission."

Her eyes lit up with gladness and she jumped on his arms in joy. "I'm glad! Real glad!"

He gave a short laugh then finally said the worst part. "Sakura, it'll take me two years."

They were soon enveloped by silence, he could feel her embrace tightened. She rested her head on his shoulder and her fragrance intoxicated him.

"I'll wait for you…"

It was hard for him. And for her part too. He left early in the morning, when it was still dark and sakura was sleeping soundly on their bed. He sat beside her, trying to remember every little detail on what she looked like that night.

Her long pink tresses over her bare shoulder and her soft breathing cut through him like daggers. He can't leave her. He doesn't want to.

But he had to.

He held her hand for quite some time and then pursued on.

Almost two years after that goodbye, he returned on the same hour. The door was locked so he had to make do of the upper window of their room.

Jumping inside, he felt for Sakura's presence. He was about to take a step again when a kunai was suddenly pointed on his neck.

"Who are you?"

Under his Anbu mask, he could see the outline of her face. The curious glow in her eyes made his insides queasy.

He slowly unmasked himself and gazed at her reaction. Without saying anything, she burst into tears and silently wept on his Anbu cloak.

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting Sakura…" he whispered, running his hands through her hair. God he missed her so much. He hugged her closer and wanting to savor the moment. "Sasuke…" Her voice made him crave for her even more. Two years were too long.

He wanted to kiss her and take her right then and there. He slowly dip his head towards her face when a small cry disturbed the serenity of the house.

Sakura looked towards the open door then back at him, her eyes now glowing differently. "saasuke, I want you to meet him."

It was that time when he felt the world felt light on his shoulders as he let Sakura pull him towards another room.

He let the questions run through his head as he slowly walked inside. The ambience was so comforting and while Sakura held his hand, he took a peek at the small crib standing in front of him.

Sakura stood closer to him and gave him a smile. "Your son Soujiro."

Euphoria rushed through him like electricity and a smile appeared on his face. "Sakura, you never told me."

"Are you angry?"

Sasuke could hardly control his joy. "He'll turn two in the next two months…" He heard Sakura say as he gazed at the young boy with raven hair sucking his thumb in deep slumber. "Soujiro…" he whispered his son's name.

Sasuke never felt so alive and happy. It was the best feeling in the world. And beside him lay Sakura. Her bare body wrapped in their blanket and her head resting on his chest. He lacked self-control. He had to have her again.

Sasuke had the best sleep in his life.

A day after spending time with Sakura and Soujiro, he was called again to resume his last mission.

"Six months?"

Sasuke gave her hand a gentle squeeze. "Just six moths more Sakura. Then I won't accept any more missions."

She gave him a smile. "I'll always wait for you Sasuke. No matter how many more missions you've got to take it won't make me go away Uchiha. We've got too many memories to hold on to."

He went to the mission with that hope of reunting with Sakura again and Soujiro running up to him to welcome him back home.

The mission ran for seven months and it finally ended. He went to Naruto, then just turned Hokage, to invite him for dinner.

What greeted him was Ino's frantic call for help. "Naruto! Sasuke! Please! Hurry –" she was in frantic. It took them awhile to clam her down as they make their way to Sasuke's home.

"I arrived and then everything was a mess –"

Ino need not to explain it. The house was completely in clutter. His heartbeat picked up pace. "Where are they?" he practically shouted as Ino pointed her shaky finger through the back door. "Don't go there Sasuke!" Ino yelped as he pulled him back.

"What's wrong? Let go!" Sasuke shouted as he ran outside to the backyard.

The sight made him lost energy as he knelt down on the ground. He watched the flames grew bigger as it engulfed the now black bodies of two figures in a large wooden crate.

He can no longer recognize them.

Naruto finally came with Shikamaru, aiding his crying wife. He could hear Naruto cursing loudly as the fire continued to blaze.

Seven years had passed since that tragic past. Nobody knew who did it. Nobody knew why. He was left with no answer, no justice, no son, no Sakura.

He was left to fend alone with his misery.


He won't let go. They've got too many memories to hold on to.

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