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It was almost an impossible search. The gem, though still glowing, had seemed to have fallen in the most unattainable spot in the darkened waters. Being the best swimmer among them, Knuckles was thrust into the roll of trying to get the sapphire. And with Sonic's controlled, yet still panicked, pleads that he try to get it tonight, Knuckles couldn't refuse.

Diving head long into the cooling waters, the echidna began his swim out to the area of achievement. Upon arrival to the sapphire, Knuckles took a deep breath and went under.

Without the aid of the sun, Knuckles could barely see. The goggles Tails provided didn't help either. They were a size too small and allowed the salt water to seep in around the bottom.

Overlooking the technicalities, Knuckles started to descend to the shine of the gem. The closer he managed to get, the warmer the water around him became; and in a way almost therapeutic. Even the burning of his lungs began to subside as he came in range of the gem stone.

It had embedded itself safely on the sea floor, with no obstruction between it and Knuckles.

He then reached out and took the jewel only to discover something underneath it. A stone tablet with a few inscribed words. The echidna brushed the sand off the surface of the tablet to find it wasn't too much larger than what met the eye, but it did have a considerable weight. Also upon moving the sand, the words 'yellow sapphire' could be seen. Running out of air, Knuckles took the tablet up in his other hand and made a quick ascend.

Trying to swim back for the surface, about 30 feet above, Knuckles began to struggle with the need for air and the two objects in his hands. He had only a few choices at this point, continue struggling, or let one of the things fall. He certainly couldn't drop the sapphire. That was the whole reason he came out here, but it would sooner or later glow again and he would be able to relocate it later. But then again, how did he know the tablet was of any real use.

All this thinking is only wasting air!

Sonic and Tails waited anxiously for their friend to resurface.

"What could be taking him so long," Tails questioned a minute after Knuckles' decent. "He should have been up by now."

The two stood on the shore watching the water illuminated by the light under it. Every second that passed made Tails more ill at ease. He had already felt that the gem brought bad luck and Knuckles not coming up only strengthened this fear. "He should be up by now."

"Tails calm down," Sonic assured the fidgety fox. "Knuckles is a pretty good swimmer, even in the dark."

Another minute passed when Sonic began to become concerned. Remembering what the scrolls said and the dark figure Amy contended with made Sonic wonder if Knuckles needed help. What could be keeping him?

"This is taking longer than it should." There wasn't too much that could be done. Sonic just continued observing as Tails tried to ease his nerves. Suddenly the light from the gem disappeared. What was happening? Not wanting to alarm Tails falsely, Sonic wanted to make sure something horrible had occurred. Did the light just go out or was it something Knuckles had done? Was Knuckles okay?

That's when the water broke as Knuckles came to the surface. "Finally." Sighing slightly in relief, Sonic took notice that the echidna was swimming awkwardly. His left side seemed to be heavier than the right as he wrestled back to shore. Knuckles was holding something. But it wasn't the gem.

"Knuckles!" Tails ran to meet his friend on the sand. Sonic, too, went to assist the wet guardian to his feet; taking the tablet from his hand.

"What is this?" Sonic was a bit skeptic, why hadn't he brought back the sapphire? Knuckles at first didn't answer, but slowly started to grin. Raising an eyebrow, Sonic was mildly confused by the echidna's strange behavior. But all things were made clear as Knuckles opened his teeth and revealed the sapphire, still glowing ever brightly.

Taking the sapphire from his mouth, Knuckles extended his free hand to take back the heavy tablet.

"I found it under the sapphire."

"Did you have to put it in your mouth?" Sonic protested, not hearing the first comment.

"It was either that or drop one of the two."

Knuckles passed the sapphire over to Tails who received it with a cringe.

"Why did you pick it up?" Sonic continued as her approached the stone writing again.

"It was written by my people and might have something to do with the sapphire."

"What makes you think that?" Tails added as he joined the two staring at the tablet.

"It had something about sapphire on it." Knuckles strained to look over the word in the faint light provided by night. "Tails, bring the sapphire in closer."

Tails did as he was instructed to do and listened as the echidna read. "Here it says there were many types of mystic gems."

