x Silver Moon Ninja x

Chapter 3: Return

"What do you think we came to the Konoha Village to do?" spoke the one with wild red hair.

"L... Listen, Gaara. Th... These guys started it, and.." stuttered Kankuro.

"Shut up. I'll kill you." he said in a deadly whisper, but was still audible for everyone to hear. You could see Kankuro cringe and slightly take a step back at his words.

"I got it. My mistake. Gomen ne (I'm sorry). Gomen." apologized Kankuro. The red headed boy turned to the others, his feet planted on the tree's branch, still hanging upside down.

"My apologies to you guys." apologized the one named Gaara.

'He has strange eyes.' noted Sasuke, as he saw Gaara's pale turquoise eyes.

'To be able to hit Kankuro with a stone so easily... he's good.' thought Gaara. To everyone's amazement, Gaara seemed to disappear and sand was all that was left in his place as it traveled down to the ground next to the blond girl.

"Let's go." he ordered, "We didn't come here to play around."

"I know that." Kankuro said and turned his back towards Naruto and co. before he walked with Gaara and the blond headed girl that had her hair in four pony tail, each one at a corner of her head.

"Hey, matte (wait)!" yelled Sakura as she took a step forward.

The three stopped walking, "Nanda (what)?" asked the blond her back still turned.

"Judging from your forehead protectors, you guys are from the sand village, right?" Sakura stated before she continued, "The Hi and Kaze Country may be allies, but it's forbidden for shinobi to enter each other's villages with out permission. State your purpose! Depending on your..."

The three finally turned around as the blond answered, "Talk about living under a rock! Don't you know anything? Here's my passport." she said lifting up a slip of paper.

"You're right, we're genin from the Hidden Sand of the Wind Country." she confirmed, "We've come to your village to take the Chuunin Selection Exam."

"Chuunin Selection Exam?" repeated Naruto. "What's this Chuunin Selection Exam?"

"You really don't know anything." she said with her arms crossed.

"Niichan (brother), if you pass that exam you go from a genin to a Chuunin!" answered Kononhamaru.

"Really! Maybe I should take it too!" Naruto said with much excitement.

"Gaara!" yelled a voice from behind them. Everyone changed their glances towards the speaker. There stood a man, or so they supposed, dressed in dark navy blue wind breakers that could co for black, with triple white lines running on the sides. Short dirty blonde hair was cut short boyishly, and a tight navy blue t-shirt showed she was a woman, also showing abit of her six pack. Her navy blue eyes looked at Usagi, something flashed across her navy blue (I'm using that alot, lol) eyes but soon disappeared. Her gold small hoop earrings on her ears shined in the sunlight. And her black striped white sneakers were heard on the stone ground.

"What is it Haruka?" asked the blond.

"The boss wants to see you." she answered back. As they turned and walk away from them, Sasuke and Usagi's voice stopped them.

"Matte (wait)!" yelled Usagi.

"Nani (what)?" asked the short-haired blond, turning around along with the other blond.

"What's your name?" asked Usagi.

"Ten'ou Haruka at your service." she winked, "What's yours?"

"Tsukino Usagi." Usagi replied.

"What's your name?" asked Sasuke.

"You mean me?" asked the long haired blonde pointing a finger at herself.

"No, the one next to you with the gourd." he said pointing at Gaara. Both blond haired girls looked over to the red-head who turned around.

"Sabaku no... Gaara. I'm also interested in you. Your name?" was the reply from the red-headed boy.

"Uchiha Sasuke." was the simple reply from Sasuke as he smirked.

"Hey, hey, what about me?" Naruto asked pointing at himself.

"Not interested." Gaara said before he turned around along with his other two comrades, Haruka turned to look at Usagi.

"Ja ne (bye)! Koneko (kitten)-chan." winked Haruka before she also turned around and walked away before all four of them lept on a branch and soon left.

'Hn... This is getting intriguing.' Thought Sasuke, behind him Naruto could be seen kneeling infront of Konohamaru at eye level, asking him, "Konohamaru, do I look weak to you?"

'She looks familiar... I just can't put my finger on it.' thought Usagi as she stared at where they once were.

