Chapter thirteen

The painful past

Sleeping, she was just sleeping. She may have seemed peaceful and relaxed in her sleep, but knowing what she had just went through remembering all those things gave Sasuke an image of her shifting uncomfortably; she might've been experiencing a nightmare for all he knew. It was like last time, she just slept, having no idea when she would wake up.

'Sasuke, what is going on between those fan girls and Sakura-chan, you know about this don't you?'

Silence was Naruto's answer.

Sasuke stared at her sleeping peacefully without knowing when she was going to wake up. He wasn't in the mood to answer. All he wanted to do was to bash the shit out of the closest thing nearby, and that thing happened to be Naruto. His eyes stared at her solemnly. It's your fault. It's your fault. His inner voice kept repeating the same thing. And for the first time in a while, the emotion of anger was displayed clearly on his face, his knuckles turning white.


Hinata nudged Naruto, his gaze diverted to her who he had almost forgotten about, she almost at the time seemed invisible in the room. Giving him a look which he understood, Hinata slowly pulled Naruto out of the room, with a soft whisper.

'I think we should leave Sasuke-san'

He grudgingly obeyed her, giving one last glance, Naruto and Hinata left the room.

Naruto concentrated all of his anger in his fist, and with all of it he released it upon the white hospital wall. A crack appeared as an aftermath.

'Naruto-kun' whispered Hinata.

She watched as his fist once again contacted the wall. A sad feeling enveloped her, jealousy along with a sense of longing. A feeling that drained a large amount of her confidence. You really like her don't you? She found her self asking absentmindedly. She really wanted to ask him, but at the same time, she was too shy.

'Naruto-kun, you should stop before you hu-'

'Why?' he cried. 'Why am I always the one who is left out?'

She was shocked by his words. Being someone who had watched him since he were little, she knew how other children treated him. And not everything was like how it was today. She watched as he got bullied, she even watched as he sat on the swing staring longingly at how the other kids would play together. They left him out and considered him as a 'loser' or a 'bastard'.

And she watched as they said horrible things to him. Yet she never had the guts to shed her shell and save him from that lonely place, she was too shy, she continued watching him in the dark. Then Sakura came, she saved him from the feeling of loneliness, she didn't reject him, she accepted him. And all Hinata did was watch. She felt helpless, she couldn't do anything right.

'Naruto-kun' it was all that she could say at the moment. She wanted to cry, she wanted to run away. But where to? The current her just wasn't strong enough to go on watching him hurting him self. She wanted an end, but she didn't know what to do. Her heart raced to the point where she no longer had any idea whether it were still beating or not. It was then that she lost control of herself without a sense of whom was in control any more.

'Naruto-kun!' Hinata finally said with a firm voice. Naruto's pained face turned to her to receive a slap which left him wide-eyed, Hinata was not the Hinata he knew.

'I don't know what happened, but the Naruto-kun I've known is nothing like this' her eyes filled with something that he had never noticed, the light of a fire burning with courage. The shy Hinata has finally showing her brave form. His hand touched his raw red cheek. They burned in the same fire which he saw in her eyes.


Realizing what she had just done Hinata gave a horrified reaction, slowly withdrawing her hands she placed them over her mouth. Hinata felt tears well up in her eyes, she was on the verge of crying.


His arms swung around her, wrapping her tightly in his warmth. All Hinata could feel were her cheeks burning to the extent where she had lost touch after the many times blushing under his gaze. Her mind blanked out as she heard a very soft whisper from the blonde, barely audible.

'Hinata, arigatou'

Staring at her sleeping form, Sasuke started to recall things, the bitter things which he had tried to forget. Closing his eyes, he dived into the past, the happy past.


'Ohayo, Sasuke-kun!' the annoying voice urged Sasuke to run. But before he got the chance to, Yamamoto Misaki tackled him with a hug from behind.

'Get off me!' exclaimed Sasuke in a pained voice.

