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The small house at Number Four Little Whinging, Surrey seemed like a normal, everyday house. It was a small, two story building with wood siding and a nicely kept lawn. The kind of house one would expect a normal family with a mother, father and perhaps two children to live in, and by all accounts the Dursley's did seem like your typical family. The father, a large man with a bushy mustache and almost no neck by the name of Vernon Dursley, went to work everyday. His eagle nosed, long necked wife, Petunia, would stay at home and try to spy on the next door neighbor. And when their son, Dudley, was not at his school, Smeltings, he was home stuffing his face and watching the telly. Then there was the other boy, their nephew, Harry Potter, who came to live with them when his parents were murdered when he was a year old. He was the reason for, what the Dursley's called, their darkest secret, the thing they wished to keep hidden the most, the freak they wanted no one to know about. And to them, he was a freak. To them, the boy was the worst thing in the world, for he had inherited, what they considered, his parent's abnormality. Harry Potter was a wizard. But that was a word that was never used in the Dursley's house hold. That and the word 'magic' were considered taboo. They were the worst words that could be said by anyone. Well, except maybe Dudley of course. For as much as they hated Harry they loved their son, Dudley. Their chubby garbage disposal of a son could do no wrong. His school, Smeltings, had suggested many times that they put the boy on a diet. But try as they might, it just never worked. He would sneak food up to his room and buy copious amounts of snacks with his rather large allowance. And when any of his secret stash of sweets was found, Petunia would just say he was a healthy boy with a big appetite, 'just like his father'. But poor Harry, who did not have the chance to sneak food into his room, and got no allowance, was subjugated to what little he got during meals, and would have to add to that the treats his friends sent him through owl mail. This was another thing that his aunt and uncle did not like. The very idea of sending post by owl was just plain absurd. No, they much rather send it the old fashioned way by the regular, everyday post man. Yes, the Dursley's liked everything plain and ordinary and thought that their rather unordinary nephew was just plain weird.

This night, though, at Number Four, things were far from ordinary in the smallest room in the house. This room belonged to Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived. Harry had gone to sleep that night rather late since he had been packing his things to leave the next day. Remus Lupin, one of his father's best friends, and an old Professor, had said he would come to take Harry away from the Dursley's for the rest of the summer. The boy had been excited. He couldn't wait to get away from the Dursley's. He never felt at home there and he always looked for any chance to get back to the Wizarding world, his home. He had wanted to be ready to go as soon as Remus arrived. So, he made sure his trunk was packed with all his school things and his Firebolt, his beloved broom. Harry was the Seeker for his house team in the best game in the world, Quidditch. At least, he hoped he would be. Last year Delores Umbridge, the most recent Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, had come in and had practically taken over the school. She had tried to get rid of Dumbledore, and had taken any chance she could to discredit Harry. Finally, she had found a way to take Harry away from one of the things he loved most. She had impounded his broom, taken him off the Quidditch team, and he had been given a lifetime ban from ever playing Quidditch again. He had gotten his broom back at the end of the year after Umbridge had been found out to be a crazy bitch, but it was never certain if he would be allowed back on the team next year. He hoped that his head of house, Professor McGonagall, would allow him back. Well, he wasn't going to let such thoughts ruin the rest of his summer. He just hoped that where ever he ended up, his friends, Hermione and Ron, would be there. Their friendship may have been strained last year, but they came out on top. The fact that he was going to get to leave this horrible place had so excited him that he wore himself out. It was only eleven thirty by the time he went to bed. This was a rarity for him considering the date. It was July thirtieth, the day before his birthday. Normally, he would stay up till at least midnight waiting for the gifts he knew would be arriving from his friends, but that would just have to wait until tomorrow. The minutes flew by as he slept peacefully, until the glowing numbers on his old clock read twelve A.M. It was now the thirty-first. Suddenly, a soft light surrounded the slumbering figure on the bed. The boy started to writhe as raw magic coursed through his body. A wind picked up blowing papers everywhere and blowing the window open. Harry cried out and his back arched up off the bed. Pain racked his body and he curled up into a fetal position trying to will it away in his sleep. He had gone to sleep without a shirt since it was kind of hot in the room, so one could see what looked like light brown leopard spots appear across his shoulders and down his spine. He twisted again, the pain making it impossible for him to stay in one place for a long period of time. Claws appeared on his fingers and as he rolled on to his stomach black dragon wings sprouted from his back and then disappeared. He was no longer screaming but a soft trilling sound punctuated by a sweet mewling noise every now and then flittered through the room. He sighed as the pain started to subside. Yawning, he revealed a set of very sharp, dangerous looking fangs. As the raw magic calmed down, both these and the claws disappeared. The only things left to show that anything strange had happened at all were the spots that still remained on his shoulders and back and the mess in the room. Also, the soft trilling noise now filled the small room, but, thank goodness, for now it seemed go unnoticed by the Dursley's and everyone outside of Number Four.

