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Chapter Fifteen

Someday, this day, we kept falling down…
Someday, this day, set the ferris wheel ablaze…

You left my heart an open wound…
And I love you for…

This day, someday we kept falling down…
One day, this day all we had to keep us safe…

And if we never sleep again, it would never end…

Well I thought I heard you say to me…
We'll go so far, far as we can…

And I just can't stay, one day we'll run away…

-"This Is The Best Day Ever" My Chemical Romance

Zelas sighed languishly, lounging comfortably back into her throne as she awaited her servant's return.

She had missed him greatly while she was gone, but once she had returned she had sent him away again.

It seemed the only company she truly enjoyed was that of her own mind.

But that could get boring from time to time, and that's why she spent time with them.

Xelloss, Luna... Dynast...

All of them, each in their own right gave her something irreplaceable, a different form of amusement as it were.

Luna was dear, Xelloss would always be there, and Dynast...

Well... he would prove his usefulness soon enough.

Just as soon as Xelloss returned, where was that boy?

She sighed again, summoning a cigarette out of nowhere and lighting it with a thought.

Her next thought was an idle appraisal of the bottle of Zephelia Wine that Luna had given her as a "Welcome Back" present.

That woman…

Instead of coming here straight away the moment she had sensed Zelas' presence she took advantage of her disposition to go shopping!

Luna could really be quite infuriating, but that was one of the foundations of their relationship she surmised dryly.

She cast the bottle another glance, this one a tad warmer...

Yes... that would be a fine way to pass the time...


Xelloss phased into the palace, dropping to a knee with a swooping bow, genki smile in place.

"Mistress!" He declared cheerfully. " Mission Complete. That'll teach those treacherous imps of your might!"

"You enjoyed that quite a bit, didn't you Xelloss, dear?" Zelas asked, arching a brow in bemusement.

"Hai Mistress." He replied easily, righting himself with a grin, cracking an eye wanly. "The fact that they deserved my worst only made it that much more fun!"

"Naturally." Zelas replied, tossing on a wolfish grin and swirling the wine in her glace with mock appraisal. "But I must say, Xelloss. Even though you were obviously enjoying yourself you seemed a bit... oh..."

She met his gaze ferally, as he dawned a wary sweatdrop. "Distracted."

Xelloss swallowed nervously. "Uh... did I?"

Zelas smiled tightly, her eyes dancing in sadistic amusement. "Hai, Xelloss. A certain gold occupying your thoughts, perhaps?"

"Hmm... perhaps..." He replied cautiously, he really didn't want to see what she'd do if he outwardly admitted his weakness.

He was certain it wouldn't be pretty.

"Xelloss..." She murmured softly, eyeing the glass once again and taking a little swig. "You still haven't learned your lesson, have you?"

Xelloss blinked. "Lesson? Which lesson mistress?"

"Your lesson! You know, that grand moment of understanding mortals claim occurs anytime anything terrible occurs!" She stated in annoyance waving her hand and taking another sip. "Honestly you spend enough time with them..."

Xelloss blinked again, tossing on a bashful grin. "I always just assumed that was their way of explaining why bad things happen!"

Zelas smiled tightly, deciding to follow his logic for the time being. "And why do bad things happen, Xelloss?"

"Because I make them!" He replied easily, arching a finger with a grin.

Zelas matched his grin. "And why do you make them?"

"Because you order me too, Mistress!" He replied with a sweeping bow as Zelas stood to her feet.

"And tell me Xelloss, why do I... ne, why do any of the Mazoku Lords do what we do?" She asked, gripping his shoulders and meeting his gaze as he glanced back up at her.

"Because L-sama made you that way!" He replied, this not being the first time they'd had this discussion.

The last time had been after Valgaav had driven home just what sort of pawns Xelloss and his kind were.

After his talk with his mistress he had decided being a pawn really wasn't so bad.

"Yes." She replied, crossing her arms and arching a brow. "And why did she, do you think?"

Xelloss blinked, the question catching him off-guard in its magnitude. "I... I don't know... she's L-sama, Mistress."

"Hai." Zelas agreed easily, looking off into her own mind. "I personally think she did it because she was bored... and perhaps..."

She thought of her own predicament, and her three companions and gave him a small sad smile that he rarely saw on her.

"Because she was lonely." She concluded softly, sitting back down feeling older than she had in years. "So tell me Xelloss..."

She arched a brow at him. "Don't you find that you too feel a little bored and lonely? You know, from time to time?"

Xelloss swallowed, giving in with a slight nod. "Hai... Mistress..."

Zelas smiled tiredly, looking off into her mind once more. "It all used to be much simpler, wars and battles to be fought. Blood to spill, empires to protect but then... Lina Inverse... well, she changed all that, didn't she?"

Xelloss matched her bemused smile with a grin of his own. "Yes. Lina... well I suppose that's what she does, isn't it?"

"Yes..." Zelas murmured softly. "And I agree with it, as does L-sama apparently and still..."

She smiled softly tilting her head softly. "Where does that leave us, Xelloss?"

Xelloss stood silent and she shook her head appraising her wine once more before downing it with a single gulp.

"Bored and lonely?" He offered nervously, not liking the fact that as soon as the guess left his mouth he knew it to be true.

"Hai... Xelloss..." She whispered sadly, meeting his gaze with ancient appraisal. "Bored and lonely."

