Uzamaki Naruto is a college student and part-time grocery clerk living in the small Leaf Village Konohagure.

But even a small-town guy can have big dreams, and Naruto's is to someday... somehow... meet his big-screen idol, Hyuuga Neji .

The "somehow" arrives in the form of a contest­ the grand prize:

A date with the famous Neji ­ and the "someday" is now!

Naruto wins, much to the chagrin of his best friend and co-worker Uchiha Sasuke, who is deeply, hopelessly ­and secretly­ in love with Naruto!

The "Win a Date" contest was cooked up by Neji's agent, Yamanaka Ino and his manager called Nara Shikamaru, to clean up Neji's image after he gets busted by the paparazzi!

Too bad it doesn't quite turn out the way Shikamaru and Ino planned.

When Neji meets Naruto and gets a taste of what he's been missing in the "real world" he decides he wants seconds and moves to Konohagure, turning Naruto's dream come true into a nightmare for his agent, his manager and, most of all, Sasuke!

This Storyline is 'inspired' by the movie 'Win a Date with Tad Hamilton', and hopefully you'll be pleased with which characters I've cast for which roles!

Some things are different from the movie, such as I'm pairing Neji's agent and manager together.

The pairings are: Sasuke X Naruto (of course!) and Neji X Naruto as main pairings, Shikamaru X Ino and Kakashi X Iruka for side pairings.

Sakura has no pairing as of yet, but will just be Naruto's other best friend.

To make the story more like the movie Sakura will be OOC, and come across as rather sexually-repressed and horny…I'm doing this so I can have one of my favourite parts of the movie in here!

Other Naruto characters may pop up randomly, (maybe Jiraiya…hmmm…)

and I have borrowed one character from the movie to use.

Angelica the bartender will be as she was in the movie. Enjoy!


WARNINGS: Yaoi meaning boy-boy luv, swearing maybe…maybe some M rated scenes with Naruto and Neji, and Sasuke day-dreams!

P.S in my Naruto world same-sex relationships are a common thing, okay?


DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything Naruto related…or the 'Win a Date with Tad Hamilton' storyline…dammit all I own is the sugar-induced idea to put these two together! Don't sue me people, because by the time the cops get to my house I'll be loooong gone to Switzerland, baby!

AND: words that are in italics and between and are thoughts.

Eg: Damn Sasuke's a sexy beast!

General POV:

A petite blonde woman in a nurse's uniform steps out of her car, taking a few unsure steps towards the car parked in front of hers. A strikingly handsome man in a soldier's uniform steps out of the car, he has flawless skin, smooth dark hair and pale purple eyes.

Stopping in front of him her chocolate-brown eyes fill with tears, "Betty…" she lets out a sob as she hears his voice. "Please David, please! If there's any chance for us…I never meant to hurt you…" Her bottom lip quivers and her soft voice cracks. "…I love you David…"

They both stand there silently on that dark, empty country road, the rain slowly drenching them, masking their tears.

Then as if by magic their song comes onto the car radio, the soft music the only sound they can hear. "I'll forgive you on one condition…"

Heart thumping the nurse looks up, "What?"

David steps towards Betty with his arm extended, he offers her a small smile and softly whispers, "Dance with me Betty."

Weeping in joy Betty embraces David and they kiss passionately, their worries and problems seem to wash away with the rain….The End.

Uzamaki Naruto and Haruno Sakura, sniffling and eyes brimming with unshed tears, clapped enthusiastically as the ending credits rolled.

Meanwhile Uchiha Sasuke looked over at Naruto disbelievingly. "Explain to me just one thing, Naruto. Just what kind of pathetic, moronic emotional cripple would buy that as an ending?"

Sighing, Naruto looked dreamily up at the movie screen, (which now had an enlarged picture of the famous actor Hyuuga Neji on it) purposely ignoring Sasuke.

"That's his best yet! The way he forgave her for everything…because he knew, just knew that they were destined to be together…that it didn't matter…"

Sakura clasped her hands together and grinned goofily, "So you think he's really like that, I mean you know, in real life…?" Naruto nodded his head passionately, "Of Course! You can't fake that kind of thing!"

