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Chapter 1:

'I did it!! I just know what made me do it!! I just did it!!'

Sirius Black looked skeptically over the top of his copy of Quidditch through the Ages at his friend who was sitting across from him on the table. 'For some one who had just asked the girl of his dreams out on a date, you don't seem too happy about it,' he told him, frowning slightly.

Even Remus Lupin looked up from his copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them to frown at James. 'Really, James, I thought you liked Lily, so why do you seem so horrified at the prospect of having to go out with her?' he asked.

'I'm not terrified of my date with Lily!' James Potter said irritably. 'No, I'm just worried I might do something which might upset her or offend her…this is the only chance I'll ever get to show her who I truly am!'

Peter Pettigrew looked up from the particularly blank star-chart he was trying to fill. 'But you're perfect!' he said enthusiastically. 'I know you would never do anything which might offend Lily!'

James sighed and rolled his eyes, while Sirius tried his best to stifle a laugh. 'Thanks for the encouragement, Wormtail,' he said wearily.

'How did she agree to go out with you, then?' Remus asked, rather interestedly.

'That was the worst part!' James exclaimed, looking aghast. 'I was just asking out like I always do when I meet her, and I expected her to turn me don't like she always does, but she didn't! She actually agreed to go out with me, and I stood there looking like an idiot for a whole moment, before I set the day for our date!'

They all burst out laughing. James, on the contrary, didn't think it was so funny. He sat there glaring at the three of them, before Sirius finally stopped laughing and clapped him on the shoulder. 'Relax, mate, and thank your luck it doesn't get any worse,' he wheezed.

James looked coolly at him. 'Now that you mention it, it does get worse,' he muttered, and they stopped laughing at once to hear what he was going to say next. 'Know when our next Hogsmeade trip is?'

'No,' Remus said slowly. 'When?'

'The fourteenth of February! Yes, on Valentine's day!!' he said furiously, and they started laughing again. 'Cut it out!'

Remus slammed his book shut and stood up from the table, wiping tears of mirth from his eyes. 'Sorry, James,' he said. 'I'd love to sit and try to come up with a solution for your…er…heartache, but I'm feeling really tired now and need to go to bed…good night.'

'Yeah, me too,' Peter said hurriedly, scrambling up to his feet. 'Good night, James…Sirius.'

And he set off after Remus, who was heading for the staircase leading to their dormitories, and started pestering him with questions about stars and planets.

'Oh, what have I gotten myself into?' James moaned, putting his head in his hands.

Sirius, who had been leaning back on his rear chair legs, let his chair fall back onto all four legs with a bang, and leaned forward towards James. 'Listen, mate, I don't mean offence or anything, but you're not good in the girls' department, you know,' he said quietly.

'I'm not offended,' James said, looking at him from between his fingers. 'You seem to be getting at something…go on.'

Sirius grinned maliciously. 'Well, I couldn't say this in front of the other two; Remus would be sure to disapprove and Peter will probably spread it around the whole castle by tomorrow morning, you know what a blabbermouth he could be…' he said.

'Yes, yes, I know,' James said impatiently. 'And…?'

Sirius continued to grin. 'Well, how about I accompany you on your date with Evans, and give you pointers on how to treat her?' he asked.

James frowned for a moment, and then he, too, grinned as realization dawned upon his face. 'Under the Invisibility Cloak?' he whispered excitedly.

'Under the Invisibility Cloak,' Sirius echoed.

'Sirius, mate, you're a lifesaver!' James exclaimed, looking a lot more relaxed. 'I really owe you one!'

Sirius yawned audibly. 'You owe me lots of ones, Prongs,' he reminded him. 'Now, let's see we gotta work on a way to communicate without making Lily suspicious…I know I will be invisible, but I don't think I'll be soundless.'

'Right,' James agreed. 'We have to find a spell which will enable you to talk freely with me being the only one to hear you.'

'And we have to do that by Saturday…which is only two days away,' Sirius added.


On Saturday Afternoon…

'Sirius, are you there?' James asked urgently.

'Yeah, I'm here, mate, don't fret,' Sirius drawled.

'Shhh!! Keep your voice down! People will hear you!' James hissed. 'It'll look suspicious if people heard voices coming out of thin air!'

'People won't hear me, you moron, I have the spell on, remember?' Sirius snapped, sounding impatient. 'And besides, people will be more suspicious if they saw you talking to thin air, don't you think?'

'Yeah, right…sorry,' James muttered. 'I'm just too nervous.'

After spending a couple of hours in the library, and with a little bit of help from Professor Flitwick, they had managed to find the spell they wanted. Privèté Conversar; a spell which would enable Sirius to talk as much as he wanted and as loudly as he wanted, and yet, having no one hear him but James. The pair found it quite useful since Sirius was supposed to be instructing him throughout the date, and Lily wasn't supposed to know of that.

'There's your date!' Sirius exclaimed, spotting Lily coming down a staircase. 'Remember, when she comes, you greet her…'

'I know! I know!' James hissed.

'…and tell her how pretty she looks,' Sirius finished. 'And don't ever talk to me while you're with her…I think she'll notice that.' James nodded, looking extremely grim. 'And stop looking like you've just lost your best friend…smile!'

James forced a smile onto his face as Lily approached. 'Hi!' he said, in a voice which came out somewhere between a bark and a quack. From some place next to him, he heard the distinctive voice of someone slapping his forehead.

Lily was obviously trying not to laugh. 'Hi, James,' she said quietly.

'You…er…you look nice,' he said, sounding slightly breathless. What was wrong with him? He had always managed to make a normal conversation with Lily, so why was he being really nervous now…on their date!

'Thanks,' Lily said softly.

There was an awkward silence in which Sirius was screaming, "Talk! Talk!!", in his ear.

'So, shall we go, then?' James finally asked.

'Yes, let's go,' she agreed.

They joined the queue of people being signed out by Argus Filch. James kept glancing at Lily, trying to catch her eye, but Lily seemed to have become mildly interested in the braid of the girl in front of her, and didn't look at him.

'Whatever you do, don't hold her hand or touch her yet…she won't like it,' Sirius was telling him.

James nodded, and they moved further up the queue.

'Damn it! It's really difficult to move in this cloak!' Sirius mumbled from behind him, and he heard a couple of girls squeal in pain as Sirius treaded on their feet. 'Sorry!'

James had to fight the impulse to burst out with laughter, because Lily was starting to look at him.

'That was a close call,' Sirius said quietly. 'Let's just hope nothing like that happens during the date.'

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