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Chapter 1 … Poor Inuyasha...I mean, Inuyashas

In a thick forest in feudal Japan…

"It's white."

"No, it's cream."



"Well, I think it's brown."

"No, it's not. It's clearly white!"

"Didn't I all ready tell you it's cr—"

Kagome rolled her eyes. "Don't you guys have something better to do than argue about the color of bird poop? Besides, there's a sacred jewel shard close by."

"Right above you, actually," said a deep, unfamiliar voice from atop them in a tree.

Inuyasha immediately pulled out his Tetsusaiga. He could tell that the voice didn't sound like it came from an ally. (Shippo, I might add, hid behind Sango's leg.)

"Who's there?" Inuyasha demanded.

The mysterious person jumped out of the tree, revealing himself to be a frightening demon with blue, pupil less eyes and raven black hair as well as an odd-looking golden staff. (Ooo…freaky-looking.) "I am Roku-Shujin. Pleased to meet you."

He coldly smirked at Inuyasha and cocked his head mockingly. "You travel with humans, I see. What a disgrace. You must be rather weak."

Inuyasha glared. "Feh. We'll see about that."

He was about to launch an attack on Roku-Shujin when Kagome stopped him abruptly. "Wait, Inuyasha. He has a jewel shard on his staff! Do you see it?"

Inuyasha regarded the staff for a moment and then said, "Yeah, I see it. Roku, get ready to die!"

Roku-Shujin scoffed at him, laughing. " I think you are the one who should be ready to die, pathetic fool."

He dove headfirst at Inuyasha, who quickly readied his sword. Right when he was about to confront the Tetsusaiga, however, he stopped. He was now so close to Inuyasha that he could reach out and touch him.

"Why'd that Roku creep just stop in front of Inuyasha like that?" Shippo asked.

Miroku studied Roku-Shujin carefully. "He must be planning a close-range attack of some sort."

And he was, too. Before Inuyasha could react, Roku-Shujin pointed his golden staff straight at Inuyasha's chest. It began to glow, and Inuyasha found himself paralyzed.

"What the—" he exclaimed. "I can't move!"

"Oh, no, Inuyasha!" Kagome shouted. "Look out!"

Roku-Shujin's odd staff began to glow even more, and then the glow focused at the tip of the staff. It formed an orb of energy.

"Tsuzurimasu no roku seishins!" Roku-Shujin chanted. (I think that means "spell of six spirits", but I'm no expert on Japanese so don't look at me.)

The energy orb shot itself at Inuyasha. It hit the half-dog demon hard, creating a blinding flash of blue and yellow light. When the light faded, Inuyasha was nowhere to be found. Roku-Shujin stood, laughing.

"Heh, heh!" he sniggered coolly. "See you later. I've had enough fun for one day."

With that, he was gone. It was as if he had disappeared into thin air.

There was a moment of brief silence. Then—

"Inuyasha!" Kagome cried. "Where is he? There's no trace of even his Tetsusaiga."

Shippo whimpered as Miroku, Sango, Kerara, and Kagome searched for Inuyasha. They didn't have to look very long. (Hee, hee. This is when the story starts getting good.)

"Argh! I am going to kill that Roku next time I see him!" A completely furious Inuyasha appeared out of some bushes.

"Inuyasha, are you all right?" Kagome asked with concern in her voice.

"Hell no!" Inuyasha raved. "Next time I see that damn freak, I'm gonna rip him apart!"

Miroku sighed. "Inuyasha, calm down. Nobody's hurt, and he didn't take the jewel shards. Everything will be fine."

"Fine my ass!"

As Miroku tried to settle down Inuyasha's temper (failing miserably), Kagome had her own problem to worry about.

"AIEEEEE!" she screeched.

She whirled around, only to see a sly Inuyasha groping her butt.


Just as she was about to "sit" him, she noticed something that made her eyes bulge. There were two Inuyashas! Miroku, Sango, and Shippo now saw this, too. Everyone stood frozen as ice, speechless.

