All the precious things

Author: Monica


Summary: Our lives are full of little things.

Rating: PG

A/N: ramble thoughts came into my mind. I'm bored, really bored and this is my way to spend a hot afternoon ( 36 C degrees ).

A song. The summer. Flowers in spring. A hot cocoa. Summer breeze. An old movie. An encounter with a long-time unseen friend. A smile. A walk in the park. Beer with friends. A sunset. A picture. A walk in the beach. A date. Your team winning the champions league. A nap. A cigarette from time to time. A sandwich. Leaves falling in autumn. Riding a fast car. Children playing. A teddy bear. Crying. A stupid bet. A cake. Christmas. Dancing on new year's eve. A long-planned trip. A dream come true. Your family. April's fool. Your birthday. A girl's night out. Cold water on a summer day. A book. Recent washed sheets.

These are all precious things but there is one better than all of them. Sara.

Because with you, my love, I can sing my favourite song. I can brought you a bouquet of flowers. We can share a hot cocoa after a long night. we can talk on a summer evening feeling the breeze caress our skin, we can watch an old romantic movie. I can introduce you my old-time friends. You can give a smile in the morning. We can share a walk in the park on a precious day. We can take a few beers with the team. We can enjoy a sunset in the desert. Someone can take a picture of you and me. I can take you on the perfect date. We can share the happiness of our team winning. Take a rest together better than alone. Share a Marlboro filter on the backside of the lab. Enjoy your company while eating. Playing battles with the leaves. Break all traffic rules driving a red fast car. See Lindsay playing and happy. Pick a teddy bear for my little girl. Cry together after a tough case. Bet about who gets to wash the plates. Making a wish upon your birthday cake. Seeing snow fall on Christmas wrapped together into a blanket. Kiss you the first second of a year. Spend a honeymoon in Rome. You and I married. Meeting my sister. Teasing Greg. Buy you the most beautiful present for your special day. Party time!. Share a cold shower on summer. Me massaging your feet while you read forensic journal. Make love in a fresh bed.

These are really all my precious things.