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Fanfiction Story: Teenage Rhapsody

Summary: AU She was new at Konoha High. But she didn't have a dark secret. She wasn't social. She wasn't very attractive. She wasn't very popular or very geeky. Hell, she was always alone. Now that Sakura became a senior, things start to mix up a bit.

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Chapter One

Twist and Shout

"Ah…Sakura-san, I wish you take off that ridiculous hat, you have such nice hair! You shouldn't be hiding it!" Tsunade whispered, frowning, pulling the car to the curb. Her first caretaker was always like this, so the girl sitting next to her didn't mind. Sakura fingered her ski cap lightly around the rim, feeling the gray cotton, and smiled nervously.

A small sad look crossed her face, but she hid it away with a bright smile, "Maybe, but you know how I am with my hair."

"Bah! Even your mother didn't have such nice hair like yours!" Tsunade scoffed, braking and pulling out the car key.

The third woman, who sat in the backseats, combed her short raven hair with her slender fingers, "Tsunade is right, Sakura-san, you're a senior now, and this is a new school. I'm sure you can make it through the last half of the year." A pet pig adorned with a purple pearl necklace poked her snout out from Shizume's giant beige bag, yawning and looking up at the eighteen year old woman with loving cute black eyes.

Sakura shook her head hastily, banishing any bad thoughts, "This is what other girls tease me about…my hair, it's weird and bizarre, and my forehead is too ugly…I don't want it to happen again. Not until I graduate."

"Then you'll take it off?"

"Yeah, I guess," she nodded to the blonde.

Tsunade grinned at that, "Then I'll wait for that day."

When they opened the car doors, everyone in the school parking lot looked up and stopped their conversations with their friends about how much fun they had in their spring breaks, just to stare at the beauty they were radiating off. Jocks in leather jackets dropped their basketballs and footballs, cheerleaders gossiped enviously about the blonde's huge bust size and amazing figure, and the rest in the lot talked together about the strange girl with a hat on. The three women emerged into the giant campus, walking across the dew green grass. Tsunade walked with her head held high and her hazel eyes were glowing with boldness, her blond hair was tied into a messy bun with bangs that framed her lovely face. Shizume smiled, and walked side by side with her younger friend Sakura who held onto her school books and the bag which held the squeaking pig Tonton.

The raven-haired woman noticed the nervous bounce in her walk as she strides to avoid anyone's eyes, hugging her books closer to her chest. Tsunade pulled the sides of her beige overcoat that hung around her shoulders, pushing up the apex of her black shades and an indifferent look on her beautiful face.

"Who are they?" a group of girls asked, one blond girl with a long high ponytail looked curiously at Sakura.

They walked into the building, Tsunade walked through the doors and somehow the wooden double doors opened magically for her. An invisible fan blew and rightly adjusted lights shined on her face and hair like for a famous celebrity walking down on a red carpet. Tsunade rolled her eyes, and strolled towards the main office. Sakura grinned slightly. She knew her caretaker would never like to be reminded she used to be a movie actress, and a great at that.

They entered into an office, the swinging door opened and closed so fast, Sakura didn't even have the chance to read the white bold letters on the transparent glass on the door. The room was quite cool, with all four windows opened for the nice spring breezes to come in. The walls were painted in bland colors of beige and pale blue, the furniture were made of fine chestnut. Paperwork were neatly stacked and organized, but what was out of the ordinary was that they were multiple posters and candid shots taped around the office. All were pictures of attractive nearly nude women in different poses and either bathing in the steamy spas, dressed in bikinis and thongs, or have exotic facial expressions.

Stacks of porno magazines filled the cabinets, strewed empty instant ramen bowls and takeout containers filled the garbage can, files of naked women in alphabetical order was in every drawer, aquariums of amphibians were pushed against the blue beige walls, nearly using every plug to create moist and dry habitats in their incubators, and an entire pile of the well-known Icha Icha Paradise collection was set out, a book was already laid out on the desktop with a erotic drawing of two lovers on one page.

Sakura gawked, her emerald eyes wide and her cheeks were hot. W-What w-was this?