Yet, across England, in a rather large and expensive looking house, there was one young man who did notice it. He had felt the surge of energy as soon as it had started. The pain that the other young man had felt had coursed through his body as well. Now, all that was left was a soft tingling sensation that started in his stomach and traveled through every one of his limbs. Draco Malfoy gasped slightly as he heard a knock on his door.

"Draco," called the voice of his father. The man had somehow gotten himself released from Azkaban and Draco was pretty sure that Voldemort had something to do with that.

"Draco, I'm coming in." The concern could be heard in the older Malfoy's voice. Most people believed that Lucius Malfoy was an uncaring, son of a bitch, but the truth was, when it came to his only son, he was the most caring person in the world. Just a little strict and, of course, he expected great things from his son.

Draco growled as the door opened. He really didn't want to see anyone right now, he just wanted to be left alone with the most wonderful feeling he had ever felt.

"Draco, what is going on? I heard your cry all the way in my study."

"It was nothing really father." The boy tried to distill his father's worries. He yawned and stretched. He wasn't wearing his shirt and you could easily see the dark brown spots that lightly cascaded over his shoulders and started to wrap slightly onto his stomach. If he turned around, one would see that his entire back was covered with the same spots. It wasn't something he needed to worry about because it was natural. Well, natural for him because, on his birthday, Draco Malfoy came into his inheritance as a Shiverin. The Shiverin were an almost extinct race. Through the years, subsequent mating with Witches or Wizards had decimated their numbers, leaving only a few small pockets of pureblood Shiverin. Now, it was only possible for one to become a Shiverin in the Wizarding world if both their parents held the dominant blood line for it. The parent themselves would not be a Shiverin, but it would be handed down to their offspring. If the Shiverin mated with a regular witch or wizard, the blood line would again go dormant until another with Shiverin blood came along, but, on the off chance that they mated with another Shiverin, it could be the chance to continue the family line. Sadly, the possibility for two Shiverins to be born at the same time was most unlikely and the possibility for two of them being close enough to each other for them to mate was even more unlikely. Even if two Shiverin were born in the same area, one would have to be a Dominant and the other a Submissive for anything to happen. It didn't matter if they were both male because a submissive Shiverin would be able to have children no matter what the sex.

Lucius noticed the trilling noise coming from his son as he yawned.

"Draco, why are you singing?"
"What are you talking about father? I wasn't singing."

"Draco, I think by now I can recognize the song of the Shiverin. So, what has excited you this time?"

The blonde Slytherin stopped and listened. Sure enough, he could hear the musical trilling noise that was the song of the Shiverin. "I'm sorry father, I didn't realize." He plopped down on the bed. "I couldn't help it. I felt a surge of power, then immense pain, then afterwards the most unbelievable feeling of pleasure I have ever felt." The trill became higher. "It was like molten lava building in my stomach and spreading to every part of my body. I could sense him in every fiber of my being and it was incredible." By now, Draco's fangs had appeared and his pupils had become slits, like a cat. Along his lower arms small scales started to appear.

From his son's reaction, Lucius realized that he could only be talking about another Shiverin. Was it possible, could another Shiverin been born close by? And the only thing that could explain his son's reaction was that he had met the other Shiverin before.

"Who is it Draco?"

Draco's face became sad. "I don't know." The trill dead panned into a low drone, reflecting the depression in the boy's soul.

"Come on Draco try harder."

The Shiverin's head shot up. "I said I don't know." His claws appeared and silver dragon wings sprouted from his back. He jumped to his feet and started pacing. He eyed his father like a predator eyed their pray. "What does it matter any way? Why do you care? He's mine, you hear me, mine. You are not to touch him." He hissed ready to pounce.

Fear raced through Lucius' body. He hadn't thought of this. Draco was a dominant Shiverin. They had more spots on their backs and were the only ones of the species to have scales. They were also very possessive when it came to their mates and would attack anyone that seemed to pose a threat. It would seem that the other Shiverin was a submissive and Draco had already clamed them. "Now Draco, calm down, I didn't mean anything by it." He backed towards the door. The trill that had been sad and melancholy just a moment ago was now high and ear piercing. "I would not think of taking your mate from you."

The boy didn't seem to be listening.

Lucius knew he had to get out of there. A dominant Shiverin had almost unmatched physical strength and if his son pounced on him, he would not stand a chance. But it was the poison he was worried about the most. When angered or while protecting their mate, a Shiverin created a poison that was very potent. If one was bitten by a Dominant Shiverin, they would end the up in St. Mungo's for quite a while. There would most likely be severe damage to the muscles. But the bite of a submissive was even worse. Being the weaker of the species, they relied mostly on their poison and speed. Luckily, the submissive was uninclined to bite and only did so if they felt the lives of their mate or children were being threatened. If one made this mistake they would not get a chance to regret it later. The last time someone was bitten by a submissive, they lived all of ten minutes. It was a very painful death. The poison froze all muscle actions. Starting with the voluntary then continuing to the involuntary organs until it stopped the heart. Still, Lucius did not like the idea of taking a bite from his son while he was mad. He reached for the door, not daring to take his eyes off the irate Shiverin.

