A/N: This is my first ever gundam seed fic and it's pretty boring at first but it gets better as it get deeper into the story. This fic is based on a movie I watched (only the beginning now the rest will be different). English isn't my first language so plz forgive me if I make errors.

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Summary: Athrun, only son of a triad leader fell in love with a girl and wanted to be with her forever, but after being chased down he had to leave along with his best friend. Unfortunately he couldn't contact her in time and had to leave without her. A few years later she finds out he is a leader of a new powerful triad group...how can she be together with him again? AxC later DxM

Battle For Love


Athrun Zala is the only son of the leader of a powerful triad group. He had a pretty messed up family. His dad Patrick Zala was almost never home and was always with other women just because his mom had died because of a car accident.

His dad and other triad groups have been fighting over who owned the position of the ring leader after the current one died who was his father. Because the Athrun's father was the son of the ring leader it was almost certain that he would get to be the new ring leader.

"Hey! Dad! I'm going out!" Athrun yelled out.

"Athrun! You can't go out your grandpa is coming tomorrow and you have to be looking the best!" Patrick screamed at the top of his lungs.

"You just want me to look good because you want to be the ring leader of the family business!" Athrun yelled back coldly.

Athrun then walked out of the door and slammed it back hard.

He then took out his cell phone and called his best friend Dearka Elthman.

"Yo, Dearka meet me at the beach."

"Don't tell me you got into another fight with you dad again." Dearka sighed while saying it.

"It's not like I wanted to." Athrun said as if it had nothing to do with it.

"Okay whatever I'll be there." Dearka said before hanging up.


Cagalli was a poor girl that was forced to do chores and always scolded by her step-mother. She had a weak heart and would get mild heart attacks every now and then. Her mother died because of a terrible disease, but she still had her dad until he remarried a woman that hated children. Since the point her dad got married to the women her life was a living hell.

"I cleaned the floor and did all the chores you told me to do" Cagalli said to her step-mother.

"About time" her step-mother shot back.

"Your dad and I are going out to see Patrick Zala to see if we can get a raise or at least make a good first impression. He'll be making a short visit to our house so I don't want you to screw it up. I want this house to be so clean and shiny I could eat off of the floor. If it isn't you are going to have to eat off of the floor for the rest of your pathetic life" she scolded.

"Yes mom..."Cagalli gave in.

"You can eat out of the toilet for all I care." Cagalli thought as her mom turned her back and walked away.


As Athrun was walking to the beach he saw a beautiful girl and he could not keep his eyes off her.

"She is so pretty." Athrun said dazedly.

To Athrun's surprise he collided with a brick wall and flew backwards falling hard to the ground.

"Ow...that hurt." Athrun said while rubbing his head.

Cagalli saw the whole thing and quickly ran over to his side.

"Are you okay?" Cagalli said while trying to help the poor guy up.

"I don't need any help" Athrun replied smacking the girls hand away from him.

Athrun then looked up to see that the girl was same one he'd seen earlier but this time with a very worried expression.

"You're injured! You have to get treated quickly! Come to my house now, I have bandages!" Cagalli helped Athrun up.

"Why is this girl being so nice to me? She's beautiful yet caring at the same time." Athrun thought.


"Are you sure I can go to your house?" Athrun asked.

"Ya, my parents are out right now and won't be back anytime soon."

When they arrived Cagalli quickly got bandages and started to treat Athrun's wounds.

"I'm in so much pain but when she is bandaging my wounds it feels as though I feel nothing except her soft hands." Athrun though happily.

"So anyways what's your name? Mine is Cagalli Yula Attha." Cagalli stated.

Athrun was hesitating at first if he should tell her his real name or not.

Cagalli saw Athrun hesitating so she decided that he might be uncomfortable telling her his name.

"It's alright. You don't have to tell me your name if you don't want to." Cagalli quickly added.

"O it's not that. My name is Athrun Zala." Athrun stated.

"Hm...where have I heard that name before." but before Cagalli could think any further she felt a sudden shot of pain in her heart.

The pain grew and she collapsed on the floor.

"What the? Hey! What happened!" cried Athrun.

"Please get my medicine on my desk" Cagalli choked out while trying to breathe but wasn't getting much air into her lungs.

Athrun quickly rushed over to the desk and snatched the medicine.

"Here." Athrun took one pill and gave it Cagalli.

After Cagalli took the pill it didn't seem like she was getting better and fainted.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Athrun screamed while shaking her but Cagalli still remained frozen.

"O man..." then Athrun had no other choice and preformed C.P.R on her.

When the pill finally took effect she woke up and found that Athrun's lips was on hers and air was filling her lungs again.

Athrun then noticed she was awake and jumped back and blushed till he looked like a tomato.

Cagalli was blushing also.

"Thanks for saving my life, I have heart conditions that can't be cured and I need to live on medicine." Cagalli explained.

"You have such a serious condition and yet you parents are out?" Athrun said while slightly raising his voice.

"Well...my dad got remarried to another woman after my mom died. My step mother doesn't really care about my heart conditions and always threatens to stop letting my dad buy me medicine if I talked back to her or didn't do what she says." Cagalli said while looking down trying not to show Athrun that her eyes were red.

Athrun was very ticked off after hearing this yet, deep inside he felt pain and sadness. Just then he remembered that some guy and women had "Attha" as their last name.

"By any chance is your dad's name Uzumi and work for Patrick Zala?" Athrun questioned.

"How did you know?" Cagalli said a bit surprised.

"Never mind I was just asking, anyways why don't you come with me to the beach for a while?" Athrun asked hoping she'd say yes.

"But my step mother wants me to clean the house because their boss Patrick Zala is coming." Cagalli just remembered but wanted to go really badly.

"Don't worry about that now you'll be back by then and the house is already really clean." Athrun persuaded.

"Um...I don't know. My mom might get really mad." Cagalli said while telling herself "Who cared if that witch got pissed anyways."

Athrun tried again.

"Don't worry, your step mom won't do anything to you, not when I'm here at you side." Athrun smiled.

Cagalli blushed a bit and finally gave in and agreed to go with him.

"I think I am falling for him." Cagalli thought as he held her hand guiding her to the beach.


A/N: o yea forgot to say that in this Athrun is only about 15 and Cagalli is about 14 years old they get older as this story progresses though and again this fic is based on a movie I watched (only the beginning the rest will be different) so please don't flame me about that. This chapter is pretty short but I promise the next chapter is going to be longer.

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