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The young man stared down into his steaming cup of coffee. It had been a long trip leading up to this point. He had some car trouble in Oxnard, CA and had to do some things that if his life depended on it would never be repeated to another living soul, may the 'Fabulous Ladies Club' never be remembered again. But he had finally made it… well as close enough he decided. One of the largest cities on the east coast was calling him and he intended to end his trip there.

As he stood up to leave the dingy roadside diner we appeared to be a tall but battered individual. He had brown hair and was wearing a flannel shirt and jeans that were covered in dirt, and what may have been blood in spots. It looked as though he had just been in a bar brawl and lost. Of course the truth was a bit more complicated than that. He was just in a brawl out behind the diner, but he didn't lose. The waitress came over and gave him his check after asking if he needed anything else to which he just shook his head and dropped a few dollars on the counter.

He turned and began walking out of the diner with a slight limp as the other patrons cautiously eyed the young man, some just curious and others thinking he was probably some thug and didn't want to accidentally start some trouble. In a way it may have been true but it was more fate decided that trouble would just follow him around. Truth be told maybe he was dangerous, he was a warrior of sorts. He fought the darkness and was still alive to talk about it. Tonight he had just staked his 10th vampire of the trip and that was no small feat for a normal guy. However, at the moment the thing he looked like most was tired. Tired but happy it seemed, as he stepped out the door and looked to the sprawling metropolis on the horizon with a charming lopsided smile.

"Coast to Coast in just under 2 Months. Well, at least I accomplished one goal in life."

The young man known as Xander Harris quickly walked to his car and started down the quiet road toward the big city and the end of his journey. As he pulled onto the road he passed a large sign saying GOTHAM CITY 5 MILES.