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10:30 pm, outsides Olivia's apartment

"Wow Mike. I had a great time tonight" she said smiling at her boyfriend Mike Wallice. He flashed his smile, witch Olivia had fell in love with the first time he flashed it at her.

"Well I'm glad. You deserve a good time after a hard week of work." The two of them had been dating for three months now, but no in her precinct knew, not even Elliot. But it was for good reasons. They met in a coffee shop, and they just hit it off. And the good thing was, he didn't even care about her job. But she didn't care about his either, so that was a good thing. He was very romantic, and she was head over heels in love with him, and he felt the same way about her. She smiled at him, and unlocked her door. She turned the key in the lock and then turned to Mike

"want to come in?" she asked him flashing him a sexy smile

"how could I resist you?" he asked her looking her up and down. Usually when a guy looked at her like that, even her boyfriends, she would feel uncomfortable. But when it was Mike, it was different, she liked it when he looked at her like that. He smiled at her, and they walked in her apartment. She turned to shut and lock the door, and she felt two arms wrap around her, and she felt small kisses being placed on her neck.

"I love you so much" Mike said between the kisses he was planting on her. She closed her eyes and smiled.

"I love you too" she said smiling. Mike smiled and continued to place kisses on her neck. She turned around and started to kiss him on the lips. He gently pulled her in closer, and kissed her harder, They stopped a moment to get air

"Are you sure about this?" he asked whispering in her ear. Olivia nodded and kissed him again. If the made love tonight, it would be the first time since they started going out.

"Bedroom?" she asked him softly, he nodded. Olivia turned to go to her bedroom, but she was surprised when Mike scooped her off the floor

"A lady as beautiful as you shouldn't have to waste her energy" he said kissing her. Olivia rolled her eyes, but she kissed him back anyways. He carried her to her bedroom, and then he gently put her down on the bed and got on top of her

"are you sure?" he asked again. Olivia nodded again and then kissed him again. Mike helped her take off her shirt and then he took off his. He pulled down her pants, and then he pulled off his own. He laid back on her, and then smiled

"your so beautiful" he said looking her up and down. Olivia smiled at him, and pulled him in a kiss. They spent that whole night making love, and they didn't go to bed until at least three thirty that night. But no one could ever know, no one in her precinct, or anyone in his office could know that, detective Olivia Benson was dating, IA agent Mike Wallice.

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