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Xx Silver Moon Ninja xX

Xx Chapter 1: Rebirth of Cosmos xX

There stood a woman, dressed in a white skin tight no-sleeve bodice with a black upper-thigh skirt to reveal long shapely legs, a silver eight-pointed star as a pendant at the top of the skirt (the skirt's like eternal moons, only 1 layer). On top of her upper chest was a silver eight-pointed star the very tips fading into the colors: fiery red, icy blue, a forest green, golden yellow, navy blue, aqua marine, dark violet, and garnet, each color filled in a point. Black wings decorated the sides of the star, nearly blending in with the black sailor-like collar, if it wasn't for the double silver lines edging it. At her shoulder blades were transparent silver material covering them. A black chocker decorated her throat, a silver eight-pointed star resting at the hollow of her throat was being hung from the pale golden crescent moon that was attached to the chocker.

On her forehead, in between her M-shaped bangs was a silver eight-pointed star with the ends turning multi-color (like before), a thin chain, mostly concealed by her bangs, held onto the star as it hung from her head. Her silvery-blond hair was up in heart-shaped buns at each side of her head with streamers coming from them to fall to her ankles. Black gems circled in silver, decorated the front part of her buns. On her feet were a pair of black 3-inch heels wrapped around her ankles (like Neptune). In her slender hands was a silvery-white transparent crystal staff with black wings at the very top of it on the edges, along with a silver eight-pointed star that held symbols, also crystals, of the planets: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn, each gem hanging from a point of a star glowing with its own light.

All the gems were crystal and transparent, Mars had the color of fiery red, Mercury - icy blue, Jupiter - forest green, Venus - golden yellow, Uranus - navy blue, Neptune - aqua marine, Pluto - garnet, and Saturn - dark violet. At the center of the star was a small golden crescent moon that would glow every now and then. At the very end of her staff was the shape of a key, the end of a key only in stars and crescent moons. Her pale crystalline eyes with hints of silver and black watched as a planet was destroyed, her black angel wings stretched out so that they were now 10 feet long and 3 feet as its height. They arched up before they bent at some point so that they would brush the ground slightly.

Her height came to about 5'8 including her heels, all together she looked beautiful, she had the beauty of a 21-year-old though her eyes and wisdom told you she was much older than she looked. A cackle was heard behind her and the voice said, "Come to be defeated again Serenity?"

"You know you didn't defeat me. I've just come to finish an un-finished battle." said Cosmos. Chaos, though he was in Galaxia's body she went through a dramatic change, her once orangey blond hair was now pure black and in the moon light it would seem violet or red. Her gold eyes now a bit more on the red side and much darker were closed.

Her golden armor was now black with hints of red shined in the stars light with her sword strapped tightly at her side. "We are both equal which makes it impossible for either of us to win, especially since we're both immortal." said Chaos in an all knowing tone.

"Hai, that may be true but I can still split you into pieces and scatter the pieces all across the universe." said Cosmos turning around and slipped into a battle stance her staff in hand.

"Well than lets see if you CAN do it." replied Chaos doing the same only un-sheathing (did I use the word right?) his sword. Neither of them moved till Cosmos yelled out an attack.

"Venus Love Chain Encircle!" a golden chain appeared in her hand and she wrapped it around Chaos making his skin burn before she used her other hand for another attack. "Death's Moon Beam!" she stuck out her index finger and pointed her finger at him as a silver and black beam shot out from it. All of Chaos's wiggling payed off since the chain broke, giving him enough time to escape the attack.

"Galactic Sword!" he yelled as he swiped his sword at her, bringing it down at her before she blocked it with her staff. Having enough of holding his sword in the same position he kneed her in the stomach causing her to clutch her stomach in pain as she stepped back a bit. Making her staff disappear, it was replaced with a sword that was about 3 feet long with a black hilt and a silver blade with the name Serenity engraved into it. Swinging her blade at him he missed it by a hair while he swung his blade back at her.

The clashing of swords was heard as the two kept attacking, both panting, but none would give into the other. "Galactic Beam!" yelled Chaos as black beam was shot out from his finger and brushed his target, causing a large cut across her shoulder blades when she tried to dodge. "Tornado of Destruction (how lame)!" yelled Cosmos as a large tornado appeared before her and soon started spinning with such a speed that it blended in with the wind.

