Title: Harry Potter and the Shiverin Descendent

Author: Angel Lain

Chapter: 9

Pairing: DM/HP

Rating: R to NC17

Summary: See chapter 1

Warning: Unbeta read

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and I have nothing left to say about that except "Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!" (Sorry I'm reading the first book again when I wrote this. Actually the British version it's so much fun. I have one question though what is a 'mint humbug?')

Well on with the chapter

Harry Potter and the Shiverin Descendent Chapter 9

Ron and Hermione were waiting for Harry when he exited the train.

"So how you feeling?" Hermione asked her friend.

Harry smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

"That good huh?" Ron commented. But even he knew that this was a good sign. Their friend had been so worked up before they had left for the prefect meeting he had half expected to see him in tears when they were reunited.

"So was Draco a real gentleman?" Hermione asked with a giggle.

Harry let out a quiet squeak and his cheeks were painted an appealing pink.

"Oh heavens Hermione I don't want to know about that." Ron groaned as the three of them found an empty carriage. Harry stopped to pat their Thestral on the nose the animal neighed softly in thanks.

"Ronald Weasley you are such a prude." Hermione admonished her friend.

He crossed his arms and glared at her. "Just because I'm not interested in my friend's bedroom activities, and I emphasize the word bedroom, doesn't make me a prude. Did you ever think that Harry might want to keep what goes on between him and Malfoy a secret?"

"Come on Ron I wasn't asking anything personal was I Harry."

The green eyed Gryffindor sighed. Those two really needed to just get it over with and kiss each other. But he really didn't want to start a fight so he kept his ideas to himself. "No I guess you weren't.
Oh I almost forgot. Draco would like to see you later." He said to his bushy haired friend.

"Huh, me?" She questioned pointing to her self a confused expression on her face.

"Yeah why would the ferret want to talk to Hermione?" Ron asked and then right away regretted it because Harry had turned on him instantly eyes blazing with anger and his fangs bared. "Now Harry I didn't mean any thing by it you know I've always called Malfoy ferret since fourth year." But this didn't do much to placate the submissive who felt as if his mate had been insulted.

"Ron." Hermione warned through gritted teeth. Ron was known for speaking without thinking but if he didn't shut up soon he was going to need to use that antidote sooner than they thought. And then she would be also put into the position of having to use hers. For if Harry was agitated enough to attack one person in an enclosed carriage he might not be able to control himself and not take his wrath out on her as well. By now the red head was thoroughly flustered and when Ron got flustered his brain completely shut off and he would say really stupid things. Stupid things that could possibly get himself killed. And if Harry's stiff posture and the wind blowing fiercely through the carriage was any sign. She had no choice she had to step in now. "Harry." She called grabbing him by the shoulders and forcing him to face her. "Focus on me Harry focus here." She ordered pointing at her eyes. She could feel the magic vibrating through her friend his breath coming in shallow fast intervals. "Focus Harry you need to focus. Ron didn't mean anything by that you know it. Come on Harry deep cleansing breaths." But no matter what she did it wasn't working. With a growl she pulled the necklace that Draco had given him out from under his shirt and pulled up the pendant so that he could focus on it. "Look here Harry think of your mate think of Draco. He would just insult Ron back call him Weasel or Stupid Jack Ass."

"Hey." Ron complained what she said getting through his foggy brain.

"Not now Ron." Even though what she really wanted to tell him was that it was the truth.

Harry's Jade eyes focused on the necklace that was held in front of his face. The small dragon though upside down seemed to be staring him right in the face. But in his mind the sleek form of the dragon was replaced by another dragon, his dragon, his mate. "Draco." He whispered.

"Yes Harry Draco, your mate, your dominant focus on him. He is the one that protects you who loves you let him deal with Ron."

"HEY!" Ron was starting to get even more agitated. Sure he admitted that he had been stupid in insulting Malfoy right in front of Harry right now. The smaller Gryffindor was becoming much more protective of the Icy Slytherin as the birthing cycle neared the end. He really hoped that when it was all done and over with that Harry was more like his normal self at least until next year. This really was going to put a damper on any chance that they had of celebrating Harry's birthday normally from now on.

Harry took in deep breaths the necklace now completely encompassing his entire line of sight. "I want Draco." He whispered pitifully tears starting to stream down his cheeks. "I…I…I oh gods Hermione am I always going to be like this?" He was crying uncontrollably now and no matter how hard he tried he just couldn't stop. "Gods I'm pitiful." He sobbed.

"Harry." Hermione warned. "Stop thinking like that right this instant. Or do I need to get Draco in here to kick your ass?"

He actually looked at her with what could only be interpreted as a hopeful look. "Could you, get him in here I mean, I don't need him to get my ass kicked." His crying had calmed down a bit by now. But He still had this terrible need for his mate. He wasn't sure what he was going to do with the blond so close to him everyday at school. He wanted the other Shiverin so much but weren't the Dominants supposed to be the horny ones. Of course the fact that he was now into his third month and had yet to be bonded was a major contributing factor. His hormones were getting the better of him and yelling at him to bed his mate soon. Something he would have been appalled by just a couple months before hand. But now it seemed to be the most natural thing in the world and he would like nothing more than to jump his mate the first chance he got. But he couldn't Draco was the dominant he was the one that had to take the initiative. Harry felt like hitting himself how was it that he had become so subservient to the blond? When was it that what Draco wanted became so important to him? But even as he berated himself for being so wishy washy when it came to the Slytherin he could feel his heart swell with love for his dominant. But what he didn't know was how much longer he could wait for Draco to finally complete the bond.

Draco growled low in his throat as he tried his hardest not to kill the people that he had decided to share a carriage with. In all reality he would have liked nothing more than to have jumped into the same carriage as his mate. But if they were trying to keep this a secret for now it would not have been a very good idea for the two of them to arrive at the school together. The other students might not be able to add it all together. But the head master and the other teachers, well maybe not Trelawney, but the others should be able to put it together. No he had to stay away from his mate for now while they were in the public eye. Of course there were still plenty of dark corners, shadowed alcoves, secret rooms, not to mention the ever convenient empty class rooms, and didn't Harry say something about having his own room this year. Oh yes he wouldn't have to deny himself completely of his lovely angel. Even the thought of it was causing noticeable distress in his lower regions. He was just glad that he was already wearing his school robe and not one his more luxurious ones from home that were made of a lighter more revealing fabric. He wouldn't want to have to explain to the other Slytherins in the carriage why he had burgeoning erection at this moment. He would probably want to kill them even more than he wanted to at this moment. If another one of the arses said one more derogatory thing about his mate he would not be responsible for what he did. Most likely he would settle for decapitation or if it was another male they might get a forceful circumcision. But letting the cat out of the bag in that fashion would do neither him nor Harry any good. To have the proclaimed Prince of Slytherin protecting a Gryffindor, not to mention the one that had been tagged the Gryffindor poster child, would not be a good idea. No instead he had to sit here clenching his fists trying his hardest to not rip his house mates into shreds or at least not tear off any part of essential anatomy. He relied mostly on erotic visions of his mate to keep him even somewhat in line.

"Draco, Draco." He felt some one taping him on the top of his head. Without even thinking he turned around and grabbed the offending person's writs and squeezing hard. He knew that he shouldn't be doing this but this person had taken him away from some very tantalizing thoughts of his beloved. "Ouch!" the person cried.

"Draco what the hell are you doing? You're going to break Theodore's wrist!" Blaise Zambini yelled trying to pull his friend off of their housemate.

The blond Slytherin glared at his darker haired friend and then forcefully threw Nott's arm back at the boy's chest. "Don't ever touch me unless given permission Nott." He growled easily falling back into his Slytherin tyrant mode. "Only a select few are allowed to touch me and I'm sorry to say that you are not one of them." With that he returned to looking out the window at the ever growing dark silhouette that was Hogwarts castle.

Yes this was going to be an interesting year and he couldn't wait to see what happened. But more importantly he couldn't wait to claim Harry and make the beautiful boy completely his forever. His entire body tingled at the thought of him and Harry finally completing the bond. He envisioned an entire night of pleasure with just him and his mate locked away in a room a large plush bead completely at their disposal. Oh and silk sheets had to have silk sheets that was always important. The way the fine material slid along ones skin was erotic in its own right but adds that to the act of making love to the most beautiful person in the world. He shuddered almost coming with just the vision those thoughts produced. Another shudder shook his body as another very arousing picture took over his thoughts. He imagined what it would be like after they had bonded. He pictured Harry sitting on a couch in what he assumed to be his idea of their dream home. His love looked up at from the magazine he was reading and smile at him lovingly. Then he would get a surprised look on his lovely face and a hand would find its way to his nicely rounded stomach. Then he would smile even brighter as the babies that they had conceived during their bonding kicked again revealing their anxiousness to get out into the world. He fought to suppress a deep moan at the thought of his mate with child. Oh yes he had no doubt about it that Harry would be unbelievably sexy all rounded and full of the life that he himself had seeded within him.

"Draco darling are you alright? Your not coming down with a cold or anything are you?"

He turned quickly and growled at the annoying creature that was Pansy Parkinson then just as quickly returned to looking out the window determined to ignore the others for the rest of the ride. He didn't even care that Pansy had started to cry and was not having to be comforted by Theodore Nott.

Remus Lupin wiped his hands on his slacks again trying to wipe away the sweat that kept forming on his palms. The students would be arriving soon and he was feeling quite nervous about the idea of teaching again. He didn't understand why he was so agitated though it wasn't like he hadn't taught before. And many of his students would be old acquaintances from the last time. Of course there were three years of new students he was going to have to get used to and not to mention this time it was common knowledge that he was a Werewolf. He didn't know how the children would take to the idea of someone that was practically part animal teaching them. Even worse the parents knew as well. He wondered how Dumbledore got it past concerned parents the fact that a creature that most of them saw as dark would be teaching their kids.

"Remus my dear man please calm down everything will be fine."

The younger man sighed he knew that now would probably be the only time to voice his worries to the Headmaster. "But Albus I really don't see how it would be alright with Parents, that spoke against me only three years before hand, for me to be teaching their children now."