Draco growled and started to stalk closer towards the taller man. At that moment, he didn't care if this man was his father, he just saw him as a threat to what he wanted, and what he wanted was his mate right here and now. He wanted to feel that wonderful sensation again. He wanted to taste that lovely skin and devour his mate for all they were worth. His mate was his and only his. He would not allow anyone to get in the way. When he finally had them, he would not let them go ever again. "He's mine." He growled again.

"Yes Draco." His father tried to sooth his son's wild side one more time but had to make a run for it as Draco pounced. He barley made it out of the door in time and had closed it as his son crashed into the solid wood. This was one of the times that Lucius was glad the doors were made of solid wood and charmed not to break. He put a locking spell on the door and then just stood there listening to his son trash his room on the other side. Lucius sighed. He would have to send the house elves in there later to fix things up. This was going to be an interesting summer. It seemed that Draco would be spending a lot of time in his room. He only hoped that the boy found his mate at school next year.

Harry awoke the next morning to a soft hooting noise and something nibbling on his ear. He opened his eyes to see his owl Hedwig looking at him worriedly.

"Hey girl." He reached up shakily to rub the side of her cheek with his finger.

She leaned into it and nipped his finger affectionately, then held out her leg where he saw a simple envelope.

"What've you got there?" He removed the letter and gave her an owl treat from his bedside table. She chirped happily and flew to her cage.

He opened the envelope and removed the single parchment note. It was from Ron.


Hey there mate, Happy Birthday. I know this isn't much but you'll get your present later. Hermione thought that since we'd be seeing you soon, it would be nicer to give them to you in person. Boy is she excited, I haven't gotten her to sit still for more than five seconds. So you better get here soon before she drives me totally insane.

Your Friend,


Harry couldn't help but laugh. He didn't see why those two just didn't admit their feelings for each other already. It was so obvious that they liked each other. Then it dawned on him. They were going to see him soon, so where was Remus taking him? Dread filled him. He hoped it wasn't Grimmauld Place again. He didn't think he could take that yet. Actually, he wasn't sure he would ever be able to go back there after what happened to Sirius. It wasn't like he had to worry about Kreacher. Remus had given the house elf the worst punishment he could, he gave him clothes. The werewolf had said that the house elf moaned and complained the whole time. The horrid creature had even tried to beg forgiveness, but by then it was too late. And even though he knew it was wrong, he couldn't help hoping that the house elf would die.

"Boy, get up now. One of the other weirdo's is here for you." Vernon ordered a little more quietly then normal.

Harry growled. He didn't like it when the Dursley's called him a freak, but he could take it. It took every ounce of his self restraint to stop him from attacking the bastard when he insulted his friends. He quickly pulled on a pair of pants and shirt, ran his hands through his unruly hair and ran down to meet Remus. "Hello Remus."

"Hey Harry." The man bent down and hugged the small boy. Over the years the two of them had become closer. With Sirius's death they were pulled together even more, but Remus wasn't trying to take Sirius's place, he would never do that. He held the boy at arms length to get a better look at him. "So, how have things been going Harry? Have these Muggles been treating you alright?"

"There's nothing to worry about Remus, everything's okay."

"That's good. Uhm, Harry, where are your glasses?"

"I'm wearing them, of course."

"Sorry Harry, but your not."

Slender fingers found their way to his face and felt around for the familiar black, metal frames. "Bloody hell," Harry gasped.

"Can you see alright?" The older man remembered James with out his glasses. The man had been practically blind.

The boy was shocked. How could this be? He shouldn't be able to see a foot in front his face without his glasses. But his eyesight seemed to be perfect. "How could this happen?"
Remus shook his head. "I don't know, but we'll ask Dumbledore when we get to where we're going. Come on, let's get your things." Remus started heading up the stairs but stopped when he realized that the boy wasn't following him. "Harry, are you coming?" Harry's emerald eyes were staring at the carpet. "Harry, are you okay?"

"Yeah Remus, I'm fine. I was just wondering where we were going. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to get out of here, I just don't think that I'd be able go back to Grimmauld Place right now."

The ex-professor smiled. He came down the stairs and took the boy in his arms again. "Don't worry. I didn't think you were ready for that. I wouldn't think of taking you there right now. Come on, let's get your things."

It didn't take long to gather all his things and get them down to the living room. They had sent Hedwig on ahead of them since they would be traveling by portkey.

"Ah man," Harry groaned, running his fingers through his inky locks. "I really hate traveling by portkey."

