By Erico

            A few things to be said as far as EOAD is concerned.

            I wrote this back in April of 2000. I finished it Midsummer of that year. Soon after, I began work on AUF, with much more improvement in the style and length.

            So take that in mind. This was the first attempt at a Mega Man X Fanfic, and while maintaining the original and managing to place it in the Timeline of the games, I added my own characters into it for what I hoped was an enjoyable read.

            Perhaps it still is.

            UPDATED MAY 18th, 2004: Something I eventually realized too late, after finishing WIT and slugging away at the final chapters of DOTP, was that End of a Dream, the first Mega Man Fanfiction I had ever written back in 2000, had some critical flaws in its story(Namely, how Light's Information Capsule was aware of the origins and role of the Virus, and the antivirus itself) that did not match up with later sections of the Trilogy(EOAD-TSOM-DOTP). Therefore, it had always sat sort of abandoned at the back of my archives, a reminder of my own unfortunate errors. Now full into summer, I finally have found the time to break away from my other projects long enough to return to the world of Mega Man X long enough to make the necessary corrections. However, because I understand that some of my readers would not want me to touch EOAD's style, I will not 'add' to it or make any changes, short of those that prevent EOAD from being correct and in line with The Sound of Mavericks and Demons of The Past.

            With these facts in mind, I return you to End of a Dream…at last corrected, at last a fully functional part of a much larger whole in the Legacy of Metal.

            A few other things to be considered.

Cossack was younger than Light. It is still possible that even in 2130(at the ripe age of around 100!!!), he could still be alive. There's a bit more swearing in EOAD than AUF. Once again, I attribute this to the general growth that overcame my style. If you'll watch carefully, you'll see the differences begin to stack up about halfway through EOAD. It is my personal belief that between X4 and X5, there is a large time span between 20-100 years. It could certainly account for why there's no sign of Cain in X5, and why everything in the Hunter Base is ancient and aged, like the Enigma Cannon and the Shuttle.

With these things in mind, you can silence the doubts in your mind and just enjoy it. What begins here does not end. It continues.