Blue eyes sparkled and the ancient wizard smiled at him. "Actually if I remember right you gave your letter of resignation before the parents even had a chance to react to the idea that a werewolf had been teaching here."

"Of course I did I've been around long enough to know how others react to those with my…uhm affliction. They probably would have demanded my removal any how even without Lucius's help."

It was Albus' turn to sigh now. "Well actually I hate to say we did get some letters saying that they didn't want a werewolf teaching their children. It's sad that no matter how qualified the person is, and you are more than qualified Remus, there are always going to be those that can not get over their prejudice. But we also received many notes of support and gratitude from many parents for all that you had done for their children. It would seem that the students were quite vocal of their thoughts about their new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. Many parents had received notes filled with their children saying how nice it was to finally have a professor for the class that actually knew about the subject they were teaching. Merlin knows that the teachers vying for the spot are few and far between. Well actually to be truth full there are absolutely no other teachers that want the spot."

"Albus are you telling me that the only reason that you hired me was because you couldn't find anyone else to take a position that is pretty much hailed as cursed in the intellectual sphere?"

The old man smiled and laughed. "Of course not my dear man I would never do a thing like that. I hired you back on because you are more than qualified to teach the curriculum. You proved that the first time. Also out of all the professors that have taken the position in the last five years you are the only one who left willingly of your own accord. All the others have had what we could call some rather unfortunate problems or never made it to begin with as is the case of Alastor. Well actually I think I hired Barty Crouch Jr. there so I guess you could say that the right man did arrive for the position. But I assure you I would never have hired him if I …."

"ALBUS!" The last Marauder cried getting tired of the old mans rambling.

The Headmaster laughed again. "Remus if I didn't think that you were capable of the job I most likely would have finally caved and have given it to poor Severus. Merlin knows he's wanted it long enough. But I believe that he his true usefulness lies in the position of Potions Master. I daresay that I would be hard pressed to find anyone that knows as much about drafts and poisons as that man does."

"Even if he is a spiteful git who holds a grudge worse than anyone I know." The werewolf growled.

"Now Remus be nice. I'm sure the feelings between you and Severus are mutual. If I remember right you two didn't get along even when you were students at Hogwarts yourself."

"I'm not talking about me Albus. I was referring to his hatred of Harry. He can't get over the fact that Harry looks even the slightest like James. He has made that poor boys life hell since he stepped in this school all because he reminds him of an old school rival."

"Yes I've talked with him about that. And even though I agree it was needed in the past…"

"Needed how could that be needed? The idea that he hates a child because of who sired him is a preposterous thing."

"Of course it was needed Remus. Harry has become very attached to all the staff here at Hogwarts. He sees the school as his home and the staff as sort of the parental figures that he has never had. If Severus had been nice to Harry from the beginning it might have been very detrimental for them both when Voldemort revived in Harry's fourth year. No with there even being a chance that The Dark Lord would eventually return Severus had to keep himself emotionally unattached to the boy or risk being found out as a spy." But now Dumbledore frowned. "Unfortunately I think I might have inadvertently put a wrench into the entire plan, as the muggles would say. I have spoken with Severus about Harry's most recent predicament and explained that the way he normally treats the lad would most likely no longer be a good idea. But due to so certain circumstances I am not at liberty to speak about I believe the wall that has kept his emotional attachment at bay has now been breeched. I am actually now relying on his hatred for the boy's father to keep things at least somewhat the way they were. Or at least so that it seems so on the surface."

"Wait a minute are you telling me you want him to still hate Harry? Do you really think that's such a good idea? The poor kid is already emotional enough if Snape starts yelling at him again who knows what could happen."

"Severus is well aware of Harry's condition even more so than you may think. I can only hope that he treads delicately and doesn't cause any major problems that can not be fixed. No the major problem that we have at this moment is that we have absolutely no idea who Harry's mate is. And that bothers me even more. He will be the one uncontrollable factor in this whole thing. And because we do not know what to look for he will be a danger too everyone in the school. He will be overly protective of Harry and if any one does anything to upset his submissive we could have a really big problem on our hands."

"SHUT UP!" Draco roared. That was it he'd had it these stupid idiots had insulted his mate once again. No one absolutely no one got away with calling his love a whore unless they wanted their heads torn from their necks.

"What the hell is wrong with you Draco?" Blaise asked. "Since when did you care that we insulted Potter and his bloody friends?"

Through his anger the realization of the mistake he had just made slipped into Draco's mind. Gods he was going to need to do some quick covering up to keep up the charade that he still hated Harry. Then he did something that paned him greatly he insulted his mate. "I'm just tired of hearing about the Fucking Golden Boy Potter that's all." Draco wanted to rip his own heart out right then and there. His beloved didn't deserve anything like that to be said about him. Harry was the most perfect, lovely and sexy person in the whole entire world. Sure he knew what was doing was for the better for both of them but that didn't make it feel any better. It seemed to work though since the others in the carriage seemed to except this excuse for his strange behavior. But Harry did not deserve the kind of treatment that he was getting in this carriage. He would just have to make it up to his lovely mate later when they had a chance to be alone together. A little extra cuddling should do the trick or perhaps he could kiss Harry all over his wonderfully delicious body and give him the submissive the greatest orgasm the boy had ever had in his life. He shivered slightly again, oh yes, that thought certainly had merits for the both of them.

"Draco." Pansy shrieked realizing the other Slytherin had been ignoring her again.

He growled and returned to looking out the window not even glancing at the annoying woman. He was too pissed at the moment to not kill the bitch. Leave it to her to have one of the few voices that could ruin a glorious hard on and the lovely visions that induced it. Nope Draco really didn't want to talk to her right now all he wanted to do was pout and hope they got to Hogwarts soon so he could get away from these annoying people. Why was it that he didn't realize just how down right immature his house mates could be about the Gryffindors until this year? He felt sick to his stomach to with the realization that he had been one of those narrow minded twits just last year. It's amazing how love could change some one so drastically.

It wasn't long, or at least that's how it felt to Harry, before they had arrived at the ancient castle that was their beloved school. Normally he would be as excited as any of the other students if not more so to enter the stone structure and make his way to the beginning feast. But for once he could honestly say that he wasn't looking forward to walking through those large wood doors. He had spent the entire summer worrying how people would react to him if they knew what he had become. How would the wizarding world react at the idea that The-Boy-Who-Lived, their savoir, their supposed only chance they had against the all encompassing evil that was Lord Voldemort, had become a week creature who was overly dependent on another just to keep his emotions in check? He could feel the tears pool in his eyes and he had a sudden urge to turn and run the other direction. He wasn't sure where he would go just as long as it wasn't Hogwarts where he would have to be among all those people. He wasn't sure he could stand everyone staring at him this year. Sure they would be staring at him because he was The-Boy-Who-Lived. But he couldn't help but think that some of them would see through the mask he had been trying to keep up almost all summer and see him for what he really was he didn't think he could handle that right now. Even all the new first years staring at him like they normally did would probably set him off.

He stopped dead in his tracks and just stood there and started at the large wooden doors that normally allowed entrance into the one place that he thought of as his true home. But now they seemed to be holding his doom at bay. Caging in everything that threatened to disturb what little hold he already had on his fragile emotions. He started to hyperventilate and the world around him started to spin.

"Harry?" Hermione questioned her friend noticing him swaying slightly back and forth.

"I can't…I can't." He stuttered his brain becoming completely fogged he was unable to even think straight.

Ron had to catch him when he suddenly stumbled back wards his song started high pitched but still quiet. And for now it had gone unnoticed by the other students who had all entered the school.

"Well don't just stand their Ron." Hermione ordered.

"Huh?" He asked dumbly holding his small friend a little closer as Harry started to shake.

"Get him off the main thorough fare." She ordered with an exasperated sigh.

"Oh yeah." Ron commented and picking Harry up and carried him off the road to a shadowed area were no one would see them. But they could still hear them and if Harry's song didn't stop soon the entire school was going to find out about his new condition a lot sooner than they wanted.

"Damn stupid idiots." Draco grumbled to himself kicking at some loose pebbles on the dirt path way leading to the castle. He had deserted his so called friends a while back sighting that their idiocy annoyed him to no end and that he felt sick just being around them. Pansy had of course whined stating that she would never leave her Drakies side. He had really felt like throwing up right then. He had told her where to shove her stupid simpering sentiments and shoved the bitch on her way literally. He smiled at the sight of her falling flat on her face into the dirt the gritty substance completely covering her piggish features. Oh yes she was pissed beyond compare her pureblood pride hurt more than her physical body was itself. She had tried to gain her composure and put on a haughty attitude as she lifted herself off the ground but her entire air of superiority was completely crushed when she tripped on her own feet and fell right back on her face. He couldn't help but laugh especially since she had broken out in tears right after wards and pushed herself up and took off running all thoughts of dignity completely forgotten. Hopefully the memory of this humiliation would be enough to deter her affections towards him and make this year at least bearable when it came to her. Maybe she would also realize that it wasn't a good idea to hang on him all the time and would keep her distance. The last thing he needed was for his already over emotional mate to see the Slytherin slut hanging on his arm. No that would never do Harry would have a nervous break down for sure especially in his unbonded state. No the last thing he wanted was to upset his beautiful Harry even more than the boy already was.

He cried when a feeling of complete fear coursed through him. "What the hell…oh Gods Harry?" Something was wrong with his love he had to get to him and fast. At this moment the fact that someone might see them didn't matter to him he had to be with his mate no matter what.