The older man laughed. "I know what you mean. It's quite the stomach turning experience." He held out the small dragon statue that was the portkey this time. "But it's the only way we can get where we're going. They're not connected to the flew network."

Harry sighed and put his hand on the dragon's back. After a few minutes, he felt the familiar hook behind the navel feeling.

Draco growled, poking at the eggs on his plate. They had gone cold a long time ago.

His mother sighed. "Draco, darling, I really wish you would eat something."

The boy grumbled and stared at his plate.

"Please, Draco," she pleaded.

"I'm not hungry anymore." He pushed the plate away, eyeing the eggs distastefully. What did she want of him? He had already eaten the bacon and the sausage. Not to mention the steak. The eggs didn't interest him. Even the thought of eating them turned his stomach.

"Narcissa, darling, please stop pestering the boy."

She sighed again, realizing she had lost the fight. Breakfast continued a little longer before she looked up from her plate and smiled at her son. "So Draco, have you talked to Pansy lately?"

Draco's head shot up and he glared at his mother.

Lucius's fork dropped to the table with a loud clatter and he started to choke on the piece of steak he had just put in his mouth.

"Why?" The Shiverin questioned. His eyes darkened from molten slivery blue to pools of hurricane swept sea.

Lucius waved at his wife, trying to get her to shut up, but he was still coughing so he couldn't say anything. Why hadn't he told her about what happened last night?

"I was just curious. She is going to be your future wife after all." The noble woman said nonchalantly.

Stormy eyes became dark slits of anger as hands clenched the side of the table. "And who said anything about that?" He growled out the question.

"Now darling, you've known for a long time that we wished you to marry Pansy, her family is such good friends of ours."

He sneered, showing his fangs. "Good friends of yours, not mine."

"Draco." She said sternly. "How dare you?"

"No mother, how dare you?" The boy roared. Standing, he slammed his fists on the table, breaking it in half and dumping dishes on the floor.

"Now you listen here-" His mother started to berate him but was stopped by her husband pulling her back.

"Narcissa," he warned. He had finally stopped choking.

"No, you listen here mother. I will not marry that stupid cow. Why would I want to be saddled with someone that looks like a pug? I have seen Ogres that look better than her. And they are sure as hell brighter." The room started to reverberate with a loud shrieking noise and a burst of magic shattered the stained glass windows. "The only way that I would ever agree to this joining is if I had the misfortune of her being my mate. And I'm proud to say that there is no way that she is even close. There is only one person that will ever be close to me, only one person that I will spend the rest of my life with, and when I find him and finally make him mine, anyone who tries to break us apart better hope their on good standings in the after life because they won't live long." One more burst of energy and the doors to the room where blown off their hinges as he stomped out.

Narcissa stood staring at where her son once stood. Then she turned accusing silver eyes to her husband. "You bloody bastard, you could have told me." She yelled. Then slapped him hard across the face before she too stomped out of the room.

He stared at his wife's back until she turned down one of the many hallways in the manor. A sigh escaped his mouth and he returned his gaze to the broken table. Again, he sighed. They were going to need the house elves again.

Draco slammed the door to his room. The shrieking noise still continued as he paced back and forth. How could she, how could she even think about asking him that? He grabbed a chair and threw it against the wall. There is no way he would even think of touching that bitch. Another chair was shattered. No, he only wanted one person and one person only, his mate. A vase joined the mess of broken wood on the floor. He turned and slashed at the expensive curtains with his claws. A strong flap from his wings blew pictures off the wall causing a lot of the portraits to complain. He didn't care though. He so badly wanted to kill something right now, anything. He hissed and shredded the rest of the curtains. Didn't she realize how lucky he was? Most Shiverin never had a chance to find a mate, much less another Shiverin. He roared and brought his fist down on a table, shattering it. His anger was now boiling over. Why was it so unfair? He had felt his mate, felt their presence coarse through his veins but he couldn't remember who they were. He didn't even know what they looked like. An aching feeling started in his lungs and traveled through his entire body. He needed his mate. He needed to taste them, to feel them, to claim them. The other curtains were now shredded. But no matter how he had tried since last night, he couldn't sense them anymore.

"Damn it!" he roared and another vase exploded. "Where is he?" He asked no one in particular. He slashed the couch, ruining the soft black leather. "Why can't I find him? I need him, he's mine." He felt a slight calming sensation and the shriek returned to a high pitched trill as exhaustion started to take over. "Mine." He said again as he collapsed onto his bed. He pulled an overstuffed pillow closer and squeezed it to him. "I will find you." He whispered. "I will have you. You are mine and when I do find you, such pleasure will be ours." His now mercury eyes closed and he was soon fast asleep.

There was a slight popping noise and Harry and Remus appeared in a nice neat kitchen.

"Ah, we're here." Remus said with a smile.

"Harry." Two voices cried in unison and he was tackled from behind.

He stiffened slightly, but calmed down when he realized that it was Ron and Hermione. "Hi guys."