Knocking into its target it soon disappeared, and a battered Chaos was seen. Grabbing his sword he ran towards her and started to swing his sword so fast that it was hard for Cosmos to block. Raising his finger again he called out, "Galactic Beam!" once again, and this time hit his target in the stomach. Getting up she cried out, "Death's Kiss!" kissing her palm a silver heart appeared with black vine-like strings roaming over it, though not touching it, she soon blew the heart at him and a large explosion was seen and heard.

Where Chaos once stood was nothing more but a crater, and a bloody Chaos, getting up he said to her, "Let's finish this and see who the real winner is, shall we?" Gathering black energy in his palms at the side of his body, he soon began to concentrate. Cosmos doing the same gathered energy. Both opened their eyes at the same time and soon began calling out their attacks.

"Dark Chaos!" the large black sphere was as big as a computer monitor now and was sent flying towards Cosmos with amazing speed.

"Purity's Deadly Kiss!" she yelled as she kissed her palm like before and her staff appeared as she swung it around her petite form and she soon slammed her staff down on the ground as a heart surrounded by a golden chain of hearts, with flames and ice contained in it along with water and thunder surrounding it, a black cloud seemed to almost cover it, and time seemed to stop as the heart was sent flying with the speed of Uranus towards Chaos's attack. A large explosion sent both Chaos and Cosmos flying as the attacks clashed, also because they were very weak since they sent most of their power into the attacks, light against darkness, good vs evil. Cosmos slumped to the ground panting and fear shined in her eyes as she heard foot steps heading towards her.

'Masaka! How's he still up and moving?' thought Usagi, eyes wide.

"It seems I am the victor of this battle." said Chaos raising his sword to kill her Cosmos closed her eyes waiting for the pain but felt none and looked up in shock. There stood Chaos with his sword raised, yet he didn't bring it down to end her life.

"Nani?" she breathed, looking up at her enemy in shock, Chaos soon brought his sword to his side. "Doushite? Why didn't you kill me?" she whispered head down.

"Now now Serenity, you actually sound like you want to die." laughed Chaos, "What happened to the carefree girl that was so happy and was 'to young to die' ?" Cosmos suddenly snapped her head up and her eyes started to narrow into a glare.

"Shi ne!" yelled Cosmos rising, just as she was about to charge at him with her staff her knees gave out, and Chaos couldn't help but laugh. 'Shimmatta! That attack took out lots of energy from the ginzoushou!' she cursed her eyes turned towards the ground as tears formed. 'Minna-chan, what do I do? I need your help.' she sobbed.

"Why didn't you kill me!" she yelled her eyes moving to Chaos.

"Oh, yes... I didn't get to that did I?" he said rubbing his chin. "Well, why would I want to wait what? 2 millenniums?" His eyes moved from the sky towards her.

"Just so you could get reincarnated again? Why should I go to dimension to dimension destroying all I can, creating chaos when I can't find a good fight? You know my patience isn't that long Serenity. So I guess I'm helping both you and me. Or actually I'm not really helping you am I? You want to die." he said.

"You want to rest in peace, to join your pathetic senshi. But no matter how many times you try, you will always be brought back, no matter how many times you try. Think of immortality as a gift from the Gods, Goddesses, and Fates. Accept it." he said before he soon disappeared.

"How?" she asked to no one in particular. "How is immortality a gift? When you watch your loved ones die and when you try to join them you wake up and find that you were brought back to life by the fates. Your just a toy in their hands." she muttered. Tears pooling down her crystalline eyes.

Ignoring what Chaos said she grabbed her sword and harshly shoved into her stomach. Her lives were flashed between her eyes like she was watching a movie, before she slumped to the ground but her last thoughts were, 'I'll be joining you soon minna.'

Her life was like a toy, something that the Fates could play with when they were bored. Sure she once had a great life, but that was all destroyed when Chaos came. After every battle she fought her senshi would always return to her. That's what she thought after they died in the battle with Chaos. But they never did. She use to be queen of Crystal Tokyo, once had a loving family and friends, but her fantasy was destroyed. No one expected all of this to happen, not even the Time Guardian. They had peace but it didn't last long. Maybe her wish will become true, maybe she could rest in peace and forget any of this ever happened and become normal.

