Mika stared at the room they had done the play in. It was big, but nowhere near half as big as the Zepp. She sighed. She'd let down her husband. She'd tried her best but it hadn't been good enough.

"Don't worry, Mika-san. I'm behind you. I'm sure the two of us can talk Tohma out of killing us if he wakes up."

Mika smiled at her and nodded. She and Noriko had become good friends over the past week.

"Let's pray we will."

"C'mon, Su-kun! It'll be fun!"

"But… I've never gone out before…"

"Don't worry so much, I'll take care of you!"

Suguru looked at him. "That's what I'm worried about."

"You promised we could celebrate when we won, right? And now we've won, so you have to keep your promise."

"I know I said we would celebrate, but I never said how we would!"

"What other way then to go out and get wasted!"

"You don't have to get drunk! You could also go do something together, like going to the amusement park! You promised you would take me there, remember?"

"Yeah, yeah, and I'm planning to do that! But that's a date (Suguru blushed at the word 'date'), this is a celebration."

"But I don't-

"Awwww, c'mon! Everyone else is coming too! Even Maiko and she's younger than you are!"

Suguru sighed. "I guess so…"

"Awww, pleaaaase?"

Tatsuha gave him the puppy eyes. He only used them on special occasions, when he really needed something done. And he really needed Su-kun to come with him. It was the only way to get him laid. The only way his ingenious plan would work.

"Well, okay then… I'll come with you. But I won't get drunk!"

"Yay!" Tatsuha glomped his boyfriend.

"What do you mean we lost, Mika-san! I don't believe this!"

"Well how were we supposed to win! Shindo's little sister mobilized all yaoi fangirls in Japan! And we didn't even have enough actors, so we had to ask my father (her brother Eiri grunted at the memory) to be Juliet!"

Tohma freaked out some more, before fainting again.

Mika sighed. "And he'd only just woken up as well…"

It was then that a monotone 'beep' sounded through the room and the nurses came running. Tohma'd had a heart attack.

"Oh no! My poor son-in-law!" Mika and Eiri's father also fainted.

The night found Suguru completely drunk, hanging off Tatsuha (who was still quite sober, else he might forget about his master plan) slurring and giggling, and letting Tatsuha have his way with him. They were being whistled at by the other men in the gay bar Ryuichi had chosen to celebrate their victory in. Insert major sweat drop.

Tatsuha smirked. He had Suguru just where he wanted him. Shuichi and Ryuichi had left a few minutes ago, saying they were 'tired'. Yes, so many warnings about not screwing in public will wear you out.

Then there were Hiro and K. Hiro had dragged K to the other side of the club, trying to pretend they weren't with them. He snickered. Prudes.

He glanced at his little boyfriend snuggled in his lap. Suguru had his arms wrapped around him and was nuzzling his collarbone. Taking initiative; that was his cue.

"Hey, Su-kun…"


"Do you love me?"

Suguru nodded. "Lots."

Tatsuha smiled. "I love you too. And you know what two people who love each other do?"

Suguru shook his head and looked at him questioningly. Suguru became very quiet when he was drunk, completely different from Tatsuha himself; he became loud.

"You don't? Why, that's a pity…" He gently brushed his lips against Sugurus.

"What, Tachua? What's they do?"

"They get married. Would you like to marry me, Su-kun?" He dramatically pulled out a box with a golden ring in it.

Suguru nodded happily. "Yeah, 'cause I love Tachua."

Tatsuha smirked. Everything was going according to plan so far.

Suguru sniffled. "But… Tachua… Two boys can't get married…"

"Well, maybe not by law… But I'm a priest, or did you forget that, Su-kun?"

"Tachua's a priest?"

It was Tatsuha's turn to nod. "Yup. I can marry us right here and now."

Suguru beamed. He loved Tatsuha a lot, and now they could be together forever! He nodded. "I wanna!"

Tatsuha cheered inwardly. "Okay, then. Here we go."

"Neither of them is going to wake up again. I'm very sorry."

Mika stared at the doctor. "Thank you for telling us. If you could leave us alone for a moment?"

"Of course." He left. Mika sighed. "I feel so guilty. If only we'd won, they might've lived."

The people around her stared at her. "You know, Mika-chan, none of us really minds them dead. You don't have to pretend."

Mika looked around. Judy, Rage and Ark had left right after the play, back to America, leaving only herself, Noriko, Sakano and Eiri to wait for Tohma and his father-in-law to regain consciousness.

"Seriously, Noriko-chan? I thought... I thought Sakano-san would mind Tohma dying…"

Sakano shook his head. "Now I can be the president of NG records!" He got starry eyed and turned to goo. Noriko put him in the bucket she'd come to carry around permanently.

"Yes, and with them out of the game, I might actually get some rest. You on your own have only half the time to bug me."


"What, it's true. The two of you could afford to be around me twenty-four seven, and you don't."

Mika was silent.

"Hey, Mika-chan, if you want, you can come to live with me and Sakano-kun for a while."

Mika smiled. "Yeah, I'd like that."

So, Mika came to live with Sakano and Noriko, forming a happy threesome, and Eiri got his peace and quiet. The Uesugi family never talked to each other again.

"So, Fujisaki Suguru, do you take me, Uesugi Tatsuha, as your lawful (more or less) Husband?"


"And do I, Uesugi Tatsuha, take you, Fujisaki Suguru, as my lawful husband?" Tatsuha paused for dramatic effect. "I do. Then you are now husbands!"

Tatsuha pressed his lips to Sugurus.

"Now then, Su-kun. Let's go, it's almost morning, we have to hurry else our marriage night will be over before it even started."

With that, Tatsuha flung his husband over his shoulder (he didn't think Suguru was capable of walking anymore) and made his way to their apartment.

In their corner, Hiro debated whether or not he should save Sugurus virginity, but decided against it as K kissed him again.

Needless to say, Sugurus marriage night and first time was long and hot. But he didn't mind one bit.

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