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Hinata returned carrying Naruto over her shoulder and was surprised to be greeted by Shizune.

"What happened to him? Is he alright?"

"Just chakra exhaustion," said Hinata, "He'll be fine in the morning."

"But chakra exhaustion takes days to recover from," said Shizune.

"Not if you have a demon sealed inside you," said Hinata. Ever since she'd discovered his secret, she had spent many long hours studying the effects of the demon on Naruto's body and ability. Other than the difficulty in controlling the two separate chakras, there were only advantages to having the demon sealed inside him.

"You mean the Nine-Tails helps him?" asked Shizune.

"Yes," said Hinata as she carried Naruto into the room and put him on his bed.

"Do you want me to check him over just to be sure?" asked Shizune.

"No, he'll be fine, but you should be watching over Tsunade to make sure she doesn't do anything rash," said Hinata seriously.

"She's with Jiraiya now so she'll be fine," said Shizune.

"And you trust Ero-Sennin-Sama to watch over her?" asked Hinata. She may not have known Jiraiya for very long but she learned very quickly of his worst habits.

Shizune tried not to laugh at Jiraiya's nickname but couldn't stop herself despite the seriousness of the situation.

Hinata just sighed heavily, "Just go and please watch over them both."

Shizune nodded before leaving, still chuckling lightly.

Once Shizune was gone Hinata closed and sealed the doors and windows and made sure to close the blinds before she climbed into bed next to her Naruto-kun and fell asleep.

The next morning they were both awakened by Jiraiya and Shizune breaking through the seals and waking the pair up rather rudely.

"What are you two doing?" demanded Shizune.

Hinata glared at Shizune and Jiraiya, "Sleeping."

"No time for that now," said Jiraiya who was sweating profusely and looked as though he was about to be sick.

"What happened to you two?" asked Hinata noticing they were both in a bad way.

"Tsunade slipped us some kind of poison that has messed with our chakra system," said Shizune.

Hinata jumped out of the bed, still fully clothed with Byakugan activated, "I can't cure this, you have to let it run its course."

"I already knew that," said Shizune, "But we have to go after Tsunade now before she does something bad. We're in no shape to go on our own, so we'll need the both of you to help us."

Hinata then turned to wake Naruto who had somehow slept through the entire discussion and the breaking into the room. Hinata shook him but he only rolled over.

"Hinata-chan, you're such a pervert, don't touch me there," Naruto mumbled in his sleep.

Hinata blushed fiercely before she did a quick water Jutsu and doused him from head to toe in freezing cold water.

Naruto jumped out of bed sputtering and shivering from the cold.

"Maybe next time you'll wake up when I shake you," said Hinata coolly.

Naruto looked around him to see the state of Shizune and Jiraiya both, "She poisoned both of you. Morons."

"How did you know he did it?" asked Jiraiya suspiciously.

"It is the easiest way to get you both out of the way without killing you," said Naruto as he shivered from the cold water, "We don't have time to waste now, we've got to hurry."

"How do we find her?" asked Hinata just as a loud explosion sounded off.

"I say we just follow the path of destruction but that is just me," said Naruto sarcastically.

"Come on, we have to hurry," said Shizune as she took point followed closely by Hinata. Naruto followed next to Jiraiya.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" asked Jiraiya sensing there was something Naruto wanted to say to him.

"I know you're pretty messed up right now and so is Shizune," said Naruto, "But I need both of you to work together to keep Kabuto occupied. Use the 'Tear', it should hopefully compensate for a bit of your chakra problems and it will allow you to keep Kabuto at a safe distance so he can't use any of his medical Jutsu. His freakish healing will help him against the poison but even so, it should put you at least on equal footing with him given your current condition."

"What about you?" asked Jiraiya.

"I'll be taking care of Orochimaru," said Naruto.

"And the bone user, if he's there?" asked Jiraiya.

Naruto just smiled, "Hinata has him covered. I made sure she learned skills to deal with broken bones after our mission to Wave country. Part of that was how to use chakra to destroy bones as easily as repairing them."

