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By: 24

She stood behind a tree watching him as he took out his phone and dialed a number. She watched his face as it rang and nobody picked it up. She didn't know how she had found him, but she had and here she was watching. She wasn't on the hunt anymore. She watched again as he dialed a number and spoke to she guessed Sydney. She then watched as the phone fell out of his hand and he sat on the ground with a thud. She could see tears running down his face and wondered why he was crying for her. After all she was his huntress. Why would he cry for her? It just didn't make sense to her. She walked away and down the well-worn path.

He stood in the park watching the ducks in the pond. He got his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed a familiar number, but there was no answer. He wondered where she was. It was too late to be inside the Centre, so he called Sydney to find out what happened. He hung up and dialed again this time waking up Sydney.

"Where's Miss Parker? I called her and she wasn't there."

"I'm so sorry Jarod. She was killed two days ago in a car accident."

"No, that can't be true."

"I'm so sorry. She was killed instantly."

His fingers felt numb as he let the cell phone drop to the ground. His knees felt week and he too dropped to the ground. He sat there with tears running down his face. No, this can't be true. This couldn't of happened. It's a lie. He told himself as the tears ran down his face. His childhood friend and the only one that he had loved. He had loved her ever since he had met her and never stopped loving her. He only gave her clues to her past to open her eyes to the evil the Centre did. He never meant to hurt her with the truth, but she deserved to know about her past. He sat there for a while then wiped his tears off his face, picked up his phone, got up and then walked on the path that would lead him out of the park.

The End.