Harry was completely in hysterics now. He couldn't get over the stress that everyone would completely find out what he was and they would hate him for it. Or even worse he would be eve more watched than he was now never allowing him to have a private moment. They already expected great things from him what would they expect from him if they knew what he was now? And would they agree with the one that he chose to be with to love and spend his life with. He was their savior their only chance at salvation could they handle him being in love with a guy and a Slytherin at that. He shook and curled into a tighter ball. Like everyone else in this school he had been placed into a certain house the first day that he had arrived. On that day a certain social construct had been placed on them all. It was a stigma that was to fallow them all of their lives a certain position in life they were supposed to hold fast to. But was it possible for one to break out of that social construct to fight the way of life that was forced on them. It wasn't that he wanted to be a Slytherin heavens no but the belief that Gryffindors and Slytherins were supposed to hate each other and never join together was something he couldn't agree with any more. How could he when it was quite obvious that Draco loved him with everything he had and he felt the same about his silver haired dominant. But how would the wizarding world view him after they found out that he was forever bonded to the Slytherin ice prince, the son of a proven Deatheater, and one that many of them saw as completely evil. Would they allow their savior to be with whom he chose or would they try to shove the two of them back into the social construct that had been placed on them at such a young age? No he refused he would not give up Draco now that he had found him not now that they knew love. No he would not give up Draco even if Dumbledore told him he had to. He would fight to stay with his mate at all costs.

And even thought the human side of him was certain that Dumbledore would never do anything that would intentionally harm him. And taking him from his mate would definitely cause harm if not physically then mentally. But the uncertainty that now faced him at the beginning of the new school year was starting to get to him.

"I can't do this guys I can't go in there." He whispered quietly tears flowing down his cheeks. "I don't belong their anymore."

"Harry that's not true." Hermione tried to argue.

"No it's true they won't accept me, they won't accept me and Draco being together I can't take it."

"You can not be sure about that." She tried again.

"Yeah Har…" Ron tried to back their friend but he was interrupted when Harry wrenched himself from his arms.

"NO! You don't understand you'll never understand." He cried.

"HARRY!" A masculine voice called from down the path way.

Harry didn't have to see the source of that voice to know who it was. "Draco!" He cried getting to his feet he made to leave the seclusion of the shadows but someone was holding on to his arm. He growled and turned to see a red headed figure holding on to him holding him back keeping him away from his mate. He tried to pull away a deep growl coming from his throat.

Ron lifted his head blue eyes burning into the angry emerald of his best friend then said something that proved his love and loyalty to his friend. "Malfoy get your ass over here before Harry bites me and then jumps you out in the open were anyone can see from the castle." He still didn't like Malfoy but he knew what his friend needed and if it was the platinum eyed teen then he wouldn't stand in the way. But he would not allow Harry's hormone ridden mind to jeopardize the boys own life and there were those in the castle that would be more than willing to report Harry's condition to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. No he needed to keep Harry here in the shadows even at the risk of his own health. He could feel his smaller friend becoming even more agitated with every minute he was kept from his Dominant. If that damn ferret didn't get here soon Harry was sure to snap soon and he would have to deal with one seriously bad bite. He didn't think he could ever be happier to see the annoying blond than when he saw the other Shiverin run into the light flooding from the castle.

"DRACO!" Harry cried again reaching out for the blond with his free hand.

The Slytherin focused instantly on his mate and he didn't like what he saw. The Weasel was restraining his beloved. Sure Weasley was Harry's best friend but he didn't like the idea of anyone holding back his Angel. It brought up to many bad visions of Harry being captured by the full blooded Shiverin. "Weasley I suggest you let go of my mate right now." He ordered the other Gryffindor.

"Happily." Ron said releasing his smaller friend.

Harry immediately ran to his mate and threw himself into the taller boy's arms.

Draco kissed the crown of Harry's head and then pulling his love closer he leaned his cheek against the top of Harry's head. "What's wrong love why are you so upset?" Draco asked his angel but the boy didn't answer choosing instead to burry his face in his mate's chest.

"Harry does…" Ron started to explain but Draco interrupted him.

"I don't want to hear it from you Weasley." He still was pissed at the red head for restraining his mate even if it was a good cause he couldn't forget the fear it had raised in the pit of his stomach.

"Hey." Ron said.

Hermione raised her hand to placate him this was not the time to agitate either of the two Shiverin. "Harry doesn't want to go into the school Draco."

The blond was shocked he knew how much his Raven haired Angel loved the old school why would he refuse to enter? "Why Harry?" He shook his head slightly when he saw Hermione open her mouth to answer he wanted to hear it from Harry. But for right now the boy was refusing to speak instead he seemed determined to bring himself so close to Draco that they would become one person. And boy was his body reacting to his mate being so close. He could feel hardness starting to form in his pants again, his heart beat speed up and his inner thermostat must be off because he was heating up like crazy. But he needed to keep his mind clear if he was going to get to what was bothering his little mate. "Harry?" He asked again this time a little more forcefully hopping that Harry's submissive side was a little more in control right now. He felt his mate jerk slightly and felt bad for upsetting him but he needed to get the answer.

"I…I..." He buried his face even further into Draco's chest. "I…I...just can't do it Draco I can't go in there. What if they don't accept me what if they look down on me for not being human. You heard how they react to werewolves what if that is how they react to the idea that I'm a submissive Shiverin." He started to cry the tears sticking Draco's shirt to his skin. "They'll hate me I'm a week submissive creature that can't even defend himself. But they all expect me to be some great savior that is going to defeat the greatest evil that the wizarding world has seen for a long time." He pulled away and looked up at his dominant. "How am I supposed to do that if I can't even control my own feelings?"

Draco lifted his hand and grabbed Harry's chin forcing the other Shiverin to look him in the face. "Harry my lovely Kérta how can you think that they will hate you they don't even know that you're a Shiverin. And if they do find out and they treat you differently then I'll just have to kick all their asses. I will not have anyone upsetting my mate." He stated and kissed his loves lips lightly.

Ron made a choking noise and turned his face away from his friend and the other boy Hermione just laughed at his reaction.

But Harry was not placated he was still filled with dread at the very idea of stepping into the school.

Draco could still feel the fear that flowed through his loves thoughts and felt and anger for the entire wizarding world fill him. How could they have done this to his love how could they have put so much pressure on some one so young? His beloved had been told that he was the only that could defeat the Dark Lord but if Draco had his way his mate would never see that evil man ever again. If he could he would love to take Harry away from all this to find some secluded little place where it could just be the two of them together with their growing family. But no matter how much he would like to take Harry away and protect him from the outside world and what they wanted of him he knew that it wasn't possible. He could never provide for Harry as he would like if he didn't become a full fledged wizard and that would not be possible if he didn't finish school. No they would have to finish their schooling first before he would be able to take his mate away from all this.

"Harry listen to me you are going to stop crying, dry your tears and go in there and act like nothing has happened." Draco said in a tender yet demanding voice. "All you are doing now is getting your self all worked up. The only people in that castle that know what you are are Weasley, Granger, Dumbledore and most likely the teachers. I very much doubt that any of them are going to care that you're not exactly human. And I know for sure that at least two of them don't give a damn that you're with me." He glanced at Ron and Hermione over Harry's shoulder his silver gaze daring them to say other wise.

Ron just glared back at him and stuck his tongue out at the blond basically telling him without words that they would do nothing to hurt Harry and that he could just fuck off.

The blond just smirked and turned his attention back to his mate. "Here you go love." He whispered handing him a handkerchief.

Harry smiled and took the proffered cloth and used it to wipe the wetness from his face. He giggled when he felt the unmistakable smoothness of silk. Only his dominant would carry silk handkerchiefs.

"Is there something you find funny Mr.?" Draco asked poking Harry in the stomach.

"I'm going to ruin this you know." He stated waving the white fabric through the air.

Draco pulled his beloved to him again. "That doesn't matter to me Angel all that matters is that you're feeling better."

Harry's green eyes locked with his mate's and he felt him self falling into endless silver. He had a sudden urge to grab the blond and kiss him for all he was worth. He wanted nothing more at this moment to loose himself among the sensations that His Only could milk from his body with his skillful hands. He shivered at the very thought of those talented slender fingers wandering all over his body discovering all his hidden sensitive spots. The slightest pressure capable of prompting sounds that he didn't even know he was capable of making. Moaning, crying, screaming, mewling, keening, and sighing each only causing the Dominant to become even more aroused and making him even more determined to see what other sounds he could coax from the submissive.

A lovely heat started to form in his stomach and he had to fight even harder to suppress his urges to jump his mate right there in front of the school. The idea that Hermione and Ron were right there and would be privy to the entire thing did wonders to squash the erection that had started to form. Seriously if Draco didn't bond him soon Harry was certain that he was going to have to do something drastic and he really didn't think that the Dominant would appreciate that. The blond had to be in control that was the way it had to be and he understood that but the submissive in him was really starting to get anxious. Even though his more rational human side understood that Draco loved him and wouldn't leave him. His more subservient and emotional Shiverin side found the fact that his mate hadn't bonded him yet unnerving and it was starting to win out more and more much to his chagrin.

"Harry-Harry angle are you ready to go in?" Draco questioned the smaller boy his smile sweet and loving.

Harry felt his heart flutter and this time a different warmth flowed through him. It wasn't the intense all consuming burning heat of lust and passion which threatened to consume one from with in. This was a soft pleasing warmth that stroked you from the inside and spoke of undying love and protection forever. It was the kind of warmth that reminded Harry that Draco loved him no matter what and that they would one day be together completely and nothing could stop that. And it was that smile that gave him the strength to finally make daring steps into the castle and face what ever was to come. Because even if Draco wasn't right beside him he knew that his love would be there for him in the end. But He couldn't find away to bring himself to say all this to His Only so he only nodded.

Draco smiled even brighter and pulled his mate to him and kissed him deeply. Pulling away he ran his hands lightly up and down Harry's arms. "Weasel…eh Ron…"

All three of the Gryffindor trio gasped in amazement at Draco's use of Ron's first name.

"Would you mind please taking Harry in to the great hall? I need to talk to Hermione and I don't think he should be alone at the moment."

"Uh…yeah…sure." The red head stuttered but taking his friend gently by the arm he led him into the castle.

Harry went with him willingly but he couldn't keep from glancing back over his shoulder at his mate. What could the Slytherin want with Hermione? That and the fact that his love had just used both his friend's first name now had him completely and utterly confused.