"You're taking an awfully big risk," said Jiraiya.

"Given the state of things I can't see another way around it," Naruto said stoically.

"Alright then brat, we'll do things your way, just be careful. Though Orochimaru is injured badly, he is still a formidable opponent," said Jiraiya as he focused his eyes on the destination.

Within minutes they arrived to the sight of a panicking Tsunade covered in blood.

"We're just in time it seems," said Jiraiya trying to hide the effects of the poison from view if possible.

Kabuto was standing over Tsunade, while Kimimaro was standing guard over Orochimaru. It looked like Kabuto was able to repair Orochimaru's leg but his arms were still unusable.

Kabuto smirked confidently, "Ah, Naruto-kun and Hinata-chan, so nice to see you again, but tell me, where is your sand friend?"

"At home training," said Naruto with an equally irritating smirk, "I must say, you seem to be quite the mystery of powers. You've healed Orochimaru's leg but not his arms and more than that you healed yourself after being crushed by Gaara's sand."

This seemed to strike a nerve with Kabuto because he sneered and kicked Tsunade hard in the ribs, not that it did any real damage to her.

Naruto didn't like his response much because he vanished from sight only appear in front of Kabuto with his elbow driven hard into the man's solar plexus. Kabuto was thrown back from Tsunade landing and rolling a few times on the ground before coming to a slow rolling stop. Naruto could tell from the hit that he had broken most of Kabuto's ribs but that wouldn't prevent him from standing for very long.

Kabuto did in fact stand up again laughing, "Well, well, well, this is surprising. I haven't felt my blood boil like this in a very long time. This will certainly be fun."

"I don't have time to play with you Kabuto, Orochimaru is my target this time," said Naruto letting Kyubi come through in full force paralyzing Kabuto and Kimimaro both with the killing intent, even Orochimaru was a bit stunned at this level of control.

"Impressive," laughed Orochimaru, "If you wish to play with me then let's play."

Orochimaru's own killing intent began to leak through counter-balancing Naruto's and allowing his men to spread out.

"You all know what to do," said Naruto before he vanished striking at Orochimaru savagely with his clawed fingers hoping to rip the man limb from limb.

"My, so you really are the demon fox," said Orochimaru, "I'm greatly saddened. I thought that a demon such as yourself would have sought vengeance against the village that imprisoned you, instead you are here trying to protect that village and kill me."

"I hold the demon prisoner, it's true, but he is my family just as those I'm with are my family. As long as I continue to protect them I will be stronger than you can ever imagine," said Naruto as a second enormous burst of Chakra poured out of him changing him even more. His bones began cracking and changing shape making him more fox-like. From his lower back bubbled out a single glowing red tail followed quickly by three more tails each one giving him an enormous boost of power pushing his body to it's very limits. "And now, you'll find out just how much of a demon I really am."

Orochimaru was used to fear. He instilled it in every one of his subjects. Shinobi everywhere feared him. And now, for the first time in a very long time he felt an intense fear welling up inside of him. Suddenly the Akatsuki's plans for the brat were making more and more sense to him.

"Foxes hunt snakes," said Naruto savagely. He knew that in his current state that he would have zero luck using any of his techniques unless they were purely chakra based and didn't require hand seals. Luckily that left Naruto with his two most powerful techniques.

Orochimaru didn't hesitate to bring out the 'Grass-Cutter'. "Snakes and foxes have never gotten along." Orochimaru then smiled sinisterly, "Why do you think I killed Kyubi's mate and child and made it look like Konoha did it?"

Naruto's eyes widened for an instant before he lost all sense. Kyubi burst through the gates and took control of Naruto.

"Keh he he heh," laughed Naruto as his body began massive and drastic changes. His hair grew long turning completely red at the roots. Side-burns of red grew down the sides of his face. The fangs in his mouth extended far beyond what his mouth should have been capable of holding. His bones elongated making him much taller and the muscles in his body enlarged and became much tighter and strained by appearance. The final change was when nine true tails burst out from Naruto's spine. Chakra so strong flowed off of Naruto as these changes took place that all fighting around him ceased instantly as the other could only watch in horror.

