I look out the window and watch as she runs out to him in the rain. She calls his name. And I can't help but wonder... could he ever love me?

I'm the perfect one. The pretty one. The one who hates getting dirty. Our lives are complete opposites. But we could... couldn't we?

They say it's too complicated. I'm too jaded to understand. All I wanted was him. The one I love. To just be with him in the tough times. But I guess not.

I'm not good enough for him. But she... she is. She's the one for him. The one who will be with him through thick and thin. Through pain and comfort. Through tears and sweat. Smiles and frowns. Till death do they part. Till death do they part!

I love you! I just want to scream that out at him. But I can't. I'm too afraid. I'm such a wimp.

I can never tell him. And I never will. Because that's the way it's destined to be. It's destiny that we won't be together. That we won't wake up to in the morning after a night of partying. That we won't get to pick out the new house we'd live in. Have children and name them after our friends. Talk to each other in the hard times, or whenever we want to.


I look up to find my best friend.

"Hey," I say, looking back out the window to find the couple was gone. I burst into tears and he sits next to me, taking me in his arms.

"Its okay," he comforts.

"Sky was supposed to be with me!" I exclaim with a sob, turning to him.

"I know. But maybe you're meant to be with someone else. Like me," he says. I smile, wiping my eyes.

"Thanks, Jack," I whisper.

"Anytime, Syd," he whispers back, pulling me into a big, warm hug. I feel his lips on my cheek and lean to the left, pressing my lips to his to be met with a sweet romantic kiss.

But then again. To every ending. There is always. A new beginning.