Who's My Dad? Chapter 1

Just as harry was walking to his uncle's car he felt a tap on his shoulder. It was his uncle and he did not have a good look on his face. When harry saw this, he was not at all surprised. He had seen that look many times before when he did something that his uncle did not like. His uncle smacked him on the face and asked " why the hell are freaks like you threatening me and my family?" and after harry got smacked around some more and before he had a chance to answer his uncle's question. His uncle pushed him to the ground and knocked him out. The next thing that he saw was Lupin telling him that he is at his house and not to get up because he had a concussion. When Harry asked what had happened to him Lupin answered "you were knocked out by your uncle when he hit you. When the other order members and myself saw what happened we came running to your aid. We saw that you were out cold. After we came to confront your uncle Vernon Dursley about it he got into his car and sped away so there was nothing that we could do so we turned our attention back to you and so here you are at my house." Harry set up and just held his head and he finally asked. " What is going to happen to me after I get better am I going to half to go back to that house for the summer or am I going to stay with you."

" Harry you are not going back to that house ever again. As a matter of fact you will be staying with professor Snape from now on." Lupin answered. " I will stay where!" Harry said. "You will be staying at Prof. Snape's house" Lupin repeating himself again. And then Lupin turned to harry with a very serious look on his face. "Are you sure that you are ok" Lupin asked harry when harry put his head in his hands and started to cry for the first time since his godfathers death. Wiping the tears from his eyes harry said " yes I just cant seem to get my head to stop pounding." Harry said. After that Lupin got up and went to his bedroom and came back about 5 minutes later with a bottle in his hand and gave it to Harry and said " you should take this it will help you sleep and get rid of your headache. Harry took the bottle form Lupin's hands and drank its contents and then a sudden wave of sleepiness washed over him and he fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

I know that this chapter was short but this was a good place to stop for this chapter I hope the next one will be longer. I do not own Harry Potter J.K. Rowling's does. Please Read Review.