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Sam yelled out in frustration. This was the last straw. Danny and Tucker had ditched her for Paulina and Valerie for the last time. Dash had gotten her detention for the last time. She was going to call her parents (AN: They are away on business) and get a transfer to another school.

Sam rummaged around her house for the phone book. When she finally found it she dialed the number to her parent's hotel.

"Hello? Mrs. Manson speaking."

"Hi. This is Sam."

"Sam? Sam who?"

"Ha, Ha, very funny", Sam answered, figuring her mom was joking around.

"I'm sorry. I fail to see what is humorous about this."

She was serious. Sam's face fell. Her own mother had forgotten about her. She slammed down the receiver. She hated it. She hated her supposed friends. She hated her parents. And she hated her life.

"I wonder if they would even come to my funeral", she mumbled to herself.

At the word 'funeral', a lightbulb clicked on in Sam's brain. She ran to her desk and grabbed a pen and some paper.

She plopped down on her very large bed and started writing.

"Hi, my name is Samantha Manson. You're probably wondering why I'm writing this. The truth is that I'm about to commit suicide."

Sam shook her head and crumbled up the paper. She wasn't really going to kill herself. But if she said she committed suicide, they would look for a body. So she grabbed some gloves and a new sheet of paper.

Sam put on the gloves, as to not leave finger prints.

"TO: The Mansons. I have taken your daughter. She breathes no more. You will weep forever. Her body will never be found. I will never be caught. You didn't pay enough attention to your daughter to suspect anyone. Have a great life without her. I know I will."

Sam wrote sloppy, very different from her normal manuscript. She folded up the paper and put it in an envelope.

She then went around her room. She quickly, but quietly, made he room look like there had been some kind of a struggle in there.

She snuck quietly down the stairs and slipped unheard into her sleeping butler's room. She grabbed one of his simple sports bags and went back to her room.

She took some of her casual clothes that no one would know were missing. She went to her closet and felt along the top shelf.

Her hand soon found what it was looking for. She grabbed the shoe box and placed it on her bed. She then opened it to see the green faces of paper people staring back at her. She dumped all the money out and replaced the box on the shelf. Her secret stash was all the money she had.

Taking no chances, she didn't touch any of her designer clothes or jewelry. She figured her mom would notice some of these things missing and start asking stupid questions.

It was then that Sam thought of something even more brilliant. She once again slipped downstairs. But this time she grabbed a knife.

Going straight to her desk, she grabbed an old hankie. She held the knife to her forearm. Slowly she moved the blade across her skin, flinching as blood dropped onto the floor.

She wrapped the hankie around her wound, looking down at the drops of blood on the floor. When the police tested it, it would come out positive for her blood.

Sam grabbed her bag and went to her window. Her anger was still raging. It was urging her to do this. Half of her wanted to run away. The other half wanted her to stay. But in the end, the biggest half won.

She crawled out of her window. Out into the cold night. Out into her new life.

Danny looked around the classroom. He didn't see her.

"Hey," Danny jabbed his pencil at the sleeping form in front of him.

"Wha- What? I'm awake." Tucker sat up, quickly wiping away some slobber on his chin.

"Where's Sam?"

"How am I supposed to know? I didn't think I was her babysitter." Tucker replied smartly.

"Do you think she's mad about yesterday? You know with the whole Paulina and Valerie thing?"

"You forgot about when Dash got her in trouble and we didn't do anything. And to answer your question, no. Sam always forgives us."

"You just totally put me on a guilt trip. But I guess your right. She's probably late." Danny leaned back in his desk and got ready for another long day at school.

Sam leaned against a tree trunk. She had been moving since 11:00 p.m. last night. She had never stopped for fear of getting caught.

She was now in the middle of the woods. She figured she was about 5 miles away from the next town. She was traveling on anger and rage last night, so she had gotten pretty far.

She opened her bag and pulled out her bag.

"$700.65", she told herself numbly.

If she used it right, she could be out of state by tomorrow. She could probably get a baby-sitting job or something and enter public school.

Sam rested her head against the tree. She would travel by night and sleep by day. She shut her eyes and let sleep overtake her.

"Sam didn't show up." Tucker was talking to Danny as they walked down the hall.

"And once again you state the obvious," Danny rolled his eyes.

"She's probably sick," a voice behind them sounded.

They spun to see Jazz walking behind them.

"There's a bug that's been going around. You should go check on her. Come on, I'll drive you." She walked to her jeep.

Danny shrugged his shoulders and followed her.

They arrived at Sam's house a few minutes later. The scene in front of them was one of utter and total chaos.

Policemen had taped around the house. They were walking around, keeping people from crossing it. News reporters stood in front of cameras, getting footage of sam's house.

"Danny, Tucker, stay in here. I'll go see what the problem is." Jazz hoped out of the jeep and ran towards a police officer.

"What do you think is wrong?" Danny asked Tucker. His voice trembling a little.

"Her butler probably had a heart attack or something. He was getting on in his years."

"Yeah, that's probably….." Danny paled as realization overtook him.


"Tucker, they don't put tape around a house someone had a heart attack in. And they don't get news footage for something like that. Plus her butler is standing right there." Danny pointed a shaking finger to their left. Sure enough there was Sam's butler. He was crying.

Right then Jazz came back. Streams of tears were running down her face.

"Sam's been murdered," she sobbed.

Danny felt faint. And then he literally fainted.

How was that?

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