"Kyah ha ha ha ha ha," laughed out Naruto as the changes ended and the chakra faded into a well controlled aura. "So you were the one?" asked an unearthly voice that rang through with killer intent to the very core of the people there.

"What have you done foolish boy?" asked Orochimaru.

"Kyah ha ha ha ha, boy, is that what you call a demon as ancient as myself?" asked Naruto who was clearly no longer Naruto.

"Kyubi," whispered all the Konoha Nin and Orochimaru.

"I suppose it is a bit much," said Kyubi as he took in his new look, "It won't last long but I won't need long to deal with you."

"Kyubi, what happened?" asked Jiraiya, "What did you do to Naruto?"

"The boy is fine," said Kyubi with a grin, "Believe it or not, I'm no longer an enemy of Konoha. I haven't been for a long time but now . . ." Kyubi chuckled darkly, "We have a common enemy."

"What happened to him though?" asked Jiraiya worried for his student.

"I surrendered to the seal for this one opportunity to deal with the son of a bitch. You humans aren't the only ones capable of making deals with Shinigami," said Kyubi, "I'm sacrificing my life permanently for my chance at revenge against this filth. Naruto is simply enjoying the show from inside though I must say. You'd think he'd be a bit more grateful that I'd be gone forever, instead he's whining about me leaving him alone and all sorts of other mushy shit that I really don't care for."

Jiraiya and the other couldn't believe what they were hearing. Kyubi made a deal with a death god for this one chance to kill Orochimaru.

"I suggest you gather your comrades and clear out, it's going to get really messy," said Kyubi as he flexed his muscles and moved his new form to get used to it.

Jiraiya didn't think on it for even a second before he grabbed up Tsunade, Shizune, and Hinata and ran away with them as fast as he could. They weren't really up for resisting either except for Hinata.

"Now, it's just us, the fox, the snake-bitch and his littler snake-bitches," said Kyubi, "You have no idea how happy you've made me today." Kyubi ran through a few quick hands seals causing a large red dome to appear, "Just so you don't think you'll get out of here alive."

"Kimimaro, Kabuto, kill it quickly before it grows any stronger," said Orochimaru thinking quickly of a way out.

"The barrier goes underground as well so don't bother. For then next few hours, you three are my little play things," said Kyubi with a manic grin.

Kimimaro was never one to hesitate when given an order. He charged at Naruto with his cursed seal activated to its highest level despite the fact that it was rapidly shortening his life span.

Kimimaro didn't even make it within six feet as suddenly his entire bone armor was shattered and his limbs were all pierced. He never saw the movement as it happened so quickly.

"I will admit, these human bodies might be a bit weak but the versatility is quite nice," said Kyubi as he admired his handy work, "How I never though up a technique like Shunshin in my extremely long existence is beyond me. But I will give credit where credit is due. The havoc and destruction I could have caused with such a technique gives me chills down my spine. I suppose I shall just have to make due with you three."

Kimimaro was still alive though just barely.

"Don't you die on me yet, I'm not done with you," said Kyubi lifting Kimimaro with one of his tails before tossing him aside like a rag doll. "So, which of you is next?"

Kabuto attacked from under the ground hoping to get in close enough to cut the chakra to Kyubi's heart. Kabuto rose up from under the ground rapidly striking the heart instantly.

"Oh honestly, is that the only thing you know how to do?" asked Kyubi bored out of his mind, "You know, the might work if my chakra came from the heart? You must be stupid."

Kabuto looked puzzled, Naruto's body should have a need to move the Chakra through the heart.

"Naruto uses his heart to process his chakra, I am a source unto myself baka. The seal instantly converts my chakra for his use without need of the heart muscle. Not to mention that your technique is just plain sloppy. I could feel you moving under the ground as if you were creating an earthquake," said Kyubi enjoying thoroughly the look of absolute terror on Kabuto's face.