They turned him around to get a better look at their friend.

"Oh Harry, it's so good to see you." Hermione gushed.

"It's great to see you mate." Ron patted his smaller friend on the shoulder. Ron was now about six foot while Harry hadn't gotten any taller than five foot six.

The black haired boy stiffened again as the word 'mate' escaped his friend's mouth. What was going on? It never bugged him before when Ron called him that, but now the word seemed to bother him. No, not bother him, actually if sent shivers down his spine. It just didn't sound right coming from the red heads mouth.

Hermione touched his temple. "Harry, where are your glasses? Did you break them again?" She smiled. Her friend had bad luck with his glasses.

"No, I didn't break them again." He stated.

"Then where are they?" Ron questioned.

"Well, they're up in my trunk."
"Did you get contacts?" Hermione asked. She didn't think Harry's Aunt and Uncle would pay for contacts.

"No, it's just when I woke up this morning, I no longer needed them."

Ron's mouth fell open.

"How could that be?" Hermione asked cocking her head.

"Remus and I were thinking the exact same thing."

The werewolf stood beside the boy. "Actually Hermione, where is Dumbledore, I wanted to ask him about this and something else."
"He's in the living room talking to Mum and Dad." She pointed to the door behind her.

"Thank you." He exited the kitchen.

Harry watched him go. "Where are we exactly? Moony wouldn't tell me where we were going."

Hermione's face lit up. "We're at my house. Dumbledore agreed to let you stay the rest of the summer as long as Mum and Dad let him put up some wards. They didn't really care; they were looking forward to meeting you and Ron. They know you two are my best friends, I talk about you enough. But they only got to see you that once at Flourish and Blott's. They're looking forward to meeting you."

Suddenly a girl around eight-years-old came running into the kitchen. She had curly hair the same color as Hermione's, but her eyes were dark blue instead of brown. "Hermione, I hear another voice--oh…" She stared at the green eyed boy, then bounced and clapped her hands. "Is this Harry, ooh he's cute." She giggled.

A crimson hue spread across Harry's cheeks.

His brown haired best friend laughed. "Yes this is Harry. Harry this is my little sister, Brunhilda."

The girl held out here hand. "Pleased to meet you, and just call me Hildey, everyone else does. I could have killed my parents for calling me that."

"Nice to meet you, Hildey." He shook her hand.

Remus stuck his head in the kitchen. "Harry, could you guys please come out here. Dumbledore would like to talk to you."

As Harry, Hermione, and Ron were exiting the kitchen. Hermione's parents entered. "Hello, you must be Harry Potter." Hermione's mum said as she smiled.

"Yes ma'am."

Hermione's father shook his hand. "It's nice to meet you, finally. We've heard so much about you. It will be nice to get to know you later." He turned to his youngest daughter. "Come on Hildey, why don't we go get some ice cream."

"But I want to stay with Hermione and her friends." The eight-year-old whined.

Her mother smiled. "Not now Hildey. You can talk to them later. But right now they need to talk to their Headmaster alone."

"No fair." Hildey whined, stomping out the door.

"Sorry about that." Mrs. Granger sighed and followed her husband and daughter out the door.

Hermione's face fell.

"What's wrong Hermione?" Harry inquired his friend.

"I just feel sorry for Hildey. She wants to go to Hogwarts so bad. She keeps steeling my books. But so far she hasn't shown any signs of magic. I keep hoping it will show up, I don't want her to hate me because she didn't get to go. But what is the possibility of two Muggle born witches in one family?"

Harry couldn't help but remember his Aunt Petunia's reaction to his mother receiving her letter. Could it be possible that the only reason that Aunt Petunia hated his mother's magic so much was because she didn't receive a letter as well? That just didn't seem possible.

"Ah, Harry, my dear boy." Dumbledore's soft voice greeted them as they entered the living room. He motioned for the three of them to sit on the couch across from him.

"Hello Headmaster." The Gryffindor greeted, sitting down. Hermione sat on one side of him and Ron on the other.

"So Harry, I hear that something interesting happened this morning. It would seem that you no longer need your glasses?"
"No sir."

"Well, that's very interesting indeed." The old man said as he steepled his fingers together. The room was quiet.

Harry's emerald eyes glanced between the headmaster and the werewolf. What had the two of them talked about? But his thoughts were disrupted when he felt a surge of magical energy rage through his body and he swore he heard someone yelling. He cried out and grabbed his head as pain erupted behind his eyes.

"Harry?" Hermione yelled, grabbing her friends arm.

Her touch seemed to burn and the boy instinctively pulled away but Hermione had a good grip and had bunched her fingers up in the faded blue fabric of his shirt. Since the shirt was one of Dudley's hand-me-downs and was impossibly too big for the small boy, when Harry pulled away the neck line of the shirt was pulled down to expose his shoulder, revealing, for all them to see the spots that had appeared last night.