Rolling his eyes Uchiha Sasuke threw a wad of tissues at the two weeping 'fangirls'.

"Oh, no doubt about it Sakura!" The raven-haired teen said sarcastically, "How could he fake something like that? Especially when he can't even seem to act in the first place!"

Naruto gave Sasuke a dirty look as they walked out of the cinema, while Sakura 'Tsked' disapprovingly. "You're only saying that because you're, you're jealous!"

Sasuke gave his blonde companion a disbelieving look. "Me? Jealous! Of that creepy guy? No way!"

Hell yeah I'm jealous…how can you like that weirdo! What's he got that I don't, dammit!

Sasuke glared half-heartedly at Naruto's back (half-drooling at Naruto's sexy posterior) as he dragged a protesting Sakura into Ichiraku's for Ramen.

Sasuke had thought that Naruto and him had been going to spend the day together at the movies, only to find out that he was instead being dragged to one of Naruto and Sakura's 'Neji Fests', and was then forced to endure the superstar's latest film!

So instead of being able to sit in a nice, dark cinema alone with the object of his affections where he could perve, I mean admire the blue-eyed boy, he'd been stuck listening to him and a certain pink-haired girl drool over Hyuuga Neji for hours!

….Eeeurgh! Even thinking about that freakishly-eyed Hollywood big-shot left a sour taste in Sasuke's mouth.

But at least Sasuke could be content with the thought that no good looking movie star was about to sweep his Naruto-koi off his feet. The only guy who would be charming the Kitsune would be him, thankyouverymuch!

It's not like many celebrities would have anything to do with nobodies like them so all Sasuke had to do was bide his time…then when the moment was perfect he would confess his undying love to Naruto, end of story!

Sasuke quickened his pace to catch up with his two obsessed friends, while Sakura continued to swoon. "What do you think Neji's doing right now?"

Sasuke raised an expectant eyebrow at his daydreaming crush, who considered the question for a moment, then: "I'll bet he's in church!"

Sasuke gagged and quickly started hacking up pork Ramen he'd inhaled in his shock. Church!


A black Ferrari tore down the rode, each swerve causing the rubber tires to screech painfully, leaving tell-tale tyre marks imprinted on the road.

Inside Hyuuga Neji laughed then tossed his cigarette out of the car, turning to grope the giggling girl beside him. The film star's companion squealed as they made a sharp turn then took another swig of Tequila.

If Neji wasn't so busy feeling-up his bimbo, he might have seen another car on the road reflected in his side mirror.

The unidentified vehicle was catching ground quickly, and then when Neji's Ferrari rounded the next corner, the mystery car was right next door.

Neji (now with a new cigarette dangling from his mouth and the Tequila bottle in hand) glanced at the car next to him only to be blinded by the flash of a camera.


Numerous bikini-clad females giggled as they dipped their smooth, evenly-tanned legs into the pool, while hotel workers buzzed about serving breakfast to all the beautiful young women, all in sunglasses with perfectly manicured nails.

Meanwhile at the other side of the pool three people sat around a heavily laden breakfast table. One asleep, one indifferent, and one mad.

"Disgraceful! Despicable! Disgusting! And Disappointing!...I can't believe you got caught!"

Neji winced and rubbed at his temple, "Shut up Ino! It's no big deal, anyway."

"NO BIG DEAL!" Neji's agent Yamanako Ino slammed that morning's paper onto the breakfast table, pointing at the front page which read:

BOY NEXT DOOR TURNS BAD with a large colour picture.

"You were photographed, smoking, speeding, drinking, leering AND groping…all at once!"

Neji and Ino continued to argue like this until Nara Shikamaru (who had been sleeping soundly, face first on the table) who was Neji's manager, woke up.

Ino quickly rounded on him, "LOOK at what the idiot has done now!"

Shikamaru frowned in annoyance and looked over the article. His brows creased in frustration and he sighed, "How troublesome…"

Ino pulled at her hair in frustration, "TROUBLESOME? TROUBLESOME! All you ever SAY is TROUBLESOME!"

