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"Oh, Darling, I could never go without you! My love for you is bottomless, like the bleu oceans, which your eyes remind me of so much!"

Shuichi was really enjoying this. He got to say all those things to his Yuki, and not get scolded at!

Yuki, however…Well, he was a different story. He had to say all those things to that brat, or else that crazy, American manager would have his ass. As a result, he was not very enthousiastic.

"I know this, honey, yet, I must go, for if I can not be with you, I do not wish to watch you from far, only making my pain greater. I must go, for if I were to be caught, you would also be in trouble."

"But dear, nothing can stand in the way of True Love! Sooner or later, our parents will see, and we can be together!"

"Oh, My Brat, I-"

"YUKI! You're supposed to say: Oh, My Romeo, not: Oh, my BRAT! You're doing it WRONG! We'll never get it right with your attitude!´

"Well excuse me for not being crazy of joy from playing a female part, that doesn't suite me at ALL! If it weren't for that goddamn manager of yours, and especially those guns of his, I would never, ever have agreed to be in this play, with all its sappy dialogues."

"But your books are nothing but sappy dialogs, you're used to thinking about stuff like this all day."

"Yes, and I'm always very happy when I can stop thinking about sappy idiots with nothing on their minds except the other sappy idiot, thank you very much. And now you're making me think about them, even act as them, outside of my work."

Shuichi, having been around Yuki for a while now, knew he wasn't going to win this way. Usually, he could get his way by manipulating Yuki through his libido, and naughty Shu-chan was sure this time would not be an exception.

"Oh, I know! maybe you'll get in the mood if we put on our costumes! K gave them to me today."

"There are costumes to go with this? I do hope they're not as cheesy as the play itself."

"And there's a whole bunch of people building a really cool studio in the main hall of NG records!"

"NG records?"

Yuki knew it. It was simply one of Seguchis crazy ideas to get to be around him and the brat some more. 'It would seem it still hasn't gotten through his thick skull that I do not want him around!'

"So is Seguchi int his whole play."

"…Seguchi-san is playing the part of you father."

"Seeing how I'm in it... Do I want to know who's playing my mother?"


"That's it. I am so not doing this."

"Please remember K and his guns."

"I'll blackmail Mika into making Seguchi blow off this friggin' play."

"But Yuuuukiiiiiiiiiiiiii!"

"The answers no. I'm not doing it."

'I should keep on trying! He hasn't seen the costumes yet. I still have my trump card.'

"But your costume's so cute! Don't you even want to see it?"

"You'll show me anyway, I'll bet. So bring it on. I'd rather face it prepared."

"Okay! Here it is!"

Yuki, who usually manages to keep his calm even though Shuichi gets him into situations that would make a professional poker player twitch, could not help his mouth falling open and his cigarette falling to the ground at the sight of the… 'costume'…Shuichi was holding up.

"Who…who the HELL designed that… that thing! Your usual clothes aredecent compared to that!"

"I don't know who designed them, and was that an insult?"

"Everything I say is an insult, though not necessarily to you. But if my costume is like that, what is yours like!"

"Wait, I'll put it on…"

'yeah, I'll put it on and you'll want to do the play just to see me wearing it as often as possible. (Shuichi really wasn't the idiot most people thought him to be. He knew all too well exactly how cute he was when he was being clumsy or acting innocent. He always thought through his actions.)

"There! Pretty neat, huh?"

after getting up from the ground after a sudden case of nosebleed and some Very Vulgair Words That I'm Not Going To Put Here Because They'll Ban Me Again, Yuki managed to say something vagely along the lines of :"…Some designer's got a serious hormonal problem."

"I think they were based on fan art from certain people" (you know who you are!)

"That explains it, I guess. So, pray tell, what's the scenery like? A gay bar?"

"Rumor has it it's supposed to be a spaceship. I don't think there are people who actually know for sure, though. And Sakuma-san covered the whole thing with scribble drawings, too."

Silence fell

"It looks very cool, even though I don't know what it is."

"I'm sure it does. Pity I will never be there to see it."

'Fine. Try the puppy dog eyes.'


Suddenly, an airplaine comes flying by the window with a banner, reading:

"You're within firing range. Now continue rehersing or die.


Yuki, knowing he cannot win at this moment, sighs.

"Fine. Let's continue. And don't even think about asking why, brat."

Internal cheers as Yuki grudgingly gives him his way. The puppy dog eyes always work!

"Whatever you say, Yuki!"

The grin on his face sayd something different, how ever.

There, I made it so it's okay with the rules. I think it's better than the original though. Also, I'm just reading the actual play now, so maybe later on the lines they say will be correct. I just made some stuff up now.