Draco waited until he was certain that his beloved couldn't hear him anymore and then turned to the walnut haired Prefect. "Well I think it's quite obvious now that I'm going to have to bond him even sooner than I had originally planned." He said with a sigh.

"Is there something wrong with that?" She asked.

He shook his head and ran his hands through his hair. "No it's not like I don't want to bond with him. Gods more than anything I want us to finally be mated completely together in all ways imaginable. But I don't want to force him and I had planned at least to wait until after the first Hogsmeade weekend. That would be my first chance to make a special trip to Knockturn alley. I'm sure that my father would be willing to write to Dumbledore to give special permission for the trip."

She cocked her head. "Why would you need to make a trip to Knockturn alley?" The only thing she had heard about the place was that it was dark and dreary and a perfect haunt for any kind of evil which or wizard imaginable. But she was even more surprised to see the powerful Slytherin blush.

"Uh…well…you see."

"Spit it out Malfoy I want to eat sometime tonight."

"Well the shop that I got Harry's Necklace at is there and I want to return to acquire another very special piece of adornment. They aren't dark and Mr. Kruger is the best and most experienced wizarding jewelry maker. He's been around almost as long as Mr. Olivander and of course I only want the best for my Harry and…."

"Draco your rambling." She said a sly smile turning up the corners of her mouth. She almost laughed when she saw him blush even brighter. "Draco Malfoy are you planning on proposing to our little Harry?" She asked wickedly.

He started to fidget rubbing his hands back and forth against each other. "Well I did say that I want us to be together in every way imaginable. I know that after we bond that we will be considered pretty much married in Shiverin society and even in Wizarding society it is seen as a binding contract. But Harry was raised by muggles and to him marriage is a ring and a ceremony. He hasn't said as much but I know that it would be important to him to make this official in the eyes of the Wizarding community at lest. It may not be legal for a man to marry another man in muggle society but I'm glad to say that we Wizards are much more sophisticated and realize that love is love no matter what the pairing. And since Harry does not have a family, and since I have now let the proverbial cat out of the bag as muggles would say, I shall make my intentions known to you. I do intend to ask Harry to marry me by the end of this year but I do not plan for the marriage to take place until after we have graduated from Hogwarts. I want to make it special for him and with the bond finally in place there will be no reason to push it." He smiled the thought of marring Harry making him very happy.

Hermione smiled as well but then shook her head. "Yes I agree that Harry would probably like that very much but you are wrong on one thing Draco."

"Oh really what is that?"

"Your assumption that Harry doesn't have a family is completely untrue. Harry's parents might have been killed when he was little but over the many years he has acquired a much larger family than anyone could imagine. He is pretty much a Weasley in all but blood and name and he is a very important part of my family. There is of course Lupin who is practically Harry's Godfather especially now that Sirius is gone. He's like the brother that I've never had and my parents and sister have grown quite attached to him over the summer. Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall are like his Grand Parents and I would say that Hagrid is like a rather large uncle. I'm sorry to say Draco but if you plan on marring Harry I believe that you have a lot more family to deal with than you originally thought."

Part of Draco felt like killing someone at that moment he didn't like the idea of so many people having any kind of claim on his mate. But he forced himself to remember that they were just family and that none of them would ever have the place in Harry's life that he now did the position of lover, protector, mate, and hopefully husband. He took a deep breath yes it was fine that all those people held a special place in Harry's life his mate needed and cared for them after all. Just as long as they didn't try to usurp his place at Harry's side for he would not hesitate to kill any one who did. "Fine I get your point but right now you are the only one that I feel comfortable relaying this to. I don't want Dumbledore to know about us quite yet. So that leaves any of the teachers in Harry's happy family out since they would definitely report straight to that annoying old man."

Hermione snickered softly at Draco's description of Dumbledore. She could never quite understand what the blond found so displeasing about the wizened old Headmaster but the Slytherin seemed to dislike him thoroughly and didn't trust him one bit. Perhaps Dumbledore could prove himself to the blond once he did find out about his and Harry's relationship.

"And I can't trust Weasley not to tell Harry I don't want him to know quite yet."

She nodded Ron was rather…uh…absent minded. He had a bad habit of letting things slip. No telling the red head would not be a good idea. "So what does this have to do with the bonding because if you were planning to wait and bond Harry until you propose I think that you're wrong."

Draco's blue eyes opened in shock he would have thought that Granger would rather he and Harry were engaged before they bonded but it would seem that he was wrong. "Well I was kind of thinking about it but that would still be a couple of weeks away and if Harry's emotions are this volatile already I don't think I'm going to be able to wait that long. Actually this Friday will probably be the best day."

"Friday why wait so long?"

"Because I don't want to have to get up and go to class the next day I want to have a chance to cuddle my mate for a while. This is an important experience for both of us and I don't want it to seem rushed. Plus it gives us a chance to reaffirm the bond over the weekend so when Monday comes it should be well in place. A brand new bond can be rather hard on both Shiverin involved and is draining both on the body and emotionally. Time to rest is very important for both members of the couple."

"So if you have it all planned out then why do you need me?" Then she saw something that completely shocked her. Right there in front of her Draco Malfoy blushed and a goofy smile spread across his face.

"Well you see I know that Harry's supposed to have his own room this year and well I was thinking…"

"That it would be a good place for the two of you to complete the bond." She finished for him.

He nodded. "But I want to make it special for my Harry and I was wondering if there is anything that you think that he'll particularly like you know anything overtly romantic that he prefers."

She snickered. "I'm sure the completion of the bond will be plenty for Harry. He hasn't said it in so many words but I think he wants that more than anything."

Draco tried to remain calm but he couldn't stop the extremely happy look that lit up his face. The very thought that his love had no resignation about bonding with him and was actually probably looking forward to it was the most delightful thing he had ever heard. But that didn't matter he still wanted to make this special for his Harry. "So what about the romantic side?"

"I have an idea why don't you meat me in the astronomy tower during Prefect rounds tonight and we can talk about it then. It will look rather suspicious if we miss the feast and I don't know about you but I'm starving."

He nodded admitting to himself that she was right and at the same time berating himself wondering since when did he listen to Gryffindors. It would seem that being in love with Harry was having a bad influence on him.

Harry sat down in the great hall and folded his hands in his lap and seemed to be like everyone else to be waiting for the sorting to begin but really he was waiting for Draco. He had just seen his dominant just a few moments before but already he was feeling the familiar ached that seemed to be taking over his body more and more often over the last three months. And the fact that the blond was here in the same building and they couldn't hold or even touch each other only seemed to compound it. He was so focused on his thoughts of Draco that he didn't feel Ron tapping his arm at first.

"Harry…hey Harry look." He pointed to the staff table.

The raven haired boy turned his eyes to the long table in front of the room what he saw there both shocked him and filled him with joy. Sitting next to Professor McGonagall and engaged in what seemed like a very interesting conversation with the older witch was Remus Lupin. The older wizard seemed to sense the emerald gaze that was trained on him turned and gave the boy a nod and a smile.

"What's he doing up there?" Ron asked

"Oh really Ron." Hermione chided coming sitting down beside him. "Isn't it obvious? He's teaching here again of course."

"Oh yeah of course." He said acting like he hadn't understood that fact before but then he glared at his female best friend. "I think I got that already Hermione. But I thought that the parents wouldn't let him come back."

She sighed. "Actually Ron I think that it was Snape that let it slip that Lupin was a werewolf and I'm sure that Lucius Malfoy and others," she purposefully left out Draco's name not wanting to get Harry upset. But she was almost certain that the blond Slytherin had something to do with their Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher being found out in their third year. Not that Draco would say anything now the he had changed so much over the summer it seemed that love will do that to a person.

Harry had tried to pay attention to what they were saying but right at that moment Draco entered the room and took his customary seat at the Slytherin table. The blond didn't look at him directly but lifted his gaze to the head table than glanced at him out of the corner of his eye a quick smile gracing his face. He couldn't explain it but that little glance meant more to him that perhaps the largest smile that his mate could ever possibly give him. Perhaps it was the fact that even here with the possibility of all these people seeing him the Slytherin Prince was willing to let his façade drop a slight bit to prove to his submissive that he did indeed love him. He felt all warm inside and knew for now it would at least be enough to get him through the night.

That night Professor McGonagall explained to the other Gryffindors that due to things that had happened over the summer Harry would be receiving his own room. She really didn't explain why they just all assumed that it had something to do with Voldemort again. Harry knew that many different rumors would be circulating around by tomorrow morning. He laughed when he realized that they would be so far from the truth. He sighed and pulled the blankets around himself relishing in their warmth and the small snoring sounds coming from the two transfigured beds in the room. He had made it quite clear to his two best friends that he didn't think that he would be able to fall asleep alone in the room tonight and they had offered to stay with him. And since he couldn't have the real person that he really wanted staying with him tonight he had happily accepted their offer. He just hoped that if Draco visited his dreams tonight that he wouldn't bother his friend to much.

The rest of the week went by pretty quickly without many complications. Harry had a few breakdowns but most of them weren't that bad and were solvable by a poignant look from Draco. But on Thursday everything seemed to come back with a vengeance.

"Potter." Someone called snidely.

Harry who was waiting outside the potions class room for Hermione who was talking to Terry Boot about their group project turned to see Pansy Parkinson. The pug faced Slytherin had her arms crossed and had a haughty superior look on her face.

"What do you want Parkinson?" He said just as snidely.

"What do you think you're doing here Potter how did you get into NEWT potions? Surely you couldn't have earned it?"

"This coming from someone who didn't get a high enough OWL to get into the class herself."

She sneered and tried to act like it didn't bother her but he could see her fists clench. "Yeah well at least I didn't have to have Old Dumbledufus rig the test for me to pass."

Now he was really starting to get pissed. "I hate to tell you but I earned that grade fare and square. Dumbledore didn't hand me any of my grades on a Silver Platter as you might say."

"Well you must have rigged it some how because there is no way that you are meant to be in that class. There is no way that you could even think of matching up to Draco."