"Yo! Jiraiya, you toad man! Wake up!" Tsunade slapped her firm hand on the chestnut desk with an obvious irritated look, woke up the leering old white-haired man in a clean red suit from his trance. He turned his chair and looked to see an old friend of his, grinning to see two such beautiful faces. He completely ignored Sakura and the pet pig.

"Ha, no time no see, Tsunade-chan!" He switched his attention to the young woman at her right, holding out a hand, "Well…hello, pretty lady…" he cooed in a smooth voice. Shizume gulped, already hating him, and smiled nervously as she shook his hand.

"It's Shizume, I am one of the new temporary teachers for the next semester," she smiled politely, hiding half her body behind the stern Tsunade who was looking down on the man.

The Jiraiya man switched off the pornographic rental movie screening on a flat screen television with a remote, leaning on the squeaky leather chair with his two feet crossed on the tabletop. A shiver glide its way up her spine, sending escape messages in Sakura's head when his perverted eyes moved to her utterly shaking body, it was as if he could see through her school uniform and began undressing her with just his disturbing eyes.

Tonton oinked, poking her head out with a disapproving glare.

"So what's with that girl? She your daughter or something?" he asked curiously, taking out a pack of cards and set out to play Solitude.

"She's the new student here, Jiraiya," the blonde whispered, pulling off her shades with fierce tug, "Unfortunately, her parents could not attend to escort her to your office, they are currently on yet another business trip so I am her caretaker."

"Oh!" the white-haired man turned his eyes up at her, with a nasty grin, "So you're Haruno Sakura! Are you that hot babe Haruno Chiyo's daughter?" She felt his leering eyes all over her body, smacking his lips hungrily for something she really didn't want to know, "My, my! You sure have grown—but maybe in a few years, you'll develop some very nice curves—"

"SHE'S SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD YOU DAMN PERVERT!" Tsunade barked, slamming a fist on top of his head.

And in a drastic crash his head collided nastily on the hard tabletop, that splinters and cracking of skull had brought Shizume to squeal and Sakura to slap her mouth with her free hand (she dropped Tinton's bag the moment she punched). Two large red horns were bored into her wheat blond hair, her skin was a dark crimson and her nostrils flared. In a grasp of her fist, Tsunade breathed volcanic fire.

When Jiraiya appeared to still be conscious (and alive) with a gigantic steaming anime bruise, his poor head literally smashed into the wood, Tsunade turned on her black stiletto heels and brought a sweet smile on her pretty face when she faced with the fidgeting wide-eyed younger women.

"Shizume, why don't you show Sakura around the school for a moment?" she smiled bigger, freaking them out, "I'll be out in a moment!"

"That man is the principal?" Sakura asked disbelievingly, "Has he ever been charged for sexual harassment from the females in the school before?" The two women conversed while walking down a semi-packed hallway, Tonton strutting shortly behind. Students, who passed by in the linoleum walkway, laughed and pointed at the impeccably clean pink pig with fondness.

Shizume shook her head, laughing, "I don't believe so! But, lucky for you, he's not interested in anyone in Konoha High. I've worked here a bunch of times, I did catch him walking into the girl's locker room several times before," she quickly added after, when she saw her friend's mortified look, "But, the girls usually beat his ass and call it a day. It's some kind of ritual I'm never used to."

"Hmm…" Sakura looked around thoughtfully, and glanced back nervously, "Since you've taught here before, are the students tolerable of new kids?" She tugged the side of her ski cap sadly. Shizume smiled sympathetically, patting the shoulder of a white school blouse.

"I know you've been through a lot with all your parents' huge promotions and moving to new schools," the raven-haired woman took her around the corner, "And it's hard making new friends and losing them suddenly. You never had a normal school life. But you'll like it here, I'll promise you that." Shizume grinned, "I promise you that Tsunade would kill Jiraiya if he ever laid his perverted eyes on you again. She's one of the students' deans!"

She smiled more, adding in a whisper, "And your mother's best friend…"

"Yeah," Sakura, softly closed her green eyes lightly.