Hermione gasped.

"Merlin," Remus whispered across from the room.

"Shit." Ron hissed.

Dumbledore just raised a white eyebrow.

Harry didn't notice any of this. He fell off the couch to his knees and a sharp trill started to echo through the room. "No, please stop," he cried. This had to be worse than any pain he had felt during one of his Voldemort visions. He heard a voice that he though he recognized yell 'Mine.' "Yes yours." He cried, "All yours. Just please, stop." The trill softened to an almost hypnotic sound and a soft hum mixed in. The pain subsided slowly, and then stopped all together. He sat on the floor gasping for air, rubbing at his temples, trying to erase every last bit of the burning sensation. The trill quieted down, until it disappeared.

"Harry?" Ron touched his shaking friend. This time the seeker didn't pull away.

"I think we have our answer." Dumbledore's voice was quiet but steady. "Harry, do you remember anything from last night?"

The raven haired boy was helped back onto the couch by his two best friends. "Not really, sir. I think I remember hearing some sort of singing sound and maybe felt a little pain."

"Have you noticed the spots on your shoulders?" The Headmaster asked.

Green eyes opened wide. "What?" He ran to a mirror that was in the room pulling the neck line of his shirt down. "Bugger, where did those come from?"

The ancient man sighed. "It would seem that there was more to James and Lily than we thought."
Harry turned to face the man. "What does this have to do with my parents?"

The man sighed. "Harry, I know this is asking a lot, but could you please lift up your shirt so we could see your back."

Jade eyes turned to darkened slits but he did as the headmaster said. It wasn't like Ron and Hermione hadn't seen him without a shirt. He turned and pulled the edge of the shirt from his pants and lifted it till it covered his head revealing his back to the gaze of the others.

Hermione gasped at what she saw. The light brown spots started at Harry's shoulders but then gathered until they just ran down his spine and disappeared into the waste of his pants.

"Can I lower my shirt now?"
"Yes, we saw what we needed. It would seem, Harry, that your mother was not a muggle born like we thought, or this would not be possible."

"What's wrong Professor, have I got some sort of disease."

The headmaster laughed, his blue eyes sparkling. "No my dear boy, you do not have a disease. But I should say that you're not quite human either."

"What?" Harry's voice was incredulous.

"I have something to explain to the three of you and I need all of you to listen. There is a species known as the Shiverin."

"The Enchanters." Hermione said.

"Yes, Hermione." Dumbledore smiled. "They were known as such because of the soft trilling music they created could be so calming it could cause one to do anything for the Shiverin. But the Shiverin were also a very curious species, especially the Dominant Shiverin. They just couldn't keep their minds off the creatures they saw outside of their community and through many centuries, they traveled outside of their city walls and mated with other magical creatures. The Gorgons were created this way, and so were the Sirens. The Gorgons acquired the beauty of the species while the Sirens inherited their enchanting music. The problem came with their favorite matches, witches and wizards. Through the years and due to the fact that most left before they found a submissive Shiverin mate, the species all but died out. Even now, there are a few last pockets hidden in the wilds where they no longer come into contact with wizarding kind. But the damage has already been done and their numbers have never been able to recover. Even though Shiverin's do not interact with wizards and witches anymore, their legacy is still with us. The Shiverin blood line still runs through some of the pure blood Wizarding families, but it never shows up unless two people who carry the blood line produce children. These children, on their sixteenth birthday, will come into their inheritance. In other words, they will become a Shiverin."

By now Harry had sat back down and was staring shocked at his Headmaster.

"This, of course, is very rare, only resulting in one Shiverin birth every hundred years or so. And since there is no other Shiverin around, they are usually dominant. Of course, there is no submissive Shiverin for them to mate with, so they end up with a witch or wizard and the blood line goes dormant again. If there ever was a chance that two Shiverin were born at the same time, the older one would most likely by the dominant and the younger the submissive. Do you understand what I'm saying Harry?"

He nodded, still a bit shocked. "You're telling me that I'm one of these Shiverin. But how can that be, Mum was a muggle born."

"So we thought. But the only way that you could have been born a Shiverin is for both your parents to have carried the blood line, and the full blood Shiverin never mated with muggles, they saw them as below them, still do. I think we're going to have to do a little more research on your mother's family line."

"So, let me get this straight. I'm a Shiverin and somewhere out there is another Shiverin that could possibly be my mate. And if not I'll just find some nice witch and the blood line will go dormant again?"

The older man smiled sadly. "Well yes and no Harry. Yes, there is another Shiverin out there, and rather close by, I might add, or there is no way you could have felt them just now. Also, this is someone you've met before, or again, you wouldn't have been able to feel them."

"So it's someone at school?" Ron gasped.

"Most likely," the headmaster answered. "It's probably someone in your years since I don't know of any Shiverin in the older classes. It can be hidden for a while, but not that long. Especially if their dominant like I think."