Kyubi looked over at Orochimaru, "Oh, and don't bother with some stupid Fuuin technique as my chakra is all in his system now and the seal is dead."

Kyubi looked at Kabuto again studying the bastard, "Hmm, old blood line limit, feeling hot yet?"

Kabuto looked startled when Kyubi said that.

"You should know that I'm the one that bestowed that particular blood limit to your family line when your ancestor assisted me so long ago. I suppose you've outgrown it now," said Kyubi before cutting his finger and the putting a gash on Kabuto's forehead and smearing a bit of his blood in it.

Kabuto suddenly dropped to the ground his skin turning bright red and beginning to smoke eventually igniting his hair and clothing on fire.

"I bet that hurts horribly huh? Having your blood limit forcibly burned out of your body," said Kyubi. "I bet it is just working its way through your system eating at your skin and hair working in deeper and deeper until it eventually burns through the nerves. Instantly cauterizing the wounds as they occur so you can't bleed out. Not a very pleasant way to die I imagine. Don't worry though, I'll make sure you feel all of it even if your nerves are gone." Kyubi then ran through a few seals before slamming his hand against Kabuto's burning forehead creating a glowing blue seal visible even through the flames that were very slowly working their way through his body.

"Ah, that felt good to do," said Kyubi with a deeply pleased sigh as he looked at the terrified Orochimaru, "Do you have any idea how good it feels to do this kind of shit again? You don't realize how much you miss the little things in life until you've been sealed inside a pure and innocent vessel . . ." Kyubi pause for an instant as if thinking, "Now there is an idea, I think I can finish sealing you up . . . . yeah, I like that idea. I think it's very fitting don't you. You murdered my family, tricked me into attacking a good village that had not deserved my wrath yet, caused me to get sealed within a child. But you know. I think I child is a bit too good for you to be sealed in. You just might corrupt the child. I have just the thing and I think you as an evil son of a bitch will really appreciate this." Kyubi then unfastened his belt and squatted down. "I will say this about ramen. It will give you some of the most satisfying shit's you'll ever take."

Orochimaru could only look on in horror at the Kyubi defecating in the midst of a battle. But worse than that, he wasn't liking what the Kyubi was suggesting. After a while the Kyubi stood again did up his pants again.

"Well, what do think Orochimaru? It's a work of art eh?" asked Kyubi admiring his steaming pile of shit.

Orochimaru chose not to say anything but only swallowed nervously.

"Well, come on now, what do you think Orochimaru? Isn't your prison fitting?" asked Kyubi admiring the pile once again. "You know, I've just had another idea, after I seal your soul inside this pile of shit, I think I'll make that Kimi-whatever-guy choke on it. Yeah, that'll do nicely. Now the only question left is how am I going to take out your soul? Do I take it one piece at time over the next several hours in as painful a manner as possible or do I make it quick and painless?"

Orochimaru wanted to fight back against the monster before him but was too paralyzed by fear to move. He knew instinctively that it was futile to try anything at this point. His ambition was destroyed the instant that he chose to go after Konoha.

"Right, slow and painful," said Kyubi as he sauntered over to Orochimaru forming several hand seals along the way. As he stepped up to Orochimaru he looked him in the eye and glared, "You took away my family, my only peace in this world. Now I will take everything thing away from you. Oh, and if you think death will be easier on you guess again. When you die, I'll pull what ever weight I have with the other realm lords to ensure that you and I get to spend some real quality time in the other realm together." Finally Kyubi kissed Orochimaru's forehead, "My farewell to you." Suddenly a bright red seal appeared on Orochimaru's forehead.

Orochimaru could only scream and writhe in pain on the ground a millimeter by millimeter his soul was forcibly ripped, torn, sliced, diced, and cut from his body and forced inside of a big pile of feces.

Kyubi though just sat and watched the show enjoying every moment of it sending a silent prayer to his lost loved ones telling them he'd be home soon enough and that he'd finally avenged them.