:- Else Where -:

"Please Fates! Give my daughter another chance at a normal life! Even if it's for just a bit of years!" pleaded a woman with lavender hair, that would oddly turn silver when the moonlight hit it, up in buns with streamers. She stood before three young woman that controlled the lives of people in her white tube-top-like dress that was rimmed in lavender with a silver (though it's really blue) bow on top of her chest with a golden upturned crescent moon in the center.

"Why should we? Tsuki no Megami?" asked a woman with silver hair with some black strands here and there, as they dropped to the ground and seemed a mile long as it layed on the ground.

"Fate you've toyed with her life for so long, can you not at least give her some peace? Don't you agree you've toyed with her enough?" convinced the goddess. Fate's obsidian eyes moved to look over towards her two comrades, her black longer version of Luna's dress moved slightly. The top was black while the violet part on Luna's dress was silver her feet concealed by the length of her dress.

"What do you think Chance?" the said girl moved her silver eyes to look towards her leader, her obsidian hair with some silver same as Fate only a bit shorter, and her dress was the same only the black was silver and the silver parts black.

"Why not?" she stated.

"Destiny?" said Fate looking over towards her other comrade. Destiny's hair was the same length and color as Chance also with some silver strands. Her dress was also the same as Chance and also touched the ground making it look like it was a mile long, much like Chance and Fate's dress.

"I say yes Fate." answered Destiny.

"Fine, very well Selene." sighed Fate, "Demo, she shall only live as a normal woman until she is 13. At the age of 13 Chaos shall be released from our hold. He shall be seeking her."

"She shall be living a life as a ninja. You have nothing to worry about, Setsuna will be watching over your daughter, as a ninja actually. Serenity will have only one family member, a sibling." continued Destiny

"We will send a boy there that will be protecting your daughter with out him knowing it, his power will equal eternal moon's power. A demon will be locked within him and he will not know. We are very confident that this boy will protect your daughter at all costs."said Chance. A boy appeared in her hands, his blond hair sprouting from his head. A black swirl was on his stomach indicating he was the holder of the demon.

"This is your daughter's reincarnation." a baby with silvery blond hair appeared with M-shaped bangs and crystalline eyes that held black and silver specks.

"Destiny what are you doing?"asked Selene as she saw Destiny glow along with her daughter.

"You have nothing to worry about, these marks will show she is the Queen of the Stars, and the legendary Cosmos." explained Destiny. A silver eight-pointed star appeared on her forehead, hip, and neck. The one on her hip had the symbols of the planets surrounding it, and each had their own color along with the tips of the star. On the center was a pale gold crescent moon that was barely visible.

The one on her forehead was hanging from a thin crystal chain, that was being hidden by her bangs. On her neck was a white chocker that held a silver crystal-clear eight-pointed star that would change to a silver 5-pointed star, resting at the hollow of her throat, around her neck was a white silk-like material that held the same star and would also change to a silver crystal-clear5-pointed star. A body soon appeared before Fate, that was Cosmos, Fate glowed along with the body of Cosmos and a ghost figure of the body that layed on the ground appeared, Fate carefully placed the body into the reincarnation of Usagi.

"We have placed Usagi's and Cosmos's soul into one body, Usagi's soul we created, so she would seem like how Cosmos use to be." said Fate.

"So there are 2 souls in one body?" asked Selene.

"Hai. Usagi will be able to access her Cosmos powers, Cosmos also has the power to appear in Usagi's place, through Usagi's anger and well though she doesn't know it, she can break free through her own anger and rage, and if she learns how to control it, she can break free through her own will. Usagi won't know what has happened during the time she is gone, it would be like she's sleeping." said Destiny.

"We will also allow you to watch over your daughter through the time gates." said Chance.

"Will Setsuna have her memories?" asked Selene

"Hai. She will, it gives her a better chance at guarding your daughter." replied Destiny

"And also take this staff. It will allow you access in the time gates." a staff much like Pluto's only silver and the orb a pale gold, shaped as a crescent moon, appeared in Chance's hands.