"Hold on," Harry called, waving his hands in the air. "You just said that if two Shiverin were born at the same time that the older one would most like by dominant and the younger submissive. So, if you think that their dominant, that would make me…"

"The submissive, yes Harry."

"Wait no, I'm a guy."

"The dominant Shiverin is always a male, but the submissive can be either male or female."

Ron was confused. "So you're saying that Harry is destined to be with another bloke?"

"Yes Ron." The headmaster confirmed.

Harry groaned.

"But what if Harry's not the dominant's mate?" The red head said, trying to get his friend out of this.

"I think we got our answer earlier, Ron." Hermione explained to her stubborn friend.

The headmaster's intense blue eyes focused on the upset Shiverin. "Harry, do you remember what you said during your attack earlier?"

He nodded, not able to answer vocally because he knew exactly what he had said. But why, why did this have to happen to him?

The old man's face was grim. "Harry, why don't you go up and rest. I think this is a lot to take in for you."

"Yeah, you're right." He groaned, getting to his feet.

"Remus, would you please show Harry to his room?"

"Yes Albus." The werewolf took the boy by the arm and led him up the stairs.

The headmaster waited until the two of them were out of hearing range before he turned to Harry's friends. "Now, I expect you two to be there for Harry through this."

Hermione smiled. "You didn't even have to say anything, Professor."

"Thank you Hermione. I knew I could count on the two of you. He's going to be very emotional for a while, and it will just get worse over the next three months. So, don't take him too seriously if he gets mad at you. But be careful, if he feels threatened he just might attack and you don't want to take a bite from a submissive Shiverin. When cornered, their bodies create a poison that is very deadly. There is an antidote, which I'll make sure you both have a vile of on you at all times, and make sure you get it in you right away if you're bitten, or you'll be dead in ten minutes or less."

Ron gulped.

"So why are the next three months so important?" Hermione questioned.

"Because it's the first birthing cycle."

Now Ron blanched. "You mean that Harry--"

"Harry being the submissive Shiverin can carry children. It doesn't matter that he's a male. But the only way he can become pregnant is if he mates with a dominant Shiverin. In these three months his body is emitting hormones that are readying his body for the possible pregnancy. During these three months the Dominant will crave their mate even more than normal and will try to hunt them down no matter what. So we need to find them before that happens."

"You mean you don't know?"

"No Ron, I do not. Except for the few Shiverin that have been born into the wizarding community, no Shiverin has mated with a witch or wizard in over a thousand years. Even before Hogwarts was started, most birth records from that time have been lost, so we have no way of telling which families carry the Shiverin blood, or I would have known at least about James. That's another thing I need you two to be on the look out for. Even though Harry might fight this, he will be drawn to the other Shiverin. I need for you to watch for any signs that he's especially attracted to any certain person."

"Yes sir. But don't you think you should tell Harry about this?" Hermione inquired.

He smiled. "I won't have to, because I know you two will do it for me."

"What about the rest of the Gryffindors?" Ron spoke up. "I think it's going to become quite obvious if Harry starts to make that trilling noise again."

"Harry will no longer be sharing a dorm room with you. Due to his special circumstances, he'll have to have his own dorm. It is the song of the submissive Shiverin that gave the species, the Enchanters, their name. They can use it to calm down their mates, and excite them during-- well I don't think I should talk about that. But the song also has a very noticeable effect on humans and a long time ago diplomatic wizards and witches would sometimes bring a submissive Shiverin along with them to important meetings. They would use potions to force the poor creature to sing the other side into submission. That is why you can't tell anyone about Harry. It has been a long time since a submissive has been born into our world and I wouldn't want anyone to try to use him to their own gains. I wouldn't put it past Fudge, or even Voldemort to try."

Remus helped the exhausted boy into bed. He smiled sadly when he noticed Harry was already asleep before his raven head hit the pillow. He sighed and left the room.

Not long after, Harry started to squirm and groan in his sleep. Then the soft trilling noise started again. A soft moan escaped his throat and a soft hum mixed itself in with the trill.

"Mine." A voice whispered out of the shadows.

Harry just sat there look for the source of the voice. "Where are you?"

A pair of strong arms wrapped around his shoulder pulling him up until he was flush against a solid body.

"Right behind you," the other person growled, bringing his lips to the nape of his mate's neck. Then a soft tongue darted out tracing light circles on the sensitive flesh.

"Gods you taste good. And if this is just a dream I can't wait to see what you taste like for real." The other Shiverin hissed.

Harry moaned. He had never felt anything like this in his life. He never wanted it to end. But soon, both that wonderful tongue and those lips were pulled away. He cried out with the loss and the soft trill raised an octave.

"Don't worry. I'm not leaving you yet," the other Shiverin consoled. He turned the other boy in his arms around so he could look him straight in the face. Silver eyes went wide.

