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Chapter 2

"Yes?" Kira said as she went to the door.

"Sorry to disturb you Miss Dean, but is your husband at home?" A familiar voice said behind the door, but Kira couldn't really place from where she knew it.

"Who is there?" She asked.

"Oh, sorry. I'm Chief Inspector Morris from the Police Department. It's really important that I talk to your husband.

Kira couldn't breath for a second. Morris? Darryl Morris? After all these years? And what the hell had he to talk to Jason for?

She carefully opened the door… not sure whom she would see when she opened the door… but it was really him… of course older now. But still him.

Kira gasped. Her voice trembled. "D… I mean Inspector Morris… my husband is at his office at the moment, but he will come home in about 20 minutes, or so. Shall I call him? What is it about anyway?" She asked.

As Darryl saw Jason's wife he had the weird feeling that he knew her from somewhere, but it was like a memory from a long past time.

"Do we know each other?" Darryl asked carefully.

Kira smiled at him… she thought about it… if she should tell him, but then she thought about their promise … "No… I don't think so." She said.

She is young, Darryl thought… he didn't know that Jason had such a young wife… well he actually didn't know about Jason at all, till he contacted him three weeks ago.

"It's something private." Darryl answered Kira's previous question.

"Well I am his wife…" Kira said and she saw that Darryl felt uncomfortable. "Oh… were are my manners. Do you want to come in and wait for him or shall I leave him a message?" Kira said.

Darryl looked at his watch… "Well I think I could wait for him… in case I don't disturb you…" Darryl said.

"Oh no… come in." Kira said friendly. "Can I bring you a café, or tea?" she asked.

"A coffee would be great…" Darryl said.

Kira immediately went over to the kitchen and prepared some coffee. As she came back with the coffee she saw that Darryl had sat down at the table where she had been working before. He was looking at the pictures of her family.

"You have a beautiful daughter, Miss Dean." Darryl said as she gave him his cup.

"Thanks. Do you have children Inspector Morris?" Kira asked.

He smiled. "Yes. Two sons. 18 and 20. My oldest is studying medicine right now. He plans to be a doctor someday and my other son…"

Darryl was interrupted by the front door, which was opened.

"Honey, I am home." Jason said as he came into the living room. "The meeting wasn't as long as I…" Jason said as he saw the guest and his smiling wife.

"Hi. This Inspector wanted to talk to you." Kira said. She saw how Jason went pale and he gave Kira an apologizing look.

"Darryl. I didn't expect you today." Jason said.

"I am sorry to disturb you. But it's really important. Can we talk in private? It's about the thing we talked about last week." Darryl said.

Jason gave Kira an excusing look and nodded. This wasn't supposed to happen. She wasn't supposed to know.

"My office." He said and led him to it. He closed the door behind them.

"I am sorry. But I fear your guess was right. We found a few unsolved, mysterious deaths in your mentioned area. All with the same symbol somewhere on their body." Darryl said and Jason sighed.

"I thought I tell you now. Although I have no idea what we are going to do now." Darryl admitted.

"Could is cause a sensation?" Jason asked.

"No. The areas are typical for a few deaths. Gangs, if you know what I mean. And some of the victims don't even have real names." Darryl calmed him down.

"Good. Don't worry. I think I know what to do." Jason said in thoughts.

Darryl looked confused. "You know where…" he asked, but Jason stopped him with a gesture.

"Not here. Not now. Thanks for your help. I am sorry that I involved you in this… but I didn't know whom else I should ask… I will call you, if I have news." Jason said and Darryl saw that he was pale. Well who wouldn't be. The week Jason had visited him, he hadn't felt different.

"Yeah… call me." Darryl said. He gave Jason an envelope and the two left the room.

"It was nice to meet you, Miss Dean." Darryl said politely.

"Yes. Likewise." Kira answered as she and Jason led him out.

As she closed the door, Kira turned around abruptly.

"What the hell was this about?" Kira asked.

"I guess you accidentally overheard our conversation?" Jason asked.

"What do you expect? Darryl Morris appears in front of our door. After 12 years. And he has to talk to you in private?" Kira said a little bit hysterical.