'Why can't you give a normal greeting like a normal person?' Misaki let go of Sasuke and asked in a whiney tone. Tempted to smash the book in his hand on her head, Sasuke fought the urge and answered.

'It's none of your businesses' walking off; he left behind a very annoyed Misaki staring at his back. Watching as Sakura 'happened' to bump into him. Misaki watched in jealousy as the little Sakura started crying on the ground.

'Wahhhh…I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry' she cried, as a hand was placed in front of her face offering to help her up.

'Sasuke-kun?' her crying seized as she took his hand and got up. 'Ohayo' she smiled cheerfully. Staring at her for a while, Sasuke nodded and gave her his famous 'Aa' and headed to class. A blush crept across the little Sakura's face as she watched Sasuke's back, walking down the corridor.

What the hell was that? He has never given me a response! Misaki's mind yelled in confusion. Glaring at Sakura along the way, she walked past the girl who dozed off in the middle of the corridor.


Sitting there watching the rainfall, Uchiha Sasuke stood as he waited for his father who had offered to pick him up after school. The sound of a thousand droplets pinning itself upon the ground was all that he could hear. The dark weather made him feel sleepy, once or twice his head would nod due to the lack of sleep he had recently. He spent his time, staying up late at nights studying.

'Are you waiting too?' asked a voice from behind him. Feeling wide awake Sasuke turned around to see Sakura wrapped around in a yellow coat, her hand held an umbrella.

'Aa' he answered. She slowly approached him and took a seat beside him. She too watched the rain, silence broke between them.

'What about you?' he finally spoke after feeling the annoyance of silence. He hated it; he was supposed to be the quiet one.

'I'm waiting for the rain to settle' her hand reached out and caught a few droplets of rain. She watched as the droplets rolled down her pale skin.

'Its cold'

'Aren't you waiting for your parents too?' he gave her a curious look, watching her as she shook her head.

'No…father is too busy, so is mommy.' After saying so, she got up; spread open her umbrella and stepped into the cold rain.

'I'm going now, bye Sasuke-kun'

End of flashback

It was the first time that he learned of her harsh life. Her parents were always busy, leaving her to fend for herself. Unlike him, his parents paid all of their attention on his progress. They lived in two different worlds, and they were two different people. But they had something similar, they were both lonely. Though he didn't notice it that day. But Sasuke realized that when she had run off, the little Sakura was crying. Just like the sky.

During that time, he didn't know how, or even why they had become friends. But little meetings after another became routinely unplanned. And before he knew it, he had a best friend in his lonely world. The same spot under the tree became their area and theirs alone. Watching the other kids playing their ninja games. They watched. They watched a world where they did not belong. A world where they dreamt to be in. That was what made them the same.


'Sasuke-kun, your parents' she paused, gulping Sakura proceeded with the question. 'What are your parents like?'

A grim look sprouted across his face. It was not because of the mentioning of his parents, but the look in her eyes. From what he learnt, Sakura had been living by herself for almost three months now. The image of her parents slowly slipped away from her mind as the number of business trips increased. Her situation was much worse than his.

'I don't know, father is very strict, mother is too busy'

They were alike, they were alone. Sometimes in order to cheer her up, Sasuke stayed with her. The little girl whom was almost like a sister to him would never beg him to stay with her. But the look in her orbs sent the silent message, pleading him to stay.

'We're different from them, aren't we?' she asked, watching a little boy throw his paper made shuriken.


'I wonder what their parents are like' she said making Sasuke frown. He remembered the days when they'd watch the other kids go home, with their parents. Unlike them, who walked. The son of a billionaire and the daughter of a high classed company, walked home. No parents were there to pick them up. No butlers or maids were given orders. They were forgotten.

'Who knows' he answered truthfully. She had always been a girl with many questions; he could only answer a hand full of them.