Shikamaru's left eye twitched as he ground his teeth together, why oh why did he of all people have to fall for the troublesome blonde!

"Calm down Ino, pull yourself together! What we need now is a strategy…a plan…"

Ino continued to glare at Neji and sulk, but sat down at the breakfast table.

Neji pulled a face at his agent's immature behaviour and continued to butter his bagel. He looked over at his lazy manager expectantly, "Well? That's always been your field of expertise Shikamaru, it was why I hired you."

Snapping his fingers Shikamaru quickly ordered one of the staff hovering around to clear the table. Ino and Neji sweat-dropped simultaneously as the Strategist expert proceeded to lay out many detailed diagrams, Venn-diagrams, plans, maps, graphs, tables…

After a lot of cold stares, crazy ranting, and definitely a lot of 'How troublesome…' the three reached a decision.

Neji would regain his 'Boy-Next-Door' image by holding a competition…

'Win a Date with Hyuuga Neji!'

It would be $100 per entry and all proceeds would (naturally) go to children in need. The winner would be driven in a limousine to the Hyuuga mansion where they would be pampered beyond comprehension, then have a complete makeover.

Hair nails and clothing would all be taken care of, then that night the lucky winner of the 'Win a Date' competition would have the time of their lives!

Dinner out at the nicest, fanciest, most expensive restaurant in Konohagure with the famed screen idol Hyuuga Neji…with the paparazzi following their every move!

Ino could see it now: Hyuuga Neji Co-Stars in Real Life Cinderella Story

It was perfect! Neji would be back in the media's good graces in no time!

Probably end up going to dinner with some overweight pensioner with dog-breath…or some knobbly-kneed fangirl with braces and an incurable case of acne…maybe some slimy old pervert…like Jiraiya! Wait, speaking of Jiraiya…!

"Ino!" Neji snapped, "Why haven't I got a phone call from Jiraiya yet? I auditioned ages ago for that hentai's new movie!"

Ino and Shikamaru exchanged looks.

Uh oh…

"You see Neji, he's taking a…breath."

Neji felt a few blood vessels burst and Shikamaru grimaced as a throbbing vein appeared on Neji's forehead.

"What do you mean taking a BREATH, Ino?" Neji growled dangerously.

Shifting uncomfortably Ino's eyes darted about, sensing the oncoming temper tantrum she made a quick escape. "Uuum…I left my cell back in the apartment, be right back!"

Neji turned his patented 'Glare-of-Doom' (A/N: mastered only by one other, wonder who? J) on Shikamaru, who started to back away.

"Hey don't blame this on me Neji; you're the one who got busted feeling up your bimbo while speeding, drinking and smoking! …Anyway after all the publicity you'll get from this new competition of yours, that peeping Tom will be begging for you to act in his movie!"

The violet eyed drama queen seemed to calm down a bit, and then he stalked off back to his hotel suite.

Shikamaru just caught his last muttered words which sounded suspiciously like, "…then this…contest had better asphyxiate the son of a bitch…!"

The suite at The Concierge had only the best of the best.

A huge flat screen TV, a computer with free internet, stereo system, a huge Jacuzzi, (so big it was obviously built for more than one…or two…wink) in fact from the fluffy white towels to the ridiculously delicious mint on the pillow the suite was a place of only riches and luxuries.

Neji unbuttoned his shirt, revealing creamy white skin and firm muscles that would make many a person have a nosebleed so strong they would need a blood transfusion. Slowly piece by piece his clothing came of, and with a sigh he lowered his body into a Jacuzzi full of steaming hot water.

Closing his eyes slowly Neji relaxed all of his muscles and breathed in the wonderful scent of his rose-scented bubble bath.

Yes, Neji knew he lived what most considered the 'ideal' lifestyle. He had girls, he had guys, and he had money, looks and fame…

But what came after that? When he wasn't famous? When time slowly dulled and faded his amazingly good looks. Money only buys so much after all…

Neji snorted and quickly dunked himself under the water, trying to shake off his train of thoughts. Between smoking, drinking, driving, movie shoots, interviews and having one night stands with beautiful and exotic strangers…he didn't have time to brood over such stupid things.

End Chapter 1!


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