"Next to Sasuke, you do." Konohamaru answered, which didn't really make Naruto happy.

"Sasuke! I won't lose to you!" yelled Naruto as three ninja's above them watched them.

"Oi, Ruto-chan, are you alright? You've been acting weird lately." asked a concerned Usagi.

"What's you problem?" asked Sasuke.

xX Else Where Xx

"Ruka-chan..." whispered a lonely voice, "Ruka-chan!" she yelled as she pounded on a pair of silver marble doors that were as tall as the ceiling, which was about 50 feet. Engravings were seen on it, eight symbols surrounding an eight-pointed star.

"Relax hime-chan." came a misty voice from behind her.

"Setsuna!" she yelled suprise.

xX Else Where Xx

"So Setsuna-chan was right, Koneko-chan is still alive." said a dirty blonde, her hair cut boyishly, her statement was directed to of course no body. It wasn't possible for any one to actually get into this room. The large gold marble doors were sealed tight, a sign of Uranus shined brightly on the 50 feet double doors. Her out fit was a short navy blue mini-skirt coming to her upper-thighs. A white tight bodice covered her body and a navy blue sailor collar was by her neck, a yellow-gold bow at her chest with a navy blue 4-pointed star in the center of the bow. A long bow was at the back of her skirt, the same color as the other. Her navy blue eyes stared at the portal in front of her that showed her of the real world.

Her feet were covered by 2 inch navy blue boots that were a styled into a ruffled way by the ankles. Her ears held a pair of small gold hoop earrings.

"Well 1 down eight more to go." she sighed.

xX Else Where Xx

"Setsuna-chan! Why is Haruka there! I thought I held her star seed." asked Cosmos as she turned to look at the much older woman.

"Hime, you no longer hold Haruka's star seed, you are still able to access her powers though." answered Setsuna.

"But how's she still alive?"

"She went through a conference with the Fates, Selene no Megami (Goddess Selene) asked them to revive your senshi for more protection, she was afraid of the enemy to come, mainly Chaos and the body he was using." explained Setsuna.

"So... So they're all alive." she asked with hope shining brightly in her eyes.

"Hai (yes). But the reborned Haruka isn't what she seems, she is still pure, demo (but) that is only her inner self, her reborned self is reborned on the enemies side."

"Will Haruka forever be on the enemies side?"

"That I cannot answer hime (princess). Though I wish I could I cannot, the Fates cannot allow it, this is the senshi's last chance at living after this, they shall forever perish, and you shall once again take the role of Sailor Cosmos, goddess of the stars, forever to be alone, and to be forever immortal." with those words said Setsuna disappeared into a portal.

"Their alive..." she whispered tears rolling down her cheeks.

xX On a Tree Branch Xx

"What do you think?" asked the one in the middle.

"Nothing serious but... the black haired konoha (leaf) and the sand with the gourd, let's keep our eyes on them." said another with short black hair.


"Ano... Usa-chan..." Sakura began, digging a small crater into the dirt beneath her.

"Hai?" Usagi turned to look at Sakura.

"I was wondering... Could you train me?" Sakura asked pleadingly.

Usagi smiled, "Sure!"

Sakura's head snapped up, "Honto ni?"

"Hai! But first! We need to look for better fighting gear for you." Usagi winked and Sakura hesitantly nodded her head before breaking into full smile.


xX Hokage Office Xx

"Now," started the Hokage, "to begin the Chuunin Selection Exam. First, those watching over the new genin step forward." Kakashi and two others stepped forward.

"Kakashi, Kurenai, and Asuma... Well? Are there any genin you would like to nominate for this exam?" asked the Hokage, "I don't have to tell you, but after a genin has properly completed atleast eight missions they may take this exam if nominated by you. Of course completing more missions than that is normal."

'He doesn't need to ask. They aren't ready.' thought Iruka.

"Now starting with Kakashi." said Sarutobi.

"The Kakashi-led Team 7: Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto, Haruna Sakura, Tsukino Usagi. Under the name of Hatake Kakashi, I nominate these four to take the Chuunin Selection Exam." When Iruka heard these he held a small expression of shock.

