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Welcome to Real Emotions, well there are so many of these fics but I thought, oh well I might as well have a go on it. This fic is based on the following Fics

Once Upon A September - by snow-maiden13

Can't let you go - by Kawaii –Hisui Which can no longer be found on does any know what happened to it or what happened to Hisui-san?

And you may also find it alike many others which I cannot be bothered naming since Naruto has a name for its 'similar' high school fics.

These Fics inspired me to write this one. But I don't intend to make the plot alike; there will be similarities.

Disclaimer: I don't NOT own Naruto; if I did the series would be so lame that no one would bother watching. But I do own my Naruto wrist band which is an original, anyways enough with the rambling; this applies for the rest of the chapters since I don't like saying the same thing more then once.

Author's note: Hi and Welcome to Real emotions, hope you enjoy reading this. The following chapter was rewritten by me, Shiro-chan, and edited by my new beta Innelle.

Prelude – The first meeting

Edited by Innelle

Due to unknown reasons Haruno Sakura was recently moved to Tokyo by the order of the parents. They recently moved to America for business and trusted her to live in a luxurious apartment by herself in Tokyo; to her it was no difference no matter where she lived. After all, she lived by herself since she was a chill of 11 years of age. She was grown up alone and became accustomed to the life with no parents, and she was used to being alone. Just like most kids she knew, Sakura came from a rich family, not dead rich, but rich enough to provide her with everything she needed; from shopping sprees to her own apartment. She was also grown accustomed to her parents providing her with what most teen her age will never dreamed of having. They used their money to buy her things, apologizing for not being there for her, that concluded in Sakura thinking that bribery is a parent's specialty.

There were times that she wished she was more normal, like most kids living in a home with a father and a mother. The father would go to work while the mother stayed home and took care of her. Yet she knew that a dream like that would be out of reach. Her family, her life, would never be like that. She was cursed with a fate, a fate that landed her in a position where she cannot decide for her own, or even have a say in her life. Her sudden move to Tokyo was an example. Her parents, mother to be more specific, just gave her a call one day telling her that she wanted Sakura to move to Tokyo and that they already bought an apartment for her along with her school settings. Without saying a word Sakura obeyed them and gave a fake laugh which covered through her depressed form. To put it altogether, Haruno Sakura was miserable. Even though she was like that in the inside, Sakura did try her best to look on the brighter side of life.

It was a cool day, one of those beautiful and bright spring days where Sakura would just want to lay down on the park and play with the clean Sakura leaves on the ground, or dive into a big Sakura petal pool in the park. Unlike most of the other teens around her, Sakura was alone; everywhere she passed there were couples or groups together. She would always receive strange gazes every time she passed someone, maybe it was because of her unnatural hair color which was actually natural. Her parents weren't sure why her hair turned out that way, but her mother did confess wanting that hair color for her while Sakura was still in her mother's tummy.

It didn't take Sakura too long to feel the annoyance built up inside her, she was angry, sad, and lonely at the same time. The loud vibrating sound of the dark arcade nearby caught her attention; she turned around and gave a smile. The arcade, it always cheered her mood up. Playing, concentrating on the game washed away her thoughts and attention to unnecessary things, giving her comfort. She slowly strolled towards the arcade as the loud vibrating music of the DDR machine grew louder.

Her eyes searched around the darkness as one game caught her attention; the original Street Fighter game was all that she ever needed. She slowly approached the isolated machine as no one was there. Why would they? It was an old game; hardly anyone would be interested in it, other than her. She inserted the coins as the game gave a loud roar of the word 'Capcom'. She smiled and chose her character.

The first round was barely practice as she swept through it without breaking even a sweat. Same went for the other rounds; it was mere easy play for her. She went through the whole game as if though it was nothing, but it was nothing. Computer school was worth the time. She finished earning the title of the top player; she entered her ultimate online name and turned around to see a large gallery surrounding her. Her eyes twitched as she noticed they were all boys, her age. After a few painful seconds of them staring at her, a few managed to spoke.


'Wow…she's cute and strong too'

'Yeah yeah, she's has a hot body too'

'Hey what's your name?'

They were talking about her, yes they were, but she wasn't sure. She blinked and asked 'M-Me?' pointing at herself. A few nodded while others yelled out, a strange feeling tugged her stomach as she noticed the heart shaped eyes, the red faces, and the drools. It was starting to freak her out.

'Eh…her voice sounds sweet too, yes you'

'Ummm…my name is S-Sakura' she hesitated to tell them, but she slowly answered scanning any strange behavior.

'Nice to meet you, are you free now? Would you like to go on a date?' one of the boys stepped up and held out his hand waiting for Sakura to shake them. But while she was deciding whether to be polite or not, another boy kicked that one out of the way.

'She'll never go out with you, ass, not even in a thousand years. But you'll go out with me right?' The boy turned to her and grinned, he was rather cute, but Sakura sweat dropped and gave a hesitated smile, not knowing what to do.

'SHUT UP…she'll go with me' said another. It didn't take too long for the whole crowd of boys to start fighting against one another. Sakura took that chance and ran off from the horrifying experience. If she stayed any longer she would have somehow got caught and mixed into a fight, and that was not what she wanted. She looked back to see the boys were still fighting without a single clue that she was no longer there. That was when she rushed towards something hard making her fumble onto the ground.

A raven haired boy was also on the ground across to her rubbing his head, messing his hair even more then it already was. Without thinking, she just stared at him as he lifted his face, dark eyes, pale skin, his features were almost perfect like a very pretty woman, yet it was a he. She didn't know what to do but just stare. The loud stampeding sound woke Sakura up from her daydream.

'I'm so sorry, have to go now, bye'

She dashed off taking one last glance of the boy; a familiar feeling erupted from inside her. It was strange, a feeling which she could not describe. It took her many turns to lose the 'crowd'; Osaka was nothing of the sort. Oh why why why did my parents move me to this crazy place? Inner Sakura cried out, oh yeah, why did they move me to this crazy place? Feeling a little embarrassed of asking a stupid question which she did not know the answer to, she blushed. I'll ask my parents later on. She decided. After having enough of the city by herself, Sakura went home.

Sakura's apartment

Hesitantly she dialed the numbers, knowing that the call would only last for a short while. She took a deep breath and prepared herself for a short moment of happiness.

'Hello?' a voice appeared on the other side of the line.

'Hi mom, it's Sakura' Sakura smiled and answered her mother.

'Ah Sakura, what's up? Do you need anything, more allowance? A new card?' asked her mother.

'Well I've been thinking, mom why did you move me to Tokyo?' Sakura asked her mother.

'Honey I'll come to Tokyo this weekend, I'll explain everything to you soon, I have to go now okay, I got an important meeting to attend, bye bye honey, enjoy your first week at school' Sakura's mother, quickly hung up the phone.

'Bye mom' Sakura sadly told the phone, it was always like that. Every time she called, her mother would either be busy or on a plane. Accustomed to her mother's behavior she smiled sadly and went back to her room. What ended up within a minute disappointed her, she was always happy when talking to her mother, yet she became depressed afterward. She lost her appetite and decided to go to bed without having dinner. Preparing her books for the next day, Sakura took a shower and went straight to sleep. The feeling of familiarity filled her mind as she recalled the raven haired boy, he was pretty, she thought. Knowing it was wrong to call someone pretty she washed off the thoughts. Slowly wandering her mind to other things Sakura fell asleep, dreaming that someday her parents would finally look at her face to face instead of hiding behind those phone calls.

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