Written 07/01/05

The Hidden Arboretum

(Major John Shepherd Point of view)

By: Potterfan2006

I woke up early this morning and could not get back to sleep so I got dressed and headed down to the mission briefing on my way I grabbed a strong cup of coffee. As I reached the conference room for the mission briefing I looked at my watch and saw that it was only 0730 so I had a ½ hour before the meeting so I walked in and took my usual seat. I drank the rest of my coffee and then I put my head down on the table and closed my eyes for just a minuet. The next thing that I knew people coming in for the meeting waked me up. I looked around and noticed that everyone was there but our Esteemed leader Dr. Elizabeth whir. I looked at my watch again and saw that it was 0800 hours and the meeting was supposed to start. But as I looked around there was still no Elizabeth so we waited hoping that she was running late. 10 minutes passed then 15 then 20 then finally after 25 minutes I piped up and asked no one in particular, " any one know where Elizabeth is she was supposed to be here 25 minutes ago." The only response that I got from that was, " no I have not seen her yet this morning." Then Dr. Beckett suggested that we call her on her ear peace I did that and no one responded I tried again and still nothing I waited 5 minutes more and tried again and still got nothing. Then Carson said, " John I think that we should start searching for Elizabeth." So Tayla and I left with Carson. He sent Tayla and I to check her quarters and the mess hall. While he will check out the infirmary and her office. So we split up. When we reached the mess hall we walked in and looked around. We asked a few people if they have seen Elizabeth whir and they have not seen her so we turned around and I contacted Dr. Beckett, "Major Shepherd to Dr. Beckett." Then a pause "Dr. Beckett here what can I do for you." I then responded, Tayla and I have checked the mess hall and no one there has seen her so we are going to check her quarters next. We will contact you when we are done there." So Tayla and I walked for a little while. When we reached Elizabeth's quarters we knocked and she did not answer so we walked into her quarters and looked around it was very clean and neat. So clean that it would make a clean freak look dirty. But just as I was about to call Carson to tell him that no one was there it was Carson that called me, " John I found her thank you for your help." I then said, "ok copy that see you later Carson." I then heard Carson say, " Dr. Beckett out." After that I turned to Tayla and asked, " what would you like to do now?" then Tayla responded. "How about we do some weapons practice Major?" I turned to her with a smile and said, "you're on" when she nodded her head we on the way to the workout Gym to have fun.

The End