They then continued to sit in silence. Watching the world which they did not belong in. A world which they were outcasts. Without realizing it, they were being watched. The demonic pair of red orbs angered then shattering to tears.

End of Flashback

As the sun went down, the sky darkened. He had sat there for countless hours, reminiscing the past. The darkened sky outside her room window filled with stars. A knock came from the door snapping Sasuke out of his trance. Turning around, his eyes met that of the last person he would want to see. Uzumaki Naruto stood at the doorway.

'How long are you planning to stay here?' Naruto slowly approached Sakura's bed. He pulled a chair and took a seat beside Sasuke. Watching their female companion sleeping in peace.

Sasuke didn't answer, he had completely lost the energy to talk. Long hours of sitting there motionless made quite an impact.

'You and Sakura-chan-' Naruto started. Sasuke lifted his head up and turned his attention towards the boy watching Sakura with eyes he had seen before.

'-you guys knew each other right? Before she came to our school' diverting his gaze toward Sasuke, Naruto watched waiting for an answer. After a few seconds of silence, a simple 'Ah' was given as a response.

'How long?' he continued with a sense of curiosity.

'Since we were eight' silence conquered the room as the two watched her sleep.

'How did she lose her memories?' Naruto finally broke it, the painful silence and the one question which he yearned to ask.

No answer. Sighing Naruto once again attempted.

'Please tell me' shifting his gaze away from Sakura, Sasuke looked over to Naruto. He stared into his blue orbs. After a while, he sighed in defeat.

'You won't quit until I tell you right?' Naruto merely grinned and nodded.

Flash back

The bell rung as little kids hurdled out of the classroom rushing out to the playground meeting their parents who would greet them with big hugs. Sakura stood there and watched. She was told to wait for them, to stay behind and wait for them to come and pick her up. She sat on the steps and watched as car after car drove off. And not so long after that, the whole school ground was deserted.

As footsteps echoed down the hallway where she sat in front of. The little Sakura turned around to meet the gaze of the same demonic orbs that she saw earlier in the day. As the pair of red eyes approached a strange feeling erupted inside her tummy. And before she knew it, she had taken note that, that day was the first time she had been physically bullied.

'Sakura? What happened to you?' closing his extra thick book, Sasuke gazed upon her bruises and the many bandages plastered on her face. Sakura shook her head and quickly made up a fake lie. She was getting used to it, Sasuke didn't need to know, it was better if she kept it that way. If he was to know, Sakura would have to feel the guilt of being dependent on him. She couldn't do that; she had to take care of things herself.

'Nothing, you know me, I always fall over' slowly nodding his head, Sasuke wasn't exactly convinced that she just 'fell over'. Her mysterious behavior slightly shifted from the normal strangeness.

Once again beaten to a bloody pulp, Sakura wondered why she didn't listen to their warnings. To simply stay away from Sasuke was all that she was asked. Yet she would rather risk getting beat up then stop being friends with him. He was the only person whom was like her.

'How many times have we told you forehead girl? Stay away from Sasuke-kun' Misaki contemptuously looked down at Sakura with her demonic orbs, threatening to eat her alive.

Sakura kept silent, she had lost the strength to talk, her eyes only staring on blankly.




Yet she couldn't feel a thing. Her body was numb from the feeling. Emptiness enveloped her as she lost consciousness. Her skill as a medic slowly sharpened as she continued to fix her own bruises.

'Keh…what's this?' asked little Sakura.

'It's a present forehead girl' he answered, the little Sakura pouted.

'What for? It's not my birthday today' once again answering her curiosity, Sasuke eyed the necklace in her hands. It was one of a kind.

'Its just a present, forehead girl you ask too many question' Sasuke patted her head in the same manner as a pet.

'Just keep studying and some day you'll be as good as I am, I can't stay by your side forever and help you study you know?' he flicked her over sized forehead a little and continued ruffling her hair.

'I know that, but I want you to stay with me forever' the pinkness on little Sakura's face was obvious.