His breath caught in his throat at the mention of his mate's name. He had just spent a good part of the last couple of hours staring at the back of the blond's head trying to not let Snape realize who he was looking at.

"How could you even think that you are even worthy of being anywhere near Draco."

Harry knew that she was just trying to be nasty but the Submissive Shiverin side of him latched on to her words and started to twist them. He felt his breath catch and he started to shake.

"How could you even think to step into the same room as him your very existence infects him."

He started to shake violently and an angry wind blew down the hall.

"I'm surprised that being around you hasn't made him violently ill. Why if I were him I would get rid of you the first chance I got."

The wind became even wilder and a high pitch shrill echoed down the hallway.

"HARRY!" Hermione came rushing out of the Potions room wand at the ready. "Pansy you bitch STUPEFY!" A red bolt of light erupted from the tip of the girl's wand hitting the Slytherin right in the chest knocking her unconscious. "I'm sorry about this Terry." She said before turning her wand on the Ravenclaw and also stunning him. They really couldn't have anyone see what was going on at the moment and she would probably have to Obliviate the two of them later. "Harry." She called to the boy grabbing a hold of his shoulders. "Harry what happened?" She had to calm him down before anyone else came down the hallway.

"She…she…Draco…gods I need Draco." He gasped as if each breath was painful.

Hermione clenched her teeth her friends request tearing at her heart. Draco had left not long after class had gotten out and she was certain that he was probably already to the Great Hall for lunch by now. She couldn't very well leave Harry here while she went to get Draco he might get worse or even get caught. But she had to do something his song was becoming more erratic and she was almost certain that it could be heard through most of the castle by now.

"Miss Granger what is going on here?" A deep rich voice questioned.

"Professor Snape its Harry." She knew that she was taking a gamble here she was assuming that all the teachers had been told about Harry's condition. "Pansy said something that upset him."

Snape came to stand next to her and took in the sight before him. Potter was shaking terribly tears streaming down his face he seemed to fight for each breath he took. There was no denying it the boy was in bad shape. Pain laced through the normally staunch Professor at the boy's plight for in Harry he saw what could have befallen his own daughter had she been born. But he couldn't dwell on that right now he had to be in control of his emotions. "He's into his second month is he not?"

She nodded.

"Mine…My Only…need." Harry mumbled.

"Yes Potter I know." Snape said trying to sound reassuring. "Miss Granger I assume that you know who Potter's mate is."

"I…well…" She had promised Harry that she wouldn't tell anyone.

"Oh come on girl we really don't have all day. I don't care what kind of promise you made to the boy I think that there are things that are more important right at the moment." He ground out. "Fine if you don't want to tell me then make yourself useful and go and retrieve the other young man because I will assure you that he knows that something is wrong with his mate by now. It would be better if he knows exactly were to go instead of running rampant through the castle causing an unnecessary stir. I will be taking Potter here to my private quarters so that no one will accidentally find him like this. It is over there." He pointed to a large portrait of the Potions Master Douglas Averies. "The Password is Kate." He pulled Harry from her grasp and picked up the small boy. "Now go find his Dominant Granger." He ordered and took Harry into his rooms.

Laying the boy down on his couch he went into his private stores and retrieved the strongest calming potion he could find. But he wondered if this would even be enough to sooth the Submissive without his mate around. Forcing the viscous grey liquid down the boy's throat he waited until his breathing had calmed and no trinkets were flying throughout the room before he went to take care of the two unconscious students in the hallway.

Draco made his way slowly towards the Great Hall. Really lunch was the furthest thing from his mind at the moment. He had spent the entire last two hours with the feeling his mate's emerald eyes burning into the back of his head and every nerve in his body was on edge. Before this the idea of Harry staring at him for an entire two hours would have just pissed him off but now it just seemed to completely turn him on. Luckily his robes helped to hide his slight problem rather efficiently. He bit back a grown as the fastening on his school slacks rubbed rather roughly against his already stiff manhood. Gods he was going to have to bond Harry soon for both their sakes.

Suddenly an excruciating feeling of misery took over any feeling of romance he had just a few minutes before. Overbearing fear was mixed in with the misery and Draco could feel his body begin to shake. But this was not his feelings at all it was Harry again his beloved was in trouble. He shouldn't have left him but he thought that it would be better if they weren't seen together yet. So he had left his mate alone in the care of the Gryffindor book worm. He knew that Hermione would never intentionally harm his Harry but something had happened and it was bad this time. He needed to find Harry now but where exactly was his mate?

"Malfoy." Hermione called out his name as she rounded the corner. Even though she was very upset at the moment but she could still think well enough to use Draco's last name just incase someone else was around at the moment. But it wasn't really necessary since most everyone else was in the Great Hall for lunch.

"Where's Harry what's happened?" Draco growled letting his emotions take over.

"Pansy she said something to Harry it upset him."

"What that slut upset my mate I'll kill her." He hissed and he meant what he said if he got the chance he very well might kill his house mate. But right now Harry was more important he had to find and comfort his Angel. With this being Harry's second month he was very volatile and this could do some serious damage if Parkinson had upset him this much. "Where is he?"

"He's in Snape's personal chambers."

Insane jealousy washed over him with this information. Why in the hell was Harry in Snape's personal chambers. Harry was his, his mate, his love he should be with him not with Snape. If that damn bastard had done anything to his mate he would seriously maim the slimy git. He took off towards the dungeons knowing the basic location of the Potion Master's chambers and once he found him he would break the door down if need be.

"Malfoy wait." The Gryffindor called and took off after the Shiverin.

Snape returned to his chambers after depositing Pansy Parkinson and Terry Boot in the hospital wing an Obliviate securely in place. He had told Pomfrey to tell visitors that the two students had been caught dueling in the hall way and had hexed themselves unconscious before anyone could do anything. What he found when he entered the room surprised him. Harry was curled up on the couch crying his entire body was shaking so hard that the couch was actually shivering along with him. Bright flashes of light exploded around the boy and a strong wind had picked up again. The older man had to duck as a Black Obsidian paper weight flew at his head. This should not be possible the boy should have been practically comatose by now with the strong calming potion in his system.

"Need...gods need." The submissive muttered.

"Yes Potter I understand but who is it I can not find your mate unless I know who it is." Snape tried to coax an answer out of the small Gryffindor.

"I…no I can't tell you…he…he…" If at all possible the boy started to shake even more and his magic became even more wild as the large mirror above Severus's fire place shattered.

"Calm down Potter you don't need to tell me. I'm sure that Miss Granger will find him soon anyways." He tried to get closer to the boy but a gust of wind pushed him back. "Potter…Harry I'm not going to hurt you and I'm not going to try and take you away from your mate. But you need to calm down all your going to is cause harm to yourself." But it didn't seem as if the submissive Shiverin even heard him with some pushing and a little bit of pain from flying parchments slashing across his cheek he finally made it to the shivering boy. Taking Harry in his arms he started rub soft circles along his back trying to calm him down. Suddenly the door to his chambers burst open a strong burst of energy sending him flying almost falling on the small boy.

"GET AWAY FROM HIM!" He was hauled away from Harry and thrown across the room barely missing hitting his head on his desk. He shook it to try to stop that ringing that had started in his ears when his eyes focused on a pair of expensive looking black Dragon hide shoes. There was only one student that was brazen enough to wear those kinds of shoes around Hogwarts. He let his gaze wonder up to come face to face with a very pissed off Draco Malfoy. "What in the hell?" He whispered.

Draco grabbed him by the sides of his robe and lifted him so they were at the same height. "That's exactly what I was thinking. What in the hell were you doing with MY mate in your private quarters?"

"Draco don't." Hermione tried to stop the Shiverin but the blond just ignored her.

"Yo-yo-you're mate?" The normally calm Potions Master stuttered at his star pupil's question.

"Yes my mate, mine, my Kèrta, my marked. Now answer me why you had him here in your private chambers before I kill you." He growled.

"Draco you can't!" Hermione cried. "He didn't do anything."

"Didn't do anything?" He scoffed. "The bastard had Harry, My Harry, in his rooms in his arms. Who knows what he would have done if we hadn't come when we did. I will never let anyone touch my love that way but me no one." His anger was becoming even greater at the very thought of anyone else being intimate with his Submissive his jealousy almost completely stopping any chance of coherent thought.

"Yes that's right Harry is your mate and your mate right now needs you very much. He needs you over here consoling him instead of threatening our Potions Professor."

Finally what she said got through to the enraged Slytherin. "O Merlin Harry." He dropped Snape and raced to his mate's side he pulled the small boy from Hermione's grasp and into his lap. "Harry Angel calm down darling."


"Shush it's alright what ever she said doesn't matter none of it maters."


Draco, seeing that he was going to have to take more drastic measures, turned the boy in his lap around and clamped down on the back of his neck.

Harry instantly stopped shacking, sighed and went limp. "Oh Draco." He moaned softly.

Snape watched the interaction between the two former enemies with complete and utter amazement. "It's Draco?" He muttered to the small woman that came to stand next to him.

"Yeah it was just as much as a shock to Ron and me."

He watched as Draco removed his mouth from Harry's neck and then repositioned the smaller boy in his lap giving him a light kiss on the cheek. "But they hated each other."

She laughed. "Yes isn't it strange how these things work?"

Draco kissed the top of Harry's head as his mate let his raven head rest on his shoulder. Harry gave a quiet sigh of contentment and cuddled closer.