"The Kurenai-led Team 8: Hyuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, Hino Rei; these four. Under the name Yuuhi Kurenai, the same as to my left." spoke the raven haired girl, dressed in red and white clothing. Soon the one next to her spoke.

"The Asuma-led Team 10: Kino Makoto, Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Choji; these four. Under the name of Sarutobi Asuma, the same as to my left." he spoke, cigarette still in his mouth.

"All three nominated?" asked one of the jounins and soon whispers broke out.

"Rookies in the Chuunin Exam?" whispered another.

"All of them?"

"Hold on a second!" yelled Iruka.

"What is it Iruka?" the Hokage asked.

"Hokage-sama, please let me have a word! I may be speaking out of place, but these twelve were students of mine at the academy. Of course they were all very talented, but it's too early for them to take the exam!" he said stepping up a bit, "They should have more experience before being nominated."

"I became a Chuunin when I was six years younger than Naruto." said Kakashi looking at Iruka.

"Naruto is different from you!" Iruka now stepped in front of Kakashi, "Are you trying to crush these kids!"

"They are always complaining about the missions. Experiencing some pain may be good for them. Crushing could be fun too." Kakashi said joking out the last part.

"What!" yelled Iruka stepping up a bit more.

"That was a joke, Iruka sensei." said Kakashi.

"I understand what you're trying to say. It must upset you, but.."

"Kakashi, stop it already." Kurenai said looking over at Kakashi.

"Stay out of this!" he ordered not bothering to look at her, "They are no longer your students. Right now they are my soldiers!" he said now directing this towards Iruka.

'Geez, so annoying.' thought Asuma and Kunerai just let out a sigh.

"But the Chuunin Exam is..." Iruka was cut off by Sarutobi.

"Iruka, I understand your feelings, but... We will conduct a special preliminary exam for the new genin." informed Sarutobi.

"Preliminary Exam?" repeated Iruka.


"Are you sure they won't ask me questions?" Sakura inquired, fidgeting with her outfit. Usagi looked her over, "If they do, then they'll have to get through me." Usagi winked. Sakura couldn't help but giggle.

xX At the Bridge Xx

"Sagi-chan, Sakura-chan you're lat--" Naruto stopped in mid-sentence to stare at Sakura.

"What was that Ruto-kun?" Usagi grinned. Sasuke also stared at Sakura, in admiration, shock, confusion, Usagi didn't know.

Sakura had her pink hair up in a high ponytail by her hitai-ate with her bangs framing the sides of her face. She wore the pink top of her old outfit and a black skirt that went to her upper thighs with grayish-black flaps covering her front and back, the sides buckled together. Open-toed boots that came just below her knees replaced her old zori. She had bands around her elbows and black gloves covering her hands, claws on the knuckles.

"W-what happened to Sakura-chan?" Naruto stammered.

Usagi smirked, arms crossed, "She's gone through a full transformation! Meet the new Sakura-chan!"

"Ano... Usa-chan, when are we going to start training?" Sakura whispered, making sure the other two couldn't hear her.

"Don't worry, I'll show you after Kakashi-sensei tells us what he has to tell us, besides you've already learned a couple of moves." Usagi winked.

The four of them leaned on the railing as they waited for their sensei. Sakura suddenly shrieked and looked over towards Naruto.

"Hey, hey, hey! Why does that guy call us out and then make us wait?" she complained facing Naruto.

"Yeah, yeah!" agreed Naruto his fist in the air.

"What about the feelings of a young maiden who overslept and couldn't blow dry her hair!" she complained.

"I overslept so I didn't brush my teeth!" joined in Naruto, Sakura looked over towards Naruto. Usagi rolled her eyes.

"That's... Really nasty." she said softly.

'Why does there have to be such high tension with them this early in the morning?' he asked himself, arms propped on the railing. He looked over towards the entryway for the bridge to see Kakashi appear.

Waving he called out to them, "Ohayo (good morning), minna (everyone). Today I got lost on the road of life."

"Yeah right! Liar!" Usagi, Sakura, and Naruto yelled in unison, Kakashi soon jumped down to join them.