'You know that I can't' he muttered while smiling softly.

'But whenever I'm not there, you can wear this necklace and you'll know that I'll always be there for you' he said with a smile evident on his thin lips, making a happy feeling lift her up as she smiled back and asked.



'Sasuke-kun?' a voice came from behind them as Sasuke turned around to meet a pair of red eyes. Yamamoto Misaki stood there, looking at him with wide eyes.

'Yamamoto? What do you want?' he asked rudely. He would have treated her nicely if it wasn't for the Sasuke-fan-club that she created a few weeks ago.

Without giving him an answer, Misaki took off. And the last thing Sasuke saw were tears in her eyes. Pain and betrayal? Sasuke couldn't comprehend them all. Those demonic orbs spoke too much.

'Sasuke-kun?' at hearing her voice, Sasuke turned around diverting his attention back to Sakura.

'You ugly freak, sometimes, I wonder why Sasuke-kun even talks to you, maybe he feels sorry for you' Misaki's red orbs gleamed down below her feet where Sakura lay half conscious. Her eyes lifelessly watching as she made no fight against Misaki cutting her long pink threads.

'Let us see how he likes you now that you look like a freak' Sakura saw it, the sadistic grin on Misaki's face. Ones which were miserable just like hers before she found a friend.

'Not that he'll see you anymore. Sasuke-kun… already left the city...' pausing to smirk, Misaki then continued ' can forget about him'

Sakura's eyes widened as she registered the news. 'It's just a present, forehead girl you ask too many question' his words rang through her ears. 'Just keep studying and some day you'll be as good as I am, I can't stay by your side forever and help you study you know?' without her knowing it, Sasuke had left without saying goodbye to her. As tears flooded out of her eyes, her vision blurred, after that, all she could see was total darkness. It was then that the demon first appeared. It haunted her dreams.

She woke up finding herself inside the hospital. Her hair cut short, her body stung in pain. Her mind flashed images of the earlier incident. Did Sasuke-kun really leave me? She asked herself. The door swung open as her parents rushed in. Her mother dashed over tightening her with a bear hug.

'Mother?' she asked, her eyes darted to her father. 'Father?'

But soon, her parents had left again. She was once again alone. Night after night with the same haunting dreams, she was so sick that Sakura decided to end everything. She hurdled her head toward the brick wall, she thought that heaven was what awaited her…yet…she woke up with no memories. Nothing...white.

End of flashback

Opening her eyes to the morning light, Sakura felt a tinge of pain on her forehead. The smell of medicine erupted inside her nose. The white walls and ceiling indicated her whereabouts.


The warm yellow rays warmed her cheeks as Sakura caught a glimpse of the large bouquet of flowers on the table beside her bed. Her hand curiously lifted to touch the soft petal.

'Pretty' Sakura uttered.

'Sakura-chan, YOU'RE AWAKE!' and before she knew it, Sakura was entangled in Naruto's arms. Hinata stood at the frame of her room door smiling pleasantly, her arms also hugging a large bouquet of flowers.

'Sakura-san' Hinata nodded with a smile.

'Sakura-chan I missed you sooo much' Naruto finally let go of Sakura; he looked down at her with teary puppy dog eyes. The expression was adorable, no wonder Hinata fell for the guy.

'How are you feeling, Sakura-san?' Hinata placed the large bouquet of flowers next to the other bouquet on the table and took a seat beside Sakura's table.

'I'm…okay…I guess. How long have I been sleeping for?'

'Its been a week' Naruto paused, a pained expression swept across his face 'We were so worried about you, you know?' Sakura ushered a smile.

'I'm sorry' she apologized, an image of her childhood friend slipping into mind. 'Sasuke-kun, has he come by yet?' she asked. The softness in her voice caused Hinata and Naruto to exchange glances.

'I'm not that sure' answered Naruto with a small frown. Sakura's face softened.

'I see'

To be continued…

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