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Hyuuga Neji rested his head on the car bench and felt the wind on his face. His hair flew a little to his face, but it didn't matter. At any other moment, he would have gone nuts for just a one single hair, but now, it did not matter. He felt so empty, that it was comfortable, actually.

'Seven days…' Neji thought quietly and looked out of the window. There were fields of grass everywhere. But soon, they would be left behind. He would never see the grass fields of his home town, never again.

'Fuck you dad… fuck you…' he said to no one in his mind and looked in front of him. The road was smooth. So smooth that it made him sick. He loved the bouncy roads which led to his home… He loved them… He always biked the endless roads, but now it was in the past.


He blinked and took a glance at his uncle, Hiashi. "Hmm?"

"You okay?"

Neji stayed quiet. What should he say, exactly? No? Yes? Of course not, you stupid asshole? Neji sighed. "I guess so…" he whispered. Of course he wasn't. His dad had just died from cancer couple of weeks ago… and the social workers of course had sent him to his uncle. His dads twin, Hiashi.

Hiashi looked his nephew sadly, but fixed his eyes on the road. "We're here."

Neji looked up and saw a huge city in front of him. He felt his spine shiver. He did not like big cities. And this was definitely one of them.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Neji shoved his clothes to the closet and hummed something in his mind. In the hallway, there was a song playing quietly.

"I will survive…" Neji muttered whit the song lyrics and tossed the rest of his jeans in the closet. "Done."

"Um… Neji-nii-san?"

Neji turned his head and saw a blushing girl. Hyuuga Hinata, his cousin. He had two of them, from his dads side. Hinata was a year younger than him and Hanabi was a couple of years younger than her sister. Hinata was quite shy an quiet, even if Neji him self had tried to cure her from that little "decease". Hanabi on the other hand… Neji grimaced in his mind. Sheesh, the girl was loud.

"Yes, Hinata?" Neji asked, as he went to his other suitcase on his bed. "Well… I-i Um… I j-just wanted to see t-that you were o-okay", Hinata said quietly. Neji looked her over his shoulder and smiled. "Don't worry, Hinata! I'm okay, you can go if you want", he said couraging but Hinata shook her head. "N-no, I-i… Do… do you need s-some help wh-whit your luggage?" she asked and played whit her fingers.

Neji waved his hand. "No, no no! You don't need to help me, Hinata. I have two hands!" he said, making Hinata smile. "So… you d-don't need help?"

"No, but thank you for your offer, Hinata", Neji thanked and Hinata nodded, leaving the boy to his stuff. Neji took out his books and shoved them into the bookshelf. He noticed something and snorted. "So… my deardeardear uncle got my school supplies in my room, huh? Oh, how nice of him!" Neji said whit sarcasm deep in his voice. Neji took the school supplies, and dug them deep on his schoolbag. He still got a week free from the high school. Thank God for holidays. He would not want to see ANYTHING related to school on his room, not until the Day would come.

"Be gone… you monster!" Neji hissed and tossed the schoolbag to the still open closet, and buried the "thing" whit his cloths. "And stay there", Neji said.

"You're talking to your schoolbag? How dramatic."

Neji looked at the doorway and smiled a bitter smile. "Nice to see you too, Hanabi-chan."

Hanabi was a teen chicken. He loved pop music and his dressing was as hip as she could do. Well, it was not that hard, as the Hyuuga family was filthy rich. Neji always cursed the issue, that Hanabi had to grow up. When she was young, sweet, innocent, cute and just worshipped him for every little thing, she was fine.

But as a teen, she was like a little devil.

Hanabi jumped on his bed and started to dug his backpack.

"What are you looking for?" Neji asked annoyed, and leaned against the closet door.

"Oh, nothing special… something from Pooh Bear boxers to a Spice Girls album!" Hanabi answered, straight to the point way as always.

"Hope you get your first period soon…" Neji muttered. "You would be at least on your room and not talk to every one…" he grumbled, but then, the thought hit him. "What would you DO whit Pooh Bear boxers? I understand that you would just looooove to hear the Spice Girls…"

Hanabi snorted. "Phulees! They are sooo out! Backstreet Boys are so much better, right Neji? You know right! Oh, I would so stole one of your BSB records, but as you know, I have heard them all 'till it came out from my ears!"

Neji looked very dangerous now. Okay, so he HAD idolized Backstreet Boys for his little life, but that did not matter! He was out from it now! He just bought the new cd, with just plain curiosity…

"And to your earlier question, I would just boil them in hot water first, sterilize them and then get the Pooh Bear pics to my new skirt! It would look SO cool!"

Neji felt his eye twitch. Sometimes, Hanabi was something he didn't want to see. "Hanabi, ten seconds. Ten… nine… "

Hanabis eyes grew wide. "Oh god… no, Neji, you wouldn't! I'm a teenager now, come on, spare me!"

"Eight… seven… six…"

"Neji! C-MON! We're too old for this shit! YOU'RE too old for this shit!"

"Five… four…"


"Three… two… one…" Neji grinned a devil like impression. "Time's up Hanabi. But I have mercy in me. You can go now", he said in a deep voice.

"Hell, you don't have the guts anymore! I'm disappointed!" Hanabi exclaimed.

Neji shook his head. "So death, you have chosen", he said sadly and took a deep breath. And, whit a loud voice he started to sing the ever so great:


Neji stopped for a while, to see Hanabi rolling on the floor, faking an epileptic scene and screaming like a maniac. Neji grinned. Hanabi stopped her screaming and looked Neji with a sparkle on her eyes. "You… stopped?" she said quietly.

"Hell NO! I didn't even come to the cows! And lambs! And what about your favorite part; the pigs!"

Hanabi screamed and started to roll again. Neji smiled. "Okey dokey. That serves you right!" helaughed like a maniacand took another breath. "AND THE OLD MACDONALD HAD A FARM! E-I-E-I-O!"

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