"So I assume this is why Professor Dumbledore doesn't know." He knew very well Draco's opinion of the Headmaster. He had at first thought that the only reason that the boy hated the old man was because of his father's beliefs. But over the years at had become quite obvious that Draco's bias was his own and he had his own reasons for not liking the Wizard and now he could understand why. While both Draco's and Potter's Shiverin genes had not shown themselves yet before they were sixteen they would still have been drawn to each other. The pull would have been stronger for Draco since the Dominants were able to sense their mate's emotions and essence at all times. While the Submissive could only sense their Dominants essence while in close proximity to their mate. And they hardly ever sensed the Dominants feelings except at certain times like just after their entering sexual maturity, during mating, during birthing, and sometimes if the Dominant was experiencing extreme emotional overload. Draco had offered his hand in friendship towards the midnight haired boy in their first year and hadn't really felt any animosity towards the other boy until he was denied. But even then Draco seemed to find any way to talk to or be near the Gryffindor even if it was to antagonize him. And deep down the Shiverin part of him probably blamed Dumbledore for putting Harry in danger. It wasn't a surprise that the Slytherin would hate the headmaster. It would also explain why even though Draco never went against his father's beliefs he never really seemed overly open to joining the Dark Lord. No Voldemort definitely had his work cut out for him if he decided to attack Potter now. Shiverin Dominants are overly protective of their mates and that boy wouldn't think twice about killing anyone that tried to harm his Submissive. And it wouldn't be any nice quick Killing Curse either. Draco would just as easily tear out the Dark Lord's spine or any other vital organ that would assure a nice gruesome death. He wouldn't want to be Voldemort when Draco got a hold of him. Surely if Draco was that pissed off with just the idea of Harry being in his chambers the Dark Lord had done much more to gain his contempt. And he knew for a fact that Draco could hold grudges like no other it was going to take a lot of work on Dumbledore's part to get the boy to trust him.

Draco adjusted again letting his hand rub aimlessly up and down Harry's arm.

"What are we going to do now Draco?" Harry asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Snape knows now what if he tells Dumbledore?"

"He won't." Draco stated glaring over the top of his mate's head at their Potions Master.

The man, who had regained his composure, arched a dark eyebrow the boy was threatening him. He knew that he shouldn't let a student get away with that much less let it intimidate him except that he knew that Draco would have no qualms about acting on that threat.

"You will tell that old fool nothing about this Severus." Draco warned.

Snape opened his mouth to say something but closed it immediately when he noticed Draco's appearance shift. The boy's eyes turned to narrow slits, his incisors elongated into deadly looking fangs and Silvery scales appeared on his arms.

"I suggest Professor if you like staying among the land of the living that you mention nothing about this. I will not have the meddlesome fool interfere he will not take my Kérta from me." He held Harry tighter.

The older wizard knew that it was useless to argue with the boy about the fact that Dumbledore would not take Potter from him and it was probably not good for his better health to do so. He didn't doubt that if he kept defending the headmaster of even hinted that he might divulge this bit of information that the Dominant would have no problem living up to his threat. But he knew that he would have to take it upon himself then to keep an eye on the volatile young man. If it seemed that there was any chance that he would harm another student then he would have to take action. That meant right now he would have to do something to ensure Miss Parkinson's lasting health even if the annoying girl brought it on herself.

"Fine Draco I will not say anything to the Headmaster about you and Potter's…"

"Harry." Draco said interrupting.


"His name is Harry you will not call my mate by his family name especially in such a condescending voice."

Severus's eye twitched Draco was starting to over step his bounds here. He understood that his need to protect and defend his mate was very important to him but surely this was going overboard. He had called the boy Potter since the first year he couldn't change now people would start to get suspicious.

"Draco the idea is to keep it hidden that anything has change about Harry. If Professor Snape suddenly stops calling him Potter it might get some people questioning. I can name many students in just your house alone we wouldn't want to get curious.

The Slytherin's Shiverin attributes disappeared. "Your right Hermione." He said quietly. "No it would not do to raise their suspicions it could get back to the Dark Lord. I'm sorry my love I guess you'll just have to put up with it for a while longer." He said to Harry bringing the boys hand to lips and kissing the back of it.

"It's alright Draco I don't mind." Harry muttered but didn't remove his head from his Dominant's shoulder.

"Draco you must also promise me that you will not attack Miss Parkinson." Snape said.

The boy growled. "But that Bitch harmed my mate she deserves to die a slow and painful death."

The ebony haired man sighed this would not do at all. "If you harm Miss Parkinson in any way it will cause problems for both you and Pot…Harry." He might as well placate the protective Shiverin side of the blond. "It would definitely bring up questions if she suddenly showed up deceased."

Draco smiled wickedly. "Who said there would be anything left to show up."

The man groaned the boy could really be infuriating at times. "That wouldn't do to well either. If a student suddenly goes missing there would have to be an investigation and I'm sure some secrets that students didn't want known would come to light.

The Dominant seemed to think about it for a bit and then with a growl nodded his head. "Your right. Alright I won't touch her…" But then he added in a dangerous tone. "..for now. If she so much as looks at Harry the wrong way I will not be responsible for how many pieces she'll end up in."

The Potions Master tried to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat. He knew that Draco was not making idle threats Miss Parkinson was going to have to watch herself and he was going to have to watch Draco. But now he had to get these students to their next class before they were missed.

Severus checked the clock on his desk. "Mr. Potter are you calmed down enough now to go to class?"

"I think I am sir."

Draco growled he didn't want his beloved to go he would rather just sit here and hold him for the rest of the day.

"Very well since it seems that lunch has ended quite some time ago and you are now late for the first of your afternoon's classes I will have to write you an excuse form."

Hermione laughed. "It's not going to matter much it's only Hagrid."

Draco stiffened. "Care of Magical Creatures you have Care of Magical Creatures next?"

"Yeah why?"

"I don't want you going Harry." He tried to curl himself around the other boy as if to protect him from the world.

"Draco I have to go I can't miss class."

"No I refuse to let you go he always has some sort of dangerous creature for you to take care of I will not let him put you in danger."

Hermione smirked. "You know Draco if you had even bothered to try you could still be in that class."

"Come on that class was a joke."

"I happen to like that class Draco." Harry stated.

"Oh well I meant for me it was a joke.

This time Severus smirked. "Nice try at a save." He whispered and continued to write the messages for the three students while Potter continued to try and talk his Dominant into letting him attend his next class. Really it was a waste of time because no matter how much Draco protested it was quite obvious that the small boy in his lap would come out the winner. And sure enough not even ten minutes later the three students, with sandwiches in hand since they missed lunch, were headed off to their classes Potter and Granger to care of Magical Creatures and Draco to History of magic where he would most likely spend the entire period stewing over the fact that he couldn't stand up to his Submissive when the little imp used the puppy dog face.

Friday finally came and with it the euphoria that all students feel with the knowledge that it's the end of the week and one finally has two days of reprieve from the grueling school work. But for Draco Malfoy it meant so much more this was probably the most important day of his life. True when he asked Harry to marry him that would be important too but after today they would be bonded forever. This was something he had put a lot of thought into and he hoped that this would be as special for Harry as it would be for him. He had talked many times to Hermione over the week and he planned to take into account the ideas and information that she had given to him.

Right now he stood in front of the mirror in his private quarters checking his appearance. He wanted to look perfect for his mate even though he didn't plan to stay that way for long. He wore a nice pare of fitted black slacks and a dark green shirt with full sleeves that laced at the wrists and neck. His hair was let loose since Harry had pointed out quite often that he liked it better that way. Mentioning that it was easier to run his fingers through it when it wasn't slicked back and who was he to deny his mate that pleasure. He was even more interested in pleasing his mate after the fiasco early yesterday afternoon. He had snuck off with Granger to the Kitchens last night during Prefect duties to actually sweet talk Dobby into helping him with some special preparations. 'My Harry should be happy with me.' He thought to himself. 'I even said please and thank you to a house elf all just for him.' The elf had promised that he would have everything set up just as he had asked and didn't even blush when Draco had asked for certain intimate items. Actually it didn't seem that he elf was at all surprised that he was planning to completely seduce and then bond The-Boy-Who-Lived. Perhaps the elf had sensed something long before their heritages came to light.

That afternoon Harry, Hermione and Ron took advantage of a free moment to step outside to get some fresh air. They headed out to sit by the lake.

"So how was potions class today?" Ron questioned not even thinking.

Harry blushed.

Hermione giggled. "It wasn't that bad I learned a new potion today."

"You what about Harry he is in the class as well right?"

The boy in question blushed even brighter

Hermione was now totally laughing. "Yeah he would have if he didn't stare at Draco during the entire class."

"Hermione." Harry wined trying to hide his face from Ron.

She laughed at him. "Of course Draco didn't seem to be doing much better he actually screwed up his potion today. I feel sorry for Blaise being partnered with him he's going to have a painful night in the hospital wing tonight. Just to say that Draco's potion shrunk a certain part of the anatomy that could cause Zabini problems with fathering children in the future if he doesn't get it fixed."

"Ooh ouch." Ron winced having sympathy pains. "Makes me even happier that I'm not in that class anymore it seems that the two of them make it quite dangerous."

Harry crossed his arms and pouted.

Hermione laughed and patted him on the shoulder. "Don't feel so bad Harry I'll give you my notes later."

"Thanks Hermione."

"Hey what's that?" Ron asked out pointing to something flying towards them. It looked bulky and square with large wings sticking out of the top. "Please tell me that isn't some strange book of Hagrid's again the other one bit me again the other day while I was doing my homework I don't think I can take anymore."

As it got closer they realized that it wasn't just a book at all but a rather large majestic looking sooty grey owl caring a big leather bound book. The owl circled a few more times and then land with the book in Harry's lap. It looked up at him and hooted then stuck out its leg with a letter attached to it and hooted again making the point very clear. Harry undid the letter from the leg and then the strap holding the book in a harness that the bird had been wearing the owl nipped him lightly as in thanks to be rid of that heavy burden and then flew off back towards the castle. The scroll was nondescript with nothing really to tell who it was from but some reason Harry didn't see any reason not to open it undoing the green ribbon that bound it he unrolled the parchment.

"Who's it from Harry?" Ron asked.

"Uhm I think it's from You-Know-Who." Harry whispered eyeing the elegant scrawl on the envelope.

Ron started shaking. "You-Know-Who…is…is…he coming to get you Harry."

"It reads 'Thought you might find this book interesting please read the pages I have marked and meet me out side of the Gryffindor Common Room at six p.m.'"

"What…surely he can't come into the school you really should tell Dumbledore Harry."