Sonic sighed impatiently. "That's great Knuckles, just get to the part about the sapphire."

"I'm gonna get there if you'd just hold on."

Tails ignored the twos small disagreement as he continued to read ahead. The tablet did make mention of a yellow sapphire with obscure powers. The tinted stone had been found by Aizawa near his home over 60 years ago. Believing it to be part of the chaos emeralds, the unsuspecting echidna took the gem to the Master Emerald and other emeralds. It immediately began to have a negative reaction releasing some dark creature of Aizawa's mind. Tormented by the dark creature and a mélange of emotions, the tribe felt that the demon gem and its host should be tossed to the sea. And this, his tomb stone, remains.

Finishing the stones inscription, Tails felt a wave of terror strike him. Was Amy being attacked by the same dark creature? If so, how were they going to stop it? Tails rolled the questions around in his mind.

The creature was from Aizawa's mind, and by killing him the monster went away. But the Master Emerald was what made it come out the first time. Amy was being attacked before the gem met the ME.

"Guys read this!" Tails had enough of listening to the older males beside him. Putting aside their differences for the moment, Sonic and Knuckles continued reading to draw the same conclusion as Tails.

"Maybe the creature wasn't killed with Aizawa." Knuckles stated reviewing the facts.

"What about the raw emotion stuff we read earlier?" Sonic questioned. "What if this Aizawa guy had some kind of 'raw emotion' that fed the creature?"

"Perhaps the gem itself fed on the emotion to create something physical."

"Or mental?"

Sonic and Knuckles were puzzled by Tails' comment. "I don't know if you two have noticed, but Amy hasn't been acting herself lately. When I met her at the train station before it had been the first time I had seen her in a month. She seemed upset about something," Tails paused in his explanation to glance at Sonic before finishing. "Just like Aizawa, I think this monster takes the form of something in Amy's imagination."

"It's feeding on her emotion." Sonic's head dropped. He couldn't help but feel responsible for Amy's current situation. He had broken her heart that day, and she now was fighting something she doesn't even know about. "We got to get back to her."

"But the tornado is..."


His eyes were fixed on her's, he had a softness about him, yet stern. He appeared to be a hedgehog like her, about the same height as Sonic. He blended perfectly with the dark surroundings of the room and took the familiar friendliness out of the shadows. Could it be...? There weren't too many other options.

Amy awoke an hour after drifting off. Opening her eyes, Amy noticed the lamp in her room was on. Everything seemed to be in order.

"Finally you're awake."

Amy turned to the voice of Sonic. He had pulled up a chair to her right side. "I was worried something might have happened to you." Sonic rose and aided Amy in to sit up.

"What happened, where is he?"

"He's gone now, don't worry about it."

Amy was confused. How could the he, Shadow, the thing be gone? "No, he was just here!" Amy ripped the covers off of her and jumped out of bed. "I promise you he's here. I think it's Shadow."

"Will you calm down, it's not Shadow."

Sonic walked over to Amy and took her hand. This gesture seemed irregular for Sonic. He was concerned and acted almost as if this was a life or death situation. "Now Amy we have to leave." Sonic didn't even give Amy time to answer before he began pulling her to the door. Amy, however, was not quite pleased with Sonic's behavior. She quickly yanked her arm from the fleeing hedgehog causing him to stop.

"Sonic, no." She could find the exact words she wanted to say, but she knew she had to say it. "I'm, I'm scared." Sonic tilted his head in confusion. "I've been thinking lately, about you and me, and I'm not sure how I feel any more. Sonic I just need to know, do you love me? I'll do whatever you think is best if you will just tell straight up, yes or no."

She felt that Sonic loved her; he had saved her life and held her so intimately back on the island. Yet it still wasn't enough. She needed to know.

Sonic stood still for a moment, as if contemplating the answer. "I feel a lot of things, but love, not for you Amy." The words came from his mouth so smoothly, as if he didn't need to think about what he was saying at all.

The words were crushing. How could he...WHY? What was he trying to do to her? What had she done wrong? Tears slowly made there way down her face.