She opened them up, when Shizume was stopped by another teacher. Sakura let them small talk, while she waited quietly and patiently for her. She took her time looking around, memorizing the beige lockers and soft green walls, the students who walked in and out of open classrooms in their school uniforms that consisted of white blouses, red ties, and short pleated maroon skirts for girls and navy blue jackets, red ties, white undershirts, and matching navy slacks for boys. She became quite envious when best friends gathered together, giggling and talking together about their spring vacations.

"No way! You actually did that! Ha!" one attractive girl with four golden ponytails laughed, leaning against a wall parallel to her.

"Yes! I'm guilty!" a platinum blond girl exaggerated with her hands raised in the air, her hair long and shiny, tied into a high ponytail.

Sakura looked away, extinguishing any feelings of jealousy and turned to Shizume who was still talking with another female teacher. She had not noticed that those same two girls who she staring at had caught her glance a second later when she turned away. They both had amused looks.

"Hey? Is that the new girl?" Temari asked, bending her head to the side with analytical cerulean eyes, "I heard some woman with a huge rack talking to Jiraiya-sama a few days ago about her."

"Maybe, I saw her outside a few moments ago," Ino whispered, slightly interested in the questionable girl.

"Why is that girl wearing that stupid ski cap?" the first woman laughed, "What is it? Still winter, or something? Geez, a total fashion clash, it makes her head a lot smaller than with the rest of her body." She snorted, elbowing her friend for some humors.

"Yeah," Ino wasn't really listening, when she then spotted someone walking down the same hallway. She smiled excitedly, and ran her hand wistfully through the side bang of her hair. Temari saw him, and rolled her eyes and bit her lip seductively.

"Oh, Sasuke-baby, never look so hot…" she grinned at Ino, who was literally shivering.

Ino cocked her head to Temari, with a predatory smile, "When you don't see Sasuke-kun in so long, you tend to want him more…"

And there girls began to squeal and blush fiercely when the man of the hour came around the corner, walking in his superior state and god-like effect that radiated around him like a vast golden halo and some clouds put to action. He strolled in all his mightiness, his black-blue hair that glimmered sexily in the school lights, the dark bangs that hung and framed over his fair pale skin and face. If anyone would have seen his face, they might have thought it was carved out by an angel. He was tall, dark, handsome, and all the girls groveled at his feet. Guys nodded and greeted him, some were totally jealous and ignored him completely. Girls cooed at him, but his beautiful onyx eyes looked forward, blocking out anyone in the hallway.

One glance of his would kill you and bring you to heaven.

His red tie had clung loosely around his white collar, his navy uniform ironed and fitted his strong lean figure. He wore a black backpack on one shoulder, and a book in his right hand. And like right out of a badly choreographed high school movie, the 'cool', the 'hot', and 'most popular in school' guy Uchiha Sasuke, a senior of eighteen years of age, walked past unworthy fainting and melting girls.

Only to himself, he thought he wasn't any different than anyone else around him so he blended himself into silence and walked on. He was used to all the annoying attention, and was impervious to Yamanaka Ino's flirty eyes and Sabaku Temari's catcalls. His spring break turned out to be a bummer when all he did was study and practice sports in his family's giant estate. He only came back to school, like the past three and a half years of his life, to continue on with his boring life.

But today was different, a new change in the air actually. When he walked past a girl whose back was to him, he turned his eyes at her ski cap and accidentally knocked into someone. He shoved his shoulder through someone else's, then walked past not actually giving a damn.

Then a tight grip had chained on his arm, stopping him immediately.

"You're supposed to say 'excuse me', Uchiha," someone growled tersely, clearly not in the mood for any of his bastard-like actions today. Sasuke grinned, knowing whose voice it belonged to.

"And good morning to you, Hyuuga," he smiled challengingly to another alike face.

The other young man glared. But it wasn't just 'another' face, it was just another popular guy with looks much to caliber with Uchiha Sasuke. His long coffee-brown hair was tied into a low ponytail, he was of same tall height and high intellect with Sasuke, fair-skinned, strong-jawed, straight-nosed, carved lips, smug-looking, and had a pair of blazing white eyes that glimmering like light itself in the sun. He was a very handsome man, and wore his navy uniform strictly to the book. His hand grasped on the Uchiha's arm quite roughly, he didn't like being ignored by some jerk. And it was now 'second in command hot guy' Hyuuga Neji who was boring checkerboard eyes with Uchiha Sasuke.