"Well, anyway, this is sudden, but I've nominated you guys for the Chuunin Selection Exam. Here are your applications." he informed them and gave them each a slip of paper.

"Chuunin Exam..." repeated Sakura.

"But this is just a nomination. It's up to you wheather or not to take the exam." he said.

"All right!" cheered Naruto, "Kakashi sensei, I love you!" before Kakashi could really react, Naruto threw himself at Kakashi.

"Hey, stop! Let go of me!" and soon put Naruto down, "Those who wish to take it should sign those applications and take them to room 301 of the school by 3 pm six days from now. That is all." Kakashi soon handed Naruto a slip of paper.

xX Later During the Day Xx

"Chuunin Exam, huh?" Naruto stared at his slip of paper as the 4 of them walked, "There's gonna be a lot of strong guys in this thing."

'Like him...' thought Naruto as his thoughts trailed of to Kankuro, 'and him.' he turned to Sasuke and sent him a small glare.

'I might be able to fight him...' Sasuke's thought trailed off to Gaara.

'I wonder if I'll meet Haruka at the exam, she seems nice, maybe we can become friends.' thought Usa as a picture of Haruka entered her mind.

'I don't want to...' thought Sakura stopping, 'I can't keep up with Sasuke-kun or Naruto, or even Usa-chan. The Chuunin Exam is...'

xX Next Night on a Roof Top Xx

On top of a roof top sat Kakashi as he gazed at the moon, a man suddenly appeared behind him.

"How were they?" Kakashi asked.

"So much for the special preliminary exam." he said, "All 12 of the rookies passed." soon the man made a popping noise and revealed to be Iruka, "Just like you said, their abilities really have improved. "

"But still not enough for the real Chuunin Exam."

xX Grass Lands Xx

"Hey did you hear?" asked a person as his hand reached to pick out the kunai that hit its target, "For the first time in five years there are going to be rookies in the Chuunin Exam."

"Masaka (no way)." said a girl with brown hair up in twin buns holding a kunai, "It's probably some stubborn jounin competing with each other or something."

A blonde with her hair to her knees and had a red bow holding it back said, "Nope, the story is that four of them are students of that Kakashi." shaking her head.

"That sounds interesting..." said a boy with long black hair tied at the bottom with pale lavender eyes.

"But in the end..." started the girl with brown hair.

"You have to feel sorry for them." said the boy who spoke moments before.

xX 4 Days Before Chuunin Exams Xx

"Did you study those scrolls we found you?" Usagi questioned.

Sakura nodded, "Hai, I can do most of them, but some are a little difficult still." Usagi nodded, "I can't exactly teach you because I don't have perfect control over my chakra and I don't know how to use those techniques."

"It's fine, let's spar." Sakura ordered. Usagi nodded.

xX Outside of the Academy; Chuunin Exam Xx

"Sakura-chan you're late." waved Naruto as he saw the pink haired girl walk over towards them.

"Yeah... Gomen (sorry)." she waved back and looked over at Sasuke, "Ohayo Sasuke-kun, Usa-chan." she greeted waving over at them.

"Ohayo, Kura-chan." waved back Usa.

"Yeah..." was all Sasuke said before he went into his thoughts, 'Sakura... She seems weird today.'

xX Inside the Academy Xx

A crowd formed as they watched two boys beat another that was dressed in a green suit and had orange leg warmers (or so I call them) that went to his mid calves, and had black hair cut like a bowl, his Konoha Forehead protector was tied around the waist.

"You plan to take the Chuunin Exam with that?" said one of the boys.

"You guys should quit now." spoke the other.

"You're just little kids." spoke the one who spoken earlier.

"Please let us through." the girl with brown hair asked kindly, her hair tied into buns at the side of her head and dressed in a forest green Chinese styled no-sleeve top that had brown designs decorating it and wore a brown pair of shorts that came to her mid-thigh. Her brown zori adorned her feet.

"What did you say?" he asked, "We're just being kind. The Chuunin Exam isn't easy."

"Among those that take this exam, many end up quitting as shinobi." said the one to the left, "Others are unable to recover at all... We've seen it many times."

