Inspired by the background action of Tim and Gavin putting up the curtains in Series Two Episode "Mum's and Dad's."

Tim and Gavin were putting up the curtains for Mr Petrov's performance, Tim was up the ladder and Gavin was directing him on the ground from behind. Although, Gavin seemed to be watching Tim's backside more than where he was putting the curtains. Tim must have at least suspected that Gavin's eyes weren't entirely on the job, because he clenched and wiggled his buttocks a few times. Gavin couldn't resist and stepped onto the lower rungs of the ladder. He reached up and squeezed Tim's left buttock, which make Tim grin. What Tim hadn't been expecting was that the hand reached even further round and brushed past his groin. Tim gasped loudly and wobbled on the ladder. Gavin bid a hasty retreat off the ladder, trying ever so hard not to laugh. The staff around them were also trying not to laugh, but Brittas had heard the commotion and turned around to see Gavin grinning like a cheshire cat.

"What is going on? We have a very important event taking place tonight, we can't afford to stand around laughing. Gavin, what are you grinning about?" The grin on Gavin's face immediately vanished and he gulped nervously.

"Sorry Mr Brittas, I just found something Tim said funny and couldn't control myself." Tim was desperatly trying to stay out of this, Gavin's hand wandering had given him a slightly embarrassing problem and he didn't want to turn around for fear of people noticing.

"Tim would you come down here a minuete?" "I'm trying to put the curtains up!"

"Well you should have thought about that before you started telling jokes. Down here, now." Tim climbed slowly off the ladder, trying to cover his little problem. Most of the staff went about thier own business again, not wanting to risk them being Brittas's next target. Gavin had noticed Tim's predicament though, and was feeling rather pleased with himself.

"Right, since you two like to have a bit of fun, I have just the job for you..." Both men inwardly groaned. Tim shot Gavin a "wait 'til I get you home look" but with a cheeky grin, which meant that neither of them were going to get much sleep that night.