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Thousands of water droplets fell around Station Square, but barely a hand full would pound against her window pain. The dark clouds that raged to release their fury only reflexed the storm happening deep in her heart. Amy watched her refection in the glass. The streams of rain on the window were no where near the amount of tears coming down her checks. It wasn't Sonic that caused this heartache, or even his rejection of her a month ago. No, she had stopped crying for 'him' a long time ago. These tears were something entirely different. Not the tears of a hopeless romantic, wishing to spend just one glimmering moment with that special someone. She was just crying, praying that for once, love wouldn't be something of a fairy tale. That maybe something wonderful could really happen. Oh it didn't have to be to her, though that would be desired, she just wanted love to prove its existence.

"I'm just a fool," Amy allowed her head to rest against the glass as a few small sobs escaped her lips. She did not find a bit of truth in this statement. Now and then she would say it to herself to remember how love failed her. How it left her.

Amy had been waiting all afternoon in the park. Sonic had promised to speak with her there, and maybe even confess feelings he had for her. Well at least she hoped he would. She sat herself under the old oak tree in the center of Station Square City Park. The tree had many carvings of past lovers that had inscribed their names in the bark. Amy smiled to herself. She fingered the outlines of the hearts and initials of the couples and sighed. Perhaps She and Sonic would be able to add their names to the list. Letting her fantasies take her away, Amy did not notice the cobalt hedgehog behind her. She let out a giggle before turning and seeing him standing there. Her smile faded.

"Sonic? Is something wrong?"

His face displayed an unidentifiable look. He wasn't pleased, that was for sure, but he wasn't upset either. Amy decided to accept it as him being nervous. That had to be it. He was just scared to tell her how he felt. Amy was right in the fact he was scared, but it wasn't because of that feeling, love. Sonic's eyes met Amy's, and for a minute, nothing was said between them.

"Amy," Sonic broke the silence as he stepped toward her. How was he going to tell her? She really did care for him, but the feeling just wasn't mutual. He loved her more as a sister, a platonic love, nothing more. He didn't want to hurt her this way, but she was getting just a bit too attached to him. This made him rather uncomfortable and uneasy with the thought of one day snapping at her. This was indeed the best way to tell her. Away from everyone else, in a quiet area.

"We need to talk."

Amy knew immediately this wasn't the confession she wanted to hear.

"And please try to understand when I say this,"

He was stumbling over his words. This is definitely not a good sign. Amy knew she'd have to face this sooner or later if it's the talk she thinks its going to be. Still, should she try to avoid it?

"It's Okay Sonic, you look troubled." Amy rose to leave. "You can tell me later if you . . . " Sonic grabbed her by the arm.

"Now, Amy."

Amy slowly sat back down, Sonic beside her.

"I know you like me a lot," A Lot? A lot didn't begin to describe the feelings she had for him.

"And I know what a good friend you really are. And that's how I'd like to keep it, friendship." As in, just friends and never anything more? Was Sonic really telling her that he didn't share any of those feelings for her? That couldn't be true. She's seen it in him before. He had to care for her. Sonic saw the dismay making its way on Amy's face. He had successfully ruined her day and probably her week. He couldn't just leave her like that, could he?

"But know I . . . I'm here for you, and that I do care about you,"

"I'm a fool for ever liking you."

Yes she could remember that day. Love left her flat. Sonic continued to add his comfort, but it all went in vain. To this day she couldn't remember a word he said after that point. Another round of tears poured out of her eyes. The tears slowly made way for anger as Amy balled up her hand into a fist. Sonic was still part of the pain in her. In one fowl burst of anger, she struck the glass separating her from the outside world. The glass moved with the blow. The trails of rain water now disturbed from their patterns on the outside of the window.

"Why me?" Amy asked no one. "What have I ever done but loved someone?" Amy rose from the window sill and headed for the couch. All the gloomy weather and tiring cries had wore her out. A nap was needed. Amy wiped her eyes and slowly placed her head on her arms, allowing sleep to over take her.

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