"And Chuunin is the level of military platoon captains. The failure of a mission, the death of a soldier. That is all the captain's responsibility. Yet kids like you think..." the one on the right said, just as Naruto and the others arrived.

"We're just thinning out those that will fail anyway. What's wrong with that?" spoke the one on the left.

"I agree but... You'll let me pass through," Sasuke and the others stepped up in front of the two, "and also remove this genjutsu-created surrounding. I'm going to the third floor."

"What's that guy talking about?" asked one in the crowd looking at the one who stood beside him.

The one next to him shurgged before saying, "I don't know."

"So you noticed?" stated the one on the left.

"Sakura, you must have noticed it first right?" turning to his comrade on his left causing Sakura to look over towards him, "Your analytical ability and genjutsu know-how are the most improved on our team."

"Sasuke-kun..." she started before she bowed her head, "Arigatou (thank you). Of course! I already noticed. Because this is the second floor."

"Yup!" nodded Naruto and Usagi just nodded her head. Soon the mirage disappeared and the number 201 now changed to a 301.

"Heh, not bad." commented the one on the right, "But all you did was see through it." Ready to attacking, Sasuke saw this and was about to kick, the one with black hair shaped as a bowl saw this and interfered holding both legs apart, him in the middle.

'He's fast.' Sakura thought with amazement, 'He's completely different from the person who was getting knocked around earlier.'

'Catching my kick... What's this chakra in his arms.' Sasuke thought as he stared at the boys hand that caught his kick.

"Hey what happened to the plan?" asked a boy with long black hair that went to his waist but was tied loosely. Dressed in a tan shirt with silver buckles and violet pants to match his pale lavender eyes, "You're the one who said we shouldn't draw attention to ourselves."

"Well..." the bowl-shaped haired boy looked over at Sakura a tint of blush on his cheeks.

"Oh no..." mumbled the brunette shaking her head.

"Ohh! Someone's in love! Time for the Ai no Megami (goddess of love) to do her thing!" giggled a girl with strawberry blonde hair , her hair fell to her thigh's and was held back by a red bow. She was dressed in a orange kimono that came to her upper thighs and had a red butterfly bow wrapped around her waist.

"Ai no Megami?" repeated Naruto.

"Don't worry about Minako, she's always like this, she likes to call herself the Ai no Megami because she likes to pair up people." sighed the brunette.

"I'm not always like this!" she yelled at the brunette before she turned back towards them, her amber eyes looking at Usagi, "Watashi wa Aino Minako." she introduced.

"Tsukino Usagi." smiled Usagi.

"Uzumaki Naruto." grinned Naruto.

"I'm Haruno Sakura." waved Sakura.

'Their wounds have disappeared... So they were faking...' thought Sasuke as he watched the bowl-shaped haired boy walk over to Sakura.

"My name is Rock Lee." he introduced, "So yours is Sakura." Sakura looked at him wondering how he knew her name.

"Let's go out together! I'll protect you until I die." he said giving her a thumb up and a smile, his teeth seemed as if they sparkled.

"No... Way." Sakura said, "You're lame..." at that Lee's head fell. The boy who still wasn't introduced walked over to Sasuke.

"Oi, you what's your name?" he asked. Naruto looked at him fire burning in his eyes jealously, 'Not Sasuke!'

"When you want to learn someone's name, you should give yours first." came the reply from Sasuke.

"You're a rookie right?" stated the boy, "How old are you?"

"I don't have to answer you." said Sasuke.

"Nani (what)?" glared the boy.

'Kawaii (cute).' thought the brunette.

Both Lee and Naruto were seen by the wall, an arm touching the wall as their heads were down.

"Oi, Lee-san, Ruto-kun... Are you alright?" asked a concerned Usagi as she walked over towards them.

"They're fine Usa-chan." looking over towards the speaker, Usagi smiled at Minako.

"Whatever you say Mina-chan." nodded Usa and walked away from the two.

"Lame..." you could hear Lee mutter.

"What about me? Sasuke..." mumbled Naruto. Usagi giggled at them along with Minako who was next to her.

"C'mon Usagi, Sasuke-kun, Naruto. Let's go!" she said before she along with the others walked away.


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