That's when yet another Inuyasha came out of the bushes, shaking with fear. "Roku was scary. I'm glad he's gone. He was freaky."

Kagome's jaw dropped a mile. Sango finally found herself able to speak.

"There are three Inuyashas," she said in partial disbelief. "Could it be because of Roku's spell?"

Miroku observed the Inuyashas carefully. "One Inuyasha is angry, another is…um, perverted, and the last is a scaredy ca—I mean, dog."

Kagome ran her fingers through her hair. "Ugh! As if one Inuyasha wasn't bad enough. What are we going to do?"


"Whoa!" Another Inuyasha jumped out of the bushes, grinning goofily and giving the startled Kagome bunny ears.

"Uh…Inuyasha?" Kagome had never seen Inuyasha act so…childish.

"That's m'name," the "kidish" Inuyasha said, still grinning. "So…got any Ramen?"

Kagome wanted to faint. Surely there couldn't be even more Inuyashas? (Oh, but there were…there definitely were. Dun-dun-duuuun!)

The angry Inuyasha paced back and forth, cursing with rage. The perverted Inuyasha attempted to grope Sango's butt, only to be conked on the head by Miroku who reported, "That's my job!" The cowardly Inuyasha was running away from a fluttering butterfly. To top it off, Shippo was poking the happy, cheerful Inuyasha, who was saying hello to every tree in sight. Kagome was horrified.

It got worse when two more Inuyashas came into view, one of them crying because he stepped in a thorn, and another one equally as horrified as Kagome after seeing his "clones."

Miroku somehow managed to get all of them to stand still in a line as he counted them. "One, two, three, four, five…six. There are six Inuyashas."

Kagome peered at them with a helpless look on her face. She was still positively horrified and very shocked.

Sango walked past each Inuyasha and named their personalities. "Angry, perverted (she said this one with a tone of annoyance), cowardly, playful, sad, and…the last one must be the normal Inuyasha."

"What's going on?" the "normal" Inuyasha exclaimed. "Did Roku do this? Ooo, he's gonna pay big time!"

"He's going down!" the angry Inuyasha agreed without hesitation.

"But I'm a-a-afraid of Roku. He's s-scary…"

"Wah! Why'd this hafta happen to me?"

"Whee! Hello, tall, dead oak tree!"

"Kagome, you have a fine butt. Have I mentioned that?"

Everyone stared in horror at the Inuyashas, flinching. One Inuyasha had been enough to cope with, but six? It was madness.

To make matters worse, there was an unexpected "guest" who had come to visit them who went by the name of Koga. (Hoo, boy. This is about to get interesting.)


Author's Note: Wow! That was, like, a long chapter (for me, anyway...most of my chapters are very short). The next chapters will be shorter, I think. So…do you like it? The idea for this story just kinda poofed in my head when I was eating some ice cream a few days ago. Must be some strange magical ability of ice cream to give you weird ideas for stories…I dunno. Anyway, review please!


Perverted Inu: "Kagome is so hot."
Normal Inu(madly): "Get away from her!"
Angry Inu: "What? Is she yours?"
Normal Inu: "W-well, I—"
Perverted Inu: "She obviously doesn't care for you, Normal Inu. That's why I'm taking her. Ha!"
Angry Inu: "Hey, who said anything about you getting her! What about me?"
Crybaby Inu (crying, as usual): "And I want her too! Wah!"
Happy Inu: "Hello, prettyful maple tree!"
Angry Inu (loudly; louder then my boom box, and that's pretty dang loud): "QUIT SAYING HI TO EVERY FREAKIN' TREE IN SIGHT!"
Cowardly Inu: "C-c-can I have Kagome?"
Shippo(grinning): "Inuyasha, wow. I never knew you felt that way about Kagome."
Normal Inu: "I—uh…PAH!"