"Merlin," he hissed.

"Malfoy,"Harry gasped. A part of him told him to pull away from the other. This was Malfoy, his enemy for six years.

To say Draco was surprised was an understatement. He knew his mate was a male, but he had not expected Harry Potter. He found it surprising that he didn't find it repulsive one bit. This was his mate, it didn't matter who it was, he was his. He felt the smaller boy tense up as if to pull away and he quickly wrapped his arms around the small waist, pulling Harry flush against his body. "Where do you think you're going?" He bit at his mate's neck.

"But Malfoy, it's..."

"For one thing, it's Draco from now on. And I don't care if we were enemies you're mine now and I refuse to let you run away." He bit again a little harder. That was sure to leave a mark.

"All mine," Draco moaned. He slipped his hands under Harry's already untucked shirt, running warm fingers up and down his side.

Harry mewled and threw his head back. Wonderful sensations were running through his body from those talented fingers.

"Mine," Draco growled again. He removed one hand from under his mate's shirt and grabbed the back of the smaller boys head. Pulling it back he brought his lips crashing down on his mate's already separated ones. His tongue slipped into the Gryffindor's mouth and he was in heaven. His mate's song softened, becoming both hypnotic and sensual at the same time and the dominant Shiverin could feel the effects on his body right away. He wasn't sure how long he was going to last at this rate.

Harry moaned against his lips and squirmed, bringing his body closer to Draco's. No matter how much he wanted to fight this, he thirsted for it at the same time, and he was loosing that will to fight very quickly.

Soon, they had to pull away for lack of air. This was a dream right, so why did air matter?

Draco's warm lips trailed down his Harry's jaw line to that tempting neck. He pulled away only long enough to remove that offending shirt. A satisfied smile spread across his face as he felt his mates shaking fingers working at the buttons of his. He returned his lips to that delightful neck. Nipping and sucking, he quickly left a small trail of love bites, all of which led to one large one that he made sure would stay for a while, marking his ownership. He wondered if it would be there when Harry woke up. He heard his mate gasp and then soft exploratory fingers started to wander over his now bare chest. "Gods that feels good," he said hoarsely. He slipped his arms around Harry's body and ran his nails from the nice strong shoulders down his mate's spine tracing the light spots. This was obviously a sensitive area because Harry suddenly arched his back bringing their bare chests together. Both of them let out a loud moan.

"Mine my raven haired beauty." Draco knew that the scales on his arms had appeared and he was pretty sure that his pupils were now little slits again. He stared down into Harry's half lidded ones and saw that his mate's pupils had also become like a cat's. He brought his hand up and brushed the palm against Harry's cheek. His mate mewled and closed his eyes leaning his cheek into the hand. Then he turned and he licked at Draco's palm.

Turning away from the hand he lifted his face up to look at his dominant. "Please Draco," he pleaded. His tongue darted out to wet his kiss swollen lips. He arched his back pushing, himself against the taller boy's body. His small hands found their way down the lithe strong body to the button of Draco's pants where they were fidgeting nervously.

The Dominant Shiverin growled. His mate's intentions were quite clear, and who was he to deny his dear sweet Harry anything? With a guttural moan, he captured his mate's sweet mouth with his own and quickly removed every last bit of clothing that either of them were wearing. Desperate hands roamed each others bodies. As he tasted every last bit of his submissive's skin, Harry's song became higher and higher until ecstasy took over them both.

In two different rooms two boys shot up in bed, sweat covering their bodies and the after affects of love making still lingering behind.

Harry groaned and flopped back down, feeling his neck for any tender areas. Sure enough, there was. It would seem that this dream was almost as real as it seemed. He lifted up his blanket and sighed, at least his clothes were still on. He let himself fall limply back, what was he going to do now? There was no way he could deny this. How would he react when he came face to face with Draco at school? Again, he groaned. This was not good. Hermione and Ron were going to kill him. But even so, he couldn't help a soft smile.

Draco wore a self satisfied smile. He now knew who his mate was and it was wonderful. He could still feel his mate's essence running through his body, and even though it had been a dream, Harry's taste was still on his lips. He couldn't wait to get to school and meet his Harry face to face. That is, if he could wait that long. If not, he might just have to hunt down that beautiful Gryffindor and claim him rightfully before then. But for now, he would have to settle for the dreams. He also had to make sure that his father didn't find out. He knew his father cared for him, but he wasn't sure how far his devotion to his family went over his devotion to his lord. No, he couldn't let the Dark Lord know about his mate. He had read the books; he knew how they had used submissive Shiverin in the past, and there was no way in hell he was going to let that happen to his Harry. His father knew there was a submissive Shiverin out there, but he wasn't going to get a name. Not until Draco had his mate personally where he could protect him.

The blonde sighed.

"My sweet, little angel. Don't worry, I'll protect you. You're mine, after all, can't have someone taking you from me."