"I am not angry. And I really didn't want you to learn it this way." Jason excused.

"Learn what? Jason…" Kira asked, although deep inside she already knew what had happened. But it just couldn't be. Not after all those years.

Jason handed the envelope Darryl had given him over to his wife with a serious look.

Kira opened it and took out some pictures. A dead man. Wide opened eyes and his body seemed to have been burned for a few seconds.

"What?" She asked confused and disgusted. She wasn't used to this anymore.

"Look at the next picture." Jason told her.

The next picture showed a close up of the man's ankle. Actually the whole leg was full of tattoos with different signs and pictures, but on the ankle, on the right there was a symbol, which looked too familiar to her, to be ignored.

Kira closed her eyes. Her free hand touched her forehead. She sighed and went to the couch to sit down. After a while she looked up again. She looked at her husband.

"You have to be kidding me right?" she said.

""I am sorry…I.." Jason tried to defend himself.

"Last week… Darryl said you talked with him last week right. And all the time you didn't tell me?" Kira asked loud.

"I wasn't sure and I didn't want to irritate you. It could have been a coincidence." Jason tried to calm Kira down.

"This is never a coincidence. Oh god." Kira said. She was standing now again.

"What about Melinda? Oh god. Why after all those years? I have to call P…. Joanna and…" Kira started panic and tears were running down her face. Jason immediately went over to her and hugged her.

"We will manage this. I am sure we will find a way out of this mess and everything is going to be okay." Jason said.

Kira nodded then she looked up to Jason.

"How did you know?" She asked.

"You know we have our photographs everywhere. They photograph everything. About three weeks ago, I got these pictures. The story wasn't interesting – he was some homeless and we had more important stories, so these pictures were never shown. Other newspaper didn't talk about it either. I checked. I recognized the triquetra. I thought maybe it was a coincidence. But to be sure I looked through a few other photos and found another homeless, who had the tattoo. He died about four weeks ago at the other side of the city. I still thought it could be coincidence… so I went to the police department and talked to Darryl. I asked him if he could find some more victims. And he of course understood and helped me." Jason explained.

"Jason… You should have talked to me. I am your wife. If you are right, all this is about me. A message for me." Kira said and sighed. She looked stressed and sad.

"I guess I will call Joanna. I have to talk to her about all this." Kira said and went into their bedroom and locked the door. Jason sighed. He knew she wouldn't handle it well. Hell, he didn't either. He didn't even really understand, what exactly was going on.

Chris was home again. He was doing his homework. Well actually he was drawing. He was good at drawing. He draw the faces of the women he had seen. But as he finished he ripped the paper into pieces. And threw the whole work into the wastebasket. It was just a dream. But then he decided to go to his brother's room. He knocked.

"Yes?" Wyatt said.

"Can I come in?" Chris asked.

"Of course." Wyatt said. He sat at his table and was studying.

"So… Do I have to fear that you get unconscious any minute?" he asked.

"Very funny" Chris said and sat down on Wyatt's bed.

"So?" Wyatt asked.

"Wyatt… have you ever thought about mysterical stuff?" Chris asked and he could see on his brother's face that he thought he was crazy.

"What?" Wyatt asked.

"I mean. Astrology, Witches, Aliens, Angels…. I don't know. Do you think that there are such things? Or people who can do things others can't?" Chris asked.

"Are you serious?" Wyatt asked, half laughing.

"You know what… never mind." Chris said, just as their mother entered Wyatt's room.
"Chris … I don't want you to talk about such things." Mary said seriously.

"What?" Chris asked confused.

"We didn't raise you to be a believer in supernatural things. I don't want to hear this subject in this house." She said cold.

"What? What the matter with you. This was a private conversation and why do you care anyway? I can talk about what I want and you can't forbid me anything anyway, because you are not my mother." Chris said angrily and rushed out of his brother's room and left the house with a loud bang of the front door.

"Chris… Chris!" Mary ran after her son, but he was gone already.

"Mom? What was this all about?" Wyatt asked confused. He had never seen his mother like this and Chris was overreacting too.

"Damn it…." Mary cursed and hit against the wall, a tear running down her face.

-to be continued-