Behind his back, stood his two childhood best friends, Rock Lee and Mitarashi Tenten, who were grimacing at the intensity of the glaring rivalry. Tenten laughed nervously, tugging on Neji's sleeve, "Hey, come off it, guys."

"YES! Listen to Tenten-san! Your peace treaty cannot be signed without the end your foolish youthful rivalry my friends!" Lee cried, shooting up his arms in a gallant array of his Good Guy Pose. With a Cheshire cat smile of his, his blindingly white teeth sparkled into a disturbing 'ping!'

The two boys were rock solid, Neji let go of his arm but still retain an unmoving glaring contest with Sasuke, who was smirking.

"Oh no, here they go again!" Temari shook her head, and walked to the side of Tenten, with a worried Ino.

"Gah! They're always like that!" Tenten slapped her hand over her forehead.

"I'm getting really tired of those two…" Shikamaru groaned, complaining to his chubby best friend Chouji.

"Oh God! Hyuuga! Uchiha!" Kurenai snapped her red polished fingers at the two, knowing this was a daily ritual and she was getting irritated that she couldn't at least small talk with another teacher without them starting things up again. Shizume turned around, bumping shoulders with Sakura.

Sakura heard someone yell 'Fight! Fight! Fight!' in the background, she snapped out of her thoughts and turned her head hastily around. People began to notice her emerald eyes turned to the two rock statues, and began whispering.

"Hey, have you ever seen her around?"

"Is she new here?"

"Why is she wearing that hat for?"

Ino, Tenten, and Temari had taken notice of the way her green eyes were looking, and groaned again.

"We lost another one," Temari chuckled, placing a hand on her hip.

"Who do you think she might like? Sasuke or Neji?" Tenten laughed, elbowing Ino.

"I don't care, as long it isn't my handsome Sasuke-kun," Ino giggled, folding her arms in amusement.

"Yours? What are you? A lioness?" the older blonde snorted.

Her eyes were unblinking as they lay on someone's form, she was gaping and inched her way through slowly. Shizume blinked confusingly at her, and began to open her mouth to ask her. But Sakura moved, shifting her feet. A few people in the hallway were looking at her while others were rooting on for a fight between the two hot guys. They all contemplated for her to jump on either the Hyuuga or Uchiha, which they thought wasn't very surprising since new girls would immediately become either their stalkers or screaming fan girls (though, what's the difference?).

Sakura's eyes were bulging, and her breathing became raspy. Her hands were twitching that her school books slipped out and fell on the linoleum floor, people noted this was usually many of the 'Cupid-Got-Cha'–ictus symptoms. Very infectious. Highly incurable. Gets your blood pumping faster than usual, you begin the process of melting in your feet, your face is red with perspiration and your eyes become wide and sparkly. Soon your voice becomes shrilly and you both start screaming, "Neji-KUN!" or "Sasuke-KUN", and add a 'must-said' sentence of, "I LOVE YOU!"

But Sakura didn't do the last part. Nor did her eyes lay on either of Neji or Sasuke. Hell, she was looking far past them, so far she didn't even know they existed.

Ino popped up a slender brow, she was the first one to notice this. Then Shizume, Shikamaru, Chouji, Temari, Tenten, then even Lee, Kurenai, the piggy Tonton, and everyone else in the hallways excluding Neji and Sasuke (they were busy looking at each other).

The new girl made a stunning performance by sprinting when Shizume tried calling her back, literally pushing her way through and breaking the glaring contest between the Hyuuga and the Uchiha, catching their attentions. She pushed them rudely with her hands out stretched, and paced to her heart's content. Though people moved out of her way, not to get hurt or anything, but they still wanted to be alive to see her actions.

And with two of her arms, she wrapped them around someone's middle like a death clutch and began smiling very, very big.

"NARUTO!" she yelled excitedly, surprising someone with spiky sunshine blond hair and electric blue eyes.

Let's say, everyone is very, very surprised.

To Be Continued

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