Disclaimer: This is a Star Wars/Final Fantasy VII crossover. I do not own in any way any of the characters associated with Lucas Films or Square-Enix. The only characters that belong to me are any original ones that may appear through out the course of the story.

This story takes place just two or three years before Star Wars: A New Hope and during Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Silver Mercury

Prologue – The Dancing Flames

It was the essence of true malice. An entire village up in flames, complete with the screams of terrified villagers and the scent of charred bodies. Alone he stood in the flames, amidst the destruction and chaos that he had caused. Impervious to the flames that surrounded him, he glared with glowing green eyes at those who he made to suffer. Watching them, a spiteful smirk appeared on his face, reflecting the evil that he was. Then he turned away and walked slowly into the flames, his long silver hair flowing behind him, and his trusted blade at his side…

When Palpatine opened his eyes the flames were gone, as was the silver-haired man who had caused them. With a content smile on his face he gazed out of the window and down at the magnificent city that was his. He was not exactly sure whether what he had witnessed was part of the past, present, or future, but it mattered not; it was glorious nonetheless. He could sense the hatred from the silver-haired man, and the sheer amount of it made Palpatine grin at the thought of just how much that man could possibly achieve. The man was force sensitive; that much was clear, for it was not uncommon for Palpatine to detect a force-sensitive's presence from long distances. The only problem was finding it.

Soon enough, Palpatine realized that he had nothing to go on, and that finding the silver force-sensitive would be close to impossible. Palpatine seethed in anger, his horrible red-yellow eyes reflecting the rage he felt. He would have to wait for more signs put out by the silver-haired one before he could take any action. What a shame, he thought to himself. The silver-haired one had so much potential; potential that Palpatine was more than willing to use to his own advantage. Knowing that there was not anymore he could do, Palpatine turned his attention back to the city – his city – and watched over his great Galactic Empire once more.