After several excruciating hours body that was once Orochimaru disintegrated into black ash signifying that he was truly gone. Kyubi stood with a satisfied smile as he walked to the no longer steaming pile of shit and scooped it up before saunter over to the barely breathing but fully conscious Kimimaro.

"How you like choking on the shit that your master has now become," said Kyubi as he wrenched the bone-user's mouth open and started forcing the fecal matter in. Kimimaro gagged several times but could not eject the wretched matter from his mouth. Soon enough he asphyxiated and died. "Kitsune Inferno!" cried out Kyubi incinerating everything within the dome including the dirt leaving no possible escape for anything alive within the dome other than himself.

When white hot fire died out the dome flickered out of existence with Kyubi walking out completely unharmed.

Kyubi sat down with a broad grin as he stared at his most recent work. Not as artistic as some of his past works but quite nice just the same. He only had one thing left to settle.


Naruto could only watch from inside Kyubi's cage as the beast went to town on the three victims. Some of what he saw would give him nightmares for the rest of his days. Some of what he saw he took notes on to use in the future.

"Not bad work huh?" asked a voice from behind Naruto as the screen faded to black.

"You are one fucked up fox," said Naruto as he turned to face not the giant Kitsune but an image of his changed body while under Kyubi's complete control.

"Thank you," said Kyubi with a grin before he sobered and looked at Naruto seriously. "I really do need to thank you. You've done more for me than I could have hoped for despite all of the problems I've caused you. For that you will eternally have my and my clan's gratitude."

"Bah, it was nothing. I'm sure you would've done the same if the situation had been reversed," said Naruto.

Kyubi just gave Naruto a pointed look.

"Okay, so you definitely wouldn't have done the same. But I still owed you for everything you've done to keep me alive and mostly out of trouble," said Naruto.

Kyubi again gave him a pointed look.

"Alright, you were a pain in the ass and you were stingy as hell when I did need your help and if you did help you expected me to drop to my knees and praise you endlessly," said Naruto, "I was just trying to be nice you know."

"I know and I appreciate but I also hate bull shit," said Kyubi causing both him and Naruto to chuckle, "Fox shit is okay I suppose." Both Naruto and Kyubi laughed their asses off at that.

Naruto finally calmed down, "I'm going to miss having you around, even if you were a pain."

"Yeah, you will," said Kyubi with a smirk.

"Smart ass fur ball," said Naruto.

"Don't you forget it," said Kyubi.

"So what will happen now?" asked Naruto.

"I imagine the Shinigami will appear shortly to take me away. As for you, well, it's going to be interesting to watch from wherever I end up," said Kyubi.

"What about the changes to my body?" asked Naruto looking Kyubi up and down.

"You're not going to look like this for quite a few years. I expect you'll look like this when you're about twenty-five or thirty. In the mean time, take a look in the mirror."

"What mirror?" asked Naruto as once appeared next to him. He was still the same height as before Kyubi's emergence but his body did look a bit more sinewy and strong like Kyubi's. His hair was still vibrant blond but with the slightest hint of red at the roots. His whisker marks were a bit thicker but not too much. His eyes were still cerulean blue but now had vertical slits for pupils. His canines were sharper but rather short, almost normal length and his fingernails, while normal length were rather sharp.

"You'll learn to control the teeth and claws with time and practice. You'll never have the red eyes like mine. Soul of the Slaying demon should still work, but you'll be the demon this time and they will be at your mercy, try to make me proud with this one.

Naruto smiled a bit at his appearance. He looked cool. Sure, he'd freak out the entire village when they saw him but all told it couldn't be that bad. Then he noticed three tails twitching behind him.

"Yeah, the tails will take a while to get used to but you'll come to love them and they drive the ladies crazy. Trust me, Hinata will hardly be able to contain her enthusiasm once she get to pet them. Oh and be careful of that, until you get used to it your tails will be rather erogenous to touch from her," said Kyubi but then upon seeing the confused look on Naruto's face he explained further, "It will make you hornier that Ero-Sennin."