"We need to go now Amy." The urgency only hurt her more. Amy fell to her knees almost paralyzed by his words.

"How can you...Sonic I," Amy began to sob, again realizing what a fool she had been.

"I just wanted to make you feel better Amy. I didn't know you'd take it the wrong way." A small grin pulled at the corner of Sonic's mouth as he stood over her. The pure anguish pouring from her heart. Allowing a full smile to over come his face, Sonic continued his taunt. "We could still be friends though. Even through your fears."

Amy fell to her knees completely weakened by Sonic's words. Her breathing increased as her anger rose.

How could he say that? Even if he didn't love her he knew how much he meant to her. Why would he try to hurt her like this? Why? Why...why. Was this Sonic? He would never do anything to hurt a friend.

Even when he told her he didn't like her at the park, he was caring and compassionate in his words. This wasn't Sonic.

"You!" The words came out stronger than Amy imagined they would, but she didn't care. The frail hedgehog wasn't going to be weak anymore. Sonic wasn't everything. This wasn't Sonic. She was able to be her own person and now was the time to do it.

"You imposter! Liar, Fraud, and a Cheat!" Amy got to her feet and approached him, whipping away her tears. "I'm sorry I'm not perfect, but I've learned something. I have the power to shape my life and I'm not going to give it away. Not to you, not to circumstances, and not to Sonic. It's Mine!"

Sonic quickly took hold of Amy's arm when she raised it to slap him. There was now no doubt in her mind to whom she was dealing with. Him, the figure that had been chasing her around and haunting her.

"You have no power over me!" Amy began trying to lose her arm as the fake Sonic held firm.

"LET GO! You have no right to hold me!"

The imposter's face began to darken and disfigure into a horrid image from the pits of Amy's tortured heart. Her unhealthy obsession with Sonic had been broken; there was nothing left on it which to feed.

Arriving at the apartment door, Sonic had taken all liberty to kick down the door.

"Amy!" The living room was entirely dark. The only light that could be seen was coming from Amy's room down the hall. Leaving Tails and Knuckles at the doorway, Sonic ran to Amy's room he opened the door and prepared himself for what might lay ahead.

As he entered the room, Sonic found Amy sprawled out on the floor. She had seemingly passed out and was lying on her back. Sonic kneeled down beside the girl taking her body up in his arms.

She was breathing lightly, as if she were only sleeping. She seemed peaceful in her slumber. A modest smile forming on her face as she subconsciously recognized Sonic.

Giving her a mild shake, Sonic began to softly call her name.

"Amy. Wake up Ames."

Blinking, Amy's eyes began to adjust to the light as she awoke. Sonic was beyond thrilled to see that Amy was alright. For a moment he thought he had come too late. Tails' had flown him back to the main land where he took off for Amy's. The fox went back and retrieved Knuckles from the island to pursue as well. Sonic had given his all hoping that the monster thing hadn't fed on her. And apparently he hadn't.

Upon seeing Sonic's benign grimace smiling down at her, Amy's heart jumped. A moment ago she was fighting the figure from the gem and now...Oh what did it matter. None of this would ever make perfect sense, and in a way, it was best it didn't.

Amy sat up to face the cobalt hedgehog before her. Filling with an unspeakable joy, Amy hugged him around the neck and allowed a healing laughter to erupt from deep inside her.

Confusing the uproar to be Amy crying, Sonic began to comfort her. That she was safe was all that mattered now. That and apologizing for his speech back at the park. He did care about her, of that he never doubted, but after the events she had been through, he truly understood her value to him.

Unknown to both of them, Tails watched as the sapphire slowly darkened from its superior glow. Its power reluctantly leaving it.

"It's okay Amy." Sonic reassured stroking her head gently. Amy could only grin remembering everything. She tightened her hold on him.

"It is now, Sonic."

The two held each other, a blissful moment that would eventually be interrupted by a sarcastic remark by Sonic. Till then, however, the moment was indestructible.

The sapphire cracked and shattered like glass from the fox's hand, leaving only its glassy pieces behind.

-Love Wrapped In Sapphire Glass-2-10-06-Platonic-