She laughed holding up a hand a summoning more wine to her barren glass. "Unless your Dynast, then it leaves you Power-hungry and mopey!"

"It's good to have goals I suppose..." Xelloss reasoned with a tight grin of his own.

Zelas laughed again, arching a brow. "Well then, have you learned your lesson, Xelloss?"

Xelloss smiled softly, giving a slight nod of understanding. "Hai, Mistress."

"Then go get her, dear." She replied softly, meeting his gaze. "Report back when I call though, no matter the circumstances."

"Hai Mistress!" He replied, noting the dual order and gave a bow disappearing in shadows.

Zelas stared at the spot where he had just been standing, before arching a brow at her glass.

"I believe that was the wine more than me..." She murmured softly, knowing very well that wasn't the case.

She grinned eyeing the glass again and then downing it with grace.

She suspected she'd need to finish the whole bottle before she'd be willing to go deal with her third companion.

Still... she missed him too.

Even if he was a power-hungry mope of an idiot.

Heh, hell... that was probably what she liked about him.


Filia sighed tiredly, cleaning her hands of the red clay in the sink.

It fell into the sink in clumps and the water flowed over her hands turning red as it washed the red from her palms.

It made her think of blood and blood made her think of him.

Of course, there was precious little that didn't these days.

Every book she saw, every blade… shards of glass that reminded her of ice or his eyes…

The color purple…

She wished she could hate him but in the end it wouldn't really matter.

That feeling was just as strong and he'd still be there, everywhere...


She missed him, she distracted herself the best she could. Running the shop, throwing everything she could think of from vases to chamber pots but it was useless.

He was truly everywhere... nowhere...

Amelia was trained and married, Val had yet to be hatched, her servants provided terrible conversation...

Was this how her whole life was to be? How long did it take for an Ancient Dragon to hatch?

What would she do after it was grown?

When did he get this much power over her!

She swore bitterly, slamming her hand down on the sink chipping it.

She glanced down, embarrassment flushing her features as she took in the damage.

"That was a word I never thought I'd hear come from your lips, Filia." An annoying voice stated wanly and she rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, well there's a lot you don't know about me, Xel..." She trailed off her eyes widening as she realized her was here!

Here! In her kitchen!

She froze, clenching the sink tightly, unsure how to react.

It hadn't been that long, not really, but still it had been long enough...

Long enough for him to break my heart… Long enough for him to make me wonder about the future… Long enough...

She smiled sadly, a single tear trailing down her cheek and landing on her hand. ...Long enough for me to miss him...

Xelloss swallowed, his smile dropping as he waited for her to say something, anything...

Hell, even having her lunge at him with that same blind hatred as before would be a better welcome than this...

This just made him feel like... well, like a stupid namagomi mazoku, he supposed.

"Filia?' He asked hesitantly, debating on whether or not to just go ahead and provoke a reaction. Not yet... not unless he had too...

Filia bit her lip, unsure how to go on, unsure what to say, what to do...

He'd left her, could she really just forgive him?

But if she didn't, wouldn't he just leave again anyway?

"I'm always going to leave you, Filia." He murmured, not interpreting her thoughts but thinking of his own. "I told you, Lord Beastmaster comes first."

"And Val, and goodness, and practicality come first on my end..." She replied in a tight whisper, lifting her head to glance out the window.

"Always has." They both agreed in unison, each to their own statement rather than to the other's.

Filia glanced at him, and he grinned causing her to let out a chuckle.

"We really are hopeless, aren't we?" She asked, turning and leaning against the sink tiredly.

"Probably." He agreed easily, nodding to the blood running from down her hand to the sink, and staining the white cupboards. "You're bleeding."

Filia blinked lifting her hand and glancing at it, before offering it to him with a slight blush as she bit her lip.

Xelloss smiled softly, taking it and ripping a piece of fabric from her apron with ease.

She gawked, but bit her lip as he wrapped the wound.

"You could have just healed it, you know." He murmured softly, opening his eyes and meeting her intent gaze.

"I know." She whispered, keeping his gaze as he lifted her hand to his lips, pressing a kiss against the fabric, pain lancing through her at the touch.

She winced, but held her ground.

She was going to have to get used to that.

But at least she was going to get the chance.

"I missed you." She whispered, allowing him to pull her into his arms, glancing up at him as though he were a dream. "How's Monstrum."

"Hm?" He asked, running a hand through her blond locks with mild amusement. "Oh he's good enough. A bit mopey actually, maybe I'll let you keep an eye on him while I'm on my next mission."

"I'd like that." She whispered, leaning against his gloved hand as it snaked along her cheek.

Xelloss smiled, tilting her face up as she closed her eyes in apprehension.

So fearful, and yet so longing...

"I missed you too..." He murmured softly, waiting for those beautiful blue orbs to go wide with shock before he leaned in to kiss her, forcing them closed once more.

She was the one to break away, not that he minded, as she was the only one of them that needed to breathe it was only natural.

Filia bit her lip, flashing him a flushed little grin as she turned towards her cupboards.

She had no idea how long he'd be here for, but it didn't matter, he was there.

"How about some tea?" She asked with a happy grin, shaking the box at him.

Xelloss, monster without equal, and General-Priest to the Lord Beastmaster grinned devilishly.

"Hai. Tea sounds wonderful, Filia."


... The End...


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