"We will be keeping in touch with you Selene, until next time." said Fate before a wave of her hand and she along with her comrades disappeared.

:- Time Gates -:

"Greeting's Selene-megami." bowed Setsuna as she kneeled before the goddess.

"Setsuna you don't have to bow." said the Goddess.

"I have been informed by the Fates of what will be happening." said Pluto rising, "I shall be leaving majesty." said Pluto but bowed down to the waist before she left.

"That Pluto." sighed Selene, before she opened the mirror of dimension 12. And watched as her daughter grew.

xX After the Battle with Chaos and Cosmos and Before the Conversation of the Fates and Selene xX

"You just had to kill yourself didn't you Serenity?" sighed Chaos as he rose from his throne in a place only the Fates knew where.

"Great, now I've got to wait 2 millenniums for your rebirth. Can't the Fates work faster?" He walked over towards the center of the room and waved his hand before a portal appeared before him.

"Now to go to the dimension Serenity's been sent to. I guess I'll take a long 2 millenium nap." he yawned before he was gone in a flash of black.

:- 2 Millenniums and 13 Years Later -:

Usagi woke up as sunlight peeked through her silver transparent curtains that held pale gold crescent moons. She walked out of her silver and black sheets before she headed towards the bathroom. 20 minutes later, Usagi walked out of the bathroom in a towel before she changed into her usual black corset that had silver laces on the back. A silver butterfly-bow was wrapped around her waist, designs of dragons outlined in black decorated the smooth fabric. She wore a skirt that was the bottom of a qipao. The black skirt fell to her knees, two slits that went to her hips for easy movement revealed the black upper-thigh length biker shorts underneath. More dragons decorated her skirt, two black pouches on the back of her waist and a shuriken holster at her thigh. Her hitai-ate was wrapped around her thigh, just below her holster. Black studs decorated her ears and a white silk-stringed choker was wrapped around her slender neck, a crystalline five-pointed star hanging from it. A necklace with the same pendant was also around her neck, the silver crystal was easily spotted against her black corset.

Shoving scrolls into her pouch, she grabbed the black sai off of her nightstand and hooked them to her hips before slipping on her black zori. She checked her platinum blond hair to see it up in a pair of buns on either side of her head with black cloths wrapped around it by black ribbons sitting on top of her head. Around her wrist was a bracelet with nine symbols hanging from it, each a different color. Her sai had a black hilt and silver blade with the words Tsuki no Megami engraved into the blade. She ran out of her empty apartment and suddenly came to a halt when she rammed into a body.

"You should watch where your going Usagi." said a mysterious voice.

"Suna-chan!" Usagi exclaimed in surprise.

"Ohayo, Usagi-hime." she greeted, giving Usagi a mysterious smile.

"Mou! Don't call me hime, Suna-chan!" Usagi pouted, arms crossed.

Setsuna smiled before shaking her head, "How has your life as a kunoichi been?"

"It's been great! Okaasan has been helping me with the rent I have for my apartment." Usagi smiled.

"Have you seen her?" Setsuna inquired.

"Iie, I haven't seen her in a while actually. She's probably gambling somewhere." Usagi replied with a shake of her head.

"I'm sure she'll meet with you soon." Setsuna assured her.

"Yeah, she told me she was going to drop by sometime soon." Usagi nodded with a positive smile.

"I must be going, Serenity." Setsuna grinned.

"I told you not to call me--"

"Hime, so I didn't." Setsuna soon walked off with a fuming Usagi behind her.

:- Else Where -:

"I've finally found you my dear Serenity... The Fates can't hide you for long." cackled a voice. The body of the voice was a male and had thin locks of black hair that would fall down a little past his shoulders. His eyes were like snakes and his skin as white as snow.

His bangs were pushed to the side and would at times look as if they covered one of his eyes but really didn't, the length of his bangs blended in with his hair. Near him was a body discarded to the floor. Short shoulder length hair with orange mixed into the blond locks. Dressed in golden armor with amber eyes which were now closed, showing that the person was at the moment unconscious.


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