Harry looked up from the letter and gave Ron a questioning look. "But I thought that we promised to keep this away from Dumbledore for the moment?"

"What we did no such thing Harry if that evil snake is threatening you we need to tell Dumbledore."

Harry started to shake slightly and anger caused his stomach to churn but he calmed down slightly when a slim hand was placed on his shoulder.

"Oh come on Ron he isn't talking about that You-Know-Who."

"Huh what other You-Know-Who is there?"

She smiled. "This one has silvery blond hair, platinum eyes and let's not forget that he's the same age we are and is still a student in this school."

"Oh." Ron said looking rather sheepish.

Harry blinked once twice and then his mouth opened in a wide oh. "You thought I meant Voldemort?"

Ron cringed again. "Please Harry don't say that name but yes that's who I thought you meant."

Harry didn't know if he should still feel sorry for upsetting his friend or if he should laugh he decided that laughing was a good idea.

"Harry don't laugh at me it was an honest mistake we've never called anyone else You-Know-Who but him it's not my fault that I made the mistake."

"I know Ron…but…I...I…to think that…you….would think…that I…would…" He couldn't finish his sentence through his laughter.

Ron pouted and stuck a piece of bacon in his mouth.

Harry just laughed and opened the book to the marked pages sure enough the nondescript brown leather on the front hid a book completely dedicated to the Shiverin species. There was no mistaking it now that this was from Draco but what did his mate want him to read? His eyes slid down the page and the further they went the redder his face got.

"Harry what's wrong can it really be that bad?" Hermione questioned getting up to sit next to him.

"I…I…I…oh gods." He croaked.

"What did he send you?" She glanced over his shoulder to see what he was looking at. "Shiverin Descendent Reproductive Organs and Mating Habits." She read out loud seeming to be completely nonplused.

"WHAT!" Ron yelled. "Why would he send that to Harry?"

She sighed. "Really Ron I thought it would be quite obvious he wants Harry to know what's going to happen when they bond."

"When they bond you mean that he wants to...with Harry…tonight…oh gods."

"Boy the both of you have about the same vocabulary." She teased.

But Harry wasn't listening he was trying his hardest to control his Shiveirn song at the moment. Draco wanted to bond with him tonight he couldn't stop the giddy feeling that raced through his body. Sure the more human side of him was nervous but the submissive Shiverin side of him had been ready for this for a while now. He was surprised at how badly he wanted to take this next step with his Dominant the possibility of getting pregnant be damned. He could take getting fat if it meant being fully connected with his mate finally. He'd even read the embarrassing book if that's what Draco wanted there had to be some reason for this.

Shiverin Descendent Reproductive Organs and Mating Habits:

Female Descendent: A female descendent unlike the male is born completely capable of bearing children since they are always the submissive in the couple. Also a female descendent is capable of becoming pregnant with a male member of any compatible species (Veela, Wizard, Giant, Gorgon…ect.) If the other carries no Shiverin blood the genes will just go dormant again until the next carrier comes along. But if a female finds a Dominant descendent then the mating ritual is just like full Shiverin. (Differences being that the Dominant Descendent does have feelings for the submissive. This is not always true for the full bloods of the species. And each Dominant descendent can only have on mate for the rest of their lives again not always true in the Full bloods of the species. Only for those that follow the old teachings of Mava.)

The bonding will start with joint dreams after the two Descendents sixteenth birthday or at least of the birthday of the youngest. In these dreams the first steps of the bond will take place and can be very detrimental to the mental health of both Descendents if they are interrupted. (It will first affect the Dominant since the need to posses their mate is much stronger than it is for the Submissive. But if it goes on for to long it can cause feelings of lose and abandonment for the Submissive which can have far longer lasting effects on the sub.) Later the bonding continues with the giving of the Dominant's Bureshaw. This is something that might have been started in t he dreams but has to be completed in real life. This mark serves as a stimulus it can be used to calm the submissive when needed but also triggers the reaction of body to receive the Dominant during the completion of the mating process it will later also serve to be used to stimulate the Sub's body during child birthing. Without this mark it would be impossible for Submissive's to mate with a Dominant Descendent or Full blood but the mark must belong to that Dominant or it is impossible.

Male Descendent Submissives: It is well known that male Descendents are completely capable of becoming a submissive if there are two male Descendents born at around the same time in close proximity to each other. No one is really sure why this happens but some believe it has something to do with hormones and others just chalk it up to fate. But no mater what you're belief is if two male Descendents are born near each other around the same time the eldest will always be the Dominant while the youngest is the Submissive.

Like the female the bond will start on the Sixteenth birthday of the younger but there is one noticeable difference. The Submissive male Descendent is not born with the ability to have children their body must adapt to this function this takes place not long after the beginning of the joint dreams. The body will start to form a womb for the fetus and a birthing canal. Unfortunately since this is a part of the anatomy that was not there before things have to move to make place for these organs. Because of this it is quite painful for the poor submissive. If the Submissive is able to fall asleep or if their Dominant is near by they are very lucky for no known pain reliever, magical or otherwise, can stop this pain until the process is done but the mates touch is capable of curbing it. From here on out the submissive male Descendent is capable of getting pregnant during their birthing cycle.

When the Dominant and the submissive mate they will consummate their relationship like any homosexual couple. But during intercourse the Dominant will bite down on their Bureshaw before the sexual climax. This action will cause the Submissive's body to react causing a membrane that blocks the birthing canal to move to the side. Thus allowing the Dominants sperm access to their Submissive's womb and triggering the release of the other genetic material needed to complete fertilization (please see figure 10.5 bellow.)

Harry let his eyes travel down to said figure what he saw made him turn ever redder. If the depiction of two Shiverin having sex was any clearer he would have sworn he was looking at some wizarding Porn magazine. That was until the picture changed from the one of the Dominant biting the Submissive's neck to very detailed and scientifically labeled depiction of what was going on inside. And even though he was loathe to admit it the picture was actually very helpful at helping him understand what was going to happen to his body when he and Draco finally did complete the bond.

Suddenly Harry remembered the letter that had accompanied the book and his face lit up. Pulling the parchment out of the front of the book were he had placed it he read it over again 'Please meet me out side of the Gryffindor Common Room at six p.m.' he felt his heart race could this mean that Draco wanted to bond now was this why His Only had sent him this book now? He swallowed hard trying to control the excited trilling song his Shiverin side was trying to get his magic to create knowing that he was to exposed out here on the school grounds. But he couldn't stop the giddy apprehension that was taking over his body and he knew that he was going to find it hard to get through the rest of the day.

That night Harry waited patiently out side the Common room hoping that no one else would come out and ask him who he was waiting for. He didn't want the uneasiness of trying to come up with an excuse. He couldn't very well tell them that he was waiting for the man that had once been his school enemy and now was the love of his life they would think him crazy. But he got lucky it seemed that everyone else was perfectly happy to just lounge around in the common room tonight. Either that or Hermione and Ron were running smoke screen.

"Do you really think it's very wise to be out her all alone Potter?" A velvety voice spoke from behind him and he jumped a little when his waist was encircled by a pair of strong arms. "What if some scary evil person took this chance to sneak up behind you and take advantage of that beautiful body you insist on hiding under those horrid clothes?"

Harry laughed and leaned his head back to look at the blond behind him. "If it's you taking advantage of me then I'm all for it."

"Hmm I should hope that you wouldn't let anyone else take advantage of you I don't know if I would like that to much." Draco said giving Harry's neck a light kiss.

Harry moaned. "A little jealous there love?"

The blond felt his heart flutter he still wasn't used to Harry vocalizing his love for him it made him all giddy. "Of course my Angel you're my Kèrta I don't plan on sharing you with anyone else." He led Harry down the hallway away from the Gryffindor common room.

"Where are we going Draco?"

"Someplace special." He came to stop in front of a picture of a wizard facing a large Griffin. The wizard had dark blond hair that he wore in a loose pony tail and very expressive almost sea green eyes.

"Hello there boys how are you this evening?"

"We are fine Ulise." Draco answered.

Harry was surprised he knew exactly were they were. "Draco this is my room." He commented.

"Yes Harry I know that." He patted Harry's arm then turned back to Ulise. "Ulise could I speak to Chintamani please?" The Slytherin asked politely.

"Of course young man." The painted wizard stepped aside and let the imposing creature step in front of the two boys.

Draco bowed his head slightly and the Griffin did the same. Hermione had made sure he understood how important it was to go through all these steps to get into Harry's room. Only Harry himself was allowed to speak directly to Chintamani without going through Ulise first if anyone else tried to talk to the Griffin, without asking the Wizard first, they would just get the cold shoulder and Chintamani would disappear into the temple behind them and wouldn't come back out until he heard Harry speak his name to the Yakshi near the tree in the foreground. Dumbledore had definitely gone all out on the security for Harry's room. It wouldn't do him to good to screw up on one of the steps and then have to wait until Harry was able to convince the Yakshi to call on Chintamani.

The Griffin lifted its head to look the blond in the eye. "Speak the password." The creature spoke in a surprisingly rich deep voice.

"Love Brings Strength." Draco spoke clearly. The Griffin nodded and the portrait swung open. "Come on beloved I have something special for you." He took Harry's hand and led him into the room.

"What, something special for me, in my room?"

"Sure why not you're comfortable in here, no one else can get in…" He turned to face Harry his wand in hand. "and I can't wait to see you lying on the bed waiting for me and me only." He waved his wand and the room lit up with the light of hundreds of candles that were placed everywhere including floating in mid air. "I did say that I wanted our bonding to be special."

"Oh Gods Draco." Harry couldn't believe what he was seeing Draco had gone all out. The Candles were every where lending a beautiful soft glow to the room along with that Draco had replaced his normal cotton sheets with what looked like expensive silver silk ones. On his dresser was a vase with some flowers in it. There were three roses a burgundy, Coral, and red then mixed in were three white lilies. He reached out and touched one of the Lilies. Then almost gasped with he felt his mate's arms wrap around him.

