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"Halloween rules Rae! Plus, it's your kind of holiday."-Beast Boy

"My kind of holiday is where everyone dissapears for a day and no green boy can annoy me..."-Raven

"Oh please friend Raven, join in the tricky treat with us!"-Starfire

"I said no..."-Raven

Beast Boy turned into a green raven and pirched on Raven's shoulder and rubbed his head aginst her cheek.
Raven pointed to Beast Boy. "This is only one of the reasons I'm not going..."

Beast Boy morphed back.

Too bad he forgot to get of Raven's shoulder first.
"Beast Boy! You get five seconds to run this time!"-Raven

He bolted up and ran behind the kitchen counter.

Raven jumped up only to get tackled by Robin.
Raven turned and glared at him.

"Mind getting off me? Actually, that's not an option, get off me"-Raven

"No, and your going Raven, your always hauled up in your room, tonight you will be a part of this team."-Robin


"That's an order"-Robin

"I take orders from no one! I'm a member of this team Robin, but I amnot a friggin dog."-Raven

She threw him off of her and teleported into her room.
Beast Boy glared at Robin and ran after her.

"Nice one Robin, I think it's working."-Cyborg

"Raven? Open up please, it's me. Raven?"-Beast Boy

"What do you want?"-Raven

"I want to talk to you..."-Beast Boy

Raven's door slid open warily.
"Come in..."-Raven

Beast Boy stepped inside.
"Uh..Rae? I can't see..."-Beast Boy

Raven snapped her fingers and all the candles in her room lit.
Raven was lying on her bed stairing at the ceiling.
"What is it this time Beast Boy? Stankball? Mega Monkeys 4? An eating contest?"-Raven

"No, I wanted to ask you why you don't like Halloween."-Beast Boy

"It's called All Hallow's Eve, here," She said, levitating an old book without atitle on it his way,"Page 256, paragraph four, read it out loud."-Raven

"It says that at the stroke of midnight on All Hallow's Eve all the demons or half breeds that are outside at anytime at all will go on a raving blood spree in the area in which they inhabit until day is brought to night and the shadows grow long and gray."-Beast Boy


"Well, that's okay Rae, I'll just stay here with you!"-Beast Boy

"Uh...that's okay Beast Boy, you go have fun, I'll be fine..."-Raven

"No, I wanted you to go with us because I wanted to make you smile, not slaughter me. Come on, we'll rent some horror movies and stuff."-Beast Boy

"Okay, but why would you want to stay here with me instead of having fun with the others?"-Raven

"Because Rae, they'll have plenty of fun without me, I'm here to bring the fun to you. You don't always have to be alone..."-Beast Boy

"You sure you want to stay you guys?"-Robin

"Yup."-Beast Boy

"With Raven."-Cyborg

"Yup."-Beast Boy

"Are you positive she won't kill you?"-Robin

"Not very, but pretty much."-Beast Boy

"Okay then, by B, bye Rae."-Cyborg

They waved.
"Time to get horror movies?"-Beast Boy

"Oh yes..."-Raven

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