The day they released Brigatti from the hospital, I went home and destroyed all the Hobson files. The only stuff of mine left was a couple of old cases in a very small filing cabinet. I removed nearly everything from my computer and loaded a couple of strategy games that looked fun. Two weeks later, my wife told me she was pregnant. Go figure.


Toni had been living in Gary's loft for the last six months. In that time there had only been two real tangible changes in her life, one was that she was happier now than she ever had been in her life, two was that she was taking allergy shots so she could tolerate being around Cat; but that relationship was still iffy at best. Today was the day for a third change. She was being promoted to Lieutenant of Detectives. Weston, her old lieutenant was retiring and Paul Armstrong, who would have been first in line for this,had accepted a position in the Denver PD. Paul never talked about it, but Toni knew that the main reason he was leaving was Gary's revelation. It was just more than Paul was able to accept. He just couldn't grasp that reality of the situation, so he actively ignored it, to the point where he could barely say Hobson's name without getting twitchy. Brigatti knew that Denver was getting a good cop; she just hoped that there was no one out there getting an early edition of the Denver Post. Her thoughts were interrupted when Gary leaned in the door of his loft "hurry up Toni; you don't want to be late for your own party do ya"?

"I'll be there Hobson, just hold your water."

She thought about this guy as she was sittingin the loft that was now theirs, not just his; she couldn't imagine what her life would be like without him. And to be honest, she wasn't all that keen to find out. She had been adopted into Hobson's circle of friends as though she had always been there. She even found herself able to tolerate Chuck and actually like Chuck's wife. At leas as long as the woman wasn't trying to steal something. She liked his parents, which was something of a novelty for her, and they seemed to like her as well. The only other time that she had met parents had been a disaster. They hadn't gotten past the fact that she carried a gun, and wasn't going to stop doing that anytime soon. But Bernie and Lois didn't seem to mind how she made a living or that she made her job one of the top priorities in her life; they just seemed to care that she loved their son, and trusted everything else to work out. They were even comfortable enough to start acting normally when she was there. Bernie certainly joked enough around her, although she suspected that Bernie Hobson would joke with the chaplain on the way to his own execution; and Lois had appointed herself Toni's mom, since Toni wasn't that close to her real parents. Checking herself one last time in the mirror, she headed down to McGinty's. There was a combination 'Farewell' party for Armstrong and a 'Congratulations' party for her going on. A cheer erupted from the party goers when she came down the stairs, and the party really took off then.

Anyone that meant anything to her was there and as the hours wore on, she could not think of a time when she had been truly happier, surrounded by friends and with the man she loved. She was dancing to one of those romantic 40's songs that Hobson seemed to like and feeling on top of the world.

"Can I ask you a question Toni?"

"Sure Hobson, what's on your mind?"

His left hand let go of hers and disappeared from her sight for a second. When she could see it again it was holding a little box with a ring in it. "Would you marry me, Brigatti?"

She had thought she couldn't be happier, now she knew she was wrong.

THE END, for now

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