"The Burgundy rose stands for unconscious beauty. I don't know if you know it Harry but you are beautiful the most lovely thing I've ever seen." He punctuated this by a kiss to the top of Harry's head. "The Red rose stands for Passion and love. I love you Harry my Kèrta with all my heart and soul." He kissed Harry's temple. "The Lilies stand for Virginity and Purity. It is an honor to be with you Harry and the fact that you bless me with your purity is an even greater honor that I do not plan on taking advantage of." He kissed Harry's cheek. "And the Coral rose stands for Desire." He kissed the smaller boys neck then bit just hard enough to leave a nice red mark receiving a moan from his mate. "Hey I had to add it in there some where because I do desire you Harry in the worst way."

Harry groaned and turned to face the boy behind him. "Draco does this mean what I think it means?"

"Yes Harry." He kissed his submissive's lips. "I want you to bond with me completely and fully so there can be no mistake who you belong to." He kissed his mate again and started leading him towards the bed. "And it's not just about ownership my Angel. I love you with all my heart and soul." He turned so that he could lay Harry on the bed.

"So you were the one that sent me the book?"

"Yes my love. When I asked Hermione for help with how to make this special for you she told me one thing was more important than anything and that is for me to be truth full and tell you everything that is going to happen." He slid Harry's shirt over his head and threw it to the side. "To tell you everything." He removed his love's shows and threw them in the opposite direction of the shirt. "To make sure you know how much I love you." This time the Gryffindor's pants were removed. "And that I have no intention of leaving you in the dark about anything like so many have done." He leaned over to give his mate a fiery kiss and received an equally passionate one in return.

He pulled away when he felt Harry start to writhe underneath him. Sitting up he quickly removed all his clothes except his briefs and then came to rest above his submissive again. "Most importantly Harry I wanted you to know what was going to happen to your body while we made love."

The ebony haired boy couldn't help the moan that escaped his lips when he heard his Dominant use those words.

Draco let his fingers trail down his mate's chest till it came to rest on his stomach where he started to make lazy circles around the boy's navel. "Now Harry you know I love you and that I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you." He said looking into his love's emerald green eyes lovingly. "But you have to know that this might hurt a little the first time." He let his hand rest on Harry's hip. "It shouldn't be so bad and there are things that I can do to help with the pain." He kissed his beloveds neck receiving a contented sigh from the boy. "I'll prepare you of course." He moved his hand to the inside of the subbmisive's thigh. "And that spot on the back of your neck does wonders for putting you in the mood as some would say." Harry moaned when the wondering hand got rather close to the spot where he wanted it the most.

Draco became instantly hard at the sight of his love laying beneath him eyes closed and breath coming in short quick bursts. His love was trying to control himself and wasn't doing a very good job at it. His Shiverin song had already stared and his control over his body was waning terribly.

"Oh Draco." Harry moaned.

That little phrase was almost the dominants undoing. But he couldn't loose it just yet he had to keep himself in control he had to explain everything to Harry. Truth was important, Hermione had said, too many people had lied to his beloved kept things from him. If Draco wanted this relationship to actually be a good one for the both of them he would have to make sure that his love knew everything that was going to and could happen. Even though he really didn't think it would matter in Harry's decision to submit to this but it would do wonders later. Harry would be able to trust his dominant easier and Draco wouldn't feel guilty about keeping things from his submissive.

"Harry love." He tried to say calmly. "I want you to understand what is about to happen." He kissed the other boys cheek. "That is why I sent you that book." He kissed Harry's other cheek. "You did read all the pages that I marked right?"

Harry opened his emerald eyes and looked into the caring silver ones of his mate. "Yes My Only I read them." Harry rasped.

Draco groaned and became even Harder. "And…and you understand what is going to happen?"

One of Harry's hands wondered from the bed and traced up Draco's leg to rest on his ass. "Yes my love I understand." This time his voice was strong and sure and full of love and trust. His song changed and the soft trill was punctuated by the nice soft hum.

Draco shivered as his mate's song had the desired affect on his body. Just who was seducing who here? His hand moved from his beloved's hip to his thigh letting it stroke lazily. "So you understand how the bite affects your body how it causes the membrane to move and opens your birthing canal."

Harry cringed. "Draco could we please not talk about this now it's kind of ruining the mood."

The blond laughed lightly and ran his hand down Harry's cheek again. "I know Harry and I'm sorry but I just want you to know what's going on. I don't want anymore surprises between us than there already has been."

"That hasn't been your fault Draco you couldn't know that those other Shiverin were going to be fallowing me."

"No Harry I couldn't. But we already have enough secrets and mysteries clouding our lives I don't want any of them to be because I didn't explain everything to you. I don't want you to resent me later if something is to go wrong."

This time Harry lifted his hand and ran it down Draco's cheek. "Draco love I don't think that there is anything that could go wrong that you would be the cause of." He was surprised to see his dominant frown.

"Actually there is something I've been meaning to tell you Harry that could have a very large effect on our future."

"What are you talking about Draco?"

"It's possible that you won't become pregnant right away." Harry opened his mouth to answer. "No Harry listen to me before you say anything. There is something that I haven't told you yet the reason that most Shiverin families are not completely overrun with children. Since most couples have more than one child each time they conceive. If they got pregnant each time their families would just be full of children."

"And what's wrong with that?" Harry asked. Since he had lost his parents while he was still young he had always wanted children and the more the merrier.

Draco laughed. "Nothing my Angel but it might become a bit over bearing to have nine or more children all age five and under."

Harry seemed to think of this for a bit and realized that his Dominant had a point.

"But Harry none of this is your fault it's mine."

"No it's alright Draco you told me now it's okay."

"No Harry it's not my fault because I didn't tell you it's my fault because I'm the reason why we may not have children…" He then went on to explain to his mate the problems that the dominant had with fathering children.

About half an hour later found the two Shiverin on the bed holding each other.

"So Harry even with all you know now do you still want to bond with me?"

The smaller boy turned over so that he was facing his Dominant. "Draco it's true that I want children but if we don't have them right away I can deal with that. I'm not going to fault you on something that nature caused. Of course I would still want to bond with you. You are my love, my only, and my mate." He grabbed Draco's hand. "If it was possible for me to have a Kèrta you would definitely be it." He kissed his mate's knuckles. "Please Draco I want this just as much as you do. Take me Draco bind me to you so that we can finally be together as we were meant to be."

Draco felt as if his heart would burst from his chest at his mate's acceptance. "Gods I love you Harry." He gasped and then captured his mate's lips in a heated demanding kiss. His hands found the first flesh they could reach and started to stroke intently. He smiled when he heard his love let out a moan and then let out his own when his mate's song started up again. This was perfect absolutely the way he had hoped it would be when they bonded. There were no secrets between them now nothing to hang over their heads when all was said and done. No all that was left was love and the sweet understanding that the bond between them would soon be fully complete.

"OH GODS DRACO!" Harry cried as Draco's fingers slipped around his back and traced the spots that ran down the boy's spine. His song changed it went from being a happy undulating trill to a deep melodic hypnotic sound the underlying hum vibrating through the room was accentuated by the ping that echoed off the walls.

Now it was Draco's turn to cry out his mate's song effectively setting his insides on fire. The molten feeling in his abdomen quickly spread through the rest of his body and he felt his entire body quiver in excitement. "I love you Harry more than anything." He said breathily letting one hand slide from his mate's back to his side and then down to his hip. He stroked the skin there for a bit while he kissed his mates swollen lips.

"I love you Draco." Harry mewled. "Please Draco I don't think I can wait much longer." He wriggled under his Dominant trying to find the best angle to press their bodies together. He wanted so badly to just grab Draco and force the blond on to him but his submissive side was telling him that it was not right he was there to be dominated to be taken and that his dominant would set the pace. "OH HEAVENS." Harry cried as the dominant removed his briefs and took over.

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"Sweet Merlin Draco that…was wonderful." Harry moaned after they were done. Then he suddenly felt a feeling of complete love fill him and even though he was feeling the same thing as well he knew that it didn't belong to him. "Dr…Dr…co is that you?"

"Do you feel me love?" The blond asked.

"God's Draco this is the first time I've ever felt you're emotions it's intoxicating. I wish I could do it more often."

"Yes…yes it can be. I feel you right now and I can't help but want to take you again." But even as the blond talked he couldn't stop himself from yawning.

"I think we should get some sleep first before we have a repeat performance of earlier." Harry giggled.

"Yes you're right love." He pulled the blanket over their cooling bodies and yanked his love against his chest. "Goodnight Harry." He kissed the top of his head.

Harry cuddled closer and took one of his hands kissing the back of it. "Goodnight Draco."

Soon the two lovers were asleep the completed bond reverberating between the two of them growing stronger the longer they were together forever bonding their souls and destinies. Neither knew the implications of there actions or the series of events that had just been put into motion. They also did not see the soft silvery blue glow that surrounded Harry as they slept. The misty glow grew and then collected near the bed into the figure of a strikingly beautiful woman with dark charcoal grey curly hair that went just past her shoulders and ice blue eyes. She stretched and a pair of iridescent wings that looked just like Harry's and Draco's spread out behind her.

She looked down at the two sleeping boys and smiled. "Such sweet children." She brushed a piece of hair from Harry's face. "Oh Harry my beloved descendent my Nuinath I fear what the future holds for you and you're mate. It will not be an easy road that the two of you must fallow but it will benefit us all in the end." She bent and kissed both of their foreheads. Looking at them one more time she cringed a sharp pain coursing through her body. She saw the same look on Harry's face and felt terrible for causing such a sweet thing to hurt. "I have overstayed. The bond is not strong enough yet for me to force you to hold this much longer Harry I am sorry I will let you rest now and hope that soon the bond will be strong enough for you to assist me in holding this form for a while longer. Sleep well my loves." Her form started to melt away turning back into a silvery smoke. It floated by the boy's bed for a little while longer then made its way back over back towards Harry again melting back into his body.

In his sleep Harry groaned and turned so that he could latch his arms around his Dominant allowing him to pull himself fully against his mate maximizing skin contact. He sighed and relaxed again falling into a deep restful sleep.

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