"I have tails now?" asked Naruto still confused.

"I know, I didn't think you rated a three tail already but I guess you've really earned it. You'll get more as you gain more power," said Kyubi, "And as much as you may not like this suggestion, get used to using Henge wherever you go. Most people don't react well to seeing half-demons."

"I'm a half-demon?" asked Naruto.

"You are now, sorry about that," said Kyubi this time he received a pointed look from Naruto, "Okay, so I'm not sorry but come on, admit it, you like the changes."

Naruto could only shrug. He did like the changes but it would take some getting used to.

"Time has expired," said a deep voice as a ghostly figure appeared next to them.

"That's my queue kid," said Kyubi with a smile.

Naruto impulsively gave Kyubi a quick hug, "Behave up there."

"Who says I'm going up to that stiff ass joint? Like I'd want to go somewhere so boring and bland? Give me nightmares, chaos, and torture any day of the week," said Kyubi.

Naruto snorted, "Go already." Kyubi and the Shinigami both faded out of existence leaving Naruto behind and alone.

"Well done son," echoed a voice through the empty halls that Naruto instinctively knew and smiled at closing his eyes happily. The breeze swept through the air as Naruto's eyes opened to see the giant crater before him and great sense of peace settled over him.

"Thank you dad," said Naruto before he stood and began his trek back to the village.


"We shouldn't have just left them there like that," yelled an angry Hinata as she paced the room.

"Trust me, Kyubi and Naruto will both be fine," said Jiraiya, "I'm more worried about Orochimaru personally. He might have betrayed us but he was still once a friend. I hate to think what Kyubi might be doing to him.

"Trust me, you don't want to know. I had to watch," said an all too familiar voice from the door.

"Naruto-kun," shouted Hinata before she rushed him and kissed him with all she had taking him right to the floor.

Jiraiya quickly whipped out his note book and started making notes when suddenly the notebook was cut cleanly in half by a rather long red tail that originated with Naruto. "Ah, all my research," moaned the pervert forgetting the young couple that was testing their lung capacity.

"Are they able to breath that long?" whispered Shizune to Tsunade.

Tsunade though just smirk, "Longer. You remember being that young once don't you?"

Shizune just blushed a little as she thought back on a young silver-haired prodigy prior to his becoming a fan of Jiraiya's literature.

"As much as I hate to interrupt," said Tsunade finally after a long wait.

Naruto and Hinata finally broke only to both blush furiously.

"Is he dead?" asked Tsunade.

"Yeah, but since when do you care? I thought you didn't want to become Hokage?" asked Naruto.

"You won the bet didn't you?" asked Tsunade trying not to grin.

"I guess I did huh?" asked Naruto.

"That's all fine and good but what the hell happened to you?" asked Jiraiya as he studied the now standing Naruto.

"Kyubi moved on. He got his revenge on the one responsible for killing his mate and child."

"Okay, but you still look all foxed out," said Jiraiya.

"Departing gift cause by Kyubi's deal with the Shinigami," explained Naruto, "I am now part demon." Naruto then laid out all the details of what Kyubi told him of the changes.

"He's right, you'd better start using a Henge to hide your appearance for all but your closest friends and allies," said Jiraiya.

"No," said Tsunade, "Henge can be seen through. He'll need something a bit stronger. I'll teach him my technique."

Jiraiya raised a surprised eyebrow. Tsunade refuse to teach her technique to anyone . . . ever.

"I think he needs it so don't you dare look at me like that," said Tsunade sourly.

"Great, now get out of our room," said Hinata wanting her fox-boy all to herself.

Jiraiya get a perverted looked on his face before he felt something soft and furry wrap around his ankle and toss him out the open window.

Naruto looked at Tsunade and Shizune who both just shook their heads and laughed before walking out.

As soon as the door closed Hinata pounced on her Naruto-kun afraid of ever letting him out of her sight again.